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jackal visited, MotorMouth is a bounty hunter

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Jan 28th, 2012
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  2. jackal visited
  3. MotorMouth is a bounty hunter
  5. < 8/23/2011 | 10/8/2011 >
  8. 23.08.2011
  10. (23:43:42)<Presstorm>jackal is being questioned by the police right now
  11. (23:43:49)<Presstorm>I know his real identity - always have
  12. (23:43:56)<Presstorm>he dm'd me and kallisti saying "cops at door"
  13. (23:44:02)<Presstorm>he communicated with me 7 minutes ago via gmail chat
  14. (23:44:05)<Presstorm>from his phone
  15. (23:44:16)<Presstorm>he said he thinks he's gonna be alright
  16. (23:44:19)<MotorMouth>wtf why?
  17. (23:44:22)<Presstorm>opbart
  18. (23:44:28)<MotorMouth>smh
  19. (23:44:43)<MotorMouth>i need a damn vpn, the one i have disconnects me every 10mins
  20. (23:45:01)<MotorMouth>damn hope hes ok
  21. (23:46:13)<MotorMouth>dont give me much info but i just wanna know if hes in the states so i can know if he'll be ok
  22. (23:46:31)<Presstorm>he is in the states
  23. (23:46:43)<Presstorm>he's a public figure
  24. (23:46:46)<Presstorm>just note that
  25. (23:47:01)<MotorMouth>wait dont tell me anything lol
  26. (23:47:07)<Presstorm>im not going to
  27. (23:47:11)<Presstorm>that's all you get lol
  28. (23:47:23)<MotorMouth>theres talks about a snitch and i dont want to be blamed
  29. (23:47:31)<Presstorm>snitch?
  30. (23:47:41)<Presstorm>I am most certainly not getting these fuckin memos
  31. (23:48:03)<MotorMouth>yes
  32. (23:48:27)<MotorMouth>theres someone thats keeps trying to make everyone think theres a snicth so when someone does that, what does that tell you?
  33. - 8 min, 7 sec
  34. (23:56:34)<Presstorm>well
  35. (23:56:36)<Presstorm>jackal is ok
  36. (23:56:41)<MotorMouth>ok good
  37. (23:56:53)<Presstorm>albaandomegle is creating a private room
  38. (23:56:56)<Presstorm>you will be invited
  39. (23:57:01)<Presstorm>me, kallisti, him, you, and Jackal
  40. (23:57:02)<MotorMouth>ok koo tx
  41. (23:57:07)<MotorMouth>k great
  44. 26.08.2011
  46. (02:31:01)<Presstorm>motormouth
  47. (02:31:10)<MotorMouth>yes
  48. (02:31:38)<Presstorm>do you think I did well on the show?
  49. (02:31:43)<Presstorm>or do you think I fucked it up
  50. (02:31:48)<Presstorm>honest
  51. (02:32:37)<MotorMouth>i think you did, i just think sometimes you have to break and let the other people talk cause most of vinces fan base are young and their tiny minds have the attention span of pidgeons
  52. (02:32:51)<Presstorm>ok
  53. (02:33:12)<Presstorm>I have never been on the radio before
  54. (02:33:13)<MotorMouth>but ppl were saying "what is she talking about, it sounds interesting, imma go look it up so u did ur job"
  55. (02:33:15)<Presstorm>it's good advice
  56. (02:33:20)<Presstorm>oh really?
  57. (02:33:25)<MotorMouth>yep
  58. (02:33:31)<Presstorm>where were they saying that at?
  59. (02:33:32)<MotorMouth>3ppl
  60. (02:33:38)<MotorMouth>in the chat
  61. (02:33:40)<Presstorm>o
  62. (02:33:44)<MotorMouth>the VITB chat
  63. (02:33:50)<Presstorm>wow
  64. (02:34:21)<MotorMouth>someone said, "idk know nothing bout this but i have to look it up" and so i told them to go to the site ;-)
  65. (02:34:29)<Presstorm>lulz
  66. (02:34:47)<MotorMouth>im a site whore anyway i can push ps i do
  67. (02:35:13)<Presstorm>lol that's awesome
  68. (02:35:19)<MotorMouth>my brother in law was talking bout alex jones and the gov so i told him alex jones has some interesting things but check out PS
  69. (02:35:20)<Presstorm>I should email you some of our cards
  70. (02:35:22)<Presstorm>with your name on it
  71. (02:35:25)<Presstorm>so you can print it out
  72. (02:35:31)<MotorMouth>koo
  73. (02:35:33)<Presstorm>and start giving out business cards to ppl
  74. (02:35:38)<Presstorm>enigma has some, vin and I have some..etc
  75. (02:35:46)<MotorMouth>will do
  76. (02:35:58)<Presstorm>Im trying to get vin to go on vince and talk about the fiat money system and debt/federal reserve
  77. (02:36:04)<Presstorm>vincubus*
  78. (02:36:06)<Presstorm>my hubby
  79. (02:36:08)<Presstorm>he's gonna do it
  80. (02:36:23)<MotorMouth>lol good
  81. (02:36:43)<MotorMouth>the last three shows Vince spoke about opbart mostly so we needed a topic changer
  82. (02:39:43)<Presstorm>ya
  83. (02:39:48)<Presstorm>opbart is in no way shit
  84. (02:39:54)<Presstorm>but like music - it got over played I think
  85. (02:40:13)<MotorMouth>well we got two of our demands
  86. (02:40:17)<MotorMouth>apparently
  87. (02:40:48)<Presstorm>o?
