#NextSec - Statement on the @JustBatCat Situation

Feb 6th, 2013
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  1. The following is a statement about the @JustBatCat outting done by #NextSec; @NextSecOfficial @NextSecBaws @CassandraRules @primusdomina
  4. We felt it was about time for us to compose a complete statement on the current situation of dealing with @JustBatCat, especially since he has been reaching out to media outlets recently in an attempt to egofag.
  7. @JustBatCat did NOT out himself. He was outted when a throwaway account called @JustPigCat belonging to @NextSecOfficial was sending around a picture of JBC. He has never talked about outting himself until a few minutes after that picture was sent around. Once he started talking about outting himself, @NextSecOfficial posted his entire D0X on twitter (will post the D0X at the end of this statement). All information acquired during this operation was given to #NextSec by @CassandraRules. Cassandra stayed with JBC while she was on her way to Washington DC for the rally in support of Aaron Swartz. JBC and Cassandra have been in correspondence for quite sometime now. JBC admitted to her on numerous occasions that he is anti-anon, a FED, has been selling Anons out to the FEDs (including Commander X), that he never cared about #OpRollRedRoll and the victims of rape, and that he is a supporter of rape in certain situations. This could not be tolerated so it was time to spring into action.
  9. @NextSecOfficial set up a blog ( in order to publish all evidence pertaining to this situation. The evidence on the blog is only part of what we have acquired. We have withheld some evidence from public eye as a precautionary measure, will be releasing little by little as time goes on.
  11. Now, it is time to squash the rumors of JBC being arrested. This is 100% false. A few days before this statement, @ChannelZeroYT tweeted that JBC was arrested and he was on a skype call with him when it happened. This was never confirmed to be true so, naturally, we went on as though he was still free. JBC has been logging into his okcupid account numerous times a day and has been creeping (looking) at numerous profiles while logged in, each time. We have picture evidence of this which will be posted up at a later date.
  13. Recently, JBC has been reaching out to media outlets that report in the Ohio Valley area. This is an attempt at famewhoring and egofagging and will not be tolerated. JBC has stated in one of his interviews that he figured it was time to out himself. Well, that is false.
  15. #NextSec will be sending this statement to numerous media outlets around the Ohio Valley and nationwide. We would like everyone to spread it around twitter or facebook in order to set the record straight on some rumors that have been going around. Thank you
  18. Blog with the Evidence:
  22. @JustBatCat D0X (posted first by @NextSecOfficial on 31 January 2013 on twitter)
  23. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. Name: Noah McHugh
  27. Age: 22 years old
  29. DOB: 10/27/90
  31. Cell Phone Number: 757-418-1622
  33. Address: 603 14th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  37. Twitter: @justbatcat @noahinvirgina
  39. Instagram: noahmchugh
  41. Website:
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