The Fall, then the Crash

Jan 2nd, 2020
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  2. >Oh fuck
  3. >Blue and red lights and a whooping siren reflected in her rear view mirror.
  4. >She ran a hand through her short, rainbow hair and clicked on her blinker.
  5. >Her car lurched to a stop and her stomach did a flip.
  6. >What had she done?
  7. >She looked around her car, nothing out of place, she wasn't speeding...
  8. >A woman, broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip with a stone-cold face hidden partially by black sunglasses tapped on the window.
  9. >She felt her cheeks heat up as she rolled it down.
  10. "Why'd you pull me over?" She blurted.
  11. >The officer took a second to mull it over as she leaned in to the driver's window.
  12. >"License and registration?"
  13. "O-oh right."
  14. >She reached over and started to fumble with her glove box.
  15. >It sprung open- damn thing never worked right- after a few moments of trying to pry it open.
  16. >She grabbed her registration and jammed a hand down her pants pocket to pull her wallet out.
  17. >The officer looked over her with her covered eyes, then at the license and registration in her hand.
  18. >"Rainbow Dash, huh?"
  19. "Y-yes ma'am."
  20. >The officer pursed her lips and spit on the pavement.
  21. >"You're 20?"
  22. "Uh. Yes?"
  23. >"That a question or an answer?"
  24. "An answer? I mean! An answer. I'm 20."
  25. >"You're really 20?"
  26. "Yeah."
  27. >Rainbow scratched her head, fear replaced by confusion.
  28. >"Then you should know by now that you can't drive around without your lights on at night."
  29. "What do you mean?"
  30. >Rainbow looked around at the sunny, mid-summers day, bright and sunny.
  31. >The officer's stone-cold face seemed to twitch a little.
  32. >"It's 3 a.m. and you're driving around without your lights on."
  33. >Rainbow looked in the deep, dark sunglasses, then glanced out the window at the crack of sunlight behind the officer-
  34. >Moonlight?
  35. >The pitch black night sky made her jump.
  36. >The officer wasn't wearing glasses, either.
  37. >She glanced at the time displayed on her dashboard as she was dragged into the current time.
  38. >3 A.M. it read in big, bold letters.
  39. >Rainbow wiped at something dribbling down her forehead
  40. >It was wet, and smelled strongly of metal.
  41. >She brought it up to her face as the officer shined a light into her car.
  42. >"What's wrong? What's that?"
  43. >Rainbow's breath hitched when she noticed her hand was covered in blood.
  44. "O-officer? Did I hit my head?"
  46. ***
  48. >The officer peers in closer, bright blue eyes shining in the light of her flashlight.
  49. >"This registration doesn't have your name on it, either. Is this your car?"
  50. "Uh."
  51. >Was it?
  52. >Rainbow looked around, feeling the smooth leather of the seat and running a hand over the knob of the gear shift.
  53. >Her car didn't have leather seats, and wasn't a manual.
  54. >"Ma'am do you know a miss... Applejack?"
  55. >The low riding car seemed to raise higher and higher, until the officer wasn't bent over anymore, and was instead looking in the cab of a truck.
  56. "Applejack? Yeah. She's my, well we're..."
  57. >The officer finally seemed to notice the blood oozing down her forehead and staining her rainbow hair.
  58. >"Step out of the truck for me, Miss."
  59. >The officer's face drained of blood when she got a good look at how deep the wound on her head was, the light that shined for a moment in her face was pulled away.
  60. >"Miss Dash I'm gonna need you to get out of the truck, I'm calling an ambulance."
  61. >Rainbow blew out a breath as her head began to pound.
  62. >The officer said something over the radio on her vest.
  63. "Ambulance? No. No. No ambulance."
  64. >"Get out of the truck."
  65. "Can't."
  66. >Rainbow started to gasp, sucking in shuddering breaths as bile crept up the back of her throat.
  67. >The officer pulled up the locking mechanism on the door and threw it open.
  68. >"Get the hell out of the truck!"
  69. >She snapped gloves onto her hands and scooped Rainbow up as easy as a newborn.
  70. >The officer kept her head cradled as she set Rainbow on the ground, pressing a bit of cloth against the wound still oozing blood.
  71. >As soon as the officer made contact with the wound Rainbow shot up- the pain in her head was at a crescendo and it felt like her skull would pop any moment- a low, guttural scream ripping out of her throat.
  72. "Someone's dying!"
  73. >"What? Where's that damn ambulance?"
  74. >The officer put a hand on Rainbow's shoulder and Rainbow cringed when pain blossomed from the spot.
  75. >Rainbow collapsed to the pavement and clutched her shoulder.
  76. "Someone's dying."
  77. >Rainbow didn't know how she knew that, but it was like something in the very depths of her mind were tugging furiously at her to remember.
  78. "Officer. Someone's dying. I don't know who or where but someone's dying and I have to go save them!"
  79. >"Just sit tight, we'll get it all sorted when we get to the hospital."
  80. >The officer kept a firm hand on her other shoulder, too firm for Rainbow to try to rise up against again.
  81. >Her eyes started to droop, she was so tired, so very tired.
  82. >Sleep tugged at her but she fought it as best as she could.
  83. >The officer shined her light into Rainbow's face and snapped her fingers to keep her awake, and Rainbow couldn't be more thankful.
  84. >It was in a haze, dreamily muttering "someone's dying" as the ambulance, oh god the screaming siren was killing her head, screeched to a halt.