  88. (02:41:15)<MotorMouth>yes the chief of police apologized for the cell phone thing and supposedly is re opening the case of oscar grant
  89. (02:41:25)<MotorMouth>then he threatened us lol
  90. (02:41:29)<Presstorm>damn rofl
  91. (02:41:51)<MotorMouth>but thats what he told the media lets see how true is that
  92. (02:41:57)<Presstorm>ya...
  93. (02:42:14)<Presstorm>tomorrow, I'd like you to write an analysis about opbart
  94. (02:42:16)<Presstorm>if you have the time
  95. (02:42:23)<Presstorm>how it impacted the US as a whole
  96. (02:42:25)<Presstorm>via the media
  97. (02:42:27)<Presstorm>and the protests
  98. (02:42:39)<Presstorm>and what kind of outcomes this is having on improving soceity
  99. (02:42:41)<Presstorm>in the US
  100. (02:43:47)<MotorMouth>will do, honestly im learning more and more on writing analysis articles cause im used to writing my opinion only but i have to expand my writing to make it better journos cannot write opinions as ive been told by many writers
  101. (02:44:00)<MotorMouth>well in an analysis articel
  102. (02:44:08)<Presstorm>I can help you
  103. (02:44:13)<Presstorm>and I am working on that too
  104. (02:44:25)<Presstorm>I dont think you can ever hide your personal opinion though in journalism
  105. (02:44:31)<Presstorm>not completely
  106. (02:44:36)<MotorMouth>true
  107. (02:44:40)<Presstorm>reporting and journalism are two different things
  108. (02:44:54)<MotorMouth>agreed
  109. (02:45:11)<MotorMouth>jamie tbh if u seen me u would never think i wrote
  110. (02:45:24)<MotorMouth>when i tell people i write they are like GTFOH
  111. (02:45:24)<Presstorm>rly?
  112. (02:45:34)<MotorMouth>yeah i dont look like a writer
  113. (02:45:37)<Presstorm>well I happen to think very highly of your writing MM
  114. (02:45:46)<MotorMouth>ty i appreciate that
  115. (02:45:59)<Presstorm>you cover aspects people don't generally think about
  116. (02:46:03)<Presstorm>and it spurs critical thought
  117. (02:46:10)<Presstorm>that's why I appreciate your writing
  118. (02:46:21)<MotorMouth>my brothers is a movie critic and he asked me to write a movie review once and when i did, he said "r u kidding me u r good just expand ur skills and u can be great"
  119. (02:46:31)<MotorMouth>that my goal
  120. (02:46:42)<MotorMouth>bbrother*
  121. (02:46:47)<MotorMouth>omg brother*
  122. (02:46:48)<Presstorm>your brother is right
  123. (02:46:57)<Presstorm>you tell him i said high fuckin five bro
  124. (02:47:31)<MotorMouth>i will lol, my wife is the one that said "u always talk about politics, why dont u do something about it and start writing n protesting u have the drive just do it"
  125. (02:47:31)<Presstorm>ok this time im really going to bed lol
  126. (02:47:36)<Presstorm>I woudl love to speak to you though tomorrow
  127. (02:47:49)<MotorMouth>kk np ill be here as always
  128. (02:47:49)<Presstorm>I think between you and I - we can get you kicking out one fucking hell of an impacting article via opbart
  129. (02:48:03)<MotorMouth>yeah would be great
  130. (02:48:17)<MotorMouth>i wrote the last two press releases for opbart
  131. (02:48:25)<Presstorm>you tell your wife...thank you from jamie
  132. (02:48:32)<MotorMouth>i will
  133. (02:48:35)<Presstorm>she's one hell of a woman for encouraging you
  134. (02:48:46)<MotorMouth>yeah thats why i married her lol
  135. (02:49:15)<MotorMouth>kk gnight and have a good sleep
  138. 30.08.2011
  140. (02:13:19)<MotorMouth>r u awake or sweepy?
  141. (02:17:00)<Presstorm>here
  142. (02:17:21)<Presstorm>can you get kallista in presstorm please
  143. - 5 min, 48 sec
  144. (02:23:09)<MotorMouth>ill try
  145. (02:23:32)<Presstorm>ty
  146. (02:23:47)<MotorMouth>kallista_gs right?
