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  1. "H- h- ...h'h- ah'm'hmf !"
  2. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:38:09 Best that they keep right until the end, "--mnnh'h ...!" Let- ... let what? Had been the muddled ask expressed by search of puzzled viridescent tucked away by three-quarters lash-tipped blinds. Transient as it might have been, desperate shifts became the reads most telling and abler thieves than he in his formative years. "H'gh-j'hss ... d'hn't - st'hp ! " she worked out from behind the tightened clamp of her own rows midst subjecting his bounce to what wrap she could muster firmer still. "Khhh-eep'h...!" air, but airless, and sound of her own voice tapered into pitch higher than her typical register, before words became lost in the wash of racing shallow breathing. Puff, huff, needy - so terribly needy for this to - and then...
  3. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:37:58 Not so poor was the woman wearing the dense bands of arms entwined, although the coached contortions left something to be desired... it was not far off. Hearts roaring across the expanse, it was true, neither required direct contact to know of it, though it would be challenge to differentiate it from the rest of signals firing off simultaneously with the exception of blood's rush through their ears. Guide her crown into the landing of her sternum, the she may not have the reach to impose her own marks there, but she can inadvertently bequeath unto his pectoral swell the superheated gusts on store in her lungs with each crash sending her nearer to that blissfully damning ledge, "Ha-uhn. Mnnh'uh," ohh, to say what of maddening overwhelm... other than felt right at the core. Realistic concerns? Unfortunately just outside their immediate perception. But heavens above, if he stopped ... ha; and they thought they knew the agony of pent before. Ohoho...ho...
  4. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:37:50 Kurumi would re-establish her former most claim; this retired martial artist and off-season slugger was sentenced to confinement indefinitely within the cell that is she; her limbs the bars, and her sultry expulsions were the cues for this captive to go by. Yes, keep going, for all that is sacred do not stop, ordered each and every cling, "Ahh-hh-. Uh-n'h!" but there no longer under the combative lock of oppressive tiers staging briefest riot did the keeper of verbal house not only wrest for supremacy within its own walls, but in the end claimed itself the victory by default when in truth Yamcha's take away was anything but a willful surrender, it was simply that of a fall back with intentions of regroup and try again through a different venue.
  5. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:37:37 A man famished as well as strangled is to the woman presumed thirsty and gagged, you see; just as Yamcha may disbelieve himself capable of guiltless revel under such conflict, the same was said of Kurumi who garnered great pleasure from her own plights on the rise and rising still. Dizzy, dizzier, and running hotter than she'd once believed to be among healthy levels, but they were in the moment, and surer still a symptom of what was to come. Generously greased, repetitive plunge sought and kissed that concealed valve after writing its shape down through along the roofside melting away what little reservations remained and set blaze into that trail invoking certain writhe and wreath of those limbs lower side. Heel dragging upward and driven in a little bit further by the meek ascension of her hip choking squeeze, her hands, those wonderful, ribbon leaving hands fed the length of her arms beneath his own with purpose.
  6. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:37:27 Availed little in way of results ultimately, but daresay it contributed to favor more imperative than not -- hints upon the heat aided rise, whether they realized it or no; this natural bouquet was definitely fulfilling the passable criteria under the circumstances. Woes be Yamcha's, that the risqué au de toilet shall never he an acceptable social event pick. But here within the unorganized state of a common room? Eh, fie on the specifics of location; between them it suited just fine, even with the infused essence of Kurumi's own adding to the collection. Difficult that it was to contribute none at all, but as proven time and again, relentlessly as the battering ram's own, did honest vessels persevere. Cavernous narrows and their spasmic constrictions telling of each stimulated pulsation begetting thrums and answer begot the former more so.
  7. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:37:19 Neither all the training in the world nor the stamina and endurance Yamcha acquired from them could combat the natural order of what became flesh when succumbing to impassioned smother of shapes. Skin required breathability just as they themselves had. To this end mankind and the soft tissue they're wrapped in carried dilemma one in the same: air was in short supply. One struggled for it following each grunt of exertion and the savoring groan thereafter, while the other merely resorted to secreting moisture in revolt; if the hot would not willingly free the way for pores, then by Jove it would contribute to slip instead.
  8. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:36:54 See? Exactly! That's the right of it; no one in their right senses would find themselves drawn to the saccharine nose burner for any other reason than to pinpoint the source and give it a wide berth from then on out. Never mind what hells would rain down on him were the depicted harbinger of things worse than Death should stray enter that messy head of his. A topic for later, albeit sooner than that of what fans maintained him high on those popularity polls. Hopefully, maybe, but only once clearer thought returned to the two of them which was scarcely a moment fit to turn up right then. In fact, current list of priorities were relevant most to the florist's turn up, so that he may fit till his engorged spire's content.
