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  1. ```ini
  2. [ Wick FREE Features: ]
  3. ```
  4. - **ANTI-NUKE**
  5.   - Wick deals with admins/mods doing any abnormal activities.
  6.   - Abnormal activities are basically mass-deletions of roles, channels or mass-banning/kicking users.
  7.   - Wick has multiple filters that make it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to bypass without the owner noticing.
  8.   - Wick doesn't care if it’s a user or a bot trying to nuke, It will strip them of all roles.
  10. - **ANTI-RAID**
  11.   - Wick deals with anyone that tries to raid your server.
  12.   - Wick has multiple filters when it comes to raiding, it first studies the account’s details then acts based on them.
  13.   - Server owner, admins and mods are treated nicely by the system. *(you can also whitelist users/channels)*
  15. - **ANTI-SPAM**
  16.   - Spamming will lead to a mute. The system is different from a user to another because of filters, but if there’s spam, Wick will deal with the user.
  17.   - Bots are not treated the same as normal users.
  18.   - Admins & Mods are immune. *(you can also whitelist users/channels)*
  20. - **ON JOIN SYSTEM**
  21.   - Wick checks the user/bot’s username for any kind of advertising, IP grabbing, NSFW, malware, racist, shortening-link content.
  24.   - Wick deals with any user/bot that tries to post any malicious content, let it be a phishing, IP grabbing or a malware website.
  27.   - Wick deals with any user/bot that tries to advertise.
  30. ```ini
  31. [ Wick PREMIUM (5$ for 3 months) Features: ]
  32. ```  
  33. - premium features in all the servers you own.
  35. - Ability to change Wick’s filters to best suit your server (Regarding nuking, raiding and spamming).
  37. - **Verification System (Captcha)**
  38.   - Suspicious users will have to answer the Captcha Wick sends or else they will get kicked automatically.
  39.   - In order for a user to be suspicious, Wick studies the account’s details and decide later (Account age, Global-ban, Nitro, profile picture).
  41. - **Enhanced Spam system**
  42.   - Ability to also change the core settings to your liking.
  44. - **Anti-NSFW System** Detects NSFW content (and soon Images also) in a safe for work channel.
  45.   - Whitelisted-channels that are safe for work won’t be immune.
  47. - **Anti-Mention System** Doesn’t allow users to mention @everyone even once!
  49. - **Bot Protection**
  50.   - If you set up an unverified role, any bot that's added will be given the role and stripped of permissions until you remove their unverified role.
  53. ```fix
  54. Things You Should Know
  55. ```
  57.   - Wick needs ADMINISTRATOR permission for it to work. Not having this permission would be pointless for Wick.
  58.   - Wick needs a Muted role for it to punish people. It won’t do anything if there’s no way to stop anyone. So make sure you have one.
  59.   - Wick only works with YOU (The Server Owner). It’s a server owner bot for crying out loud.
  60.   - Make Wick’s role above your Admins/Mods for it to deal with them if they do suspicious behaviours.
  61.   - Wick can log stuff if you have a channel called “mutes” or “logs”.
  62.   - Wick (if set properly) can kick/ban even Admins. After all, only you can use it. So no trolling with Wick.
  63.   - Wick forgives whitelisted users/channel only when it comes to spam and raiding.
  64.   - There are several filters planted to stop people from dodging settings. an example: “If you spam 5 times in a minute you get muted” <- that won’t work because once the user finds out, they will be spamming 4 times a minute. That can’t happen with Wick, because Wick has more filters added like account’s age, server-contribution and we are not going to get into more filters, what’s important is that they can’t dodge the settings.
  67. ```ini
  68. [ Wick Commands: ]
  69. ```  
  70. *Type* **w!commands** *in your server to see* **ALL** *premium, VIP and standard commands!*
  72. __**Free:**__
  74. `w!stats` Displays a panel of the activity that has been going on in your server recently.
  76. `w!ban @user/userID reason` Bans a user by providing user’s ID/mentioning them. It will inform them of the reason too.
  78. `w!kick @user/userID reason` Kicks a user by providing user’s ID/mentioning them. It will inform them of the reason too.
  80. `w!purge x` / `w!purge @user x` Deletes the last x messages, or delete the last x messages of a specific user without touching the rest.
  82. `w!updates` Shows you all the recent updates pushed to Wick.
  84. `w!whitelist user/channel ID` Whitelists a user/bot or a channel ID in the spam, raid system.
  86. `w!onjoin enable/disable` Enable or disable the on join system that checks the joined user’s name for any “unallowed” content.
  88. `w!adv enable/disable` Enable to disable the anti-advertising system.
  90. `w!feedback your-feedback-here` Sends any feedback to Wick’s Devs.
  93. __**Premium:**__
  95. `w!settings` Allows you to change Wick’s core settings regarding nuking, spamming and raiding.
  97. `w!everyone` Enables the anti-everyone system that does not allow ANYONE to mention everyone.
  99. `w!nsfw enable/disable` Enables or disables the ANTI-NSFW System.
  101. `w!lockdown <TIME>/disable` Lets you lockdown a channel for a specific time (numberLETTER format: 1h, 5s, 20d) or revoke the lockdown using `w!lockdown disable`.
  103. `w!clone` Clones the channel you put the command in and then deletes it (the old one).
  105. `w!cactivity` Wick will output the channel's activity.
  107. `w!bactivity` Wick will output the bans activity.
  109. `w!ractivity` Wick will output the roles activity.
  111. `w!mactivity` Wick will output the mentions activity.
  113. `w!kactivity` Wick will output the kicks activity.
  116. __**VIP FEATURES:**__
  117. - All the features that Wick has will be at your disposal.
  118. - Hosted exclusively for your servers meaning that it will only be in your servers (Legendary Speed, no downtimes).
  119. - No bugs or issues with Wick.
  120. - Special Support around the clock.
  121. - All new features will first be seen in VIP Wick.
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