  147. (02:24:49)<Presstorm>yes
  148. (02:25:02)<MotorMouth>kk i sent her a tweet
  149. (02:25:16)<MotorMouth>i wanted you to review an interview i had and wanted to have ur opinion on how i did
  150. (02:25:28)<Presstorm>sure
  151. (02:25:32)<Presstorm>kallista is a male
  152. (02:25:33)<Presstorm>btw :P
  153. (02:25:34)<MotorMouth>
  154. (02:25:40)<MotorMouth>oh oops lol
  155. (02:25:46)<MotorMouth>i thought it was a she
  156. (02:25:47)<MotorMouth>lol
  157. (02:26:29)<Presstorm>lol
  158. - 36 min, 27 sec
  159. (03:02:56)<Presstorm>your interview
  160. (03:02:59)<Presstorm>was awesome
  161. (03:03:03)<Presstorm>absolutely awesome
  162. (03:03:15)<MotorMouth>thank you kindly
  163. (03:03:29)<MotorMouth>its was my first solo
  164. (03:03:36)<Presstorm>you were ACE
  165. (03:03:40)<Presstorm>dont tell them Im up
  166. (03:03:43)<Presstorm>they think im sleeping
  167. (03:03:48)<Presstorm>was just finishing up some homework for college
  168. (03:04:11)<MotorMouth>i wont lol
  169. (03:04:44)<Presstorm>maybe explain to those guys
  170. (03:04:44)<MotorMouth>i threw in some key words and flip around some questions to make us look good and use reverse psycology
  171. (03:04:48)<Presstorm>that presstorm is a neutral zone
  172. (03:04:58)<Presstorm>that we've had lulzsec, team poison, and anonymous in here all at once
  173. (03:05:00)<Presstorm>being civil
  174. (03:05:01)<MotorMouth>yeah they know they came here for support
  175. (03:05:01)<Presstorm>and laughing
  176. (03:05:11)<Presstorm>lex and kahuna
  177. (03:05:18)<Presstorm>have been talking to us in #psprivate for the past 3 hours
  178. (03:05:18)<MotorMouth>ill explain
  179. (03:05:26)<Presstorm>about the pentagon hack
  180. (03:05:32)<Presstorm>please keep that to yourself
  181. (03:05:44)<Presstorm>presstorm will explode...soon and shit's gonna be fast moving
  182. (03:05:49)<Presstorm>lex wants to stay with presstorm
  183. (03:05:51)<Presstorm>and leave WITP
  184. (03:05:54)<Presstorm>i support that
  185. (03:06:50)<MotorMouth>ah ok
  186. (03:07:28)<MotorMouth>yeah, well like i told kahuna i respect everyone for their opinions and beliefs so idc where ppl come from or what website they are signed up w, as long as they respect
  187. (03:07:55)<Presstorm>ppl are humans before they are a part fo groups
  188. (03:08:00)<Presstorm>that's the way I look at it
  189. (03:08:12)<MotorMouth>i agree
  192. 31.08.2011
  194. (13:32:21)<MotorMouth>kk
  197. 01.09.2011
  199. (09:49:34)<JamieJo>#IJ
  202. 02.09.2011
  204. (04:25:51)<JamieJo>jackal ddos'd vince for it
  205. (04:25:53)<JamieJo>15 min off air
  206. (04:26:07)<MotorMouth>i know lol i was there
  207. (04:26:12)<JamieJo>o lol
  208. - 9 h, 33 min
  209. (13:59:19)<JamieJo>type /join #presstorm wethepeople
  212. 04.09.2011
  214. (00:35:47)<Babby>type /join #IJ neversaynever
  217. 05.09.2011
  219. (15:39:57)<JamieJo>just so you know
  220. (15:40:04)<JamieJo>Anonmedics...was one of the original anons
  221. (15:40:06)<JamieJo>he's an oldfag
  222. (15:40:18)<JamieJo>Just giving you facts
  223. (15:40:19)<JamieJo>not taking sides
  224. (15:40:29)<JamieJo>I think what he's saying though...should be taken into consideration
  225. (15:40:36)<JamieJo>at least for a time - because anonymous is about to fall
  226. (15:40:48)<MotorMouth>im fine with taking criticism and all jamie but he attacked ghost
  227. (15:40:59)<JamieJo>then attack him back with class
  228. (15:41:05)<JamieJo>down his points
  229. (15:41:07)<JamieJo>with intellect
  230. (15:41:10)<JamieJo>and not emotion
  231. (15:41:12)<MotorMouth>im trying but im debating with 50 ppl lol
  232. (15:41:15)<JamieJo>lol
  233. (15:41:20)<JamieJo>tell ghost
  234. (15:41:27)<JamieJo>to stop using so much emotion
  235. (15:41:30)<JamieJo>and more logic
  236. (15:41:33)<JamieJo>and there will be a solution
  237. (15:41:40)<JamieJo>anonmedic isn't here to make enemies
  238. (15:41:44)<JamieJo>he's here to see opbart succeed
  239. (15:41:51)<MotorMouth>i use emotion cause this op means alot to all of us, emotion is what made this op come to life thats why
  240. (15:41:51)<JamieJo>3/4 of the protests down there was his organizing
  241. (15:42:05)<JamieJo>yes...but it's important to separate emotion
  242. (15:42:05)<MotorMouth>nope
  243. (15:42:12)<MotorMouth>anonmedics came late into the op
  244. (15:42:17)<JamieJo>his persona did
  245. (15:42:21)<JamieJo>keep that in mind
  246. (15:42:29)<MotorMouth>i see
  247. (15:42:51)<JamieJo>this is a test of presstorm
  248. (15:42:58)<JamieJo>have you ever wondered why we are debating this in #presstorm
  249. (15:43:00)<JamieJo>instead of anonops?