  9. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:36:28 Not even after a full bottle in the tank to her onsie, would the opinion of that discount rack fragrance see a hopeful glimmer of change. It was locked in, final answer variety, if it managed a second purchase ... Kami help him; forget easy downs, unless 'easy' dictated the quickest route from point a to point b, which was anything but a soft handed venture. Again, really though, he ought to know better than raise expectations where Kurumi's blunt review came in. --Okay, maybe she would give it one courtesy try before dropping the cold hard truth like a ton of bricks. Yamcha had survived much worse knocks over time and from the florist especially associated to matters of his pride as a man.
  10. Just a City Girl    2020-02-27 08:36:17 ...Yes. 'Do-aways', but let's not think of said fanbase and say they did?! Preferably at a later point in time or not at all, lest moment running hottest find itself stumbling across some contemptible icy vein that would turn molten streaks into igneous rocks. Flashbacks to do with ringing in Kurumi's ears were best left to the pages of history ne'er to be flipped back toward again, definitely not when its source came from leagues absolutely not her own. Aye, really though; it should not be too complicated an endeavor, but where it lacked complexity it made up for in frailty to do with sculptures of 'hot-dog DH' impracticality comprised of hallow glass. How many times had she seen it crack over minor slips? Enough to warrant this razzing exaggeration that fit in about as well as dredging up the thoughts of high-pitched squeals that made life-long squeakers a treat even more so.
  11. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:40:06 "G'hh! Nnhhh'kgh!"
  12. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:39:51 Compacting this unassuming florist closer to his oppressive smother, pitched so far forward that he may risk tipping and smacking that dense brow of his just above the cushions that once supported her were it not for his dogged focus bearing down on the insatiable thrusts nearly turned to a weighty bounce. Right up into the drooling maw, drawing hard along the ceiling by each heftsome pull and punctuating jam to nose firm upon a stopper's stopper. The indulgent wags were certainly not as deliberate as they had once been, full twitches throughout trying even a missus' merciless grip at the lofty height of this promising edge. Close. She would have all the tension and more out of him yet at this rate, and now she may hear his deepest desire plain as it threatened to burst out his very chest.
  13. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:30:51 Don't tell him to stop. He had imposed that one hope on even his better judgement and now loins close to boiling over begged it. T'was the best he could manage, aside from realization running upon him with yet another guide stealing Kurumi for reception. "I'hm g'hnh...!" At last did lockjaw set back in, walling off his mouth with snarling fangs joined by a tightening jaw, hands unsure of where to let themselves as they rapped around the peak of Kurumi's loosely garbed back before crossing themselves high at the forearms and bidding she bend further in her already drastic curve. High at the hips did wanton thrash pin her, and now the upward aim of those massive mitts crawl up her nape to strain her neck with a press against her crown that she may find shelter deep between the divide in his stony chest.
  14. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:22:59 He could no longer afford to wage war on two fronts, forgoing the ridges of Kurumi's palate and its rambunctious housekeeper for the separation required to loose such an obscene groan from the depths of his tiring lungs. Full-bodied and pushed to the point of anguished waver, Yamcha's leaking trap rode rough up the fairer petals bled dark to send his heated calls out through the quaint residence's halls, liable to make even their feral friends living nearest shy away from the raucous settlement. Teetering on the ledge, expressive pools of pitch lost in an unfocused tizzy as his cranium lent back, mane thrown about by the vicious undulation, and Yamcha fought to eke out some semblance of throaty plead. "L'hhme-- mnh'ghn!" attempts to catch her brief in hurried casts down, one eye lost to battened down lids whilst the other tried on through those slim fourths.
  15. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:22:15 he could no longer afford to wage war on two fronts, forgoing the ridges of Kurumi's palate and its rambunctious housekeeper for the separation required to loose such an obscene groan from the depths of his tiring lungs. Full-bodied and pushed to the point of anguished waver, Yamcha's leaking trap rode rough up the fairer petals bled dark to send his heated calls out through the quaint residence's halls, liable to make even their feral friends living nearest shy away from the raucous settlement. Teetering on the ledge, expressive pools of pitch lost in an unfocused tizzy as his cranium lent back, mane thrown about by the vicious undulation, and Yamcha fought to eke out some semblance of throaty plead. "L'hhme--mmngh'hh..." attempts to catch her brief in hurried casts down, one eye lost to battened down lids whilst the other tried on through those slim fourths.
