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  1. Yuki Maria MSS
  3. [Nothing gets past Maria-sama]
  5. Maria's mom: Dear, it's time.
  6. Maria's dad: Whoops, it's 7 already?
  7. Maria's dad: Alright, Maria, dear, see you later.
  8. Maria: Have a safe trip.
  9. Maria: Oh? Mom, aren't you going to be late?
  10. Maria's mom: I'm going straight to our customer today
  11. Maria's mom: So I'm going to be late today.
  12. Maria's mom: Here, buy yourself something for dinner.
  13. Maria: 5000 yen? That's too much
  14. Maria's mom: Well, I didn't want you to worry about not having enough, so...
  15. Maria: I understand...
  16. Maria: But I told you before
  17. Maria: It makes me worried to have so much money for dinner
  18. Maria: So... I'm only taking 1000 yen, ok?
  19. Maria's mom: Alright.
  20. Maria's mom: So, any plans for today?
  21. Maria: I have to go to my part time job after school so I might be late too.
  22. Maria's mom: I see
  23. Maria's mom: It's great that you have something you want to do, but try not to get home too late, ok?
  24. Maria: Fufu, you always worry too much.
  25. Maria: ...
  26. Maria: Oh my, is that
  27. Girl: Hahaha, that's so weird~
  28. Girl2: Right?
  29. Girl: Huh? Is that...
  30. Girls: Maria Onee-chan!
  31. Maria: Oh my, you're so full of energy today.
  32. Maria: Buut
  33. Maria: It's dangerous to run on the street like that, you know.
  34. Girl: I'm sorry~
  35. Girl2: Who is she?
  36. Girl: Umm, she's the Onee-san from the daycare I go to after school.
  37. Maria: (Yep, I work part time as an assistant advisor taking care of children.)
  38. Maria: (The children there call me Onee-san.)
  39. Maria: (It's not like I'm doing it for the money.)
  40. Girl1: She plays with us, we eat sweets together, and she helps us with our homework.
  41. Girl2: Oh~
  42. Girls: *Chatter Chatter*
  43. Maria: (The reason why I work there...)
  44. Maria: (Oh~ they're just the cutest.)
  45. Maria: (It's because... I love children!)
  47. Girl: Maria Onee-chan, read me a book.
  48. Maria: Sure~
  49. Girl2: Maria Onee-chan, help me with my homework.
  50. Maria: Sure, since we're all here, let's do this together.
  51. Maria: Let's see, who's in the same grade as you... Shin-kun!
  52. Shin: ...
  53. Maria: Shin-kun~
  54. Shin: Wha?
  55. Maria: ...
  56. Maria: ...Is everything alright?
  57. Shin: ...Huh?
  58. Maria: You look down
  59. Shin: Mmm... I'm ok.
  60. Maria: ...Alright, I'll believe you.
  61. Maria: But if anything happens, you can always talk to me no matter what, ok?
  62. Maria: Now, let's do our homework together.
  63. Shin: ...ok!
  64. Assistant: ...What happened?
  65. Maria: That boy's been looking down for the past few days.
  66. Assistant: I see...
  67. Maria: If there were something I could do I would, but...
  68. Maria: (I can't stop myself from reaching out and trying to help when I see a child looking for help.)
  69. Maria: (It was the same, back then...)
  70. Maria: So you can grant me any single wish...?
  71. Maria: I'm not really sure what to say when I actually think about it...
  72. Maria: It'd be great if I had a wish that would make my life a bit more fulfilling but...
  73. *Vrooom*
  74. Maria: Mmm? That car...
  75. Maria: !?
  76. Maria: Look out!
  77. *Beep Beep*
  78. *Thud*
  79. Bystander: Kyaaaaa!
  80. Bystander2: The child!
  81. bystander3: An ambulance! Call an ambulance, quick!
