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Sep 9th, 2016
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  1. I hate to post this here, and down vote me if it's off topic, but I feel this is more cautionary then rant. Sys admins and such - make sure you read the terms of products you purchase or else be out a chunk of money.
  3. I have stood behind and helped recommend hundreds of thousands of dollars in Dell equipment over the years; from Optiplex PCs to laptops, to servers. I love and use Sonicwall routers where I can and Dell has always been my goto for "cheaper" office equipment. Until today.
  5. Sonicwall, which in recent years was acquired by Dell, according to Dells Terms, is a absolutely, not returnable product. In fact, it would appear, any product Dell sells that was acquired by Dell and is not their own product, is not returnable.
  7. So last week, feeling our consumer grade Linksys / Cisco router was about to fail, I went to my go-to - Sonicwall. Found a TZ300 - perfect size for a small business - and ordered.
  9. Product arrives; open the box - quickly realize there are no Wifi antennas sticking out of it, put it aside, tell the boss I made a mistake and promptly order the correct one, a TZ-300 W (W standing for Wifi)
  11. Call Dell Sales / Customer Service today to return the incorrect product and find out Sonicwall products are not returnable. Customer service reps citing this is clearly listed in Dell's terms.
  13. A link to the terms is listed no where on the technical specs page of the TZ300. Nor are they listed on the Customize page. I was informed by Customer Service that they are listed on the checkout page and that I agreed to it during the checkout process. Having no intention of ordering a 3rd, I cannot verify this correct or incorrect.
  15. Bad taste in my mouth now - I try to cancel the 2nd order for the Wifi enabled router - I have a non-wifi router that I can't return, I have no need for 2 routers here. Customer service now tells me because the router has shipped, it cannot be canceled, nor returned. Now I have 2 (1 in transit)
  17. The link to the terms that explains this? Buried in the footer, 4 links deep under Terms of Sale > Returns
  21. Dell's Twitter account appears to be unresponsive. The returns department including management appears to have no interest in resolving the issue.
  23. It's $500 new. Is it gonna break us? No. But money is money and crappy business practices are crappy business practices.
  25. ... Anyone need a TZ300 WITHOUT wifi? Shipping from NY, USA. Brand new, box opened, plugged in, never used or configured.
  27. I'll be recommending HP from now on (after I read every single terms of use and return policy they have)
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