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Aug 16th, 2018
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  1. 1.3 Changelog:
  3. -The Readme has been updated to reflect new credits and to remove/add some known bugs, and give instructions on how to uninstall the mod. An additional Readme has also been included to go over the Rebalanced 12 Jobs version of the mod. Some folks were wondering what other mods I've done as well, so I've included a page that links to some of my other projects.
  5. -The PS2 License Board can now be used without issue.
  7. -A version of the mod has been included that rebalances each of the 12 original jobs for TZA's dual job system. A Readme has been included with details on each of the jobs, and the old Tweaked 12 Jobs version is being phased out. No further updates will make changes to that version. However, if you want to switch over to the new Rebalanced 12 Jobs version, you would just need to use Cheat Engine to reset your LP and License choices and go from there. The Tweaked 12 Jobs version will no longer be included with future updates to reduce download size.
  9. -If using the Struggle for Freedom Boards, each character now gets an additional License as a bonus upon obtaining one of their Espers. This means they'll get an additional Gambit Slot and a bonus License. Each bonus License has been carefully chosen to best fit the character's canon roles as seen throughout the series, or was chosen in a way to increase the character's synergy with their Espers.
  11. -Vaan gets Shields 3 (Golden Shield/Ice Shield/Flame Shield) through Adrammelech and Guns 5 (Spica/Antares) through Chaos, allowing him to evade tank a little better and swap Shields on the fly to help against Fire and Ice damage, while using mid-game Guns to pierce enemy Defense when Daggers/Ninja Blades aren't cutting it.
  13. -Penelo gets Time Magick 1 (Slow/Immobilize) through Zalera and HP +435 through Ultima, allowing Penelo to have a slight array of survival debuffs at her disposal.
  15. -Balthier gets Spellbound through Famfrit and Time Magick 5 (Stop/Bleed) through Cuchulainn, allowing him to better receive buffs through Famfrit and Stop enemies, allowing his slow Gun attacks to be slightly more useful.
  17. -Fran gets Ether Lore through Mateus and Crossbows 3 (Hunting Crossbow/Penetrator Crossbow), allowing her to become slightly better at restoring MP and contribute to a party's DPS a little better against late-game elementally resistant enemies.
  19. -Basch gets Green Magick 1 (Decoy/Oil) through Belias and Accessories 9 (Amber Armlet/Black Belt) through Hashmal, allowing him to better tank for the party while boosting Belias' damage and AI through Oil, and allowing him to continue his assault by becoming immune to Immobilize/Disable.
  21. -Ashe gets White Magick 4 (Cura/Raise) through Exodus and Shell Shield through Zeromus, allowing her to act as more of a Red Mage with her additional spells as well as giving her some minor AoE healing, while allowing her to trade the Genji Shield's physical defenses with Shell Shield's magickal defenses.
  23. -Demon Wall (Strong) now drops a Demonsbane.
  25. -Lindbur Wolf now has the Assassin's Dagger as a Drop, rather than the Chopper found in prior versions.
  27. -White Robes and Black Robes have been rebalanced and no longer boost elements, rather, White Robes focuses more on Resistance and Black Robes focuses more on Magick.
  29. -Seitengrat's stats are no longer bugged.
  31. -Kumbha now no longer ignores Licenses.
  33. -Chirijiraden should now be properly stealable from Gabranth in the Pharos.
  35. -Ardor has had a slight increase in power.
  37. -Darkga's animation has been reverted to increase the speed of the spell.
  39. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga have had their power increased to match their original TZA levels.
  41. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga have had their MP decreased to match their original TZA levels.
  43. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga now have 6 AoE, rather than 8 (Dark/Darkga) and 4 (Darkra).
  45. -Dark Mote is now AoE, to match the regular Dark spell.
  47. -Decoy now has 100% accuracy.
  49. -Painflare's animation has been changed to properly be AoE.
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