Motherly Flare

Jul 6th, 2018
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  1. >Day Motherly Flare.
  2. >"Anon, dinner is ready!" Stellar Flare yelled from the kitchen.
  3. >She waited for a response, but none came.
  4. >Stellar Flare huffed quietly to herself.
  5. >Anon was probably playing video games again.
  6. >She didn't understand why they were so interesting.
  7. >All you had to do was press the buttons rhythmically.
  8. >How could that stay fresh compared to going outside and experiencing new things?
  9. >It only took a moment for her to trot to the top of the stairs to yell again.
  10. >"Dinner is ready!"
  11. >Still nothing.
  12. >She scuffed the wooden floor, before descending the stairs to the basement.
  13. >As she expected, Anon was slouched on the couch.
  14. "I'll do later," Anon Ymous said without looking away from the television.
  15. >Stellar Flare was a good pony, but he didn't like it when she tried to bother him.
  16. >The mare was confused.
  17. >"I wasn't asking about your homework. I was saying that dinner is ready."
  18. "I'm not hungry," he said dismissively.
  19. >He didn't want to miss anything going on during his show.
  20. >It only played twice a week, and he wasn't about to miss this new episode.
  21. >Stellar Flare scrunched her nose.
  22. >At first she wondered why he wasn't hungry, since he always liked her cooking.
  23. >Besides that, he always seemed to have a voracious appetite.
  24. >But one look around was enough of an explanation.
  25. >An empty bag of chips, and a can of soda lied next to him.
  26. >On the screen was one of those japanese animations he had suddenly found an interest in.
  27. >Like the others, this looked like a story about girls having fun in high school.
  28. >She was surprised he wasn't playing videos games.
  29. >On most days, it was all he would do after school.
  30. >But these last few weeks he hadn’t managed to even do that.
  31. >She climbed on the couch beside him.
  32. >"I made your favorite," she said, hoping that would entice him. "Tacos."
  33. >Anon grunted in reply.
  34. >Stellar huffed, and crossed her forelegs.
  35. 1/24
  36. >She could be a patient pony, but this behavior was starting to push her buttons.
  37. >Anon pretended to ignore her, but she saw him looking over at her occasionally.
  38. >So she huffed again, slightly louder.
  39. >When that didn't produce any results she said, "Anon, your father wants you to eat at the dinner table at five."
  40. "Yeah? Why doesn't he ask me himself then?"
  41. >"You know he is busy."
  42. "So busy he can't tell me that himself?"
  43. >Stellar hesitated and looked away.
  44. >She didn't like how much Anon's dad worked, but he had to bring food to the table.
  45. >What was Anon’s father supposed to do?
  46. >"Your father wants the best for you. That's why he has to work so much."
  47. "Doesn't seem like he cares. He even bought a pony so he wouldn't have to talk to me."
  48. >"Now, that isn't fair, and you know it."
  49. >Anon ignored her and kept watching the screen.
  50. >"Please, Anon?"
  51. "Alright! Jeez! Right after the show."
  52. >She scrunched her nose.
  53. >It wasn’t what she’d been aiming for, but it was good enough.
  54. >Both of them watched in silence as the girls on screen threw a pageant.
  55. >The lead won, which made one of them jealous, but then they decided they all won, since they did it together.
  56. >Finally the credits started to roll.
  57. >Anon didn't wait to for her to speak up, and lightly tapped Stellar's shoulder.
  58. >They climbed the stairs and went to the kitchen, where his pony plated a few tacos for him.
  59. >Anon sat at the table, and Stellar joined him after serving herself.
  60. >"How was school today?"
  61. >Anon put a hand in his pocket and shrugged.
  62. "It was fine, I guess. Not much happened."
  63. >He watched her frown.
  64. >Until recently, Anon used to tell her all about his day.
  65. >He didn't want her to start asking about his grades, which were, admittedly, slacking slightly.
  66. >Distracting Stellar would be best.
  67. "How was your day?"
  68. >Her ears moved forward, and she sat up straighter.
  69. >"I had fun. I mailed out a few orders, and then cleaned around the house."
  70. 2
  71. >Anon's dad had noticed that she was bored when she was left home alone, so he helped her start up an online business.
  72. >Together, they went to garage sales, and bought bric a brac, cleaned them up and resold them.
  73. >At first, neither of them knew what would sell, but after a few months, she was able to determine from a glance what would move quickly.
  74. >Now if only she could get rid of all those cat tea kettles in the basement.
  75. >The business paid for itself and left Stellar with a tiny bit of spending money, but she certainly didn’t turn a huge profit.
  76. >It was just something to help her pass the time.
  77. >Anon watched as she ate one of the tacos on her plate.
  78. >The whole family used to eat together, but two years ago, Anon's father started traveling a lot for work.
  79. >He used to only travel once a month, but that turned into nearly every week after he got promoted.
  80. >"Are you alright, Anon?"
  81. >His eyes darted away for an instant.
  82. "What do you mean?"
  83. >Stellar shifted on her seat uncomfortably.
  84. >"I received an email from school today…"
  85. >Anon felt his heart racing.
  86. >This wasn't going to be good.
  87. >"Is there anything you want to tell me?"
  88. >His mind bolted from thought to thought.
  89. >Was this about the fight he had last week?
  90. >It happened after school, so none of the teachers would have known about it.
  91. >Or maybe it was that he showed up late a few times?
  92. >No.
  93. >The school didn’t care that much, did they?
  94. >Or...
  95. >Anon swallowed hard.
  96. >Did they send her his grades?
  97. >They couldn't be that bad, right?
  98. >He tried to interpret the look on her face.
  99. >It was concern, more than anything.
  100. "No. I can't think of why they would email you," he lied. After a moment he added, "I guess I was late to class a few times."
  101. >Stellar frowned, clearly disappointed.
  102. >"It was your grades."
  103. >Anon tensed up when Stellar Flare's horn lit up, and a piece of paper floated over.