  82. Maria: Oh no!
  83. Maria: Kyuubey!
  84. Maria: Save that child!
  85. Kyuubey: Is that your wish?
  86. Maria: Yes, that's right!
  87. Kyuubey: Are you sure? I can only grant you one wish.
  88. Maria: I don't care, save that child's life!
  89. Maria: (Well, it's not like I regret becoming a magical girl, but...)
  90. Shin: ...
  91. Maria: (He looks so sad all by himself again...)
  92. Maria: (Mmm~ Maybe not sad, but...)
  93. Maria: (...Lonely?)
  94. Assistant: Shin-kun, your mom's here to pick you up~!
  95. Shin: !?
  96. Shin: O-Ok!
  97. Maria: ...!
  98. Maria: (He looks a bit happier...)
  100. Maria: Excuse me, you must be Shin-kun's mom... can I talk with you for a moment?
  101. Shin's mom: Oh, Maria Onee-san, what happened?
  102. Maria: Well...
  103. Maria: Ah, Shin-kun, please wait here.
  104. Shin: Ok~!
  105. Shin's mom: Huh? ...Shin... is feeling down?
  106. Maria: I'm sorry if I might be misunderstanding something...
  107. Maria: But I wonder if your son is feeling lonely.
  108. Maria: Just now, he cheered up the instant you came in.
  109. Shin's mom: ...
  110. Maria: ... Are you really busy at work?
  111. Shin's mom: My company is more understanding than most already...
  112. Shin's mom: They let me leave earlier than the others...
  113. Shin's mom: But this is still the earliest I can get here every day.
  114. Shin's mom: And... I still need to work on Saturdays...
  115. Maria: I see...
  116. Maria: Shin-kun... is still in first grade... so I'm sure that's...
  117. Shin's mom: ...To be honest...
  118. Shin's mom: I knew he must have been lonely all by himself.
  119. Shin's mom: But I pretended not to notice, until you pointed it out...
  120. Shin's mom: I'm... an awful mother.
  121. Maria: ...
  122. Maria: ...but if you feel that way
  123. Maria: Why don't you go somewhere with him, just the two of you?
  124. Shin's mom: ...Huh?
  125. Maria: I think that'd be better than worrying about things!
  126. Shin's mom:'re right.
  127. Shin's mom: I'll really be an awful mom if I don't do something now!
  128. Shin's mom: Alright! I'll spend the next day I have off with him!
  129. Maria: Yes!
  130. Shin's mom: Ah, but... I don't know if I have enough time to plan something before my next day off...
  131. Shin's mom: And I don't know what kids these days like...
  132. Maria: Leave that to me!
  133. Shin's mom: Huh?
  134. Maria: I'll put something together by this weekend that Shin-kun will love!
  136. Maria: It might be a bit cliché, but this should do the trick.
  137. Maria: Next is...
  138. Schoolgirl1: Ah, Maria-sama, what are you doing?
  139. Schoolgirl2: This place just opened. Planning a date there?
  140. Schoolgirl1: These places are supposed to be popular with families with children.
  141. Schoolgirl2: Places popular with families with children...
  142. Schoolgirl2: ... Are you going with your dead husband's love child?
  143. Maria: Ok, ok, stop right there!
  144. Maria: You joke about me being a widow every day...
  145. Maria: Why's that?
  146. Schoolgirl1: We also added "neglected wife" to your character profile.
  147. Maria: Yeah...
  148. Maria: Do I really look that old?
  149. Schoolgirl1: It's not about that, you just give off this motherly aura.
  150. Schoolgirl1: It's like we're just children in front of you, Maria-sama.
  151. Schoolgirl1: I wish I could be Maria-sama's child, so she'd pamper me!
  152. Maria: I see, it's all my fault...
  153. Maria: Understood, let's do it.
  154. Maria: How about I become your mother?
  155. Schoolgirl2: What!?
  156. Maria: Call me mommy...
  157. Schoolgirl2: Huh!? Wha!?
  158. Maria: Fufu, you're the one who asked for it.
  159. Schoolgirl2: M-Mommy...
  160. Schoolgirl1: Her face is all red.
  161. Schoolgirl1: None of us ever stood a chance against Maria-sama.
  162. Maria: Oh my? Are we done already? Fufufu, what a shame.
  163. Schoolgirl1: So, what were those plans for anyway?
  164. Maria: There's this mom and her son at my job who're looking for something to do this weekend.
  165. Maria: So, I'm planning something for them this weekend.
  166. Maria: I was wondering if there were any places parents and children could enjoy together.
  167. Schoolgirl2: Oh~ So you need to do those kind of things too when you work at a daycare?
  168. Schoolgir11: Do you get paid for that too?
  169. Maria: Paid? No.
  170. Maria: It's just something I'm sticking my nose into.
  171. Schoolgirl2: For free? Why?
  172. Maria: Well, if you ask me
  173. Maria: It's because I can't not help when I see a family that needs it.
  174. Shin's mom: Hello
  175. Assistant: Ah, Shin-kun's mom, hello.
  176. Assistant: Shin-kun~ Your mom's here.
  177. Maria: Hello.
  178. Shin's mom: Maria Onee-san, hello.
  179. Maria: Here, I wrote up the plans.
  180. Shin's mom: Really? Can I take a look?
  181. Shin's mom: Wow~ it's so detailed.
  182. Shin's mom: Mmm, I didn't even know they had these kinds of things.
  183. Shin's mom: Thank you!
  184. Shin's mom: I think this is going to be a great weekend!
  185. Shin's mom: I was a bit worried I'd be the only one enjoying our time together,
  186. Shin's mom: But now, I'm looking forward to it!
  187. Maria: No problem, enjoy yourselves.
  188. Maria: That should settle things... hopefully...
  190. [Maria-sama will watch over you]
