My Little Pony: Reliving the Magic(By TMPONY)

Jun 5th, 2014
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  2. My Little Pony: Reliving the Magic
  4. >There's a bright flash of light and you wake up on the floor of Golden Oaks Library
  5. >A purple pony with cute bangs is looking down on you in awe
  6. "Twilight...?"
  7. >"Wow! I can't believe the summoning spell worked! But how do you know my name?"
  8. >Pretty sure you read this greentext on /mlp/ before
  9. >You sit up, holding your pounding, groggy head
  10. >You sigh and take a deep breath
  11. "Your spell brought me here from another world. In my world, stories of your adventures... the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her friends... they're told in a television show."
  12. >"A what?"
  13. "It’s like... you have film projectors, right?”
  14. >Of course they do.
  15. >Episode 48: Hurricane Fluttershy.
  16. >You have a freakishly good memory of the show.
  17. >Makes sense, since you are pretty obsessed with it.
  18. “I know all about you and your adventures. You and your friends use the magic of friendship to accomplish many awesome things. Stopping Discord... Saving the Crystal Empire... Becoming a princess...”
  19. >Suddenly, there's a sinking feeling in your chest.
  20. >You jump to your feet and sidestep around Twilight
  21. >nowings.jpg
  22. >Also, Golden Oaks Library was destroyed at the end of Season 4
  23. >Your heart starts pounding
  24. >You grab her
  25. "What... WHICH EPISODE IS THIS?"
  26. >She shoves you away
  27. >”What the heck are you talking about?! I...”
  28. >She slumps down onto the floor and tears start to form in her eyes
  29. >”I don’t have any friends.”
  30. >Your eyes grow wide
  31. >It’s the beginning of Friendship is Magic part 1.
  32. >WhathaveIdone.jpg
  34. >You nervously pace a in a circle around the room
  35. >Shitshitshitshit this is bad
  36. >Have I ruined the spacetime continuum or some shit by spoiling the future?
  37. >Twilight watches you carefully with fear in her eyes
  38. >"Why... why are you upset? Aren't you here to help me? I summoned you to help me..."
  39. "With?"
  40. >"...Nightmare Moon."
  41. >You sigh and resume your pacing
  42. >Think, Anon, think
  43. >Living in a happy land of colorful talking ponies has always been your dream
  44. >You're not about to let it be ruined by eternal darkness and sad ponies
  45. >And here Twilight is, summoning you instead of making friends in Episode 1
  46. >Damn it Celestia, you could've told her why she needs to make friends!
  47. >No, it has to be unplanned. Candid.
  48. >She has to genuinely make friends with the others, without having a motive
  49. >OK, Anon, you can fix this
  50. "Who's handling the Summer Sun Celebration preparations?"
  51. >"I sent Spike out to go take care of them so I could come here and try to figure out a plan."
  52. "How long ago?"
  53. >"About thirty minutes."
  54. >You grab her by the shoulder and head for the door
  55. "We have to find him. Now."
  56. >You bust out the door and start heading down the street in search of the nearest mane 6
  57. >Ponyville is just like you've always imagined it.
  58. >It's magical
  59. >But if you fuck this up it won't stay this way for long
  61. >You spot Rainbow Dash lazing around on a nearby cloud
  62. >It's the only cloud, the sky is otherwise clear
  63. >Fuck
  64. "Hey, Rainbow Dash!"
  65. >She looks down to see who is calling her
  66. >She flips out at the sight of a human
  67. >"Whoa! A talking monkey!"
  68. "I'm not a talking monkey, I'm... never mind. Just call me Anon."
  69. >"Nice to meet you!"
  70. "Right. Look, I need to introduce you to my really awesome friend, Twilight Sparkle."
  71. >You gesture in Twilight's direction
  72. >She gives a sheepish smile and doesn't say anything
  73. >What is this? Is she Fluttershy now?
  74. >You look back at Rainbow
  75. "You guys should be friends."
  76. >There is an awkward silence
  77. >Rainbow shifts uncomfortably
  78. >"Yeah I gotta get back to clearing the sky. This one last cloud is a real pain. Bye!"
  79. >She flies away
  80. >Fuck
  81. >You notice a nearby mud puddle
  82. >Idea!
  83. >You shove Twilight down and she falls in the mud
  84. >"Hey! What the--?"
  85. "SHH!"