  104. >He felt his heart thumping, as she read the report card.
  105. 3
  106. >"English, C-. Physics, D. Precalculus, D+. History, C. Do I need to read the rest?"
  107. >Anon snatched the paper to see it with his own eyes.
  108. >Sure enough, she was right.
  109. >He knew his grades weren't great, but he had only missed turning in a few assignments.
  110. >Anon thought he’d paid enough attention in class to at least get Cs.
  111. "Um… D's get degrees," Anon said hopefully.
  112. >She hung her head at his response.
  113. >"How are you going to get into college if you don't get better grades?"
  114. >They sat in silence for a while.
  115. >He didn't want to disappoint her, but she was making too big a deal about this.
  116. "College is dumb anyway. Everyone knows it's just a scam for money."
  117. >"That's not true, Anon. College is where you will learn what you want to do with your life."
  118. >She knew humans weren't like ponies.
  119. >Ponies learned their special talent when they earned their cutie marks.
  120. >Humans had to go to school for years before they figured out what they liked.
  121. >Some never learned, and just worked a dead end job, never getting ahead.
  122. >She didn't want that for Anon.
  123. "I'll just try harder."
  124. >"That's what you said last time."
  125. >It was true.
  126. >He did say that.
  127. "Yeah, but this time I'll actually try."
  128. >"You need a plan, Anon. We have to make you a schedule for when you study, and I want to see your homework every night."
  129. >Anon scoffed at his pony.
  130. "I'm not a little kid. I said I would study more, and I will."
  131. >"Sorry, but we tried that before."
  132. >She magiced over a fresh sheet of paper and a pen, and drew several lines to make a rough grid.
  133. >"Let's see…"
  134. "Stellar…"
  135. >"How about, you have a snack when you get home," she started scribbling." Then we'll study together for two hours until dinner."
  136. "I already told you I don't need a schedule."
  137. >She ignored Anon and kept writing.
  138. >"After that you can have half an hour to relax, and then we'll study again."
  139. >Anon swallowed hard.
  140. >Usually, he could wiggle out of this when she got into one of these moods.
  141. 4
  142. >But he wasn't sure if he could get away with it this time.
  143. >"Bedtime will be at ten."
  144. "Ten?!"
  145. >She looked up at Anon very seriously.
  146. >"I don't want you staying up on a school night."
  147. "So I only get one hour to relax? How am I supposed to get better at Street Brawler V?"
  148. >She put the pen down.
  149. >"I am sorry, but if you had kept your grades up, we wouldn't have to do this. Video games are entirely out of the question."
  150. "No video games?!"
  151. >"I'm sorry."
  152. "My grades aren't even that bad! Why are you doing this to me?!"
  153. >Her brow furrowed.
  154. >"I'm not doing anything to you, Anon. You did this to yourself."
  155. >Anon slammed his fist down on the kitchen table.
  156. "Look, I'm willing to study more. But you're going too far."
  157. >"It's for the best."
  158. "No. You can't tell me what to do."
  159. >Stellar put down her food, and leaned toward Anon.
  160. >"You're letting that game take up too much of your time."
  161. "What about hanging out with my friends?” Anon crossed his arms. “You're going to take that away too?"
  162. >"Your father left me in charge."
  163. "I don't care. You're not my mother!"
  164. >She looked up at Anon in shock.
  165. >"What?"
  166. "I said you're not my mother!" Anon stood over his pony and she slumped back into her chair. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me forget about her. That's why you always act like you run this house. But I won't forget about her. I won't."
  167. >Stellar looked down at the floor and sighed.
  168. >Anon’s mother was gone, but Stellar wasn’t trying to take her place.
  169. >"That wasn't my intention."
  170. "Isn't it? I know you're sad about Sunburst, but I'm not him. I never will be. So just get off my case."
  171. >"I just want the best for you."
  172. "Then leave me alone."
  173. >She stood up slowly, unwilling to meet Anon's gaze.
  174. >"Alright, Anon. You know what's best. I'm just a silly pony," her voice wavered. "Are you done with your dinner? I'm done."
  175. >Anon hated seeing her cry, but she had to know where the line was.
  176. 5
  177. >Still, she tried her best to keep it together, and magiced both her and Anon's plates to the sink.
  178. >Anon suddenly felt incredibly awkward watching his pony wash the plates.
  179. >Stellar Flare always kept herself busy with cleaning when she was upset.
  180. >He knew he was in the wrong, but if he said he was sorry, then she would think she was in charge of him.
  181. >The chair made a loud squeak as he got up, and his hand bumped the table by accident.
  182. >It only took a moment to go downstairs to his room.
  183. >His backpack was on his bed, and it felt like it stared back at him.
  184. >Reluctantly, he pulled out a large text book and flipped to the right chapter.
  185. >After an hour of reading, and some homework, he put his pen down.
  186. >He knew he had to apologize to Stellar Flare.
  187. >What happened wasn't right.
  188. >She cared about him.
  189. >That's why she wanted to push him.
  190. >He was wrong to yell at her.
  191. >Anon got up, and climbed up the stairs, all the while listening for any sign of his pony.
  192. >He couldn’t hear anything from the kitchen anymore, so she was probably in her room.
  193. >He walked down the hallway, and knocked on her door.
  194. >Anon heard shuffling from behind the door, and waited politely for permission to enter.
  195. >"Yes, Anon?"
  196. >He slowly opened the door.
  197. >Stellar was sitting on her bed.
  198. >Her eyes were red, probably from crying, he thought.
  199. >He waited at the door, unwilling to break the wall of silence between them.
  200. >"Do you need something, Master?"
  201. >She hadn't called him that in a long time.
  202. >Two hours ago, he would have corrected her, but now he wondered if it was more for her than him.
  203. >The formality of it all helped keep him at a distance.
  204. "No, Stellar Flare. I just wanted to talk."
  205. >They looked at each other for several seconds, before Anon took a step forward.
