Half-Moon in Equestria 15

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  1. The first thing you notice, coming to, is that the place your in is freaking bright. Your raise a hand to cover your eyes, as you adjust to the light level. Opening your eyes just a bit, you look around and ask "How long have I been out?".
  2. The sounds immediately stop, before several weights come crashing into your chest, keeping you from sitting up. between the excited laughs and overall cheering you can make out that you have been unconcious for two days. When you can finaly see you can tell there is Rainbow dash, Pinkie pie, and of course Twilight sitting on your chest and lap.
  3. "Could you guys get off me please?" You ask, and they quickly oblige. Sitting up and turning so you are on teh edge of the bed, you notice you are still in your clothes, and you are uninjured. Finally getting a good look at your surroundings you see you are in a hospital room, surrounded by the mane 6 and the two Princesses.
  4. "It is good to see you have awakened Anonymous" Celestia says, looking over you "Oh, also congradulations on your victory. Even Trixie admitted she had lost".
  5. Slowly nodding, you admit "Trixie is quite skilled with magic. That last spell surprised me, there is nothing that alchemy that can match that very well". Your stomach decides this is a good tome to interupt, and speaks with a mighty grumble. "You guys think wo can go and get some lunch?".
  6. The girls, including the Princesses laugh, and Twilight says "No problem Anon, after that show its the least we can do".
  7. Everypony gets up and leaves, and you follow. Celestia signs you out of the hospital, and you procede to Sugarcube Corner. During the walk, everyone discuses their favourite parts of the show, most of them agree your last trick was beyond Awesome, but you do slide subtle compliments toward Trixies spells.
  8. Arriving at Sugarcube corner, Pinkie Immediately shoots into the back of the store, before coming out with a huge cake on a platter. Everypony works together to pull a few tables together to make room for all of you. Setting the cake down, Pinkie happily proclaims "I made it just for you after you beat Trixie".
  9. The first slice cut is handed to you, and everyone watches you take a bite.
  10. "Pinky" you say with your straightest face ever.
  11. "Yes?"
  12. "This cake"
  13. "Yes!?"
  14. "It is"
  15. "Yes!?!?" She is practically in your face by this point.
  16. "It is absolutely amazing! I cant believe you made something this good for me" You say as a smile rolls across your face.
  17. This causes Pinkie to start bouncing around the room at mach 1, happily squeaking "Yay! Yay! Yay!".
  18. Waving your hand, the others grab slices and start eating. Nopony says anything while they eat, enjoying the cake too much, until you stand up and say "Im soprry everypony, but I Remembered a prior engagement, and Im afraid I must deal with it. I will not be long if you wish to wait for me here".
  19. They all look at you quizically, but Celestia nods, and dismisses you with a wave of a hoof. Bowing out through the door, you notice that everypony is waving and cheering for you outside.
  20. Making your way to the showgrounds, you find the stage is gone, and there is a wagon with Trixies banner on it down the road. Walking there, you draw some stares, but none question you.
  21. Knocking on the door, you are responded with "The Great and Powerful Trixie demands to know who interrupts her planning time".
  22. 'Thats hardly a polite way to greet somepony' you think to yourself, before calling out "I am here to complete our deal Trixie, so if you would be so kind as to let me in, we can discuss my prize".
  23. The sound of hurried cleaning comes from inside, before the door opens to reveal Trixie in full wizards garb.
  24. "Finaly" Trixies excalims "Trixie was wondering when you were going to come finish the deal. Trixie does hate to have unfinished deals linger". Motioning you inside, she sits down at a low table, and indicates for you to close the door and do the same.
  25. Sitting down, you say "Firstly, I must say your magic is quite impressive, although I cant say I have seen much unicorn magic." Trixie swells up a bit, and flushes a light pink as you say this. "However, I did also hear about the last time you visited Ponyville. Ulimately I dont believe the entire fault rests on your shoulders, but your attitude to others leaves much to be desired." As you say this a mix of emotions run across her face. "Dont take offence to this, but if you could get along better with others, you could easily the best showpony in Equestria".