  250. (15:43:12)<JamieJo>I cannot tell ghost these things
  251. (15:43:14)<JamieJo>because I will not be heard
  252. (15:43:18)<JamieJo>please speak to him
  253. (15:43:24)<MotorMouth>ok
  254. - 44 min, 17 sec
  255. (16:27:41)<MotorMouth>how did we lose ops and all these new faces gain them?
  256. (16:29:30)<JamieJo>because anonymous is dying
  257. (16:29:34)<JamieJo>and people are looking for something new to join
  258. (16:29:47)<JamieJo>i just happen to be handpicking the academics and intellects out of the rush
  259. (16:29:49)<JamieJo>one by one
  260. (16:30:45)<MotorMouth>ok np
  263. 06.09.2011
  265. (11:47:08)<JamieJo>type /join #IJ neversaynever
  268. 13.09.2011
  270. (23:47:44)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, fart_______
  271. (23:51:03)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, bev_____
  272. (23:51:46)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, jodi__ ______
  273. (23:53:00)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, ch____
  274. (23:55:22)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, gil_____
  275. (23:56:04)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, 19__
  276. (23:59:59)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, fin____
  279. 14.09.2011
  281. (00:01:00)<MotorMouth>Here's a hint, ki____
  282. - 13 h, 21 min
  283. (13:22:52)<MotorMouth>one of my IRL things i do is tracking and unting, as in bountry hunting, i was also trained to go undercover and "blend in" as well as gather sufficient evidence, as i tell everyone im not the "law" so i can be trusted but im good at tracking and infiltrating
  284. (13:23:47)<MotorMouth>hunting*
  285. (13:24:10)<MotorMouth>now dont take this as u cannot trust me cause i love u guys and would never do anything to harm any of you
  286. - 8 min, 0 sec
  287. (13:32:10)<MotorMouth>hope i didnt scare u away... :-/
  288. (13:32:31)<Presstorm>Hello
  289. (13:32:42)<MotorMouth>hi
  290. (13:32:42)<Presstorm>Sorry my mom came over with some things and I had to help her get them out of her car
  291. (13:32:48)<Presstorm>You don't scare me Motor lol
  292. (13:32:50)<MotorMouth>oh kk
  293. (13:32:56)<Presstorm>I've had bounty hunters on my ass before
  294. (13:33:03)<Presstorm>they're nicer generally than asshole law enforcemnet
  295. (13:33:04)<MotorMouth>ok
  296. (13:33:08)<MotorMouth>yes
  297. (13:33:19)<Presstorm>like I said - I went to prison for 3 felonies one being attempted escape
  298. (13:33:21)<Presstorm>and I did escape
  299. (13:33:49)<Presstorm>but it was from a work release unit and it was because they had abused me and my schizophrenia acted up
  300. (13:33:49)<MotorMouth>well i got fired cause i got into a fight with the guy who took me on his team cause i caught 3 ppl, 1 of which he could not find and he tried to take credit
  301. (13:34:00)<Presstorm>ouch
  302. (13:34:05)<MotorMouth>yes
  303. (13:34:31)<MotorMouth>infiltrating is what i do and thats how i got that 1 person im good at it
  304. (13:34:44)<Presstorm>i just worry
  305. (13:34:48)<Presstorm>maybe it's the mother in me
  306. (13:34:50)<Presstorm>idk but I worry
  307. (13:34:58)<Presstorm>I'm glad you brought it to my attention though
  308. (13:35:02)<Presstorm>kallisti has lost all my trust
  309. (13:35:08)<Presstorm>i dont know what's real and what's not with her
  310. (13:35:16)<Presstorm>and that's honesty coming straight from me.