  206. >Stellar looked down at her hooves when he sat down next to her.
  207. >She didn't want things to go back to when she first arrived.
  208. 6
  209. >It had taken her a while to get used to her new life, but she eventually found happiness with her new family.
  210. >"I'm sorry for talking out of turn, Master. It won't happen again."
  211. "Don't apologize. I was the one who was wrong." He pressed his lips together. "I shouldn't have yelled at you."
  212. >"I was only trying to help."
  213. "I know that now."
  214. >"You reminded me of…" she almost said Sunburst's name, but stopped herself. "He always needed a push in the right direction."
  215. >She looked up at Anon with her big eyes.
  216. >Anon wasn't sure what to say, so he kept quiet.
  217. >"That's why I tried to help you put a plan together. I only want the best for you. I wasn't trying to..."
  218. "I know you're not trying to take Mom's place."
  219. >Anon's mother had picked Stellar Flare years ago to help around the house.
  220. >There was no way for them to know she would eventually become part of the family.
  221. >Stellar sat by Anon’s mother’s side for days after the accident.
  222. >She only left when the nurses kicked her out for the night, but she was always there first thing in the morning.
  223. >Anon and Stellar cried together when the doctor said Anon’s mother wouldn’t recover.
  224. >She offered him a weak smile, but didn't say anything.
  225. "Can we go back? Back to how things used to be?"
  226. >"What do you mean?"
  227. "Can we pretend that never happened? That we didn't get into a fight."
  228. >"I don't know if we should. I can't help myself from trying to help guide you. It's in my blood."
  229. >He lifted his arms as if showing her something.
  230. "That's why I need you. I need you to push me so I can get into college, and get a good job, and move out, and everything else that comes with growing up."
  231. >"It hurt me when you said I was trying to take your mother's place."
  232. "I don't need another mom, but I could use a friend. You were always there when I needed you."
  233. >She felt happy that this was behind them.
  234. >Stellar shifted and bumped into his arm with a foreleg.
  235. >"Remember when you tried to jump over your dad's car with your bike?"
  236. 7
  237. "Yeah. It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  238. >If Anon had gone just a bit faster, he was sure he would have made it.
  239. >It was painful when it happened, but it’d been long enough for it to be a funny memory.
  240. "You were there to take care of me." He put an arm over her shoulder, and pulled her close. "I also remember we used to cuddle a lot."
  241. >She blushed at the memory.
  242. >It was fine when Anon was younger, but when he started getting older she thought she should give him some space.
  243. >"I did enjoy that."
  244. "Can we do it again? For old times sake?"
  245. >It was a peace offering to be sure.
  246. >But it had been a long time since Stellar had been held, and she relished the thought of putting aside their differences.
  247. >"Alright. Do you want to be the little spoon?"
  248. >Anon scoffed.
  249. "I'm like twice your size now."
  250. >She looked him over.
  251. >In the last few years, he had grown from a boy to nearly a man.
  252. >Where had the time gone?
  253. >"You grew up so fast."
  254. "And you stayed the same."
  255. >Stellar Flare felt her heart flutter..
  256. >She knew she was older, but it was nice to pretend that she was still a young mare.
  257. >Even if it was just flattery.
  258. >She pushed against him so he would lay down on the bed.
  259. >When he settled into place, she laid back on her side.
  260. >Her back pressed into his chest, and Anon's arm nudged the top of her head.
  261. >She lifted it, and he slid his arm down.
  262. >He was like her little, no, not little, her big pillow, and she loved it.
  263. >His free arm moved and wrapped around her barrel.
  264. >They laid there for several seconds, simply enjoying each other's company.
  265. >Stellar eeped when Anon suddenly pulled her in closer.
  266. >Anon didn't ask for permission, and started brushing her foreleg.
  267. >He gently moved his hand over her soft coat, feeling each joint.
  268. >After a long day of chasing after him, Anon used to massage her hooves.
  269. >It was a familiar feeling for both of them, so Stellar didn't complain when his hand drifted down her leg.
  270. 8
  271. >He traced the hard edge of her hoof, before moving to the soft pad.
  272. >She shuddered slightly at the touch.
  273. >Stellar would have protested if it was somepony else, but this was Anon.
  274. "I like how it looks like you are wearing socks."
  275. >"You don't think it's strange?"
  276. >Not many ponies had a coat that changed colors.
  277. >She could feel him shaking his head.
  278. "No. It's cute."
  279. >It was a strange choice of words.
  280. >Fillies were cute.
  281. >Not older mares.
  282. >With his thumb, her massaged her sole, feeling the subtle difference in texture.
  283. >The frog of her hoof was sensitive, and she nearly pulled away, but his soothing coo kept her from moving her hoof.
  284. >When Anon was satisfied, he moved to the next foreleg, and started over.
  285. >Stellar closed her eyes, to let herself enjoy it more.
  286. >She wanted to concentrate on every little brush, and stroke.
  287. >Who could know the next time Anon would hold her like that.
  288. >Anon rested his forehead on her mane, and she felt her ears swivel when he inhaled.
  289. "You smell really good, Stellar."
  290. >"It's my new shampoo."
  291. >Anon inhaled again.
  292. >To him it smelled like a field of strawberries, with just a hint of hay.
  293. >Not that he had ever been to a farm, but it was nice to imagine that was what she smelled like.
  294. >Anon tugged on her twice, and she rolled over to face him.
  295. >She had to fold her legs when she did so.
  296. >She was greeted with a pleasant smile, which she quickly returned.
  297. >Why did she suddenly feel like a little filly in his arms?
  298. >Anon moved his hand to her cheek, and brushed it slowly.
  299. >Stellar nuzzled into his palm, which made Anon chuckle.
  300. >Then his hand moved to her mane.
  301. >He opened his hand, so strands of her mane flowed through his fingers.
  302. >Stellar had spent half an hour making sure it was perfect, but she didn't care if Anon messed it up.