  85. >A pair of EMTs lifted her onto a gurney, head swathed in bandages and neck in a brace.
  86. >They counted to three and lifted her into the back of the blood bus.
  87. >One remained in the back, the other started up the screaming siren that was like a knife through her skull and sped off towards the hospital...
  89. ***
  91. >She was fine.
  92. >Well, as fine as she could be.
  93. >Her shoulder was only bruised, and stitches lined the crown of her skull covered in thick, white bandages, and there was enough morphine in her system to put down an elephant.
  94. >Even with the morphine though her head ached and her shoulder felt like it had been smashed to pieces.
  95. >Yet she couldn't sit still for even a second, she was pacing her room, fiddling with her stitches- much to the chagrin of the nurses- and generally doing everything she could to start thinking.
  96. >Someone, somewhere, was dying.
  97. >She knew it in her heart.
  98. >"Rainbow Dash...?"
  99. >The door opened softly and a girl hidden under long tresses of soft pink hair poked her head in.
  100. >One wary blue eye peaked out between two bangs.
  101. "Fluttershy?"
  102. >"Oh Rainbow Dash, what happened to you?"
  103. >Her voice was soft and heartbroken as she entered the room.
  104. "What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?"
  105. >Fluttershy pulled her into a hug, soft, gentle, and Rainbow accepts it, even if her shoulder is killing her and her head was pounding and her ribs felt like they had been pulled out and barbecued.
  106. >It was Fluttershy, Rainbow could deny her nothing.
  107. >"I'm sorry, I'm hurting you."
  108. >Rainbow's heart broke when she heard the tremble in her voice.
  109. "No no, it's fine, I'm fine. See? I'm as strong and fit as ever!"
  110. >Rainbow flexed her arm and shot Fluttershy a beaming smile.
  111. >Rainbow winced when her shoulder decided to flare up even worse than before.
  112. >"Oh Rainbow Dash..."
  113. >Fluttershy seemed to want to hug her but she kept her distance.
  114. >"You should call the others."
  115. >Fluttershy pointed at her phone.
  116. >Rainbow doubted any of them were even awake...
  117. >Fluttershy walked to the small nightstand and picked it up and held it out to her.
  118. >Rainbow grabbed the phone from her hand and let her rough, calloused hand linger on Fluttershy's for perhaps a moment too long.
  119. >But if she noticed, she didn't comment.
  120. "Uh. Hey. Twi?"
  121. >Twilight sounded groggy but she answered.
  122. "I'm uh. Kinda in the hospital, but I'm okay, I swear! Just, get everybody together and bring them over will you? It's the one by Greenbrook..."
  123. >Twilight's muttered ramblings on the other end made it seem like she wanted to interrogate Rainbow right then, but thankfully she relented and let the call die.
  124. >Fluttershy smiled and brushed a stray hair away from her friend's face.
  125. >Rainbow blushed and jerked her head back.
  126. >She winced as her brain sloshed around in her skull.
  127. >A wave of nausea hit her and she had to empty her stomach into the nearest trash can.
  128. >Fluttershy held her hair and rubbed her back, whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
  129. >Rainbow staggered up and Fluttershy pushed her onto the bed with a gentle nudge.
  130. >"Get some sleep Rainbow. Please?"
  131. "I can't. Someone's dying, I can't just- I can't sit here! Someone I know, or maybe it's some random guy on the street, is dying and I can help them!"
  132. >"Then I'll stay awake with you."
  133. >Fluttershy took a seat on the bed next to her, grabbing Rainbow's hand and smiling sweetly at her under her hair.
  134. >Rainbow looked away with a stark red blush.
  135. "Someone's dying", Rainbow said, "I have to help them. I have to know, at least."
  136. >"I know."
  137. >Rainbow stood up and began to pace again.
  138. >She wracked her brain trying to remember anything.
  139. >It was a blur, all up until the officer...
  140. >It was midday when she last remembered, but that's it.
  141. >The whole day was gone.
  142. >"Rainbow, come here."
  143. >Fluttershy's gentle command shocked her introspection, but she obeyed.
  144. >Fluttershy pulled her down to the bed by her wrist and snaked her hands up the girl's body until her soft fingers were at her eye lids.
  145. >She shut them so gently Rainbow could barely feel her.
  147. ***
  149. >"Rainbow Dash?"
  150. >Rainbow's pounding head forced her into the real world, and how desperately she wished to still be in her dream, sharing butterfly kisses...
  151. >"Rainbow?"
  152. >Her eyes opened into the dim hospital room, five worried faces surrounding her bed.
  153. "Hey."
  154. >"Real clever response there, Dash."
  155. "Screw you too Jackie."
  156. >Applejack looked worried all the same, her mouth turned down and her hat obscured her eyes.
  157. >"We were so worried Dashie", Pinkie sobbed, "Twilight called and came to our doors and knocked and knocked and knocked and knocked until she got us all. We couldn't find Fluttershy."
  158. "She's here already. Probly in the bathroom or something."
  159. >Rainbow lifted herself up so she was sitting upright.
  160. >Twilight winced when she heard Rainbow's shoulder make an eerie crack.
  161. >"Are you sure you're okay?", Twilight fretted, moving around but not actually doing anything as she looked up and down her friend, scanning her for anything the doctors missed.
  162. >"Do you need anything?", Twilight continued, "Water?"