  192. Maria: (Today's Saturday)
  193. Maria: (I wonder if Shin-kun and her mom are having fun today.)
  194. Maria: ...
  195. Shin's mom: I was a bit worried I'd be the only one enjoying our time together.
  196. Maria: (I wonder if... Shin-kun's mom is ok...)
  197. Maria: (I might be sticking my nose where it doesn't belong,)
  198. Maria: (But I can't stand sitting here and doing nothing.)
  199. Maria: (They should be around here by now.)
  200. Maria: Ah...
  201. Maria: (There they are.)
  202. Maria: (Fufu, Looks like they're following the schedule so far.)
  203. Shin: Go! Fly!
  204. Shin's mom: Wow~ It flew so high~
  205. Maria: (They're having a "make your own plastic bottle rocket" event at the park by the beach.)
  206. Maria: (Looks like they're having fun, maybe I was worried for nothing...)
  207. Shin: Mom, make one too!
  208. Shin's mom: Huh? No, no, it's fine.
  209. Shin: But I'm the only one doing anything.
  210. Shin's mom: These are for children so you should be doing them.
  211. Shin: Ok!
  212. Shin: That one flew pretty high too~
  213. Maria: ...
  214. Maria: (Maybe I should watch them... a bit longer.)
  215. Shin's mom: We still have some time until our next destination so how about we play in the park for now.
  216. Shin: Ok!
  217. Shin's mom: That was fun~
  218. Shin: Yeah!
  219. Shin: Ah, everyone's playing in the water fountain.
  220. Shin: Mom, I want to get into the fountain too!
  221. Shin's mom: Huh?
  222. Shin's mom: ... No.
  223. Shin: Eh~ Why?
  224. Shin's mom: Because this park's fountains are supposed to be off limits...
  225. Shin: The other kids are playing on it! Why can't I play too?
  226. Shin's mom: Well... umm, this is tough...
  227. Shin's mom: Umm... how do I explain...
  228. Shin: ...
  229. Shin: It's fine... I won't play.
  231. Shin's mom: ...
  232. Shin: ...
  233. Maria: (Things look... bad... they're not talking...)
  234. Maria: (If that's the case...)
  235. Shin's mom: ...
  236. Shin: ...
  237. Maria: Oh my, Shin-kun?
  238. Shin: Huh?
  239. Shin: Ah, Maria Onee-chan!
  240. Shin; Why are you here?
  241. Maria: I just came here to have some fun.
  242. Maria: What a huge coincidence we'd bump into each other here~
  243. Shin's mom: ... Coincidence? But... you're the one who put together this schedule.
  244. Shin's mom: Did you come here to help...
  245. Maria: Just "ssshh" for now.
  246. Shin: I'm playing with mom!
  247. Maria: That's great.
  248. Shin: Are you jealous?
  249. Shin: Then I can play with you too.
  250. Maria: Really? I'd love that.
  251. Maria: Alright, let's go then.
  252. Maria: (I feel awful for butting in when this was supposed to be a time for just the two of them,)
  253. Maria: (But if that way I can help them talk to each other...)
  254. Shin: ...
  255. Maria: Shin-kun, over here~
  256. Maria: Can you get to where am I?
  257. Shin: Uuugh... so high.
  258. Maria: (Shin-kun is only in first grade.)
  259. Maria: (I wonder if he's still afraid of the tightrope bridge)
  260. Maria: (But...)
  261. Shin: ...
  262. Shin's mom: Shin, don't give up
  263. Shin: It's wobbling...
  264. Shin's mom: ...I'm here with you
  265. Shin: But... ugh...
  266. Shin's mom: ...
  267. Maria: Mom!
  268. Shin's mom: ...Me?
  269. Maria: Take his hand!
  270. Shin's mom: Huh?
  271. Shin: Ugh...
  272. Shin's mom: ...Shin.
  273. Shin: ...
  274. Shin's mom: ...Shin!
  275. Shin: ...Huh?
  276. Shin's mom: ...let's... hold hands.
  277. Shin's mom: That way, you can make it to the end.
  278. Shin: ...!
  279. Shin: O-Okay!