  311. (13:35:24)<MotorMouth>well i was doing this for all of ps but if u rather i leave it alone then i will
  312. (13:35:32)<MotorMouth>and anons tbh
  313. (13:35:48)<MotorMouth>they were picking on crappy and it pissed me off i couldnt take it anymore
  314. (13:36:26)<Presstorm>by all means go for it
  315. (13:36:32)<Presstorm>just be careful
  316. (13:36:38)<MotorMouth>always
  317. (13:36:45)<Presstorm>I play some pretty hardcore psyops games with people
  318. (13:36:49)<Presstorm>as you have probably figured out
  319. (13:36:57)<MotorMouth>yep lol
  320. (13:36:58)<Presstorm>and these guys...are on my level only more reckless
  321. (13:37:14)<MotorMouth>if by any means u feel i shouldnt just yell and say MM stop ur shit and NO lol ill listen
  322. (13:37:18)<Presstorm>perhaps that recklessness is deliberate idk
  323. (13:37:27)<MotorMouth>i think so
  324. (13:37:31)<Presstorm>lulz I wish to see your potential
  325. (13:37:37)<Presstorm>if I see you in danger - I got this tether here
  326. (13:37:40)<Presstorm>I'll pull your ass home
  327. (13:37:41)<Presstorm>:P
  328. (13:37:50)<MotorMouth>ok i repsect that
  329. (13:38:01)<Presstorm>just communicate with me
  330. (13:38:04)<Presstorm>so I don't fuck something up
  331. (13:38:09)<MotorMouth>people underestimate anons cause theres alot of kids in it but they dont understand we are not as loose knit as they make it seem
  332. (13:38:14)<Presstorm>but do not communicate with me on your incognito account
  333. (13:38:17)<MotorMouth>i will def
  334. (13:38:17)<Presstorm>unless it's to bash me
  335. (13:38:20)<Presstorm>and tell me in here first lol
  336. (13:38:36)<MotorMouth>no i wont, i will prob bash u a bit since ur one of their targets
  337. (13:38:50)<MotorMouth>but i have to gain their trust
  338. (13:38:58)<Presstorm>yes
  339. (13:39:00)<MotorMouth>and ill always signal u
  340. (13:39:01)<Presstorm>what I mean is
  341. (13:39:07)<Presstorm>don't chit chat with me from that account
  342. (13:39:10)<Presstorm>bash me from that account
  343. (13:39:13)<MotorMouth>by putting two captial Ms in the msg
  344. (13:39:19)<MotorMouth>i know of course not
  345. (13:39:27)<Presstorm>lol
  346. (13:39:35)<Presstorm>going to cook lunch for the mini terrorists here
  347. (13:39:38)<Presstorm>will be back soon
  348. (13:44:26)<MotorMouth>kk me too have to pick up my oldest from school bb in 10
  349. - 45 min, 45 sec
  350. (14:30:11)<Presstorm>Wanna know what I think?
  351. (14:30:25)<Presstorm>I think it's an internal system designed to pit anons against each other
  352. (14:30:29)<Presstorm>whether fed funded or not
  353. (14:30:41)<Presstorm>they use world of warcraft raid tactics
  354. (14:30:42)<MotorMouth>i think so too
  355. (14:30:48)<MotorMouth>which is one reason why i want to know more
  356. (14:30:51)<Presstorm>so the best way to combat that
  357. (14:30:58)<Presstorm>is to "dispurse" anonymous
  358. - 12 min, 55 sec
  359. (14:43:53)<Presstorm>In "The Heist"
  360. (14:43:57)<Presstorm>he uses observation
  361. (14:44:09)<Presstorm>to find out which one of the large group becomes the "alpha female"
  362. (14:44:13)<MotorMouth>hmm interesting
  363. (14:44:14)<Presstorm>and the "alpha male"
  364. (14:44:25)<Presstorm>This group goes from grup to group
  365. (14:44:28)<Presstorm>with lots of followers
  366. (14:44:34)<Presstorm>perhaps they are searching out alphas
  367. (14:44:44)<Presstorm>so that's why I used what I did on him the other day
  368. (14:44:55)<Presstorm>I called him helpless
  369. (14:44:56)<Presstorm>and a child
  370. (14:44:58)<Presstorm>and weak
  371. (14:45:00)<Presstorm>and incompetent
  372. (14:45:01)<MotorMouth>nice
  373. (14:45:03)<Presstorm>because he fixates
  374. (14:45:06)<Presstorm>on "competence"
  375. (14:45:11)<Presstorm>and once I told him of my academic history
  376. (14:45:11)<MotorMouth>im sure he was punching his keyboard
  377. (14:45:19)<Presstorm>and my non-need to have a degree "certify" me
  378. (14:45:21)<Presstorm>he shut up
  379. (14:45:24)<Presstorm>till the next morning
  380. (14:45:33)<Presstorm>then start in again attempting to elicit emotional response
  381. (14:45:40)<Presstorm>and I knew he would so I planned it
  382. (14:45:49)<Presstorm>I responded by saying "I respect my abusers"
  383. (14:45:50)<Presstorm>essentially
  384. (14:45:55)<Presstorm>hasn't said a word to me since
  385. (14:46:08)<MotorMouth>lol nice
  386. (14:46:15)<Presstorm>it gave him away
  387. (14:46:17)<Presstorm>imo
  388. (14:46:46)<MotorMouth>lol
  389. (14:47:30)<Presstorm>I started learning about psychology at an early age
  390. (14:47:34)<Presstorm>because of my schizophrenia
  391. (14:47:45)<Presstorm>seen massive amounts of different psychiatrists
  392. (14:47:47)<Presstorm>and psychologists
  393. (14:47:54)<Presstorm>and for some reason.. my mind works in patterns
  394. (14:47:59)<Presstorm>I was able to compartmentalize each of them
  395. (14:48:05)<Presstorm>and break down their tactics
  396. (14:48:17)<Presstorm>by age 9, I was able to use one psychiatrists tactics against the current one
  397. (14:48:20)<Presstorm>and confuse them
  398. (14:48:32)<Presstorm>and each time I saw a new one - I learned more
  399. (14:48:39)<Presstorm>about the world of psychology
  400. (14:48:53)<Presstorm>I can read people very well
  401. (14:49:00)<Presstorm>they don't even have to speak "to" me
  402. (14:49:07)<Presstorm>I dont lie when I say
  403. (14:49:14)<Presstorm>that you can judge a person completely on their reaction
  404. (14:49:16)<Presstorm>to "something."
