Mine-Rough Draft...

Dec 2nd, 2011
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  1. I was a drugged foster child. And the ironic part is what originally got them involved was that my mom was taking me to the dr alot for injuries and I was missing alot of school for outright poor health. It got pretty invasive, I started running away from home, my mom was a single parent and not very healthy herself. She started breaking down and eventually tried to kill herself while on mental health medication. I was taken across the country to my grandparents. Got jumped at my middle school was totally miserable. I ran away. I was sent to jail. At 13 years old. For I think 30 days exactly. I was then put in a grouphome with 9 other girls in my house. I wass not elibible to be released from probation while in placement because it was helping pay for it... Forced to take drugs for years, as was my mother, who was trying to get me back. It got to the point where I was COURT ORDERED to take the drugs (I'd been refusing)even if they made me sick or whatever and doing exactly as they said or I would go to jail or the psych ward where they can inject drugs (a common threat) So eventually I ran away, turned 18, had my lawyer take care of it and never looked back. I still refuse to take drugs. I am totally against giving drugs to children or forcing them on anyone. Um, The ironic part is that I am now working on seeing a geneticist to find out if I desperately ill/disabled by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which being easily injured is one of the many syptoms.... They could spend hours and hours a week forcing drugs and therapy on me but, despite recurring problems and injuries they could not be bothered to take care of it.
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