  303. >She was his little pony.
  304. >And he could do what he wanted.
  305. >She let herself relax further.
  306. >Anon brushed her mane several times.
  307. 9
  308. >Each time, he tugged at it slightly, and she felt her heart pounding.
  309. >Then he moved to her ear.
  310. >She inhaled sharply at the touch, to Anon's amusement.
  311. >He kept feeling her ear, and she wished it would never stop.
  312. >Stellar turned slightly, so her horn wouldn't hurt him, and she pressed her forehead against his.
  313. >It was a dance they had done many times before, and they both enjoyed it.
  314. "You're very pretty, Stellar."
  315. >She felt her cheeks glowing bright red.
  316. >Of course he was lying.
  317. >"Flattery will get you everywhere, Anon."
  318. >His hand stopped moving, and Stellar Flare opened her eyes to look at her human.
  319. >He was looking back at her with a furrowed brow, and he cocked his head slightly.
  320. >Did she say something wrong?
  321. "I'm not flattering you. You're beautiful."
  322. >Her mouth was open as she tried to read his expression.
  323. >After a moment, she lifted a hoof and booped his nose.
  324. >"You're just saying that."
  325. >Stellar didn't protest when Anon grabbed her hoof, and put it over his shoulder.
  326. >A moment later, he pulled her in closer, so her muzzle rested on his neck.
  327. >She had to put her other hoof over his other shoulder to get into a comfortable position.
  328. "Why do you keep putting yourself down?"
  329. >Though he couldn't see it, she smiled weakly.
  330. >"I'm an older mare. My beauty pageant days are behind me."
  331. >Anon lifted himself up, and kissed her cheek.
  332. "You're beautiful to me."
  333. >She nearly melted in his arms.
  334. >"Oh, Anon."
  335. >They nuzzled several times, before Anon kissed her cheek again.
  336. >She tried to anticipate his next kiss, and turned so he would press harder against her cheek.
  337. >But one or the other moved too much, and his lips touched hers.
  338. >Anon instantly pulled away, and his cheeks were bright red.
  339. "Sorry. I didn't mean to do that."
  340. >She knew what they were doing was wrong.
  341. >Stellar had cared for him for years, and now she was in his arms, getting kissed.
  342. 10
  343. >But she didn't want to spoil this moment either.
  344. >"It's alright. It was an accident."
  345. "Yeah…" he said as he looked away.
  346. >She knew something was wrong.
  347. >"Are… you okay?"
  348. >He laid his head back down on the pillow, and stared at the ceiling.
  349. "That... " He trailed off for a moment. "Was my first kiss."
  350. >Stellar held his hand with her hoof.
  351. >"Well, it was just an accident. It doesn't mean anything."
  352. "That's the problem."
  353. >"Hmm?"
  354. >He turned back to look at her.
  355. "It did mean something."
  356. >How could it possibly mean something, unless...
  357. >They gazed at each other for several seconds.
  358. >Neither willing to take a chance.
  359. >Finally, Anon broke the silence.
  360. "I'm happy it was with you."
  361. >Stellar Flare felt her heart stop at his words.
  362. >She started to say something to play it off, but the words wouldn't come out.
  363. >If she rejected him, he might never get the courage to ask out a girl from school.
  364. >But this, whatever it was, was wrong.
  365. >Right?
  366. >Anon watched as Stellar’s eyes darted around, like she was looking for an answer.
  367. >He knew in his heart of hearts they could never be together.
  368. >But he loved her.
  369. >He had always loved her.
  370. >Even when she tried to make him do things.
  371. >She always put his needs ahead of her own.
  372. >He felt his heart sinking.
  373. >There was no way she would ever consider being with him, he thought.
  374. >In an instant, they had thrown away everything between them.
  375. >All because of an accident.
  376. >Anon started to pull away, but a hoof stopped him.
  377. >She swallowed hard, before looking down.
  378. >"I'm also glad it was me."
  379. "Really?"
  380. >She looked up at him.
  381. >"Really."
  382. >Her eyes switched between matching his gaze, and his lips.
  383. >The unspoken boundary was still there, but it was within reach.
  384. >Both of them inched closer to the other.
  385. >So very slowly.
  386. >And then their lips touched.
  387. >It was so soft, Anon wasn't even sure if they were kissing.
  388. 11
  389. >They both held the chaste kiss, as if the other would suddenly have second thoughts and pull away.
  390. >But neither did, and in a moment, one kiss became two.
  391. >They started slowly at first.
  392. >Just little pecks.
  393. >But Anon grew bolder with each touch, and pulled her in for a deeper kiss.
  394. >His nose kept bumping into hers, but Stellar Flare was willing to forgive that.
  395. >She opened her mouth to get a breath of fresh air, but his lips were already there.
  396. >Stellar enjoyed their shared breaths, and she let her tounge slip out just a little.
  397. >It met his, and they tentatively touched.
  398. >In a moment, they were dancing together.
  399. >All pretense of slave and master were cast aside.
  400. >They were just two beings, making out sloppily on Stellar's bed.
  401. >Anon felt a tightness growing in his jeans, and broke away to adjust himself.
  402. >"Somepony is getting excited," Stellar giggled while she watched him.
  403. >His pants were becoming painfully tight, despite his attempts to fix it.
  404. "At least we know it works."
  405. >Stellar let out a single laugh, and snuggled into his arms.
  406. >"I would be worried if it didn't."
  407. >His hand touched the bottom of her chin, and lifted it for another kiss, and they resumed where they left off.
  408. >Anon loved feeling her lips against his.
  409. >So this is why people make out behind the bleachers, he thought to himself.
  410. >She wiggled in his arms to change positions, and her belly pressed against his bulge.
  411. >Anon again tried to adjust, but Stellar stopped him with a hoof.
  412. >"I can take care of that, you know," she said between breaths.
  413. >Anon's chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath.
  414. "You don't have to do that."