  86. >You cup your hand to your mouth and yell upward
  87. "Hey Rainbow Dash! Can you clean Twilight up?"
  88. >Rainbow stares at you blankly
  89. "With rain, or something?"
  90. >"Oh, sure! Coming right up!"
  91. >She uses her cloud to make dump some water on Twilight
  92. >Twilight looks pissed
  93. >She does the Rainblow Dry
  94. >Twilight looks pissed
  95. >You breathe a sigh of relief
  96. "Wow, look at how good of friends you are! Well anyway, got to go! Bye!"
  97. >You drag Twilight away
  98. >Twilight looks pissed
  100. >You're standing in an orchard at Sweet Apple Acres
  101. >Twilight's hair looks like shit
  102. >OK you may have done this in the wrong order
  103. >Maybe your memory of the show wasn't all that great
  104. >Whatever
  105. >You approach the food table and find some ponies cleaning up... dirty dishes
  106. >Fuck, you missed brunch
  107. >Suddenly it dawns on you
  108. >Doing it in the wrong order fucked up all of the timing
  109. >You missed Twilight's chance to meet Applejack
  110. "Um, excuse me? Has a little purple dragon come by here?"
  111. >Twilight's just decided to stay quiet and let you do all of the talking
  112. >She's confused enough as it is
  113. >That this human she summoned from another world just started marching around introducing her to people
  114. >"He was here a little while ago. He was checking on the food for the Summer--"
  115. "Good. Where's Applejack?"
  116. >"She went back to apple bucking."
  117. "Thanks."
  118. >You storm off
  119. >Twilight hesitates
  120. >You turn and wave her on
  121. "COME ON!"
  122. >The two of you climb to the top of a hill
  123. >You gaze over the vast rolling fields of Sweet Apple Acres
  124. >Acres and acres covered in a dense canopy of apple treetops
  125. >Orangehat could be anywhere
  126. >Fuck everything
  128. >The sun is already starting to go down
  129. >You've been wandering around the farm for hours
  130. >You never realized it was so big from watching the show
  131. >You wanted to die the third time you circled around the future CMC clubhouse
  132. >Your feet hurt
  133. >Twilight looks tired and bored
  134. >Welp, good job, Anon, you single handedly fucked up all of FiM continuity
  135. >It could've been a perfect world but nope
  136. >Now it's going to be nighttime eternal and all of the mane 6 are going to be enslaved
  137. >And it's all your fault
  138. >Suddenly, you spot a bit of orange in the distance
  139. >Applejack carrying a bucket of apples
  140. >You break into a sprint, screaming
  142. >She was always your waifu but you never thought you'd be this happy to see her
  143. >Tears streaming from your eyes as you approach her
  144. >She freaks and bucks you in the chest
  145. >You fly backwards into a tree and hit your head
  146. >You black out
  148. >You come to
  149. >You're back in Golden Oaks Library, on the bed
  150. >"Anon?"
  151. >Twilight is there looking down on you once again
  152. >"Anon! You're awake!"
  153. >She smiles and sits back on her haunches
  154. >"I'm so glad you're all right."
  155. "How...?"
  156. >"I carried you back from the farm after that crazy mare kicked you."
  157. >Uh oh
  158. >"You must've startled her pretty badly! I guess she'd never seen a human before. Nobody has."
  159. >You close your eyes
  160. >"So I carried you back to the library. Some random pony was here trying to throw a welcome party but I kicked them out so you can get some rest."
  161. >Wow, way to fuck it up even more, Twilight
  162. >Still, if you hadn't acted like some autistic faggot back there with Applejack, this wouldn't have happened
  163. "I'm such an idiot..."
  164. >"I don't think you're an idiot, Anon! Besides, don't worry. We won't have to talk to her any more."
  165. >Great
  166. >"Because you're gonna tell me exactly what's going on."
  167. >GREAT
  169. >You gaze into Twilight's eyes
  170. "I'm from the future."
  171. >"You're from the FUTURE?"
  172. "Yes, and--"
  173. >"I can't believe time travel is really possible! How did you, I mean, I figure it out?"
  174. >God damn it Twilight
  175. >Wrong episode
  176. "Listen. You've been right all along about Nightmare Moon. She's going to appear in the morning before dawn."
  177. >Twilight gasps
  178. >"I knew it! But... what do we do?"
  179. >She looks at you with puppy dog eyes
  180. >"Please..."
