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Jan 14th, 2018
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  1. This is a walkthrough for Neutral's new game, <a href="">Sign</a>. I post it here since I don't know how to submit a game to this site.
  3. <spoiler>
  4. <b>Exploration</b>
  5. <spoiler>
  6. Collect the wooden tablet on the table. It reads, "rotate items by dragging your mouse."
  8. Collect the key behind the frog painting.
  10. Collect the mushroom stamp behind the plant on the window sill.
  12. Collect the spool of rope under a cushion on the sofa.
  14. Turn left. Move the large plant and take the torn piece of paper behind the sofa.
  16. Take the remote control behind the "DANGER" note.
  18. Turn left. There is something orange between the left-hand-side wall and the computer desk. Zoom in and take the orange triangle.
  20. Open the middle drawer of the computer desk (which should have an arrow painted inside) and leave it open.
  22. Turn left. A purple square is visible on the middle drawer. Take it.
  23. </spoiler>
  24. <b>Laptop</b>
  25. <spoiler>
  26. Use your key to open the left drawer of the TV cabinet. Take the battery inside.
  28. Put the battery into the remote control. Turn on the TV.
  30. The second channel shows the duck painting above the laptop. The fourth channel shows six stars in the laptop's password input. You need to type the password on your computer's keyboard.
  32. <spoiler>
  33. The laptop does not hide the password input behind stars, so the password is, truly, "******".
  34. </spoiler>
  36. In the laptop, turn down the camera so that a blue star falls down. Take the blue star and calculate the four-digit password.
  38. <spoiler>
  39. Notice the orientation of the star and the triangle.
  40. <spoiler>
  41. 40 * 61 + 89 = 2529
  42. </spoiler>
  43. </spoiler>
  45. Use the four-digit password on the right drawer of the TV cabinet. Take the printer and the snowman stamp.
  47. Install the printer on the laptop. Input the ID written on the torn piece of paper (i.e. type "secret" into the prompt) and a sheet of paper will be printed out.
  49. Use the sheet of paper as clue, unlock the box with four buttons under the piranha tank.
  51. <spoiler>
  52. The sheet of paper reads, "NEWNEWS". Take a look at the books near the laptop.
  53. <spoiler>
  54. With the red arrow pointing up, the sequence is:
  55. Up, right, left, up, right, left, down.
  56. </spoiler>
  57. </spoiler>
  59. Collect the hook in the box.
  60. </spoiler>
  61. <b>Fishing</b>
  62. <spoiler>
  63. Combine the hook with the spool of rope. Fish out the brass key in the piranha tank.
  65. Open the wall niche on the right of the TV with the brass key. Take the tree stamp and the wrench inside.
  67. Open the drawer in front of the TV with the wrench. Place the three stamps on the correct slot.
  69. <spoiler>
  70. The clue is on the wooden tablet, and you need to view things from above.
  71. <spoiler>
  72. Tree stamp on the top left corner. Mushroom stamp on the middle right. Snowman stamp on the middle of the bottom row.
  73. </spoiler>
  74. </spoiler>
  76. Collect the card in the drawer and insert it in the card slot above the sofa. Press the white button to turn the light off. You should see something above the TV.
  78. <spoiler>
  79. 27=481563
  80. </spoiler>
  82. Above the laptop, where the duck painting should be, there is another clue.
  84. <spoiler>
  85. 7463
  86. </spoiler>
  88. Find the remaining clues.
  90. <spoiler>
  91. Behind the lion painting: 5218
  92. Behind the frog painting: FR1G
  93. </spoiler>
  95. Solve the mystery.
  97. <spoiler>
  98. Frog is FR1G, so the number 1 is the letter o.
  99. <spoiler>
  100. 1 is o. 2 is i. 3 is k. 4 is u. 5 is l. 6 is c. 7 is d. 8 is n.
  102. "27=481563" is "id=unlock".
  103. </spoiler>
  104. </spoiler>
  106. Operate the printer and take the new sheet of paper. Use the clue on the sheet to unlock the locked door.
  107. </spoiler>
  108. <b>Think in 3D</b>
  109. <spoiler>
  110. Collect the two cubes behind the door. They hide a three-digit password.
  112. <spoiler>
  113. The clue is the picture next to the lion painting. Unwrap the cube as shown, where the face with the white letter should match the white square, etc.
  114. <spoiler>
  115. It should read:
  116. <code>
  117. __N
  118. _TI
  119. OHN
  120. NRE
  121. EE
  122. _E
  123. </code>
  124. Or, 139.
  125. </spoiler>
  126. </spoiler>
  128. Use the password on the highest drawer of the computer desk. Take the cuboid inside.
  130. Set your cubes and cuboid in an appropriate place.
  132. <spoiler>
  133. Set your cubes inside the wall niche where the sheep are. The white sides of the blocks should read "EXIT".
  134. </spoiler>
  136. Shut the doors.
  137. </spoiler>
  138. <b>Escape!</b>
  139. </spoiler>
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