  415. >"But I want to. Anything for my little Sunshine."
  416. >She hadn't called him that in years, but the look on his face was worth it.
  417. >Anon sat up and took off his shirt.
  418. >He tossed it to the side, but Stellar caught it with her magic.
  419. >It only took a moment to fold it and she placed it on her side table.
  420. 12
  421. "Since I took that off," he hooked a finger under her collar. "You don't need this, right?"
  422. >"I guess not," she smiled as she took off her necklace, and her tie.
  423. >Anon watched as she put them on top of his folded shirt.
  424. >When she looked back at him, she had a mischievous smile.
  425. >"Just relax, and let me take care of you."
  426. >Stellar kissed Anon's jaw, then his neck, then his chest, and his belly.
  427. >Her horn lit up and she unbuttoned his jeans.
  428. >Anon lifted his legs to help his pony remove his pants.
  429. >Again, she folded them in the air, and placed his clothes on her side table.
  430. >She blushed when she saw his manhood.
  431. >He was big compared to stallions she had been with before.
  432. >She wondered if it would continue to grow as he became older, or if he had already reached his peak.
  433. >Stellar Flare inhaled his scent.
  434. >It was very masculine.
  435. >She just barely nudged it with her nose, which made Anon twitch.
  436. >"You're really sensitive."
  437. >Stellar started with little kisses on his tip.
  438. >One hoof went to his side, to help her keep balance.
  439. >The other cupped his heavy orbs.
  440. >She weighed them in her hoof, before rolling them around.
  441. >They felt full.
  442. >But they wouldn't be for long.
  443. >She played with his balls, cupping them, before letting them drop.
  444. >Each time she was rewarded with a moan or a grunt.
  445. >Stellar massaged them lightly, then moved up to his shaft.
  446. >She brought her other hoof along for the fun, and they slowly rubbed up to the tip.
  447. >Once there, she drew small circles on the top, while the other stroked him gently.
  448. >She kept her movements as light as possible.
  449. >It just wouldn't do if he didn't last long.
  450. >She knew humans put a lot of weight on that, but she also couldn't let him take too long either.
  451. >It was a delicate balancing act.
  452. >"Are you ready?" She asked Anon.
  453. "Yeah."
  454. >Stellar took his member in her mouth, and cupped the tip.
  455. 13
  456. >Her tongue swirled around it three times, making sure everything was wet enough.
  457. >Then she started bobbing her head up and down.
  458. >His rod was thick, and hard, and she felt herself starting to wink.
  459. >She smiled to herself.
  460. >Sure his grades weren't great, but Anon was a good boy. [spoiler]A GOOD BOY!!![/spoiler]
  461. >Of course he deserved this.
  462. >She pressed her lips tighter, and started sucking.
  463. >The sudden suction made Anon moan loudly.
  464. >Steller's ears turned to the new sound.
  465. >Anon involuntarily thrusted, but she kept him down with a hoof.
  466. >She knew she had found his weakness, and broke away from her efforts.
  467. >"Just a little bit longer, Sunshine."
  468. >He took a deep breath.
  469. "I'll try."
  470. >Stellar Flare nodded once, before going back down.
  471. >This time she moved very slowly, so he could enjoy this as long as possible.
  472. >The hoof on his hip moved to her slit.
  473. >Nopony said she couldn't have some fun too.
  474. >Down she went, but kept herself from hilting her muzzle against him.
  475. >When she came up, she twirled her tongue once, before descending again.
  476. >On the fourth bob, she stayed at the tip, and while still connected, flicked his tip with her tongue.
  477. "Right there."
  478. >"Hmm?"
  479. >The vibration sent a shockwave down Anon's back, but he kept it together.
  480. >"Right here?" She asked as she licked the tip again.
  481. "Yeah," he said breathily.
  482. >Anon moved one hand to her cheek.
  483. >The other went to her ear.
  484. >Both started moving in unison.
  485. >Petting his little pony.
  486. >While his little pony, petted herself downstairs.
  487. >It wasn't the same as being touched by a stallion, but it would have to do.
  488. >Her hoof met her winking button and pressed.
  489. >She thought she was wet before, but now she was certain.
  490. >She was practically leaking all over her bed.
  491. >He thrust again into her mouth, but her free hoof kept him from getting too far down her throat.
  492. >Twice he thrusted, before she broke away to give him an instant of rest.
  493. 14
  494. >"You're doing fine."
  495. >He took a breath to calm himself.
  496. "Thanks."
  497. >His eyes were closed, and she noticed that his toes were curling.
  498. >She didn't think he would last much longer, but she had to try.
  499. >Stellar pulled away, and kissed his heavy balls, while a hoof massaged them.
  500. >Anon watched as she kissed again, all the while moving back up his shaft to the tip.
  501. >He grunted when she wrapped her mouth around him once more.
  502. "I can't take anymore, Stellar Flare."
  503. >She felt him growing larger in her mouth, and she knew he was at his limit.
  504. >He had gone much further and longer than she expected.
  505. >But was it long enough so he wouldn't feel insecure?
  506. >His clenched teeth, and the beads of sweat on his forehead was enough to convince her.
  507. >She would let him cum.
  508. >"Okay, hold on."
  509. >Stellar took a deep breath, and steadied herself.
  510. >The hoof touching herself moved up to his manhood.
  511. >Her button would have to wait.
  512. >This was it.
  513. >She had to make it memorable.
  514. >Stellar Flare wrapped her long tongue around his rod, and squeezed once.
  515. "Oh, fuck!"
  516. >She still had it!
  517. >Without waiting any longer, she hilted her muzzle against him.
  518. >All the while sucking as hard as she could.
  519. >Her tongue twisted and tried to coax out his cum.
  520. >She couldn't leave a single drop inside him.
  521. >Anon's breathing became heavy.
  522. >One hand grabbed a sheet, the other her mane.
  523. >And still she continued her relentless assault.
  524. >Her muzzle slammed into his hips, again and again.