  181. >Don't do this to me, Twilight
  182. >Don't put the fate of your world in my hands
  183. "You're the one who summoned me, Twilight. You're the one who foresaw all of this. You have to be the one who defeats her. Not me. But I will tell you what to do."
  184. >She hesitates
  185. >"OK. Tell me what I have to do."
  186. "Well, you have to--"
  187. >Wait, you can't tell her she needs to make friends with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy
  188. >If she knows about it, their friendship won't be real
  189. >And the Elements of Harmony won't work
  190. "...You have to do exactly as I tell you."
  192. >You had to harass a few ponies in the wee hours of the night but apparently a few of them were heading to a party.
  193. >Pinkie Pie probably decided to hold the all-night party at Sugarcube Corner instead of the library
  194. >You decide to bring Spike along
  195. >Not sure how he might help but what the hay
  196. >The three of you arrive at the front door of the place, where you're greeted by that familiar bouncy pink party pony
  197. >Her smile explodes into an even bigger smile at the sight of you
  198. >Your heart fucking melts
  199. >Time for a new waifu
  200. >Your last one fucked you up, anyway
  201. >"ANON! You're feeling better! Ohmygosh I'm so happy you're better! I was going to have a big welcome party for Twilight but--"
  202. "Don't worry, Pinkie, I heard the story. Thanks for being so considerate. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  203. >She ushers you inside, almost forgetting to invite Twilight and Spike in as well
  204. >It's crowded
  205. >You walk into the party with your usual swagger and all heads turn toward you
  206. >Damn, you still got it
  207. >Sure, they were all shocked by the sight of a human, but who cares
  208. >This is a party
  209. >You can do this
  210. >You went to parties all the time
  211. >Sure, you were introverted back home, but you can handle a party
  212. >You're not some autistic sperglord
  213. >You lean up against the punch table and grab a sip while you scan the room
  214. >Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, check
  215. >Wait
  216. >Where's yellowquiet
  217. "Hey, Pinkie Pie."
  218. >"Yeah Anon?"
  219. >she responds with extra bubbliness
  220. >Does she have a thing for you?
  221. >Nah she must do this with everyone
  222. >Don't fall for it
  223. "I heard about this really great pony named Fluttershy. Is she here?"
  224. >Pinkie Pie suddenly looks sad
  225. >Fuck, no
  226. >Fuck
  227. >Wait, Pinkie
  228. >It's not like that
  229. >"Umm, no. She was too shy to come."
  231. >You're social enough to party at a library but not at Sugarcube Corner?!
  232. >Wait, actually that makes a lot of sense
  234. >You call Twilight and Spike over
  235. "Okay, Twilight, you need to make friends with that white one over there."
  236. >You point at Rarity, hanging out with Vinyl Scratch over by the hors d'oeuvres
  237. >Twilight looks hesitant, but she trusts you
  238. >She has no other choice
  239. >No one else who can guide her
  240. >"Got it!"
  241. "Spike, I need you to help Twilight out. Be her wingman. I can count on you for that, right?"
  242. >Spike looks unsure of himself
  243. >But he agrees
  244. >"Yes, sir!"
  245. >He salutes you
  246. >Fucking adorable
  247. "Good. I need to run an errand. Don't worry, it's part of the mission. I'll be back soon. Keep the party alive."
  248. >Team Anon nods in understanding and wishes you luck
  249. >"Oooh, Oooh! What do I do?!"
  250. >Pinkie startles you and you nearly drop your cup of punch
  251. >She was eavesdropping
  252. "Pinkie! Um... I... I..."
  253. >She just looks at you intently
  254. "Just, go help Twilight. I need to..."
  255. >"Go get Fluttershy?" She says sadly
  256. >This pony is tearing your heartstrings out
  257. >Gah! Suck it up, Anon! Be a man!
  258. >When you're saving the world you might have to break a few hearts
  259. >You leave the party
  261. >As a grown man watching the show, you never thought the Everfree Forest was all that scary
  262. >Holy fuck is it scary
  263. >You think to yourself as you walk along the path alongside it, leading to Fluttershy's house
  264. >Now, you know you have to handle Fluttershy delicately if you're going to win her over and get her to come with you to the party
  265. >You've been going over it in your head again and again but still haven't come up with anything
  266. >You finally make it to the door but just stand there, frozen, trying to think about how to word it
  267. >All of the lights are off
  268. >She's probably asleep
  269. >If some strange talking monkey you've never met came to your door in the middle of the night and asked you to go with him to a party, would you go?
