Vexd - For better or for worse

Jan 8th, 2015
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  1. Original paste:
  4. For better or worse, you agreed to Cheese Leg's request
  5. >the heavy dose on pheromones she pumped into the room to the point you were borderline shitfaced might have had something to do with it
  6. >wasting no time, Chrysalis moved in and planted a sloppy kiss tongue and all before you could protest
  7. >not that you were going to
  8. >tasted kinda like gooey mint
  9. >not bad, not bad at-
  10. >wait, why was your mouth going numb?
  11. >you're entire body went limp as your body landed on the bed
  12. >you could see the grin on her face
  13. >"Don't worry, my little treat. It's only temporary"
  14. >she crawled over your immobile form towards your face, grinning
  15. >the paralyzing venom still dripping from her front fangs
  16. >"Now then, lets begin"
  17. >her horn glowing she telekinetically rips your pants off, exposing your half flaccid "Lil Anon" to the Queen
  18. >"Hmm, good thing I numbed you when I did. Any more stiff and things might have gotten...uncomfortable for you"
  19. >wait, wha?
  20. >"But never mind that, on to business!"
  21. >and with that, she began to lubricate the entirety of your length with her tongue
  22. >and while you could see all this from your perspective
  23. >you could feel a bit of it or "react" to it
  24. >damnit
  25. >she then slowly guided her forked tongue back up to your tip
  26. >the pink prongs feeling towards the entrance
  27. >what in the world was she-
  28. >and with an abrupt thrust, she jammed her tongue down your urethra
  29. >you had to cast your eyes up at this point
  30. >your drugged brain didn't want to process what was taking place
  31. >you could hear a sound
  32. >like someone dry heaving
  33. >and with crescendo, you could hear what sounded like her vomiting
  34. >but no sound of it hitting the sheets
  35. >what immediately registered was a terrifying sense of pressure building down low
  36. >morbid curiosity made you steal a glance
  37. >your eyes immediately shot back up
  38. >your member was grossly engorged
  39. >leaking some green substance
  40. >her tongue pumping it down in heaves
  41. >jesuschirstwhatthefuckamIlookingat?
  42. >you wanted to yell, scream, anything
  43. >all you could do was lay there
  44. >the sense of pressure down there building
  45. >oh god, you're going to rupture
  46. >the noise continued
  47. >just when the pressure became near unbearable, it all stopped
  48. >with a slurping sound, cheese legs retracted her tongue
  49. >some off the green junk leaking out
  50. >"Annd done, lets see how you handle one"
  51. >she leaned in close again
  52. >"and remember, to give it lots and lots of love"
  53. >and with one final kiss, your brain switched off
  54. >hours later
  55. >your eyes slowly fluttered open
  56. >what the hell did you do last night?
  57. >foggy memories began to reconnect
  58. >drinks
  59. >chatting with a hot mare
  60. >suddenly cheese legs-
  61. >wait a minute
  62. >your eyes snap wide open and you throw back the bed sheets
  63. >you gasped
  64. >your junk was...well, fucked up looking
  65. >your "gems" looked twice their normal size with an unsettling teal tinge from whatever cheese legs had pumped inside
  66. >with a tentative feel, you give it a grope
  67. >you immediately retract the hand
  68. >it was still partially deadened but still sore
  69. >but that wasn't what caught your attention
  70. >you felt something solid in the midst of the goopy mass
  71. >you were at a lose for words
  72. >you flopped back on the bed
  73. >your balls painfully jiggle from the ripple in the bed
  74. >now what?
  75. >1 week later
  76. >you've gotten a bit of a rhythm despite your situation
  77. >which was simply hole up in your house and wait for this to blow over
  78. >your junk had gotten over sensitive in that time
  79. >So with the extra free time, you "fiddle around" a bit
  80. >However when it came time for an orgasm, nothing came out
  81. >whatever cheese legs had pumped you with was blocking the way
  82. >and each time, your sack got a fraction bigger
  83. >it had managed to go from the size of a softball to that of a grapefruit
  84. >that wasn't what made you stop however
  85. >about halfway through the week, you felt something squirming inside
  86. >most unsettling fucking thing of your life
  87. >you didn't dare go to a doctor
  88. >for all you knew you'd wind up in the pony equivalent of Area 51
  89. >so here you were
  90. >laying in the bed
  91. >starring at the wobbling mass between your thighs
  92. >you were apprehensively hoping Bug Queen would show up and at the very least explain what the hell she did to you
  93. >hoping wasn't going to make it happen sadly
  94. >starring at your engorged junk, your libido started to taunt you
  95. >but it was currently attached to a jiggling mass of green
  96. >still....maybe just One more Ole Fashion
  97. >giving your junk one last good working, you collapsed back flat on the bed
  98. >you could "finish" all the way, but it did provide some sense of relief
  99. >laying there panting, you felt a throbbing down low again
  100. >like someone was stimulating you
  101. >you looked down, half expecting Chrysalis to be down there
  102. >it was just you and your junk
  103. >which was currently twitching
  104. >you reach but before you can make contact, your overly engorged scrotum clenched, sending a ripple of twisted pain and pleasure
  105. >you flop your head back on the bed panting
  106. >what the hell was happening ?