  405. (14:49:22)<Presstorm>add more "somethings" in the picture
  406. (14:49:24)<Presstorm>and you have a pattern
  407. (14:49:40)<Presstorm>because humans are generally a species that thrives on repetition
  408. (14:49:46)<Presstorm>perpetual reactions
  409. (14:49:48)<Presstorm>and action
  410. (14:49:52)<Presstorm>and consequence
  411. (14:52:10)<Presstorm>His tactics
  412. (14:52:14)<Presstorm>are interesting
  413. (14:52:20)<Presstorm>because he parallels me as a 9 year old child
  414. (14:52:25)<Presstorm>he adopts the tactics of alphas
  415. (14:52:26)<MotorMouth>ilol
  416. (14:52:31)<MotorMouth>u have them down to a tee i like
  417. (14:52:38)<Presstorm>oh believe me
  418. (14:52:45)<Presstorm>psychology is my 2nd passion
  419. (14:52:49)<Presstorm>philosophy is my first
  420. (14:52:56)<MotorMouth>lol nice
  421. (14:53:08)<Presstorm>i was a triple major at south dakota stat university
  422. (14:53:09)<Presstorm>undergrad
  423. (14:53:16)<Presstorm>majors: psychology, sociology, philosophy
  424. (14:53:21)<Presstorm>minors: history, physics, religion
  425. (14:53:27)<Presstorm>then specialized in neuropsychology
  426. (14:53:33)<MotorMouth>awesome and they think they can outwit you... lol
  427. (14:53:42)<Presstorm>they have thus far
  428. (14:53:45)<Presstorm>but patterns don't lie
  429. (14:53:52)<Presstorm>you have to look beyond the superficial shit
  430. (14:53:53)<MotorMouth>yep
  431. (14:53:59)<Presstorm>those being money...possessions...etc
  432. (14:54:02)<Presstorm>all their "bling"
  433. (14:54:07)<Presstorm>and look into the soul
  434. (14:54:09)<Presstorm>of wtf is going on
  435. (14:54:11)<MotorMouth>yep
  436. (14:54:14)<Presstorm>and that's where patterns come in ;P
  437. (14:54:24)<MotorMouth>lol
  438. (14:54:28)<Presstorm>highly sociopathic
  439. (14:54:29)<Presstorm>in nature
  440. (14:54:31)<Presstorm>that's for sure
  441. (14:54:41)<Presstorm>and if it is in fact a govt operation
  442. (14:54:45)<Presstorm>what does that say about our govt?
  443. (14:59:10)<Presstorm>knowing that governments are sociopathic in nature
  444. (14:59:13)<Presstorm>as "entities"
  445. (14:59:24)<Presstorm>it doesn't suprise me that this group would focus on corporate level monies
  446. (14:59:25)<MotorMouth>hmmm
  447. (14:59:26)<Presstorm>and behavior
  448. (14:59:28)<MotorMouth>how would we stop it
  449. (14:59:38)<Presstorm>dispursing anon
  450. (14:59:40)<Presstorm>morphing it
  451. (14:59:55)<MotorMouth>true
  452. (14:59:55)<Presstorm>captivating people who have status
  453. (15:00:01)<Presstorm>and funding serious operations
  454. (15:00:07)<Presstorm>with time, planning, and strategy
  455. (15:00:11)<Presstorm>no more teens
  456. (15:00:13)<Presstorm>no more glamour
  457. (15:00:20)<Presstorm>no more things like "sexy fawkes"
  458. (15:00:22)<Presstorm>no more lulz
  459. (15:00:31)<MotorMouth>yep i agree
  460. (15:00:40)<Presstorm>Bilderberg-type off the chain ran by ordinary citizens backed by status'd individuals and money
  461. (15:00:41)<Presstorm>that's how
  462. (15:00:45)<Presstorm>sounds easy? NOT
  463. (15:01:03)<MotorMouth>yep
  464. (15:01:06)<Presstorm>Staying anonymous of course
  465. (15:01:15)<Presstorm>but having heads like me - who are fully exposed
  466. (15:01:26)<Presstorm>what happens when you put two ends of a magnet next to each other?