  163. "No, no I'm fine. Twilight, really, my stitches don't need to be looked at again! Gah, Twi!"
  164. >Twilight poked and prodded her up and down, then started wringing her hands with a blush on her face.
  165. >"Twilight please don't make the nurses redo Rainbow Dash's stitches, that would be ever so garish."
  166. "Thanks Rarity."
  167. >Rarity flashed her a tense smile, tight lines clearly defined on her worried, frazzled face.
  168. "I'm glad you guys made it. Fluttershy said I should call."
  169. >Sunset piped up from the back, "Where is she anyway?"
  170. "Not sure. she was here when I went to sleep."
  171. >Rainbow rubbed at her temples and shut her eyes as something started trying to bust out of her forehead from the inside.
  172. >Rainbow groaned and the girls around her bed stood stock still, unsure about what to do.
  173. "S-someone's dying!"
  174. >Rainbow blurted it out without meaning to and her eyes snapped open.
  175. >"What?!" Twilight almost dove for the remote to call a nurse, but Rainbow grabbed it first.
  176. "Not me! Someone's dying. I was, I remember, there was a cop, and suddenly it was night, and now... Now... I just feel something."
  177. >"You're not making any sense", Sunset said flatly.
  178. "I know. Look, trust me, I'm serious. I saw something, someone."
  179. >Rainbow looked directly at Sunset.
  180. "I want you to look in my head. Use your empathy thing."
  181. >Sunset's face turned red as every eye turned to look at her.
  182. >"Rainbow, I dunno. I don't think it would even work, and you just got a concussion, I- I don't think it's safe."
  183. "Sunset, please, I have to know. I have to."
  184. >Sunset hesitated, but the fierce fire burning in Rainbow Dash's eyes quashed whatever hesitation she had.
  185. >"Fine."
  186. >Rainbow held out her hand as Sunset pushed through the group of girls.
  187. >"If you feel any discomfort, or, or anything, Rainbow, promise me you'll stop?"
  188. >Rainbow swallowed thickly.
  189. >Her mind was weighed on heavily in the oppressive silence of the hospital room.
  190. "I promise", she said, her magenta eyes snapping open and meeting Sunset's aqua irises.
  191. >Sunset hesitated for a second more before grasping Rainbow's hand.
  192. >Sunset relaxed, tugging at Rainbow's mind in their mutual grasp.
  193. >She was drawn in, weightless and formless as she traced the nerve endings on Rainbow's arms, then up her shoulders, then into her spine and brain.
  194. >Sunset's eyes finally came into focus.
  195. >She looked around, up and down, trying to gain a bit of grounding.
  196. >Grounding was impossible, Rainbow's head was a mess of a thing, thoughts scattered and emotions so mixed together "empathy" seemed impossible.
  197. >Sunset walked through her friend's disorganized mind- she had never been in an injured brain's head space before- touching each memory along the dimly lit path.
  198. >Each memory was like a puzzle piece, but she had no image to rebuild from, nor did she have any idea where to start.
  199. >Sunset paused in front of one, a chill running through her bones.
  200. >Her power had grown far beyond what she thought possible, she could freely interact with and dissect memories, if she so pleased, but doing so was never easy.
  201. >Yet it was like the memory in front of her wanted her to view it, grabbing her attention and pulling her in like a moth to a flame.
  202. >Sunset caressed the memory lovingly, extracting its contents as softly as she could.
  203. >The memory gave itself over instantly- another anomaly, memories were never that easy- and her mind was flooded with visuals.
  204. >Sunset gasped, clutching her chest as she collapsed to the floor, her knees hitting her friend's mind-scape.
  205. >Sunset was ejected from Rainbow's mind, and she was glad for it.
  206. >Blood seemed to flood her senses, the taste, the smell, the very vision of it cascading into her head and making her nauseous.
  207. >Sunset shuddered and staggered backwards, collapsing against the door and clutching at her head.
  208. >Rainbow was no better, blood slowly began to seep out of her right ear and her eyes were rolled up into her head, she was unresponsive as Twilight tried to shake her back into focus.
  209. >"What did you see in there", Applejack demanded, hat tossed to the side and apple-green eyes boring into her head.
  210. >Sunset shuddered, clutching herself as she curled into a ball.
  211. >"Blood. So much. Pain. It was like it was in me, dragging me in and ripping me apart."
  212. >Applejack seemed to dim in her anger as she knelt down and drew Sunset into a gentle embrace.
  213. >Sunset started to sob and gripped the country girl tighter.
  214. >"Girls!", Twilight shouted, "Rainbow is bleeding everywhere, we have to get a nurse!"
  215. >She almost lept on the remote that called to the nurses in the building, few there were.
  216. >Twilight slammed her thumb on the button over and over, her face ashen and hand shaking.
  217. >A nurse burst through the door, knocking Sunset and Applejack out of the way.
  218. >She spotted the blood pouring out of Rainbow's ear and pushed the rest of them to the side as she got behind the gurney and hauled her out of the room.
  219. >The five girls followed her out as the nurse ran down the length of the corridor, seemingly calling other's by her very urgency alone as nurses and doctors popped out from the woodwork.
  220. >The door to the room they were doing a "CT" scan- as Sunset had been told- was barred to them.
  221. >Sunset wanted desperately to get inside, to tell Rainbow what she had seen and uphold her promise, but it seemed like the near comatose Rainbow Dash would have very little interest in what had happened to get her like this at the moment.