  280. Maria: Uhhh...
  282. Shin: Mom, I want this one.
  283. Shin's mom: Can you eat it? It's really spicy
  284. Shin: I can do it!
  285. Shin: It's yummy!
  286. Shin's mom: Wow, so you can eat this kind of food now!
  287. Shin's mom: Then, I'll make this for you next time.
  288. Shin: Really? Yay!
  289. Maria: (I was worried about how things would turn out after they stopped talking...)
  290. Maria: (But looks like things are ok now.)
  291. Maria: (I'll go home once they're finished here.)
  292. *Ring Ring*
  293. Shin's mom: Ah, a call.
  294. Shin's mom: ...Huh? ...From the Chief Director?
  295. Maria: (What?)
  296. Shin's mom: I wonder what happened.
  297. Shin's mom: Yes? Hello?
  298. Shin's mom: Yes... Yes...
  299. Shin's mom: Huh? Right now?
  300. Maria: !?
  301. Maria: (Please... say no!)
  302. Shin's mom: ...
  303. Shin's mom: ...Understood
  304. Shin's mom: I'm on my way.
  305. Maria: (Ah...)
  306. Shin's mom: ...
  307. Shin: Mom? What's wrong?
  308. Shin's mom: Shin... I'm sorry...
  309. Shin's mom: I... need to go to the office right now....
  310. Shin; What?
  311. Shin: But today is your day off!
  312. Shin's mom: I'm really sorry...
  313. Shin: No way...
  314. Shin's mom: You need to go home now. We can do something next time.
  315. Shin: ...
  316. Maria: (He looks so sad again.)
  317. Maria: (...Guess I have no choice.)
  318. Maria: Excuse me... do you mind if I keep him company?
  319. Maria: I'll take him home once it gets dark out.
  320. Shin's mom: ...really?
  321. Shin's mom: I'll feel a lot more relieved if you're with him.
  322. Shin's mom: Alright, please take care of Shin.
  323. Shin's mom: If anything happens give me a call, ok?
  324. Shin's mom: Shin, be good and behave.
  325. Shin: ...
  326. Maria: Alright Shin-kun, let's go have lots of fun!
  327. Shin: ...
  328. Maria: ...
  330. Maria: Shin-kun, do you play around here a lot?
  331. Shin: Not really.
  332. Maria: I see.
  333. Maria: Alright, then I'll show you a lot of fun places.
  334. Maria: Make sure you don't forget where they are
  335. Maria: So you can show them to your mom later, ok?
  336. Shin. Yep, ok.
  337. Shin: I hope I get a chance... to show them to her.
  338. Shin: Because my mom... is busier than other moms.
  339. Maria: ...
  340. Maria: (I see...)
  341. Maria: (He feels lonely comparing himself to the other kids.)
  342. Maria: (I felt that way too...)
  343. Girl1: Mmn-!
  344. Girl1: Your dad works in that tall building!?
  345. Maria: Yep!
  346. Girl1: Hey, what does he do?
  347. Maria: What was it? ... Something to do with international trade?
  348. Maria: He buys things from people from other countries.
  349. Girl1: Other countries? That's so cool!
  350. Maria: That's where my mom met him.
  351. Girl1: Office romance?
  352. Girl1's Mom: It's getting dark, let's go home~
  353. Girl1: Ah, my mom's here!
  354. Girl1: Alright, I'm going home now.
  355. Girl1: See you tomorrow Maria-chan!
  356. Maria: Yeah, see you tomorrow!
  357. Maria: ...I should go home too.
  358. Maria: Ah, I need to buy a bentou from the convenience store...
  359. Maria: ...
  360. Maria: ....I miss mom's cooking...
  361. Maria: (I don't want him to go through the same things I did.)
  362. Shin: ...
  363. Maria: (If he goes home like this...)
  364. Maria: (Today will just be an awful memory for him.)
  365. Maria: (I need to do everything I can...)
  366. Maria: (To make today a great memory for him!)
  367. Maria: For his sake...
  369. [The Magic of the Virgin Mary]
