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Apr 25th, 2019
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  2. MylaNyxToday at 2:00 AM
  3. can i tell u something
  4. BrokenHaloToday at 2:00 AM
  5. of course
  6. MylaNyxToday at 2:01 AM
  7. i wasnt asking her to spy in the office. i didnt even know yall was in there
  8. i was talkin about the club
  9. BrokenHaloToday at 2:01 AM
  10. she said you asked her to in shop
  11. z
  12. MylaNyxToday at 2:01 AM
  13. bcuz i left
  14. thinking u n addi were coming back
  15. i asked her to tell me if you said anything in the club bcuz id left when u came
  16. BrokenHaloToday at 2:02 AM
  17. oh
  18. MylaNyxToday at 2:02 AM
  19. yeah
  20. BrokenHaloToday at 2:02 AM
  21. she said the office
  22. MylaNyxToday at 2:02 AM
  23. no
  24. i didnt even fucking know yall were in there
  25. BrokenHaloToday at 2:03 AM
  26. may be she midsunderstood.
  27. MylaNyxToday at 2:03 AM
  28. but she said she wasnt like that and that she didnt like i was asking that....
  29. buuut then told you everything i said
  30. kinda a double standard
  31. i just wanted to vent to her
  32. but she went off on me
  33. BrokenHaloToday at 2:04 AM
  34. thats the only thing she said
  35. MylaNyxToday at 2:04 AM
  36. thats when i joined back to the club
  37. thats really the only thing that got said..
  38. ouside of her thinking i was joking about taking the pills and being a bitch about it
  39. but i wasnt being a bitch
  40. id never joke about that
  41. another thing, i know i havent been on a pole.
  42. you weren't wrong about that
  43. but ,its now an excuse, if i cant have my full attention on the club i shouldn't be on a pole
  44. not*
  45. i have a lot going on
  46. just really needed my girls tonight
  47. im sorry you lost beast
  48. bcuz of me, inevitably
  49. BrokenHaloToday at 2:09 AM
  50. oh well.
  51. this isn't our first rodeo
  52. MylaNyxToday at 2:09 AM
  53. but i never thought tonight would have went the way it did
  54. BrokenHaloToday at 2:09 AM
  55. and it kind of tells me that he wasnt that real of a friend in the first place, if he could leave so easily and quickly
  56. MylaNyxToday at 2:09 AM
  57. i see how you can feel that way, i really do.
  58. but i lost all my friends tonight
  59. and it sucks
  60. BrokenHaloToday at 2:11 AM
  61. you didn't lose us.
  62. we're still going to be here for you.
  63. MylaNyxToday at 2:12 AM
  64. yall were literally all i had, and one wrong word fucked me up
  65. its not going to be the same halo
  66. and you know that
  67. BrokenHaloToday at 2:12 AM
  68. I do know that...
  69. but
  70. when you came in and dropped that 4 line entrance into the club...neuter, jewels and I all agreed that that wasn't you.
  71. you've been different for a long time. much different than the myla I met. and it's not always a bad thing. at all.
  72. and it's not a huge's just not the same, and I understand that people need to evolve
  73. MylaNyxToday at 2:13 AM
  74. that was me, the hurt me. the person i have to be when no one has my back and i feel alone.
  75. BrokenHaloToday at 2:14 AM
  76. then who was that when you said you popped pain pills.
  77. MylaNyxToday at 2:14 AM
  78. tylenooolll
  79. BrokenHaloToday at 2:14 AM
  80. Myla..I don't know if you know this...but I died twice when I was 2 from an overdose.
  81. but when you say pain pills...people assume that it's a narcotic.
  82. MylaNyxToday at 2:14 AM
  83. acidomeniphen or however its spelled
  84. BrokenHaloToday at 2:14 AM
  85. acetomenophen.