  222. >Sunset sunk to the floor next to the door of the room holding her dear friend.
  223. >Her face fell into her hands and her hands gripped her hair tight.
  224. >Shudders wracked her frame and it was to no surprise Applejack that took a seat next to her, pulling the distraught girl into a soft embrace.
  225. >Sunset's tears were stymied by Applejack's gentle hug and she buried her head into the country girl's neck to stem the flow of tears.
  226. >Applejack just held her, gripping her tight as Sunset started to wail.
  227. >Thick, fat tears trace down her face and gut-wrenching sobs wrested themselves out of her stomach, even under the gentle ministrations of one of her dearest friends.
  228. >"What is it. Sunset?"
  229. >Twilight had finally been the one to speak under Sunset's wailing sobs.
  230. >"I-it's, I-", Sunset could barely form a sentence as she looked up into the faces of her three other friends, each one focused intently on her answer.
  231. >"It's-"
  233. ***
  235. >It was nearly five A.M. and the sun was poking its head out from behind a mountain range, far in the distance, visible from the hospital room.
  236. >Silence deafened them all, save for the steady staccato of life-saving machinery and the soft tap-tap-tap of shoes on floor.
  237. >None of them slept, not while Sunset Shimmer's glazed eyes stared unseeingly at the ceiling and her lips muttered gibberish, with Rainbow Dash in the bed next to her, head wrapped even more heavily in sterile gauze, eyes shut and chest barely rising.
  238. >Twilight was running a hand through her hair as she paced with a far-off look in her eye, every so often she would stop, look at Rainbow, then at Sunset, then shake her head and start another round of pacing.
  239. >Applejack had almost nodded off but it seemed sleep wouldn't claim her that easily.
  240. >She was stretched over an uncomfortable visitor's chair and her hat was hanging low over her face, but it clear by the way she shifted uneasily every other moment that she was still wide awake.
  241. >Rarity was in much of the same state but she had a piece of paper on a clip board and was drawing on it, dark bags hanging under her bloodshot eyes.
  242. >Pinkie Pie's hair was flat against her head and she seemed content to stare out the window, her head lolling back and forth, her gentle mutterings barely heard.
  243. >"I don't get it."
  244. >The room hopped at her words, and every focused their gaze on Twilight.
  245. >"Rainbow got into some kind of accident, I figured out that much, but why did Sunset react like that? Why is she still-"
  246. >"Twilight it ain't no good to be hootin' and hollerin' about somethin' we'll figure out in the morning," Applejack mumbled, "I say we just get some rest and wait and see."
  247. >"Rainbow said someone was gonna die," Twilight snapped.
  248. >"And you think she's serious? You seen her head? Shoot she was bleedin' from her ear a couple hours ago!"
  249. >Twilight paid no mind to her friend and resumed her pacing.
  250. >Long into the morning Twilight kept her pacing up, ignoring the heavy weight of sleep that desperately wanted to take over.
  251. >Sleep had finally claimed the others.
  252. >Even Sunset's eyes had shut.
  253. >Yet her mind could not rest, simply reeling still with her friend's condition.
  254. >Both of them, now that she thought about it.
  255. >Twilight stopped her incessant pacing, her legs were sore and burning and she didn't want to do it anymore, but she knew if she sat for even a moment she'd be asleep and no longer able to think.
  256. >She carefully approached Rainbow's bed.
  257. >Her fingers trailed up the length of the bedridden girl.
  258. >Gently tracing her legs up to her chest before finally resting gently against her face.
  259. >Twilight took a seat and brushed a stray hair from Rainbow's face.
  260. >Her skin was soft and warm in all the best ways, and would have looked so peaceful if her head wasn't wrapped in a thick layer of gauze.
  261. >Twilight closed her eyes and gently pinched the soft skin of Rainbow's cheek, reveling in the warmth and hoping to any God she could that it would never turn cold.
  262. >Slow as a glacier, almost imperceptible movements, saw her lower her face next to Rainbow's, the bedridden girl's warm breath brushing passed her ear.
  263. >Twilight's lips laid a kiss on Rainbow's crown and she held herself there for a moment before pulling back swiftly, a burning blush hot on her cheeks.
  264. >"Sorry Rainbow", she whispered.
  265. >A blush of shame began to decorate her cheeks.
  266. >How could she do this? Her friend was near death, her brain rattled in her skull like a baby's toy, and she was pulling moves on her?
  267. >Twilight looked away, pulling away from her friend and hugging herself tight.
  268. "Hey."
  269. >Twilight almost toppled to the floor, her head whipping down, eyes meeting Rainbow's.
  270. >They were barely open, slits almost covered by gleaming white bandages.
  271. >A pale hand rose to do the same as she did to Rainbow, gently caressing her face with a thin smile on her face.
  272. >"Rainbow! You're awake! I'll go get the nurse-"
  273. "Don't."
  274. >Twilight tried to move away, but Rainbow's calloused fingers gripped her chin and she really, really, did not want to move.
  275. >Rainbow's hands were rough, but it felt like electricity whenever they touched her.
  276. >Twilight swooned into her touch.
  277. >"Are you sure? You were so messed up, we were terrified. I was terrified."
  278. "I'm okay", Rainbow started, "You know me, I always make it, right?"