  371. Shin: Wow~ It's so cool~!
  372. Maria: It's called a ghost shark.
  373. Maria: Ah. Hey, Shin-kun, do you want to go here?
  374. Shin: Huh? ...The striped beakfish show?
  375. Shin: But I like dolphins and penguins more...
  376. Maria: You'll regret it if you miss it~
  377. Shin: Well... if you really want to go...
  378. Maria: Fufufu, thank you.
  379. Shin: That was so cool!
  380. Maria: Fufu
  381. Shin: I want to buy souvenirs! And then, and then!
  382. Shin's mom: Haaa... Haaa...
  383. *Ring Ring*
  384. Shin's mom: Uh? Another call...
  385. Shin's mom: Hello
  386. Shin's mom: Huh? Things are.... alright?
  387. Shin's mom: Yes, thank you...
  388. Shin's mom: Thank you for everything
  389. *Beep*
  390. Shin's mom: I... don't need to go to the office anymore...
  391. Shin's mom: First of all, I need to go back to Shin.
  392. Shin's mom: ...but.
  393. Shin's mom: How should I even face him...
  394. Shin: It looks so good!
  395. Maria: Fufu, yeah, the takoyaki looks delicious.
  396. Maria: Let's sit there and eat it.
  397. Shin: Wha- but that's a waste of time.
  398. Maria: But you shouldn't eat while you walk.
  399. Shin: ...
  400. Shin: Mom said the same thing.
  401. Shin: But everyone at school always eats while they walk.
  402. Shin: Why am I the only one who can't?
  403. Shin: So mom and Maria Onee-chan both think I'm...
  404. Maria: It's because it's dangerous.
  405. Shin: ... It's dangerous?
  406. Maria: Yes.
  407. Maria: It's dangerous to walk without paying attention.
  408. Maria: You could fall and get hurt.
  409. Maria: Or the food could get stuck in your throat.
  410. Maria: And you know?
  411. Shin: ...What is it?
  412. Maria: I think the food would be more tasty
  413. Maria: If we take our time to eat it while sitting together.
  414. Maria: I'm sure that's also why your mom told you not to walk while you're eating.
  415. Shin: Ah...
  416. Shin: Then when mom told me
  417. Shin: That I couldn't play in the fountain...
  418. Maria: If you get wet you could catch a cold.
  419. Maria: And fountains weren't made to play in anyway.
  420. Maria: They're made out of hard stone and they have lots of sharp corners.
  421. Shin: If I fall on them... I could get hurt...
  422. Maria: That's right.
  423. Maria: There's always a good reason
  424. Maria: When your mom tells you that you can't do something.
  425. Shin: I get it, let's eat at the bench!
  426. Maria: Fufu, thank you.
  427. Shin's mom: ...
  429. Shin: It's the last one.
  430. Maria: You can have it.
  431. Shin: It's alright, I don't want it.
  432. Maria: Are you just trying to be nice?
  433. Shin: I don't want to eat it.
  434. Maria: Ah... I see. I'll put it aside then.
  435. Shin: Hehehe.
  436. Shin's mom: Excuse me...
  437. Maria: Huh?
  438. Shin: Mom!?
  439. Shin: W-What happened?
  440. Shin's mom: The office called...
  441. Shin's mom: They said everything was fine and I didn't need to go back.
  442. Shin: That's great~
  443. Shin's mom: So, I need to ask Onee-san for a favor...
  444. Shin: Wait here while she and I talk, ok?
  445. Shin: Ok~
  446. Maria: ...A favor? ...What could it be?
  447. Shin's mom: I'm not confident I know how to face him...
  448. Shin's mom: I don't know how to express myself... and no matter what I do I always end up regretting it...
  449. Maria: I-I see... so...?
  450. Shin's mom: So please!
  451. Shin's mom: I want him to have fun with me...
  452. Shin's mom: I want to get along better... with my precious Shin...!