  525. >Both hooves rubbed his balls.
  526. >He thrust into her mouth each time she bobbed.
  527. >She could feel his pulse.
  528. "I'm cuming!"
  529. >She hilted onto him a final time, and he let out a guttural roar.
  530. >Anon could feel every muscle in his body as he shot rope after rope into her eager mouth.
  531. >Stellar, for her part, sucked as hard as she dared.
  532. >Unwilling to let a single drop spill.
  533. >After several seconds, he stopped shooting his seed.
  534. >But she knew he still had some left.
  535. 15
  536. >They always did.
  537. >She squeezed tighter on his still hard member with her mouth, and continued bobbing.
  538. >Anon moaned in protest, but it was no use.
  539. >She didn't stop sucking.
  540. >Five seconds later he was painting her mouth white again.
  541. >Three more delicious shots.
  542. >Stellar slowly unwound her tongue, and pulled up.
  543. >She kept sucking, and licking away wherever she still felt his thick seed.
  544. >After a moment, it was done.
  545. >Anon opened an eye in time to see her pulling away.
  546. >She gave him a coy smile, before opening her mouth to show him how much he came.
  547. >Even he couldn't believe it was that much.
  548. >But, then again he had never came that hard before.
  549. >Stellar smiled, and then closed her mouth to swallow.
  550. >She had to lean her head back, and gulp twice, it was that much.
  551. >Then she presented her now empty mouth.
  552. >"Did you like that?"
  553. >Anon blinked his half lidded eyes.
  554. "Yeah."
  555. >She shimmied up to his waiting arms, and they kissed deeply.
  556. >Stellar had heard that some humans don't like kissing after getting a blowjob.
  557. >But Anon wasn't shy.
  558. >She spread her rear legs apart, so she could reach her marehood.
  559. >It was burning hot, and aching to be invaded.
  560. >Anon watched as one hoof moved to her mounds.
  561. >The other rubbed her special place.
  562. >Her hoof stopped after two strokes.
  563. >Why was she hoofing this alone, when she had a lover right there?
  564. >She turned to look the wide smile on Anon’s face.
  565. >"Can you help me out?"
  566. >How could he refuse her?
  567. >His hand started at the fluff on her chest.
  568. >It was silky smooth and soft.
  569. >Anon's hand moved down over her belly, to her little mounds.
  570. >They were smaller than those of a girl, but he didn't mind.
  571. >He caressed one gently, feeling all around it, before brushing the tip.
  572. >Stellar Flare inhaled sharply, and let out a contented sigh.
  573. >His hand glided to the other, touching it as he had the first.
  574. >Anon turned his hand slightly, so he could hold both in his palm.
  575. 16
  576. >His fingers tugged at teased the tips.
  577. >He knew it was amateurish at best, but to Stellar it was amazing.
  578. >When enough time had passed, his hand descended further to her damp, waiting lips.
  579. >He was greeted by something poking out at him rhythmically.
  580. >Anon had never seen that before.
  581. "What's this?"
  582. >"That's what a mare looks like down there," she said, suddenly embarrassed. "Didn't they teach you about this in school?"
  583. >He pulled away from her, and she spread her legs wider so he could get a better look.
  584. >She knew they taught him this at school, so why did he look confused?
  585. "They only showed us what people have. Not ponies."
  586. >Her tail flicked back and forth, spreading her scent.
  587. >He would just have to learn by doing.
  588. >"It's the most sensitive part," she explained. "So be gentle, please."
  589. >Anon nodded.
  590. >If it was anything like what he had, the slightest touch would drive her wild.
  591. >His fingers avoided it for now, and instead outlined her sex.
  592. >She had always been warm to the touch, but now she was so incredibly hot.
  593. >He could feel the heat radiating from her opening.
  594. >It looked so different from that of a woman, but also the same.
  595. >She took a deep breath when he put a finger at her entrance.
  596. >Experimentally, he pushed in to the first knuckle.
  597. >He couldn't wrap his mind around how blisteringly hot it was.
  598. >She moaned loudly, and twisted on the sheets when he pushed his finger in all the way.
  599. >Stellar seemed to clench around it, but he was sure that was just his imagination.
  600. >He pulled his finger out, and pushed it back in.
  601. >Each time he twisted and turned it to explore her depths.
  602. >Though he was doing fine, she didn't want to be teased.
  603. >"Can you put in two fingers please?"
  604. "Are you sure?"
  605. >His inexperience made her smile.
  606. >"You're not going to break me."
  607. >He swallowed hard.
  608. >Anon put together two fingers, and pushed into her.
  609. >Stellar Flare let out another loud moan.
  610. 17
  611. >This time he wasn't gentle.
  612. >If she wanted it hard, well, that's what his little pony would get.
  613. >He rammed his fingers into her.
  614. >Anon timed it so it would meet her winking button every time it showed itself.
  615. >It helped that it started to come out faster and more urgently.
  616. >She whinnied like a horse, and her legs kicked out.
  617. >But still Anon kept pressing into her.
  618. >He could see her sweating and panting for all his effort.
  619. >"I'm almost there," she said breathily.
  620. >Earlier, when Anon was about to cum, she had really given it to him.
  621. >Hard.
  622. >Now it was Anon's turn to return the favor.
  623. >He pulled out, and lined up three fingers.
  624. >"Sunshine!" She called out as he invaded her.
  625. >She tightened against his fingers, until he felt like she might break them.
  626. >But he wasn't going to let up.
  627. >A torrent of fluids came out of her, and she tried to stop him with a hoof.
  628. >In that instant she could feel everything.
  629. >Unimaginable pleasure engulfed her, making her squee like a filly.
  630. >He finger blasted her until she was nothing more than a blubbering mess.
  631. >She twisted and turned, trying to maintain some semblance of control, but it was all for naught.
  632. >Stellar Flare came harder than she ever had before.
  633. >Finally he stopped, and he watched her with a smile as she tried to catch her breath.