  279. >"You big baby", Twilight said softly, "This, whatever it is, isn't the same as getting a bruise in soccer. This one can't be made better with massage therapy."
  280. "What a good massager you were", Rainbow said with a small smile.
  281. >"Masseuse", Twilight gently chided, flicking a stray lock of rainbow hair out of her face, "I read every book I could about it."
  282. "I figured. You were too good at touching someone, for an egghead."
  283. >"Tch." Twilight scowled, "At least I don't cry because I got a bad bump."
  284. >Rainbow laughed, and it seemed sleeping was dragging her down again because she didn't respond.
  285. >She did, however, grab Twilight's hand with her own.
  286. "Thanks Twi," Rainbow said after a long pause, "For everything."
  287. >"Oh Rainbow," Twilight started, but Rainbow Dash was already fast asleep.
  288. >"Sleep well, then."
  289. >Twilight padded over to an unoccupied chair and collapsed in it.
  291. ***
  293. >"Rainbow..."
  294. >"Rainbow..."
  295. >Rainbow Dash twisted and turned before her eyes finally fluttered open.
  296. >A soft, delicate hand caressed her face.
  297. >Gentle blue eyes curled up in happiness and Fluttershy's lips twisted into a small smile.
  298. "Fluttershy?"
  299. >Fluttershy just smiled brighter.
  300. >"Rainbow Dash."
  301. "What? I thought you were going to the bathroom. Is everything okay?"
  302. >Fluttershy smiled.
  303. >"Of course everything's okay, Rainbow, I just hadn't expected all of my friends to appear all at once."
  304. >Fluttershy's silky hands ran down her face to her collar bone, gently stroking her skin.
  305. >Rainbow Dash sighed happily, leaning in to Fluttershy's soft embrace.
  306. >"Everything is going to be okay, Dashie."
  307. >Rainbow touched her gauze-covered forehead.
  308. >Fluttershy caressed her face, her thumb gently rubbing up and down her cheek.
  309. >"It's okay Rainbow," Fluttershy said.
  310. >Fluttershy grabbed Rainbow's hand.
  311. >Rainbow reveled in Fluttershy's grip.
  312. >Her hand came up to meet Fluttershy's, her fingers intertwining with the other girl's.
  313. >Darkness began to creep into her darkening vision.
  314. >Her eyes snapped open, only to drift shut, repeating ad nauseam.
  315. "F-Fluttershy," Rainbow murmured.
  316. >"I'm here Rainbow," Fluttershy said.
  317. >Rainbow's mind collapsed in on itself, driving herself into sleep.
  318. "Fluttershy..."
  319. >Rainbow's weary mind finally relented into sleep.
  321. ***
  323. "Fluttershy?"
  324. >Rainbow rubbed at her eyes, taking in the girls strewn about her room.
  325. >Fluttershy was not among them, but that meant nothing.
  326. >She was in the bathroom, or had taken residence outside her bedroom.
  327. >Rainbow fiddled with her cloth forehead coverings.
  328. >Her mind felt hazy, at best.
  329. >Rainbow rubbed at her temple with a soft sigh.
  330. >She felt no relief from such an action, and wondered if Fluttershy made the difference.
  331. >Whenever Fluttershy had made a point to relieve her headaches she had succeeded.
  332. >The dim light of the hospital room was oppressive, almost disparagingly so, and Rainbow had a hard time focusing on anything but counting the tiles above her head.
  333. >Fluttershy had left her side, and Rainbow had barely spared her a glance.
  334. >Rainbow was unsure of what she knew, her mind was still scrambled, but that meant nothing.
  335. >She knew, deep in her heart, that Fluttershy would help her.
  336. >Rainbow rubbed at her swollen, pounding forehead, trying to focus intently on her current state of being.
  337. >It was not to be so.
  338. >Rainbow felt entirely unprepared for the throbbing headache that ripped at her skull.
  339. >She could only focus on one thing; Fluttershy.
  340. >Her touch, smell, her very being, called to her.
  341. "Someone's died."
  342. >Rainbow sucked in a deep breath, her mind bouncing from topic to topic but unable to settle for even a moment.
  343. >She inhaled a deep breath,
  344. >Rainbow collapsed against the soft pillows underneath her, desperately trying to figure out who had died.
  345. >She couldn't, trying to think of it left her with a thunderous headache.
  346. >Rainbow leaned against the pillows behind her.
  347. >Sleep pulled at her eyelids.
  348. >Beckoning her, calling her, demanding her presence.
  349. >Rainbow tried to fight it, but it was ultimately useless.
  350. >She collapsed against her bed frame and let sleep claim her.
  352. ***
  354. >She loved her car.
  355. >The steering wheel rumbled under her hands like an old lap cat being stroked by its master.
  356. >When she got in it, it was like she was part of the car, her body fit so perfectly to the seat and her feet and hands knew just how to change gears without another thought.
  357. >There was another reason she loved her car, that really had nothing to do with her car.
  358. >The girl next to her.
  359. >Her upturned lips and closed eyes reflected perfect bliss, and she couldn't help but steal glances whenever her car slowed to a stop.
  360. >Or any time, really.
  361. >"You're staring again, Rainbow."
  362. >Rainbow's eyes snapped to the road again, a deep blush on her cheeks.
  363. "Was not", Rainbow mumbled.
  364. >Her tinkling laugh in the passenger's seat made Rainbow's blush all the brighter as she kept her eyes locked to the road.