  107. >another clenching sensation racked your scrotum
  108. >this time you felt something give followed by a wet sensation
  109. >looking down, you saw green stuff leaking out
  110. >and you were at full mast
  111. >you gritted your teeth as the sensation came sooner and sooner
  112. >suddenly, your body auto-gasmed
  113. >when it subsided, you felt a sense of pressure in your urethra
  114. >looking down, you saw a knotted mass at the base of your Lil Anon
  115. >another orgasm rocked you
  116. >the mass grew in size
  117. >and it was slowly traveling up your length
  118. >you gave the sheets a deathgrib as the orgasms came one after the other
  119. >the building pressure was driving you insane
  120. >you felt a sudden shift in weight
  121. >peeking though strained eyes, you saw your length swollen to disturbing proportions
  122. >and it was moving
  123. >yep, keeping the eyes shut
  124. >the pressure was beginning to become unbearable
  125. >the small tinges of pain were starting to become stronger
  126. >it felt like something was about to rip
  127. >and then, you felt something give
  128. >not opening em, not opening em
  129. >you heard something squeak
  130. >you opened your eyes
  131. >what you saw what the most bizarre display of cuteness
  132. >emerged halfway out of your junk, was a changeling nymph starring at you with it's big blue eyes
  133. >it looked like it wasn't sure whether it was supposed to cry or not
  134. >oh so carefully, you reached out and cupped under the baby's arms
  135. >taking a sharp breath, you gave a mighty tug, and pulled the remainder of the nymph out of your body
  136. >a torrent of green goop gushing out behind it
  137. >with the cold air hitting the infant full force, it finally resorted to crying
  138. "shh, I got you"
  139. >carefully, you grabbed one of the few blankets that wasn't coated in goop and bundled up the changeling
  140. >you were still dumbfounded by all this,
  141. >but at least it was over
  142. >sorta
  143. "Everything's going to be fine" you say to the small thing as it finally quiets down and snuggles up again you
  144. "at least after I have a few words with your mother"
  145. 3 days pass
  146. >the swelling has finally gone down
  147. >the green goop seemed to be responsible
  148. >you nymph has since grown to the pony equivalent of a toddler
  149. >you were also going to need to figure out how to feed a changeling
  150. >right on time, cue Chrysalis barging into your home again
  151. >"Oh Anon, I'm hooome! Now where's that bundle of-"
  152. >she stopped as she popped her head in the kitchen
  153. >you had your nymph is a highstool
  154. >trying to the classic "airplane" method of trying to get your nymph to eat
  155. >it's only response is to look away in disgust
  156. >Cheese Legs stared at the spectacle for a moment before bursting out laughing
  157. >you finally noticed her
  158. "What?"
  159. >"Don't you know anything about changelings?"
  160. "I know this little guy hasn't eaten since he popped out"
  161. >"You dolt, changelings aren't supposed to eat physical food. They feed on love"
  162. >She levitated the nymph towards herself
  163. >"Here, let me show you"
  164. >she look like she was about to exhale on him when she stopped and seemed to inspect the baby closer
  165. >"Odd, this nymph isn't hungry"
  166. "What do you mean?"
  167. >the Queen gave her progeny a sniff before leaning towards you and giving another
  168. >She quipped an eyebrow
  169. >"Interesting. He's been feeding off your love"
  170. "Really?"
  171. >"Yes, all those times you held him, calmed him, maybe hummed something to him. It all gives off love."
  172. "Well, so much for buying all that baby food"
  173. >The queen was still looking at the changeling nymph
  174. >"Genuine love...." she looked back at you
  175. >"You really care about this child, don't you?"
  176. "Well, he DID kinda pop out of me"
  177. >"An actual bond..." she seemed to be weighing something in her mind
  178. >"I was going to take him back with me, but...."
  179. >she levitated the child back into your arms
  180. >the nymph immediately buried his face in your chest
  181. >"I think he might be better off in your care, at least more healthy anyway"
  182. "Any other sage advice you have for changelings?"
  183. >"Just keep him inside until he starts trying to shape shift. Just show him a picture of a pony, he can do the rest"
  184. >she was heading for the door
  185. "Wait"
  186. >she glanced over her shoulder at you
  187. "Why did you do all this? Why me specifically?"
  188. >"Why?"
  189. >She pondered for a moment before she donned a toothy grin
  190. >"Because I could....and I could do it again"
  191. >it took a second for you to register what she was offering to you
  192. >Again
  193. "Maybe some other time"
  194. >"Suit yourself"
  195. >and like that, she was gone
  197. >You are Anon
  198. >father to a changeling under some of the strangest of circumstances
  199. >and you couldn't be happier
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