  86. z
  87. close
  88. whatever
  89. MylaNyxToday at 2:14 AM
  90. yea
  91. BrokenHaloToday at 2:15 AM
  92. has a pharm tech certification and can't spell it
  93. lol
  94. MylaNyxToday at 2:15 AM
  95. like no one asked me what kind
  96. no one said
  97. are u ok
  98. just spazzed on me
  99. BrokenHaloToday at 2:15 AM
  100. a lot of people don't really consider tylenol to be a :pain pill"
  101. MylaNyxToday at 2:16 AM
  102. thats all i know
  103. ive never had narcotics
  104. BrokenHaloToday at 2:16 AM
  105. like people literally call it tylenol
  106. z
  107. MylaNyxToday at 2:16 AM
  108. outside of my kids being born
  109. but i took all of them as precribed
  110. BrokenHaloToday at 2:16 AM
  111. I used to pop pills...recreationally...
  112. MylaNyxToday at 2:16 AM
  113. ive never been a pill popper
  114. BrokenHaloToday at 2:16 AM
  115. it was a really bad time in my life.
  116. MylaNyxToday at 2:17 AM
  117. iwas a cutter
  118. a silent one
  119. i kept it from my family until i was 21
  120. i dont need fucking false suicide attention
  121. thats not me
  122. BrokenHaloToday at 2:18 AM
  123. my cousins daughter..she's currently in inpatient rehab...because she's been cutting...she got out for a holiday or something..and my cousin left her in the car for a minute, and while she ran into a gas station, her daughter found pills and took them all.
  124. MylaNyxToday at 2:18 AM
  125. ive never been suicidal until i was with my ex. but thats not the point
  126. BrokenHaloToday at 2:19 AM
  127. point is...tylenol with alcohol...can literally burn holes in your stomach.
  128. MylaNyxToday at 2:19 AM
  129. even if that was what happened tonight you really think someone in that position needs to be demoted?
  130. BrokenHaloToday at 2:19 AM
  131. and we absolutely LOVE the fucking shit out of you myla.
  132. the last thing we want to see, is you hurting yourself, even if it's unintentional.
  133. MylaNyxToday at 2:19 AM
  134. to be ganged up on
  135. i hear yall
  136. but basically kicking me when im down didnt solve shit
  137. made me feel worse halo
  138. i fucking needed yall
  139. BrokenHaloToday at 2:20 AM
  140. no, but with 3 of us having triggers from it, i had every intention of talking to you about it tomorrow, when you sobered up.
  141. i wasn't going to leave you high and dry.
  142. not at all.
  143. MylaNyxToday at 2:20 AM
  144. tomorrow
  145. shits said and done
  146. im demoted... i quit bcuz that shits embarresing as fuck
  147. it was a wrong word or 2... triggers versus caring about me enough to make sure im ok
  148. which outwieghs the other?
  149. BrokenHaloToday at 2:22 AM
  150. myla...saying shit like that in a public place...why didn't you pull me pc?
  151. MylaNyxToday at 2:22 AM
  152. shit like what?
  153. BrokenHaloToday at 2:22 AM
  154. pops pain pills
  155. that.
  156. MylaNyxToday at 2:23 AM
  157. cuz it was innocent
  158. think of it the way i meant it
  159. pops tylenol
  160. ''girls you ok?''
  161. yeah got a headache
  162. ''no more pills while you drinking''
  163. BrokenHaloToday at 2:24 AM
  164. I saw it as a cry for attention or help...and in that case, instead of in front of everyone, just whisper and be like hey I need to vent.
  165. MylaNyxToday at 2:24 AM
  166. okay
  167. but it wasnt
  168. literally was rping what i was doing
  169. you aren't seeing my point here
  170. it was a huge misunderstanding. and im trying to tell you where if it WAS what u thought, which it wasn't, you handled it the wrong way
  171. BrokenHaloToday at 2:26 AM
  172. I do understand that.
  173. MylaNyxToday at 2:26 AM
  174. it was just me saying damn i cant type but i need to take some medicine cuz my head hurting like a mofo
  175. and my shit got jumped
  176. then neutie jumped at me
  177. in shop
  178. BrokenHaloToday at 2:27 AM
  179. okay so look at it from my perspective...being a Pharmacy Technician....
  180. you SAID pain pills...
  181. what's going to automatically pop into my head though?
  182. MylaNyxToday at 2:28 AM
  183. then yall were all quiet but talking about me in the office apparently
  184. buuut you didnt ask
  185. thats my point
  186. assumptions can fuck any person up
  187. BrokenHaloToday at 2:28 AM
  188. oh for sure.
  189. MylaNyxToday at 2:29 AM
  190. just like you assumed i was the one who sent the ss to nick bc my name was cut off
  191. remember?
  192. BrokenHaloToday at 2:29 AM
  193. yeah i remember.
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