  365. >It was late, maybe one or two in the morning.
  366. >The movie they were coming back from had left the pair of them exhausted as sitting completely still for so long would do.
  367. >Rainbow especially, she felt antsy, she could really go for a run right now.
  368. >But that would mean leaving the girl humming quietly to herself in the passenger's side, and that sounded much worse than being antsy.
  369. >"You should really be paying more attention to the road, Rainbow. Um. If you want."
  370. >The girl's face next to her darkened with a blush when she realized how demanding she sounded.
  371. "You're probably right. There's no one out here, though."
  372. >"Well, um, maybe not. Better safe than sorry...?"
  373. "Right", Rainbow said, suddenly gaining a bit of confidence, "It's not that having my smoldering gaze turns you on a little bit."
  374. >She laughed, but there was a distinct deepening of her blush.
  375. >Rainbow smirked and sunk deeper into her seat.
  376. >She started to really put on the gas, a confident and cool expression on her face.
  377. >"You're going a little fast."
  378. "I know." Rainbow gave her a shit eating grin.
  379. >Rainbow's eyes lingered for a while longer, her car's engine now roaring.
  380. >The other girl was looking a little worried now, gripping the edge of the seat.
  381. >"Shouldn't you keep your eyes-"
  382. "I got it, babe."
  383. >Rainbow's eyes lingered on the other girl for a moment, before bright lights made her look away for a second-
  385. ***
  387. >"Rainbow Dash?"
  388. >Rainbow jolted awake and sucked in a shuddering breath.
  389. >Twilight was there, the unmistakable scent of old books tickled her nose.
  390. >Twilight was cradling her.
  391. >Rainbow was dressed in a cold sweat and her head pounded furiously.
  392. >Was that a dream?
  393. >It felt...
  394. >Vivid.
  395. "Twi. Everything okay?"
  396. >Twilight bit her lip and held Rainbow tighter.
  397. >"You were shaking. And moaning."
  398. "Moaning?"
  399. >"Yeah. Like, like you were crying."
  400. "Crying?"
  401. >"Bad dream?"
  402. "I'm not sure", Rainbow admitted, "I didn't see how it ended, it didn't feel like a good one though."
  403. >That wasn't entirely true.
  404. >As if she was right next to her...
  405. >Uh, who was her?
  406. >Oh, the girl in the passenger seat.
  407. >Why was she so hard to picture?
  408. >It was as if that girl's floral perfume was there in the room, caressing her nose.
  409. >What girl, though?
  410. >Rainbow tried desperately to wrack her brain for any kind of hint, but all she could see when she 'looked' into the passengers seat in her mind was a vaguely black smudge.
  411. >"Rainbow?"
  412. "Oh. Yeah?"
  413. >"It's still early, you only slept an hour or so. You should go back to sleep, your mind needs its rest."
  414. "Maybe you're right."
  415. >Maybe another foray into her head would reveal who the mystery girl was.
  416. >Twilight made to separate herself from Rainbow, but Rainbow grabbed the arms looped around her abdomen.
  417. >Rainbow's head was laying in the crook of Twilight's neck and her back was laying in her chest.
  418. "Could you..."
  419. >Rainbow bit her lip and blushed.
  420. "Could you stay? With me?"
  421. >Twilight hesitated.
  422. >The look on Rainbow's face broke any denial she had, even if she could have refused.
  423. >"Yes. Of course."
  424. >Twilight shifted so Rainbow was laying on the bed as the little spoon.
  425. >Rainbow blew out a breath and turned around so she was facing Twilight.
  426. >Her head still ached fiercely, but Twilight's gentle and warm breath against her forehead helped, just a little.
  427. >Rainbow hugged Twilight around the waist and pulled her close.
  428. >Twilight was so much taller, it was easy to fit against her.
  429. >Twilight smiled and hugged Rainbow to her chest and closed her eyes.
  430. >Just as they were settling into sleep, Twilight's eyes snapped open.
  431. >A pair of unbelievably soft lips were on hers, her head tilted down against Rainbow's.
  432. >Rainbow almost didn't seem to notice, her eyes closed as she broke the kiss and let her head fall against Twilight's chest.
  433. >Butterfly's tore a storm through her stomach and rose all the way up to her throat.
  434. >Rainbow had fallen asleep if the gentle rise and fall of her chest were any indicators, but Twilight was still awake.
  435. >Wide awake.
  436. >When Rainbow's knee unconsciously moved in between her legs, Twilight knew she was in for a long night.
  437. >She stifled a shudder as Rainbow seemed to rock in just the right way.
  438. >A very long night.
  439. >Just as Twilight had predicted, what remained of the morning took ages to get through.
  440. >She couldn't fall back asleep, and every few moments she touched her lips.
  441. >Her lips buzzed with electricity and she could still feel a soft blush on her face as she traced them, thinking about the kiss over and over in her mind's eye.
  442. >She couldn't help but feel a little giddy.
  443. >A swarm of butterflies had taken residency in her stomach.
  444. >When it rolled around to eight or so and Rainbow started moving again Twilight detected none of the hurried, panicked, nightmare-ish shuddering and whining that had plagued the girl wrapped tight in her arms only hours ago.
  445. >Instead her contented face contorted sleepily as she blinked her eyes open.
  446. "Mornin Twi", Rainbow murmered.
  447. >"Morning Rainbow Dash. Sleep well?"
  448. "Mhmm."