  467. (15:01:30)<Presstorm>I know it repels
  468. (15:01:37)<Presstorm>but what do the molecules between the two magnets do?
  469. (15:01:40)<Presstorm>they go ape shit right?
  470. (15:01:44)<Presstorm>so that's what we do.
  471. (15:01:48)<Presstorm>we become the two magnets
  472. (15:01:54)<Presstorm>and make them assholes be the molecules
  473. (15:03:36)<Presstorm>The Heist 2/5
  474. (15:03:40)<Presstorm>Top Comment:
  475. (15:03:41)<Presstorm>Whats if we just ban? people with suits tonight?!" :D
  478. 15.09.2011
  480. (14:49:40)<Presstorm>type !up
  481. (14:49:42)<Presstorm>in #psops
  484. 17.09.2011
  486. (12:53:56)<Presstorm>just about to go pick up my kids
  487. (12:53:59)<Presstorm>605-695-5325
  488. (12:54:26)<Presstorm>whats goin on?
  489. (12:54:37)<Presstorm>
  490. (12:54:39)<Presstorm>motormouth]
  491. (12:54:41)<Presstorm>motormouth
  492. (12:54:46)<MotorMouth>they are passing around manuals for molotov cocktails and smoke bombs
  493. (12:54:56)<MotorMouth>if they riot im taking down each and every one of them personally
  494. (12:54:58)<Presstorm>Tell Der_Bluthund NOW
  495. (12:54:59)<Presstorm>NOW
  496. (12:55:04)<Presstorm>he's in charge of my twitter account
  497. (12:55:05)<Presstorm>and the live blog
  498. (12:55:08)<Presstorm>GET THAT SHIT OUT THERE
  499. (12:55:09)<MotorMouth>kk
  500. (12:55:17)<Presstorm>TELL our ppl to get the fuck out NAO
  501. (12:55:26)<MotorMouth>kk
  502. (12:55:27)<Presstorm>who is passing them out?
  503. (12:55:31)<Presstorm>occupywallstreet organizers?
  504. (12:55:50)<MotorMouth>no not the organizers but ppl going there
  505. (12:55:57)<Presstorm>ok
  506. - 3 h, 9 min
  507. (16:05:27)<Presstorm>what happened with the manuals being handed out
  508. (16:05:31)<Presstorm>I have heard NOTHING about it
  509. (16:05:41)<Presstorm>motormouth
  510. (16:06:30)<MotorMouth>ill send u what was posted
  511. (16:06:37)<Presstorm>ok
  512. (16:06:44)<Presstorm>
  513. (16:06:54)<MotorMouth>sorry was dealing with crappytires posting my location int he irc
  514. (16:07:04)<Presstorm>ah k
  515. (16:11:49)<MotorMouth>Op_ESR OpESR
  516. (16:11:49)<MotorMouth>[ #A99shields ] info for worst case scenario: / #BlackFlagMilitia / Protect from police...
  517. (16:12:05)<Presstorm>finally
  518. (16:12:09)<Presstorm>they took long enuf!
  519. (16:12:15)<Presstorm>full link?
  520. (16:12:17)<MotorMouth>i had to find it
  521. (16:12:31)<MotorMouth>they been tweeting the protest so i had to sift through it all
  522. (16:12:32)<MotorMouth>lol
  523. (16:12:59)<MotorMouth>
  524. (16:13:34)<Presstorm>is that public knowledge?
  525. (16:14:17)<MotorMouth>it was teeted
  526. (16:14:23)<MotorMouth>tweeted
  527. (16:17:35)<Presstorm>@occupywallst says 33k are there
  528. (16:17:45)<Presstorm>I just tweeted and asked "you went around and counted them 1 by 1?
  529. (16:18:56)<MotorMouth>lol exactly lol
  530. (16:19:50)<Presstorm>they are whining now about the msm not being there
  531. (16:19:58)<Presstorm>1.) they are there wanting "democracy of the people"
  532. (16:20:04)<Presstorm>yet demanding that corporate owned media cover it
  533. (16:20:14)<Presstorm>and not giving us (presstorm and other smaller outlets) the time of day?
  534. (16:20:20)<Presstorm>ya..this is not good.
  535. (16:20:37)<MotorMouth>yep
  536. (16:20:43)<MotorMouth>and CNN was there covering it
  537. (16:20:51)<MotorMouth>they interviewed a couple of ppl
  538. (16:21:06)<MotorMouth>they just keep saying that cnn is being biased, but they were there
  539. (16:25:32)<MotorMouth>going to go eat, ill BBL
  542. 03.10.2011
  544. (12:09:30)<Presstorm>I am aware of the conspiracy of bullshit talk against me
  545. (12:09:42)<Presstorm>I've been made aware by several people who have occupied those conversations in other channels
  546. (12:09:50)<Presstorm>I will probably be taking presstorm and moving her soon
  547. (12:09:54)<Presstorm>just giving you a heads up
  548. (12:10:00)<Presstorm>I dont agree with cronyism
  549. (12:10:07)<MotorMouth>conspiracy?
