High class whore

Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. >You are anonymous
  2. >and you are just coming back from another date with Meisa
  3. >the high class mothpony and you have been going out for a while now
  4. >as you walk her to her door Meisa turns to you and looks at you with a seductive look in her eyes
  5. "Anonymous, you have been a true gentleman and this has been amazing. Come in, the night is still young and I do not wish for it to end yet..,."
  6. >you feel your heartbeat picking up as you hope that her previous comment meant what you are wishing for it to mean
  7. >the two of you make way to her living room and you sit down
  8. "So, what would you like Anonymous?"
  9. >"A blowjob"
  10. >you threw it out as a joke, but as you were about to say just kidding, Meisa smiled at you and licked her lips
  11. >...
  12. >oh shit it's really happening
  13. >Meisa walks to you while starring into your eyes with those seducing eyes of hers
  14. >as her hoof zips your fly down your dick springs into action and grows semi-hard faster than you could ever have believed it could
  15. >Meisa pulls your dick out through your underwear opening and caresses it with her hoof while rubbing her cheek against it lovingly
  16. "You have been an absolute gentleman Anonymous, and it is time I pay you back for it~"
  17. >you did not think her eyes could not get any more bedroomy but they do and you start to sweat as it feels like the temperature just jumped up
  18. >your dick now in full erection, Meisa looks you dead in the eyes while she opens her mouth as wide as she can, strings of drool connecting her jaws and teeth
  19. >you feel her hot breath on your glands as she takes you into her mouth
  20. >her hot, wet, warm walls of the inside of her mouth surround your member as her luscious lips squeeze onto it and she slides her head down, taking all of it deep into her mouth and throat, never breaking eye contact as a blush of arousal dons her cheeks
  21. >you rest your head against the backrest of the humongous leather recliner you are sitting on as Meisa bops her head up and down, letting out subtle sounds of enjoyment
  22. >you look back at Meisa as she stops and pulls her head back and lets go of your member
  23. "Anonymous, I want you to hold my head and use my mouth"
  24. >"Are you sure, I mean you are doing a good job as it is..."
  25. "Anon, I want you to use my mouth like I'm a cheap whore you picked up from the side of the street."
  26. >Meisa now pulls herself closer to your face, her voice dripping with arousal
  27. "It get's me so wet..."
  28. >You stare at Meisa as she keeps looking at you with her bedroom eyes and bites her lower lip teasingly
  29. >you grasp her head into your hands and position her near your now throbbing member
  30. >she looks at it in enjoyment and opens her mouth as wide as she can, letting her tongue hang out as hot drool drips down from its tip
  31. >you push her head down hard, sliding your cock deep into her throat
  32. >the sliding motion feels like pure bliss as Meisa gags a bit on your member
  33. >without giving her the chance to properly brace herself for more, you pull her head away and then slam it back down with brute force
  34. >Meisa looks like she's a bit in pain, but the blush and the look in her eyes tell you to keep going and not daring to stop until you are satisfied
  35. >you pull out completely and get up as Meisa sits down onto the floor, her head at your crotch level, mouth open and hungrily expecting for more
  36. >and you start to facefuck Meisa with all of your strength
  37. >Meisa starts to struggle for breath as fresh tears smudge her mascara down her cheeks
  38. >drool and unidentified slime drips down her chin as you keep pounding her sloppy mouth without mercy
  39. >the air is filled with lewd sounds as your testicles slap against Meisas chin as Meisa lets out gurgles every now and then
  40. >it feels intense and empowering as Meisa keeps starring you in the eyes, never breaking eye contact
  41. >her usual elegant appearance ruined and her behavior very out of place for her, but it feels so arousing to you
  42. >you quicken your pace even more as you feel the familiar buildup of pressure in your member
  43. >you push it in as deep as you can and hold Meisas head still as you unload deep into her throat
  44. >Meisa starts coughing and some of your seed shoots out of her nostrils, but even now not pulling back
  45. >you let go and pull out, trails of mucus and sperm connecting your member and Meisas open mouth as she pants and gasps for air
  46. >you sit back down into the recliner as Meisa wipes her face a bit before flying into your lap and purring in pleasure
  47. "Oh Anon, make me your high class whore~"
  48. >and for the rest of the night, that is exactly what you did and she loved every dirty minute of it
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