  449. >There was a knock on the door.
  450. >A nurse clad in white scrubs opened the door with her hip, a tray laden with food in her hands.
  451. >"I brought breakfast", the nurse said softly, althought it helped little to not wake the rest of the room.
  452. >Pinkie Pie shot up first, a morose smile on her face when she looked at Rainbow.
  453. >Rarity and Applejack grumbled awake, their limbs intertwined in their sleep on the hard, plastic and polyester chairs.
  454. >Sunset gave a great yawn and stretched up to the ceiling.
  455. "Morning, miss?"
  456. >"Redheart", the nurse said with a smile, laying the tray over the length of the hospital bed.
  457. >The nurse's face grew somber.
  458. >"There's also an Officer that wishes to speak to you."
  459. >Rainbow's mouth grew dry and her insatiable hunger dulled.
  460. "A-an officer?"
  461. >"She'll be in, in a moment."
  462. >The nurse beat a hasty retreat and the door clicked closed.
  463. >Rainbow suddenly didn't feel like eating anymore.
  464. >Twilight was adamant that she did though, and took great care in forcing food down Rainbow's unwilling mouth.
  465. >The smattering of kisses helped a little.
  466. >Rainbow blushed.
  467. >Maybe more than a little.
  468. >Food tasted like ash in her mouth, but Rainbow choked it down anyway, at least for Twilight.
  469. >The room stayed silent, even Pinkie's mood was unmistakably somber and serious, her hair was flat against her head as she fiddled with her fingers.
  470. >Every so often Pinkie would glance up at the bed, then glance away to focus on a fixed position.
  471. >That seemed the theme of the room.
  472. >Sunset was texting someone, but it seemed like she could focus on nothing other than her friend's bandages.
  473. >Rarity and Applejack were still intertwined on the uncomfortable chairs, but it hardly seemed to matter to either of them.
  474. >Despite being comfortable both of them snuck glances at Rainbow whenever they thought she wasn't looking.
  475. >Rainbow ignored them all, her furrowed brows focused on the hospital food that Twilight insisted she eat.
  476. >There was another knock on the door.
  477. >Rainbow's bloodshot- for she had slept abysmally- eyes locked firmly on the thin door as a uniformed officer entered without preamble.
  478. >The officer's face was grim and she paid little attention to the girls around her.
  479. >"Is your name Rainbow Dash?"
  480. "Yes."
  481. >Surreptitiously grabbing her hand, Twilight squeezed her digits.
  482. >The officer pulled off her cap and gave her a mournful look.
  483. >"We found your car, it was totaled. Wrapped around a tree."
  484. >Rainbow felt ice settle into her stomach, but she kept her face cool, and nodded.
  485. >"The officers that arrived at the scene didn't consider you at fault, but when they looked for you, you were gone."
  486. >Rainbow's mind throbbed painfully as she thought of that night.
  487. >She could see other officers clearly in her minds eye as buried memories came to light.
  489. ***
  491. >"Ma'am are you okay?"
  492. "Yes."
  493. >The officer looked skeptical as he shined a light into her eyes.
  494. >She blinked dumbly as the officer continued to question her.
  495. >"We have an ambulance on the way, they'll take a look at you." The officer said, his mouth set into a thin line.
  496. >Rainbow blinked and looked at her car.
  497. >It was gone, crinkled like an unfolded shirt.
  498. >Rainbow barely processed it, too focused on something she couldn't remember.
  499. >Her mind desperately clawed at her, begging her to remember a crucial detail, but she couldn't.
  500. >The wailing of the sirens brought her back to reality.
  501. >The other car, the one that threw them off the road and into the woods, was being questioned by the officers.
  502. >She was alone.
  503. >Rainbow started to walk.
  504. >An unfamiliar direction thought it was, she found herself retracing familiar steps soon enough as she stepped onto the Apple's orchards.
  505. >Rainbow bent under a bowed piece of fencing and walked up the dirt path to Applejack's truck.
  506. >Most of the work around the farm was done by hand, but even the steadfast and loyal farmers couldn't do everything.
  507. >Rainbow, mind absent of thought, climbed into the driver's seat and grabbed the keys hidden under the seat.
  508. >An emergency measure, Applejack had told all of them- them? Who was them?- about, just in case they were ever in dire straights.
  509. >As silly as it sounded, Rainbow was ecstatic.
  510. >The engine roared to life and she pulled out of the Apple's land by crashing through their gate.
  511. >She stomped on her gas and floored it through the countryside.
  512. >Mere miles later, blue and red lights screamed at her rearview.
  514. ***
  516. >Rainbow shook her head, rubbed at her eyes, and tried desperately to bring everything of that night to the forefront.
  517. >"We were worried about you, I know Officer Milton was besides himself when he realized you were gone. He thought you were in an able state of mind."
  518. >Rainbow shuddered.
  519. "I-I'm fine, ma'am. Is there anything you needed, besides my car?"
  520. >Rainbow's mind felt like it had been in a car crash all over again as she was lurched into remembrance.
  521. >"We wanted to talk to you, about the person in your passenger's seat."
  523. ***
  524. >Twilight's eyes rested solely on the officer, her face apathetic.
  525. >The officer was saying something but it only sounded like gibberish to her unfocused attention, instead Twilight looked over Rainbow.
  526. >Her eyes were darting about, first to Sunset, then Applejack and Rarity, Pinkie, then to you.
