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Chuck - Jail Updating

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Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. Hi Allan and Kris,
  3. Thanks for all the knowledge you share on this show. When I recently had
  4. the opportunity to setup a new webserver, I decided to give FreeBSD a
  5. try. I have been running Linux servers for years, but after listening to
  6. you guys for a while now, I decided to give it a go (on Digital Ocean no
  7. less!).
  9. I blogged about the setup at
  11. and am very happy with the setup. Basically I have a FreeBSD server
  12. running apache and mysql within a jail hosting wordpress. I am using
  13. iocage to manage the jail and PF to take care of NAT and port forwarding
  14. for IPv4.
  16. Now to my question, since this system uses ports and packages and has a
  17. jail, what is the best way to keep everything up to date? I want the
  18. base system of the server, the packages and ports of the server, the
  19. jail, and the packages and ports of the jail all to be updated. Coming
  20. from Linux where I could just run a sudo yum update and have everything
  21. updated this seems more complex.
  23. Thanks
  25. Chuck
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