  26. This startles her a bit, making her close her eyes in concentration. After a minute she speaks up. "Trixie was wondering if you would be willing to teach her how to use your human magic?" Saying this, she blushes somewhat, and lowers her head, as if in shame.
  27. This question throws you off balance for a moment, before you grin and say "Actually Trixie, I planned on using my "Prize" to get you to be my apprentice, but since you wish to, I will use it instead to have you help me prepare for teaching you and my other soon to be apprentice."
  28. She looks at you indignantly, before sighing "Trixie accepts your condition".
  29. Pulling out a piece of paper, you sketch a map showing the location of the field. Handing it to her, you say "Meet me here after lunch, and we will prepare for your training which begins tommorow."
  30. She nods, Magicing the paper away. you turn to leave, and Trixie asks "Who is the other that the Great and Powerful Trixie will be learning with?"
  31. You shake your head, and say "Not going to tell, just like im not going to tell them who they are going to be learning with, until it starts".
  32. Leaving the wagon, you make your way back to Sugarcobe Corner. You see the girls sitting around outside, and the Princesses have apparently left.
  33. "Im back" you say, walking up.
  34. "Hey Anon, Howdit go? Were they mad? did they forgive you? are you in trouble with them? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Pinkie asks bouning around in typical Pinkie fasion.
  35. "It went fine, in fact, better than expected". You sigh, sitting down. The bundle of energy that is Pinkie Pie is bouncing around. "Twilight, I feel I should hav etold you earlier, but there will be another pony who will be studying with you."
  36. "Oooh, who is it? is is one of the Princesses?, or maybe its one of you guys?"Twilight exclaims, much akin in energy to Pinkie. Perhaps Pinkies energy is contagious.
  37. "I cannot tell you, your identity will remain hidden from them, and theirs from you, untill training starts." You explain cryptically.
  38. "What kinda training are we talking about?" Rainbow asks, looking from Twilight to you.
  39. "Anon here is gonna be trainin our Twi in the arts o Alchemy. Ain't that right Twi."
  40. Twilight nods, her excitement level dropping nary a smidge, knowing she is going to be learning something completely new starting tommorow.
  41. "Mr Anon? Is this training particularly dangerous?" Fluttershy quietly asks, barely heard above Pinkies bouncing.
  42. "I can guarantee she wont be seriously injured, but she will likely suffer from scrapes, bruises and other minor injuries during the course of training. Actually if the rest of you want, it would be most helpfull if you guys assisted me with parts of their training."
  43. Looking between themselves, the five agree, and say "Sure, we'll help, What do you need us to do?"
  44. "I will explain later, I wont need your help for a couple days at least, so dont worry to much about it. Okay."
  45. Pinkie Pie looks up at the clock and gasps "Is it lunch time already, I beter get making us lunch. Anything in particular you want Anon?"
  46. Pondering for a bit, a wicked smile crosses your face as you say "Steak"
  47. All of the girls jaws, save Twilights, drop. She merely gasps.
  48. You burst out laughing before saying "Im kidding guys. Anything you want to make sounds fine by me Pinkie".
  49. Fluttershy, who is completely hidden behind her mane asks "You don't really eat meat do you Mr Anon?"
  50. "Yes I do, but because your kind doesnt eat meat, I will refrain from eating any meat from something that was living while here".
  51. This seems to put the girls at ease, before Rainbow dash speaks up "Whats it like? Eating meat I mean?".
  52. Looking around, you see Fluttershy go pale, Rarity and Applejack look disgusted, and twilight has pulled out a notepad, and has a quil waiting at the ready.
  53. "We should discus this some other time Dash, I wouldnt want anypony losing their appetite because of me."
  54. The girls all look relieved, save Dash and Twilight, who look a little dissapointed.
  55. Lunch passes uneventfully, and you leave to go meet Trixie for Pretraining work.
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