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  1. <1:0>From [Vidar] : of course
  2. <1:1>From [Vidar] : oh btw please scout ute again :)
  3. To  [Vidar]: only because you said to
  4. To  [Vidar]: is a shame one of your members is so dam weak :p
  5. <1:4>From [Vidar] : there's a reason for that, but in time it wont be so
  6. To  [Vidar]: no there isnt, he is just not very good, admit it. dont lie
  7. <1:5>From [Vidar] : haha so naive
  8. <1:5>From [Vidar] : gl bud :)
  9. To  [Vidar]: THANX :)
  10. To  [Vidar]: hope you do come and visit me one day like you said you would
  11. <1:6>From [Vidar] : you the same assassins from server 19?
  12. To  [Vidar]: nope
  13. <1:8>From [Vidar] : ahh ok was thinking of some1 else
  14. To  [Vidar]: keep 'em coming
  15. To  [Vidar]: how are you anyway, hows the alliance getting on
  16. To  [peeb]: u got a cav smack at hand?
  17. To  [peeb]: could make for a very nice report
  18. <1:21>From [Vidar] : im good, alliance is great. yourself?
  19. To  [Vidar]: yeah very good thanx
  20. To  [Vidar]: where you from
  21. <1:24>From [Vidar] : hmmm :)
  22. To  [Vidar]: :p
  23. <1:26>From [Vidar] : uh oh i know how many scouts you have now. say good bye to them :)
  24. To  [Vidar]: hehe they'll be back
  25. <1:36>From [Vidar] : lol damn you was getting a city and scr3wed up rofl
  26. To  [Vidar]: i've screwed up? what makes you think that ;)
  27. <1:36>From [Vidar] : no you distracted me rofl
  28. To  [Vidar]: oh haha
  29. To  [Vidar]: sorry about that
  30. To  [Vidar]: will ask permisson first next time
  31. <1:37>From [Vidar] : hehe wife's fault too. had to do a beer run
  32. <1:37>From [Vidar] : ohh thats it? that a back city?
  33. To  [Vidar]: whats a back city
  34. <1:38>From [Vidar] : farm city
  35. To  [Vidar]: ah right yeah just a few resources and builds me some troops :)
  36. <1:39>From [Vidar] : nvmd just noticed you only got 2
  37. To  [Vidar]: yes, the secound one you scouted is not a farm city
  38. To  [Vidar]: hey come by some time ill be glad to let you visit for a little while
  39. <1:40>From [Vidar] : long trip but im bored so, sure :)
  40. <1:40>From [Vidar] : but not easter weekend
  41. To  [Vidar]: ok, next weekend maybe
  42. <1:40>From [Vidar] : yeah
  43. To  [Vidar]: its a date :)
  44. <1:41>From [Vidar] : lol ok
  45. <1:44>From [Vidar] : are you a former spartan?
  46. To  [Vidar]: i am indeed
  47. <1:45>From [Vidar] : tell mufasa i said hey
  48. To  [Vidar]: okey higo
  49. <1:45>From [Vidar] : you know me?
  50. To  [Vidar]: lool
  51. <1:45>From [Vidar] : this mufasa?
  52. To  [Vidar]: haha nono he's a good friend of mine
  53. <1:46>From [Vidar] : how did you know my name?
  54. To  [Vidar]: i'm....very resourceful
  55. <1:47>From [Vidar] : lol how do you know my name?
  56. To  [Vidar]: anyway, Mu said hi
  57. <1:49>From [Vidar] : hehe
  58. To  [Vidar]: how did you know me as part of SPARTANS
  59. <1:49>From [Vidar] : most vestige in UL are
  60. To  [Vidar]: ah right lol
  61. To  [Vidar]: was a good alliance
  62. <1:50>From [Vidar] : i have friends who knew spartans well and i know a few secrets :)
  63. <1:51>From [Vidar] : but is all good. they stay safe with me
  64. To  [Vidar]: fill me in loool
  65. <1:52>From [Vidar] : nah
  66. To  [Vidar]: was a presby there, would be good to know these unknown secrets lol
  67. To  [Vidar]: why did you leave relic
  68. <1:52>From [Vidar] : meagh was a dik
  69. <1:53>From [Vidar] : i had very strong ties to DoH and didnt like what OMEGA was doing to them and relic was partly guilty
  70. <1:54>From [Vidar] : so i voiced my opinion in ac and meagh insulted me so i called him som strong names :) and was booted
  71. To  [Vidar]: as you do;P
  72. To  [Vidar]: after one day of porting in with your war city OMEGA took it from you, eh?
  73. <1:55>From [Vidar] : huh?
  74. <1:56>From [Vidar] : never lost a city since b4 the merge
  75. To  [Vidar]: sorry, not took it but cleared it
  76. <1:56>From [Vidar] : yeh, but wasnt a war city. i was planning on quitting so was clearing out troops and heroes
  77. <1:56>From [Vidar] : but was convinced to change my mind
  78. To  [Vidar]: loool, so you left relic to help DOH, OMEGA finished you off so you never got to help in the end...loool
  79. <1:57>From [Vidar] : got my revenge :) look at OMEGA/ Relic now
  80. <1:58>From [Vidar] : but is all good. im a h3ll of a lot stronger than i ever was with relic
  81. To  [Vidar]: i guess, but relic never disbanded for any reason other then one of there accs getting hacked and making them all sick of the shi* lol
  82. To  [Vidar]: btw, you left RW to quit but still havent lol..
  83. <1:59>From [Vidar] : haha that is bs. they were getting destroyed by rw. i was there watching wr's....well the ones not in holiday were getting messed up
  84. <1:59>From [Vidar] : yeah, damn game rofl
  85. To  [Vidar]: hehe
  86. <2:0>From [Vidar] : so, you know so much about me, who are you?
  87. <2:0>From [Vidar] : pretty sure you are mufasa alt ?
  88. To  [Vidar]: lool how the hell would Mu know about your time in relic/RW?
  89. <2:1>From [Vidar] : idk how do you?
  90. To  [Vidar]: i was talking with Mu on skype, but that was only at the start
  91. <2:1>From [Vidar] : your some1's alt though
  92. To  [Vidar]: ill let him know you think im his alt :p
  93. <2:2>From [Vidar] : maybe evilshaddy
  94. To  [Vidar]: rofl
  95. To  [Vidar]: never
  96. <2:4>From [Vidar] : hmm then i guess i'll never know
  97. To  [Vidar]: im not an alt mate
  98. <2:6>From [Vidar] : then how do you know so much about me?
  99. To  [Vidar]: i have alot of great alliances that i'm friends with
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