  550. (12:10:19)<Presstorm>yes there's a lot of shit talk behind my back
  551. (12:10:24)<MotorMouth>i agree
  552. (12:10:30)<Presstorm>ppl are too scared to say it to my face
  553. (12:10:33)<Presstorm>I dont agree with that
  554. (12:10:36)<Presstorm>I dont need children on my staff
  555. (12:10:42)<Presstorm>I need adults who actually give a shit about the cause
  556. (12:10:45)<Presstorm>who are serious
  557. (12:10:48)<Presstorm>and have integrity
  558. (12:10:57)<Presstorm>I will have having to cut ties to those I started to care about
  559. (12:10:59)<Presstorm>but it must be done
  560. (12:11:03)<MotorMouth>agreed
  561. (12:11:05)<Presstorm>I can't afford to have cowards on my staff
  562. (12:11:40)<MotorMouth>well you have to do what you have to do
  563. (12:11:47)<MotorMouth>the less drama that surrounds you the better
  564. (12:11:55)<Presstorm>yes
  565. (12:12:02)<Presstorm>I do not function well in chaos at all
  566. (12:12:18)<MotorMouth>even if you did you shouldnt have to be surrounded by it
  567. (12:12:20)<Presstorm>I am telling you this because I see you as one of the serious ones
  568. (12:12:30)<Presstorm>but I do know you've been privvy to those certain "out of presstorm" conversations
  569. (12:12:43)<MotorMouth>i love presstorm and what it stands for i just get tired of all the drama tbh
  570. (12:12:44)<Presstorm>I wanted to be completely transparent about my intentions with you
  571. (12:13:00)<Presstorm>and that's why I've been out of chat a lot lately
  572. (12:13:06)<Presstorm>I just don't have time for the drama
  573. (12:13:06)<MotorMouth>the only thing i have said and would say to you personally
  574. (12:13:19)<MotorMouth>is i get tired of the drama
  575. (12:13:27)<Presstorm>I honestly don't know how to quell it
  576. (12:13:28)<MotorMouth>and weather you stay or leave i wanna see ps grow
  577. (12:13:29)<Presstorm>I have tried
  578. (12:13:44)<Presstorm>presstorm publishes all viewpoints
  579. (12:13:51)<MotorMouth>oh i know
  580. (12:13:52)<Presstorm>the drama comes from disagreement I think
  581. (12:13:53)<MotorMouth>and u have proven that
  582. (12:14:00)<MotorMouth>yes
  583. (12:14:09)<MotorMouth>ppl like others who will back them up only
  584. (12:14:12)<Presstorm>I think it's just best if I get a host of my own
  585. (12:14:13)<Presstorm>run my own site
  586. (12:14:15)<MotorMouth>they have no clue as to what free speech is
  587. (12:14:23)<Presstorm>as far as hosting goes anyway
  588. (12:14:31)<Presstorm>I dont like being kept in the dark about my own site
  589. (12:14:35)<Presstorm>that's not right
  590. (12:14:42)<MotorMouth>i understand
  591. (12:14:43)<Presstorm>before when Mark hosted us - I had full control and I did everything
  592. (12:14:48)<Presstorm>I can do it again
  593. (12:14:55)<Presstorm>and we were never down - not once under Mark
  594. (12:14:57)<Presstorm>not once
  595. (12:15:00)<Presstorm>and we were dossed a lot
  596. (12:15:14)<Presstorm>I have brought these issues up to alba
  597. (12:15:24)<Presstorm>lee moved his site off our server
  598. (12:15:31)<Presstorm>because he doesn't like what alba is doing
  599. (12:15:38)<Presstorm>of course lee won't tell alba that
  600. (12:15:40)<Presstorm>or anyone
  601. (12:15:45)<MotorMouth>right
  602. (12:15:53)<Presstorm>which is unfortunate
  603. (12:15:54)<Presstorm>I love alba
  604. (12:15:57)<Presstorm>however
  605. (12:16:07)<Presstorm>Somewhere along the lines, presstorm got off track with anonymous
  606. (12:16:15)<Presstorm>and people have meshed the two together so bad
  607. (12:16:21)<Presstorm>that anons feel they control presstorm
  608. (12:16:27)<Presstorm>that's no better than the govt controlling the media
  609. (12:16:29)<Presstorm>it's the same thing
  610. (12:16:35)<MotorMouth>right
  611. (12:20:28)<Presstorm>If I piss you off with my findings- I then know what I am doing my job as an investigative journalist. Im not here to be your friend. -Jamie
  612. < 8/23/2011 | 10/8/2011 >
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