  453. Shin's mom: When you were with him... you almost looked like the Virgin Mary...
  454. Shin's mom: I want to be like you...!
  455. Maria: So that's what it is.
  456. Maria: But then...
  457. Maria: I think you'll be fine.
  458. Shin's mom: ...What do you mean?
  459. Shin's mom: Shin?
  460. Shin: Sorry, I heard everything.
  461. Shin: Mom!
  462. Shin's mom: Kyaaa!
  463. Shin: Hehehe~
  464. Maria: That's the biggest smile he's had the whole day.
  465. Shin's mom: ...W-Why?
  466. Shin: Mom!
  467. Shin: But I thought you didn't love me?
  468. Shin's mom: What!?
  469. Maria: Exactly what he said.
  471. Shin's mom: You thought I didn't love you?
  472. Shin's mom: ...What do you mean?
  473. Shin: Huh?
  474. Shin: ...You didn't look like you were having fun when you were with me...
  475. Shin: And... it seemed like you didn't want to talk...
  476. Shin: So I thought that maybe you didn't love me...
  477. Shin's mom: That's...
  478. Shin's mom: because you don't love me.
  479. Shin's mom: Because I'm always bothering you and telling you not to do things, so I thought you must not love me,
  480. Shin: W-What!?
  481. Shin: I do love you!
  482. Shin: Aren't you the one who doesn't love me?
  483. Shin's mom: You're wrong.
  484. Shin's mom: Shin, you're the who doesn't love me.
  485. Maria: Calm down you two!
  486. Shin's mom: Onee-san...
  487. Maria: Shin-kun loves you, and you love Shin-kun...
  488. Maria: It's just that
  489. Maria: neither of you realized.
  490. Shin's mom: But... I spend all day at work.
  491. Shin: Mom.
  492. Maria: When I was little, my parents always came back home late.
  493. Maria: I would be lying if I said I didn't feel lonely...
  494. Maria: But I still loved my parents.
  495. Shin: Yeah!
  496. Shin's mom: Shin...
  497. Maria: You don't need to try to be like the Virgin Mary.
  498. Maria: We can't all be saints.
  499. Shin's mom: ...
  500. Shin's mom: ...Shin ...Onee-san.
  501. Shin's mom: Thank you...
  502. Shin: Yeah!
  503. Shin: That's right, I bought you a present!
  504. Shin: A stuffed striped beakfish! They're super smart.
  505. Shin: And we also ate this takoyaki, it was yummy.
  506. Shin: So, I saved one for you!
  507. Shin's mom: Wow~ Thank you!
  508. Maria Fufu
  510. Maria: Alright, it's time for me to leave.
  511. Maria: See you later Shin-kun.
  512. Shin: Yes~ See you Onee-san
  513. Shin's mom: Umm, thank you so much for today...
  514. Shin's mom: I had a lot of fun, I think I'll be able to face Shin from now on.
  515. Shin's mom: By the way... Onee-san...
  516. Shin's mom: Are you sure you're not actually a neglected wife with an adult son by any chance?
  517. Maria: I'm still in high school! And please stop talking to me so formally...
  518. Shin's mom: Fufu... it was a joke.
  519. Shin's mom: But I think one day you'll be a splendid mother.
  520. Maria: ...Thank you.
  521. Shin: Find yourself a good man!
  522. Shin's mom: Don't say that!
  523. Maria: Fufu
  524. Maria: One way or another, everything is settled now. That was a lot of fun.
  525. Maria: ...
  526. Maria: ...Will I really be a good mother?
  527. Maria: What? The Soul Gem... is my soul?
  528. Kyuubey: That's correct, would you like me to explain it again?
  529. Maria: ...
  530. Maria: Then, my body is...
  531. Kyuubey: You can think of it like a computer's peripheries.
  532. Maria: ...
  533. Maria: ...
  534. Maria: ...
  535. Maria: ...I wonder if I can really be a good mother...
  536. Maria: After all, I'm already a magical girl.
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