  634. >All of this, all of it was just so hot.
  635. >He moved over her, balancing his weight on his arms so they could be face to face.
  636. >Then they kissed with abandon.
  637. >Nothing mattered in the world except each other.
  638. >But still, Anon wanted more.
  639. >He had to have more.
  640. >He reached down, to see if he was ready to go, but he was only halfway there.
  641. >Why did this have to happen to him?!
  642. >"You're trying to go again?" Stellar Flare asked, half giggling. "Once wasn't enough?"
  643. "You don't mind, do you?"
  644. >"Teenagers," she smiled as she stopped him with her hoof.
  645. >She pulled him in close, and gave him a little kiss.
  646. 18
  647. >"You don't want to throw away your first time with an old mare like me. This is something you will always remember."
  648. >She looked into his sad eyes.
  649. >They had already gone too far.
  650. >Anon would be happier with a somepony his own age.
  651. >No, not somepony.
  652. >A girl.
  653. >A real girl who would love and cherish him, just like he deserved.
  654. "That's why I want it to be with you. So I'll always remember."
  655. >Her heart skipped a beat.
  656. >He wants her?
  657. >An old mare?
  658. >"Are you sure?” She asked. “We can't take it back."
  659. "I'm sure," he said with determination. "I've always been sure. I… just never wanted to say it."
  660. >Stellar Flare brushed his cheek, and sighed.
  661. >There was no helping it.
  662. >Despite her best efforts, he felt something for her.
  663. >Loving her was fine, but falling in love?
  664. >He needed to save that for the nice girl he would one day meet.
  665. >But if she had to be with someone, who could be better than Anon?
  666. >She lit up her horn, and felt him down there.
  667. >He was still limp, but she knew how to get him back into action.
  668. >She weighed his orbs with her magic.
  669. >They weren't quite as heavy as before, but she could still feel his seed sloshing around.
  670. >"If feels like there's still some left. We'd better take care of that."
  671. >Anon felt a strange tingling sensation.
  672. >Her magic wrapped around him, and caressed, and pulled, and teased.
  673. >She felt him growing in her magical embrace.
  674. >All the while, they made out, and he played with her soaking wet entrance.
  675. >Soon enough, she had brought it back to life.
  676. >Still, she kept her magic up, just to be sure.
  677. "How do ponies do it?"
  678. >"Usually with the mare raising her rear, but I know humans prefer it when the woman is laying down."
  679. "Alright."
  680. >He started to move, but she shook her head.
  681. >"If you're going to do this, it should be the natural way for your people."
  682. "Like we're married?"
  683. >Stellar laughed, but tried to keep it down so he wouldn't feel embarrassed.
  684. >"We can discuss that later."
  685. 19
  686. >He frowned and shook his head.
  687. "I wasn't proposing. It's just how we were told most couples do it."
  688. >"Oh… In that case, yes." She thought better of it, and softened it a bit. "Like we're dating."
  689. >It was a compromise.
  690. >She didn't want to put those thoughts of marriage in his head.
  691. >Anon needed to think about finding a real girl.
  692. >Someone who would make him happy.
  693. >Stellar Flare laid back, and Anon climbed over her.
  694. >She watched as he held his member in his hand, and lined himself up.
  695. >Twice he tried to enter her.
  696. >Each time he missed slightly, and rubbed against her still winking clit.
  697. >Anon pressed his lips together, and wrinkled his nose.
  698. >Everything had lead up to this moment, and he was blowing it.
  699. >Once more he tried, but again he slipped out.
  700. >Flare cleared her throat, and used her magic to help him find her hole.
  701. >In a single motion, he pushed into her depths.
  702. >She could feel herself being stretched to the limit.
  703. >"Oh, Celestia."
  704. >He wasn't that big earlier, was he?
  705. >Anon stayed hilted against her for an instant, simply enjoying the warmth.
  706. >Stellar gasped when he slowly pulled out for another foray.
  707. >This time he rammed against her hard.
  708. >Stellar had to grab the sheets.
  709. >He was just so big.
  710. >She let herself get carried away by pleasure as he entered her again and again.
  711. >Anon could hardly believe how tight she was.
  712. >If he hadn't cum earlier he knew he would have blown his load at that moment.
  713. >He could feel all the subtle ridges inside her.
  714. >All the while her button kept winking furiously.
  715. >Each time it retreated, it seemed to want to pull him in further.
  716. >Stellar moaned loudly as he continued his assault on her soaking wet marehood.
  717. >A tingle started at her hooves, and she wrapped all four of her legs around Anon.
  718. >Belly to belly, they started kissing, their passion finally realized.
  719. >She gritted her teeth, willing herself to hold on just a moment more.
  720. 20
  721. >But Anon's huge cock was too much, and she squeezed him with everything she had.
  722. >"I'm cuming!" Stellar shouted.
  723. >Her small body tensed and convulsed in his arms.
  724. >Anon stopped for a second, so he could watch wave after wave of pleasure crash over her.
  725. >Two heartbeats later he pulled away and pounded her once more.
  726. >It was too much, and Stellar Flare started whinnying.
  727. >She didn't care if she sounded like a horse.
  728. >They were finally together, as one.
  729. >All those years of watching him.
  730. >Caring for him.
  731. >It all lead to this moment.
  732. >Finally she regained her composure and looked up at her grinning human.
  733. >Anon's forehead was covered in sweat, and she could tell he was getting close.
  734. >Though she had already came, she wanted this to be perfect for him.
  735. >"You have to slow down, Anon," she said, as she pushed him away, and kept a hoof at his hips.
  736. >Anon tried to hilt into her again, but her hoof kept the last inch away.
  737. "Why?"
  738. >"Trust me."
  739. >They kissed deeply, and even though he wanted to keep thrusting, he waited.
  740. >With her hooves, she guided him, so he laid back on the mattress.
  741. >It was easy for her to roll over him while still connected.
