Dark Souls Any% BKGS no SGS/FSskip

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  1. Dark Souls Any% BKGS no FSskip/SGS (best time 50:43 by me, best possible time: low-mid 49)
  3. Hunter, master key, drop hilt, pick up shield, shortsword and shortbow.
  4. Undead parish through burg, pick up resins, use one and kill lizard before Taurus.
  5. Taurus: shortsword and resin.
  6. Get drake sword, kill BK, get BKGS.
  7. Gargs: drake sword, dupe bone.
  8. Make Lautrec fall of and get FAP ring.
  9. Go to Blighttown, drop stuff, pick up estoc, blighttown drop and rearrange for moveswap and equip FAP.
  10. Quelaag: moveswapped BKGS, dupe bone.
  11. Eleveator to undead parish, dupe quelaag soul 4 times and use it.
  12. Parish bonfire: 24 str, 19 end, BKGS +2, buy crest and weapon smithbox
  13. Stone armor on the way to Sif; Sif: moveswapped BKGS, use or dupe bone.
  14. Sen's Fortress: buy 3/4 black firebombs and 7 blossoms.
  15. Iron Golem: make him fall with R2+R1 with BKGS
  16. AL bonfire: 16 vit, 27 str, 21 end; use IG soul on elevator.
  17. O&S: moveswapped BKGS+blossom (Ornstein is 2 running attack+R1 unless counters), kill Gwynevere, dupe bone.
  18. Warp to Firelink, place Lordvessel, warp to AL, go to Duke's Archives.
  19. Use Smough and Sif souls on elevators, duke skip, kill 2 lizards in crystal cave.
  20. Seath: blossom, break crystal with bow and moveswap or black firebombs. Dupe bone.
  21. Level VIT until you can do ceaseless skip (you can go 26 vit and 30 str), BKGS +4.
  22. 2nd trip to BT, use blossom on waterwheel, ceaseleess skip.
  23. Firesage: moveswapped BKGS + blossom; Centipede: moveswapped BKGS.
  24. BoC:(equip and unequip stone armor after foggate), tohki bombs, use bone.
  25. Pinwheel: moveswapped BKGS, keep the moveswap for Nito (stone armor, moveswapped BKGS + blossom, use bone)
  26. 4 Kings: seal skip, blossom and get 3 kings, use bone.
  27. Gwyn: blossom, moveswapped BKGS with backstep strat.
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