Kim Nara. Dating class.

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  1. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ PRESENT, TO YOU!
  3. ➪ username: @kimluna_wp
  5. ➪ slot: slot OO5. LTLMP
  7. ➪ backup slot: slot OO3. TAOF
  9. ➪ name: 김나라 • Kim Nara.
  11. ➪ other names: —
  13. ➪ love interest: Jinyoung (Got7)
  15. ➪ backup love interest: Chanyeol (EXO)
  17. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ WHEN I'M FALLING!
  19. ➪ nickname:
  20. • Narani. Her best friends call her that.
  21. • Rabbit. Her grandparents used to call her that when she was a little girl.
  22. • Nara Banana. Her parents used to call her that and they still do.
  24. ➪ faceclaim: (g)-idle's Yuqi.
  26. ➪ backup faceclaim: CLC's Yeeun.
  28. ➪ nationality: South Korean.
  30. ➪ ethnicity: Korean.
  32. ➪ birthplace: Dongducheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
  34. ➪ hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
  36. ➪ birthday: December 10th, 1999.
  38. ➪ age: 20 years old.
  40. ➪ height: 162 cm.
  42. ➪ weight: 45 kg.
  44. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ LOVE BLOSSOM
  46. ➪ facial features: she has soft facial  features and a really cute eye-smile.  
  48. ➪ habits:
  49. • She tends to bite her lips when she's nervous or excited.
  51. ➪ hobbies:
  52. • Singing and writing.
  54. ➪ likes:
  55. • Singing. She loves to sing because her mother used to be a singer, and since she wanted to be just like her when she was little she started to sing. When she grew up she decided that she lived to sing and kept on practicing.
  56. • Pizza. Her favorite food. She just loves it.
  57. • Writing. Writing is one of her biggest passions, so she writes pretty much everything on her little journal.
  58. • Playing the piano. In order to learn how to sing she had to learn how to play the piano and she ended up loving it.
  59. • Animals. She loves all kind of animals, even if some of them scare her, she finds them adorable.
  60. • Cooking and baking. She learned how to with her aunt since she was a little girl and she became really good at this.
  62. ➪ dislikes:
  63. • Big fires. She's never been in one, but for some reason she's so afraid of them.
  64. • Chocolate. She's allergic to chocolate, yet, she realized when she was 17.
  65. • Spicy food. She can't eat spicy food without shedding a few tears, and she doesn't like it.
  66. • Being sick. She really dislikes being sick because she feels not strong and useless.
  67. • Seeing people cry. She doesn't like to see people cry because it makes her cry too.
  68. • Cocky people. She tries to be nice to everyone but cocky people really get on her nerves.
  70. ➪ personality :
  71. She is a really nice person. She is the kind of person who would put somebody else before her, caring a lot more about her friends than herself.
  72. She has a bubbly, yet shy personality. She likes to make people around her feel loved and safe, so she gives off a cute and calm aura.
  73. Nara is quite open-minded; she gets along with people easily and she doesn't like put them into a concept.
  74. This girl is really energetic and loyal, sometimes way too loyal, which could be a problem.
  75. One thing that she doesn't really like a bout herself us her lack of patience, she's not patient but she's working on it.
  76. ➪ background:
  77. Nara was born and raised in a small family, being an only child. Thankfully, her family has always been pretty wealthy, but not really close. She was closer to her grandparents, who loved her a lot.
  78. The girl was an only child, so attention was always on her, especially her mother's, who wanted her to be basically perfect; perfect grades, perfect looks, perfect everything.
  79. A lit changed when her grandparents died. She became closer to her parents, and they stopped trying to make her the perfect daughter.
  80. She moved out of her home and now lives by herself, being the Nara everyone knows.
  82. ➪ trivia:
  83. • She used to own a dog called Candy.
  84. • She is afraid of big fires.
  85. • She's allergic to chocolate and she found out when she was 18.
  86. • She speaks Spanish.
  87. • Nara finds the smell of makeup quite relaxing.
  89. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ BITTERSWEET
  91. ➪ love interest's personality: Somebody who she could easily catch feelings for. Somebody who will protect her and look after her, but most importantly who loves her no matter what.
  93. ➪ love interest's background: It doesn't really matters, she just wants somebody with a past that was an experience to learn and grow as a person.
  95. ➪ relationship with love interest: A relationship that at the begging seems hopeless and impossible but at the end, they end up together.
  97. ➪ how they met: At school, in music class. She was supposed to help him with a song on the piano and they connected instantly.
  99. ➪ requested scenes:
  100. • When they first met. He was hypnotized and amazed by how good she was at playing that instrument. She caught him staring at her a lot and got flustered. At the end he learned the song but pretended he didn't so he could go to a second lesson the next day as an excuse to see her again.
  101. • Talking about feelings. Somehow, they ended talking about their love life and got to know a lot about each other, which made them realize that they were in love with each other.
  102. • First date. He tried to make the perfect date but at the end nothing came out as planned. She told him that there was no need to try to be perfect with her, as consecutive they had their first kiss.
  103. • First fight. He got really jealous of her classmate, who by the way, had a huge crush on her. He told her that she shouldn't talk to that guy anymore and she got a little angry, telling him that they cannot control each other's lives just because they were dating. Their argument ended in a fight and things got bad. They ended apologizing in less than an hour of avoiding each other, having a cute date afterwards.
  105. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ CHERISH YOU
  107. ➪ slot(s) closest to:
  108. • IAUYN: They have a brother-sister kind of relationship. He is protective of her because she a little cute mess and she is protective of him because he is a big cute mess.
  109. • WMYA: Nara was shy to talk to her at first, because she looks cold and unapproachable, then she realized that she was actually great and pretty nice. She respects her a lot and loves her as a real sister.
  111. ➪ slot least closest to:
  112. • HAIGITC: She isn't really close to him, but not because she dislikes him, the reason is that she hasn't got to really approach him and properly understand him. She likes to think they are friends, though.
  114. ➪ family members and closeness rating: (from closest to less close)
  115. • Grandfather.
  116. • Grandmother.
  117. • Father.
  118. • Mother.
  119. • Aunt.
  121. ➪ sns:
  122. — Ig: @/nananara_kim
  123. – Tw: @/naraistyping
  124. — Snapchat: @/nananara_sc
  127. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ CONFESSION
  129. ➪ anything i missed ?: —
  131. ➪ message to author: Hi sweetie.! How are you? This idea is so cool, thanks for bringing it to wattpad. The aesthetic is lovely, how we can be friends. c:
  133. ➪ message from author: hello lovee, thank you for supporting and applying for DATING CLASS, it really means a lot to me, if we're not friends already, let's be friends :)     
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