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3Commas Scalping

iDark Aug 29th, 2018 (edited) 794 Never
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  1. //@version=2
  2. study("1 min scalping", shorttitle="Scalping", overlay=true)
  3. a = ema(close, 12)
  4. b = ema(close, 26)
  5. c = sma(close, 55)
  7. long = cross(a, c) and a > b
  8. short = cross(a, c) and a < b
  9. plot(a, title="12", color=red, linewidth=1)
  10. plot(b, title="26", color=blue, linewidth=1)
  11. plot(c, title="55", color=green, linewidth=1)
  13. alertcondition(long, title='Long entry', message='')
  14. alertcondition(short, title='Short entry', message='')
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