  742. >Her forelegs were on his chest so she could balance.
  743. >"Let me take care of you."
  744. >Both of Anon's hands grabbed her little mounds, as she grinded on him.
  745. >Anon couldn't believe how lucky he was.
  746. >His little pony was taking his virginity.
  747. >He knew she loved him.
  748. >And he loved her.
  749. >She had taken care of him all these years.
  750. >Stellar shuddered and moaned, as she lifted herself up, and slammed onto his dick.
  751. >"You see, Anon? You should last longer this way."
  752. >Anon let his head roll back as his pony kept lifting herself up and then lowering herself for him.
  753. >Each time she dropped, she grinded on him for a second, before going up again.
  754. >Her tongue rolled out.
  755. >It had been so long since her insides had been stretched like this.
  756. 21
  757. >Anon's hands moved from her teats and over to her cutie marks.
  758. >His fingers scratched and clawed at them, and Stellar moaned.
  759. >The bed shook and squeaked every time their hips met.
  760. >Her sex was soaking wet, and drips kept rolling down his orbs.
  761. >Anon was sure his bed was drenched, if it wasn't already.
  762. >Her tail flicked wildly against his legs.
  763. >He felt that familiar tightness again.
  764. >Anon knew he couldn't last much longer.
  765. >Especially not if she kept grinding on him like that.
  766. >She was just so pretty.
  767. >He wanted it to last forever.
  768. "Stellar Flare, I'm about to cum."
  769. >She looked at him with half lidded eyes.
  770. >By how tight she was, he was sure she was at her limit as well.
  771. >"Just a little longer, Anon. I'm almost there."
  772. >This time she lifted herself, and teased his tip.
  773. >Anon couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his pony.
  774. >She eeped loudly, as he pulled her in for a tight hug, and rolled over her.
  775. "I'm sorry, Stellar. But this is it."
  776. >Anon sucked in a big gasp of air to fill his lungs.
  777. >His arms wrapped around his soft pony, and she wrapped all of legs around him.
  778. >Anon invaded his pony with reckless abandon.
  779. >It felt like he was a battering ram, and about to storm her castle.
  780. >Stellar had to grit her teeth, it just felt so good.
  781. >She could feel him growing again, so he was almost painfully big.
  782. >His hard member scraped her insides, not willing to let a single bit be untouched.
  783. >Anon's arms tensed, and his hug became even tighter.
  784. >Her rear legs did the same, and kept him from escaping.
  785. >His breathing quickened, matching her own feverish pace.
  786. "I'm gonna cum!" Anon grunted into her ears as he kept relentlessly pounding her hole.
  787. >"Do it! Do it inside me!"
  788. >Stellar's eyes rolled up, and she let her tongue hang out as he fucked her.
  789. >Finally, he let out a guttural roar and hilted for the last time.
  790. "Mom!"
  791. >Mom?
  792. >It was too much, and she shook and clawed as he filled her with his seed.
  793. 22
  794. >The flood inside her was enough to break her dam, and she came for the second time.
  795. >"Sunshine!"
  796. >Rope after rope of thick cum pumped into her and she could feel her belly expanding.
  797. >If he was a stallion, she was sure she would be pregnant.
  798. >Carrying his foal.
  799. >It was a pleasant thought.
  800. >She peppered him with kisses as he continued his torrent inside her.
  801. >How could one boy have so much cum?!
  802. >Finally he collapsed on top of her.
  803. >He was heavy, but she didn't care.
  804. >She was his.
  805. >And he was hers.
  806. >They laid there, in orgasmic bliss for several minutes before Anon lifted himself slightly.
  807. >He was light headed, and could hardly focus his eyes.
  808. "Why didn't you tell me sex was so good?"
  809. >Stellar Flare kissed his cheek, and pulled him back to her heaving chest.
  810. >"It's only as good as the love you share." She brushed his hair. "And we have so much love."
  811. >Anon's cheeks started burning in embarrassment, and he looked away.
  812. >After everything, he had called her mom!
  813. >How would he ever live that down?!
  814. >As if sensing what he was thinking, she whispered.
  815. >"It's alright. I don't mind if you called me that. I won't tell anypony."
  816. >His eyes met hers.
  817. >There was no judgement there.
  818. >Just love.
  819. >Love for the person she had cared for, for so many years.
  820. "Thanks, Stellar Flare."
  821. >She smiled at that.
  822. >"I should be thanking you. I don't think I'll be able to walk straight for a week."
  823. >Anon rolled off of her, and she easily found her place in the crook of his arm.
  824. "Can we do it again?"
  825. >Stellar smiled even wider, but tried to pretend like she was in deep thought.
  826. >"Did you do your homework?"
  827. >Anon’s eyes drifted away.
  828. "I... started it."
  829. >She looked into his eyes, trying to see if he was telling the truth.
  830. >After a moment, she was satisfied.
  831. >Anon wouldn't lie to her.
  832. >But she could at least tease him a bit.
  833. >"I don't know…"
  834. "Aw, com'n. Just one more time."
  835. >Stellar shook her head.
  836. >Teenagers.
  837. 23
  838. >But how could she refuse Anon?
  839. >What they shared was perfect, and nothing could take that away from them.
  840. >"Okay, one more time, then we'll study together."
  841. >Anon grinned widely.
  842. >He thought of his mother.
  843. >Did she know, all those years ago, that Stellar Flare would be family?
  844. >What did she see in this pony that made her choose this amazing mare?
  845. >If she had chosen someone else, Anon would never have shared this with Stellar Flare.
  846. >Was it meant to be?
  847. >Stellar booped her nose against his, and he pushed toward her so they could nuzzle.
  848. >He wished he could thank his mother one last time.
  849. >Thank her for this.
  850. >Thank her for everything.
  851. >Maybe one day.
  852. >But for now, he had the perfect pony.
  853. >And he wouldn't trade that for the world.
  854. fin
  855. 24/24
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