  16. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:12:41 "Uh'nmh--mmh," Proximity, jostle, intensity; all of it made peeking a lost cause, and better for those hazy coals that they hide under the snaps of his lids instead. They needn't be chest to chest for Kurumi to count his frantic beats roaring clear throughout her, for the veined slab digging through its accommodating burrow was all too eager to clue attentive walls in as his reverberations rolled across the constrictions that swallowed him down to the hilt. A rugged instrument foretelling of his sudden rise and impending plummet, signed by the hottest flashes to course so strong within the choked streaks now growing in frequency. Pleasure, and overwhelmingly so, becoming in absolute a maddening compulsion to hurl himself into that bliss that thought to melt his greater faculties en route. "Au'hnnhh!"
  17. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:01:18 Poor woman forced to bear bend from her lowermost tip of spine to the crane enforced by her neck, tense borders fixed against her flanks pinching in whilst he beat down into her. For this, Yamcha made efforts to appease her at risk of sacrificing audible outlets, sealing up yet again with an addled mess of mashing mouths with a slavering muscle thinking it best to light another destructive fire of ravage within her. Pressed for conscious thought, it was not long that the slick tiers suckling at her own simply ceased to function as intended in spite of the rampant interloper crossing their unified threshold -- bottom lip keeping his maw at hang where the distinct sounds of senseless rapture mumbled into their writhing tie-up.
  18. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:01:00 It felt as though his every function burned, feeling it first through the drum resonating waves of flame out from his chest to the tip of his crown suffocating in the loving lavish pulling down around him at every angle -- her nails only exasperated such a feeling. What could Kurumi expect? Were stings intentional or no ever a proper reason for him to cease and desist? Hardly so; those rakes across his back did little top stop the unshakable Yamcha from his tireless advance, now poised to brandish the rigid spire wearing taut its dewy holster that he may ram deep into set. Compromising only the complacency a flattened lay suggested given prior position meant to feel out the delicious quarry, he made it his every ambition to assert that fleshy mast with the fullest extent of his primal urges at the helm.
  19. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:00:49 Starved and asphyxiated then! Never before had Yamcha thought himself an unapologetic reveler in turmoil, and in many ways this opinion still held true, but spur him on like so and see him challenged by both vice-like pressure and an all-consuming heat to boot? T'was just the sort of thing that drove him so ravenously to push on through, promise of reprieve coming not from his teasing backslide up from her seductive cling but every crackle of gratification that came of the motion itself. An addictive surge that begged repetition and saw him pummel against the almost meek looking arrangement that had betrayed its hungering nature through telling sheen effective in catching his stare so.
  20. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:00:34 Really, Yamcha shouldn't even be breaking one all that much given the astronomical conditioning afforded to those lucky few getting the honor of honing themselves on pint-sized planets and their greater gravitational pull. Sustained cardio, relentless as the one he presently imposed especially, ought to be no more than a brisk jog through a circumnavigating driveway. Ought to be, but ohh... there were other factors at play, no? The ardent rush alone had been enough to excite that wolven heart into fifth gear -- definitely not wont to settle for just a leisurely ride around the aforementioned way. Lungs may suffer a harsh burn for their incessant efforts, but the ticker had been quick to pick up its slack, hyperactive to far greater effect as he himself thrummed away in answer to Kurumi's every spasm.
  21. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:00:22 What should find the available receptors laboring to pull huffs of breath through their stifling tempest was the genuine scent of masculinity being extorted out from the longevity of exertion. Be it the the ambient release of carnal undertones dredged forth from a hyperactive piston or the steamy mist surfacing over Yamcha's taut epidermal layer, fate and function alike would have it that he may finally attain that ideal savor certainly inappropriate for most social occasions. Far from unpleasant in these contexts, aggressively provocative under conditions such as theirs, between the thicket of an increasingly distressed mane and the friction of two red-hot figures married in heated competition had he begun to work up a steady sweat.
  22. Yamcha  2020-02-27 06:00:09 "Do-aways?" Kurumi, think of his fanbase! Really though, it should not prove too complicated an endeavor to let the stubborn wolf down easy regarding one's unwavering verdict. After all, just whose noses did he think to turn his way when favor clearly washed down him from a most preferred source? In spite of that damnable cologne's (relative) absence, no less! The answer, long and short, was simply none -- and Yamcha'd better know that if he knew what was good for him. Somewhere along the way he had become of the belief that those derisive reviews were no more than a spiteful go at his expense, lambasting that probably expired plastic bottle merely because he had been so hot on the stuff. May he never come to know just how off-putting that super-sweet ethanol was to the fairer folk and most others in general; if this "to the grave" difference of opinion was not the biggest failing that ostensibly keen, wild senses could make then who knew what was.
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