  527. >Except...
  528. >Her eyes were wide with fright as she blustered out a response to the officer's question.
  529. >Her irises locked onto an empty seat, and slid slowly off it until she was looking at Twilight again.
  530. >Curious.
  532. ***
  534. "Passenger seat?"
  535. >Rainbow's mouth went dry.
  536. >"Yes. There was someone in your passenger's seat."
  537. >The officer raised a hand to keep the room silent as several of them tried to protest.
  538. >"You're not at fault, and given your mental state on admittance..."
  539. >"Well it's likely you won't ever be charged- however- we need you to identify a body."
  540. "A body?" Rainbow said weakly.
  541. >"Yes. The passenger... Didn't make it. Didn't survive past the initial crash. There was an oddity, though."
  542. "Yeah?"
  543. >The officer's face tilted down into a frown.
  544. >"She was half on the driver's side."
  545. >Rainbow's insides ran cold.
  546. >"Whatever she was doing, it involved the driver."
  547. >Rainbow gasped as memories flooded her mind, her mouth opened in a silent scream as a pounding sensation started to beat its way out of her forehead.
  548. >"Call a nurse!" Someone shouted as blood started to gently trickle from Rainbow's left ear.
  549. >Rainbow fell into a deep, black pit, unknowing and unseeing.
  550. >The passenger...
  552. ***
  553. >"Hey."
  554. "Hey."
  555. >Her soft fingers intertwined with her own, a small smile on her face.
  556. >Her face crinkled gently around the corners of her eyes and mouth.
  557. "Ready?"
  558. >She smiled, and nodded.
  559. >She lead the girl to her car, propping open the door and letting her get in before shutting it after her.
  560. >She took her own seat in the driver's side.
  561. "Dinner, right? I know a little place down by the North side that has great-"
  562. >"-Lasagna. We've been there a hundred times."
  563. "Are you complaining?"
  564. >"Humm. Can't say I am."
  565. >They settled into silence as she started the car and pulled out of the drive way.
  566. >"Rainbow?"
  567. "Yeah?"
  568. >They were racing down the highway now, mere minutes from the turn off that would take them into a hole-in-the-wall Italian place.
  569. >Her smile became timid, her face lost in her hair.
  570. >Rainbow was surprised, she couldn't remember the last time she had did that.
  571. >"I really... Like you."
  572. "I..."
  573. >Rainbow rubbed her cheek.
  574. "Like you too?"
  575. >The girl next to her flushed a pale pink.
  576. "I don't mean that. I mean-"
  578. ***
  580. >The sound of crinkling metal and shattering glass roused her from sleep.
  581. >She shot up, a scream ripping from her throat in the dim room.
  582. >The disgusting squelch of metal and carbon fiber, and the despicable twist of human flesh played over and over in her mind.
  583. >The lights were too dim, the sheets too tight, the arm around her waist too hot.
  584. >She twisted out of all of them and landed with a painful thump on the ground, the shining sun flashing her eyes.
  585. >She squinted painfully and rolled onto her back.
  586. >The cool tiles felt like heaven.
  587. >"Rainbow?"
  588. >Twilight's ashen face peered over the edge of the bed.
  589. >"Rainbow, are you okay?"
  590. "Fine," she mumbled.
  591. >Twilight threw her legs over the edge of the bed- and Rainbow couldn't help but notice that her sleep wear amounted to little more than panties and a short shirt- and held out a hand.
  592. >Twilight struggled to help her up, but she did, pulling the distraught girl into the bed.
  593. >Twilight smiled as Rainbow relaxed in her grip.
  594. >It was nearing noon, and the undeniable urge to crack open a book niggled at the back of Twilight's head.
  595. >Yet the feeling of Rainbow in her arms was indescribable.
  596. >Rainbow was silent, even her breathing seemed to make no noise.
  597. >The rest of the room stayed quiet, sleep interrupted half a dozen times, keeping them all in a full slumber.
  598. >Twilight's twig-like arms circled Rainbow's waist and her nose buried itself in her hair, drawing deeply of the floral scent lingering around her.
  599. >Rainbow was hers, and no one else's.
  601. ***
  603. >Rainbow shuddered when a soft hand trailed down her stomach and bordered along her pantie line.
  604. >Her head ached something fierce.
  605. >Rainbow ignored it in favor of cuddling back into Twilight. She couldn't help but feel a little disgusted with herself.
  606. >She had killed someone, regardless of her involvement there was no one on the planet that could convince her otherwise.
  607. >The feeling of helplessness choked her up, lingering at the back of her throat and constricting her wind pipe.
  608. >Twilight held her tighter around the middle and Rainbow's eyes fell on Fluttershy, her serene smile disconcerting.
  609. >Rainbow let it go as Twilight's substantial bust pressed into the back of her head, and her hands seemed content to grip her breasts and fondle anything they could reach.
  610. >Rainbow shuddered and moaned as Twilight took advantage, her lips pressing hot, wet kisses onto the back of her neck in a gesture that rendered her numb.
  611. >Rainbow spun around in Twilight's embrace, her lips meeting the other's in a hot, searing kiss.
  612. >Her hands gripped her bum and threaded themselves through Twilight's hair as she took a grip full of purple locks and pulled her into a burning kiss.
  613. >Twilight smiled into the kiss, content.
  614. >Rainbow was hers.
  615. >Hers alone.
  617. ***
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