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Wurm Serb Features

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Jun 4th, 2020
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  1. Serb Features:
  2. Most actions can be performed on a vehicle
  3. Items mined/dug go into a vehicle if riding
  4. Containers that burn items produce ash
  5. Snowballs are growable in pottery planters (for niche cooking recipes)
  6. Surface mining only requires one tile exposed and actions guarantee slope decrement
  7. Trees/fields/bushes can be watered to increase growth stage (I think it's a 30 min cd, don't remember how long it takes for growth to take effect)
  8. Trees/bushes can be fertilized to grow to produce their harvestable item out of season. Fertilize with ash.
  9. Guard towers no longer take 20 fight skill to repair
  10. Many items can now be combined/bsb'd
  11. Depot spawns around the map (red beam) 7 day cd between spawns and spawns good loot (might disable if people want)
  12. Healing covers show potency
  13. Moonmetal veins are 50 uses (also added glimmy and addy to rods)
  14. NO CURVE
  16. Rarity rates are adjusted. 2% chance on window for fantastic, 16% chance for supreme if fantastic fails, and 100% chance if supreme fails
  17. Food items affinities are the same for everyone
  18. Uniques randomly spawn (set to 1 per week)
  19. Rift mobs and items spawn around the map (might disable)
  20. Bank check action on character menu
  21. Concrete is simplified (rock shards and clay)
  22. Ability to taxidermy dead creatures
  23. Ability to wax food items
  24. Treasure hunting
  25. Bounty based on how strong a creature is (money)
  26. Karma gain on burning a corpse (set to 33 per corpse)
  27. Bridges can be built in/over/through houses (not sure how well this works)
  28. Shields no longer have a minimum threshold of damage they can take
  29. Food affinities give 30% bonus instead of 10%
  30. Charcoal piles burn twice as fast (same amount twice speed)
  31. Lockpicks don't break nearly as often
  32. No built plan limit (hopefully this actually works)
  33. Lots of movement speed changes
  34. Royal cook food does not decay and has a quality bonus (not actually sure if this works)
  35. Food first bite bonus is disabled
  36. Opulence increases food affinity timer by 0.25% per power on food
  37. Bed quality boosts sleep bonus gain 0.5% per quality, at 100 quality it's a 50% boost
  38. Royal smith title improves smithing items 10% faster
  39. Improving items with rare materials can transfer rarity over to the improved item
  40. Rare components have a decent chance of creating a rare item (100% chance for all items being rare also applies for supreme and fantastic)
  41. Tomes can be used at any 3x3 flat area with any altar, other restrictions are removed as well (also not sure if it works)
  42. Smelting pots are enabled. Activate the smelting pot and use on a glowing hot metal item (might have to be heated for longer)
  43. Horse gear can be equipped by leading the horse
  44. Deeds are placeable outside kingdom influence
  45. Player champions are disabled
  46. Artifacts are locked away and buried at that location (heard people don't like artifacts)
  47. Affinities are always stolen in pvp combat
  48. Fight skill gain is increased by 50%
  49. Hunt of the Ancients is on the server and spawns on the central island (not 100% sure it works) 1/50 chance for key of the heavens fragment for winning
  50. Village guards are capped to 5
  51. Royal executioner's +2 CR bonus applied to PvE as well
  52. CR of pets scales with the Soul Depth of the owner at 50 soul depth it is 100% of the normal CR
  53. Players take a CR penalty for riding a vehicle
  54. Magranon damage bonus is now correctly at 15% rather than 10-12%
  55. Unique spawns have a static health regen instead which is 75 health per second
  56. Tools past 90 quality have bonuses
  57. Tool rarity reduces difficulty checks, -1 for rare, -2 for supreme, and -3 for fantastic
  58. Items at 100 quality no longer decay (might just be tools not sure)
  59. Stealing and meditation no longer have a cooldown on skill gains
  60. Meditating abilities have their cooldowns adjusted
  61. Raid boss style mobs (titans) are enabled as part of Wyvernmod (I think only 1 can be active at a time)
  62. Missions have a currency reward (20-40 copper) (no idea if this works)
  63. Bison are mountable
  64. Hitching values have been messed with and you should be able to hitch a lot of creatures (crab cart confirmed)
  65. Creatures have a 1/5 chance of being conditioned and a 1/250 of being champion
  66. Newborn creatures born on enchanted grass have a genesis cast on them (removes random negative trait)
  67. Bell towers, mailboxes, trash bins, and altars are loadable
  68. Difficulty checks for dirt, sand, and sandstone are reduced from 99 to 50 for crafting
  69. 20 locksmithing requirement for lockpicks is removed
  70. Craftable arrow packs, battle yoyo, club, depth drill, eternal reservoir, knuckles, mass storage unit, and warhammer
  71. Random treasure chests spawn
  72. Bulk containers have quality separation by default (sort) and will sort quality into intervals of 10 quality this can be disabled on a container by toggling SORT on it
  73. Combat and armor changes (look at Armoury and DUSKcombat)
  74. Chicken coops produce 99 quality eggs
  75. Fishing changes? (fishytweaks)
  76. Guards can be called in any game channel (irc channels do not work)
  77. Crops do not turn to weeds
  78. CHIRP timer for crops set to 4 hours
  79. Portals can be built for villages on the same highway (no idea if this actually works)
  80. Mine tunnels can be placed next to each other
  81. Mark and recall mod for teleport shit
  82. Time between meditation path levels is set to 16% of original
  83. Milk reset mod (apparently it's bugged and only resets on server restart or humid drizzle) every 12 hours anyone can use /milk
  84. Tents can be dropped on deed
  85. Lots of things can be grown in planters mushrooms etc
  86. Holy ground around huge altars is removed (hopefully)
  87. Valrei creatures spawn randomly around the map
  88. Lots of different craftable tabbards/vehicles
  89. NPC contracts: crafter and buyer (
  90. Crafter npc will improve items, assign him a forge for metal items by activating your contract and right-clicking the forge. Assigning him a forge locks it.
  91. Crafting npc has to gain skill just like a normal player. Donate items to him for him to improve his skill, he caps out at 70 in any skill. You need to pay him money to improve your item.
  92. Better digging actions
  93. Better farming actions
  94. Unicorns and hell horses are leadable
  95. New enchants: harden, phasing, replenish, summon soul, expand, efficiency, prowess, industry, endurance, and acuity
  96. Harden reduces the damage an item takes, 15% at 50, and 30% at 100
  97. Phasing can be put on weapons to increase the opponent's shield skill check difficulty
  98. Replenish automatically refills a container with water
  99. Expand increases the volume of a container 10x at 100 (100 items is still the cap for normal containers)
  100. Efficiency reduces the difficulty of skill checks
  101. Prowess is a jewelry enchant that increases CR (does not stack with itself)
  102. Industry is a jewelry enchant that reduces the difficulty of skill checks (does not stack with itself)
  103. Endurance is a jewelry enchant that reduces stamina usage (does not stack with itself)
  104. Acuity is a jewelry enchant that reduces favor usage (does not stack with itself)
  105. Animals can be hitched to boats (no move speed bonus)
  106. Cart/Horse/Ridable Creature max slope increased, should be about 50 slope max
  107. HOTA enabled on eastern side of central island (12 hours between rounds)
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