  270. >Well, maybe
  271. >But Fluttershy wouldn't, that's for sure
  272. >Ugh, you should've brought Pinkie Pie with you
  273. >She'd know what to do
  274. >But it took so long to walk here, there's no time to go back
  275. >You decided to just say fuck it and knock on the door a few times.
  276. >...
  277. >Nothing
  278. >You try again
  279. >Suddenly, a tiny crack in the door opens
  280. >It's a bear
  281. >You jump backwards and are paralyzed with fear
  282. >Welp, sorry I couldn't save Equestria
  283. >Didn't even get to score any hot pony ass
  284. >Is it sad that that's the thing you regret most?
  286. "Mr. Bear!" How rude! Please apologize!"
  287. >Fluttershy squeezes past the bear at the door and starts to walk forward
  288. >You see her wearing sexiest nightgown you've ever seen
  289. >She sees you trembling with fear on the ground, about to wet your pants
  290. >Pretty intimidating, I know
  291. >But she still turns bright red and runs back inside the house and closes it, embarrassed that you saw her in her nightwear
  292. >Guess she doesn't think of you as an animal. That's a good sign.
  293. >This is your chance to high-tail it out of there, but you decide to grow a pair and go back to the door
  294. >There's a bear behind it, but there's also a Fluttershy
  295. >A Fluttershy that you need to save the world
  296. >You wait a few moments, then knock again
  297. >You hear growling again, and bend your knees to get ready to run
  298. >But you hear Fluttershy's soft cooing and then she opens the door a crack and slips outside
  299. >She's not wearing anything, now
  300. >Somehow, that's less arousing
  301. >Weird huh
  302. >"Can I help you?"
  303. "Yeah. Um. My name is Anon. What's your name?"
  304. >She mumbles softly
  305. "Uh, sorry, I didn't quite catch that..."
  306. >She murmurs softly and starts to whimper
  307. >Why isn't this gag as funny in real life
  308. >Fluttershy, the original sperglord, everyone
  309. >At least her awkwardness makes you feel less weird about creeping around her house at 2 AM
  311. >You carefully explain to Fluttershy that it's extremely important that she comes to this party
  312. >You can't tell her why but she NEEDS to
  313. >You start bullshitting about how Pinkie Pie is sad that she didn't come and how you have this awesome friend named Twilight Sparkle that she needs to meet
  314. >She doesn't seem sold yet
  315. "Also, have you met Pinkie Pie's cute toothless alligator, Gummy?"
  316. >Don't do it, Anon
  317. >Stop your fucking mouth
  318. "He's uh, really, really sick!"
  319. >She slams the door and you hear rummaging around inside
  320. >She appears back at the door with her hat on and her medicine basket hanging from her mouth
  321. >"Well, let's GO, Anon!"
  322. >Ohboyherewego.jpg
  324. "And she's really smart and likes books. Also, she likes animals, and she has this talking baby dragon who's a really cool guy..."
  325. >Fluttershy smiles and nods but has her mind elsewhere
  326. >Gummy, probably
  327. >When Sugarcube Corner is in sight you hustle to get in front of Fluttershy
  328. >Which is hard because she's on a mission
  329. >You start jogging and make it to the door
  330. >Loud noises coming from inside
  331. >Good, party's still going strong
  332. "Wait here while I go ask Pinkie Pie..."
  333. >"That's OK. I know where Gummy is. I'll just go upstairs without interrupting the party."
  334. "Hahaha! No need for that! Just wait here!"
  335. >You block the door
  336. >She tries to push past you
  337. >The door swings open and you both fall on the floor, inside
  338. >Fluttershy's on top of you
  339. >Pinkie Pie is standing above both of you
  340. >Pretty sure you've seen this harem anime before
  341. >"Pinkie! Is Gummy all right?! I'm here to help! You fed him candy again, didn't you?"
  342. >"Fluttershy, you silly goose! Gummy isn't sick!"
  343. >Fluttershy steps off of you and looks at you
  344. >Uh oh, she's pissed
  345. >Think quickly
  346. "Oh, you mean, Gummy got better all of a sudden?"
  347. >You wink at Pinkie
  348. >She gasps
  349. >"Rrrrrriiiiiiggghhhht! He was sick until just now! Anon didn't know he was better!"
  350. >Fluttershy dusts herself off
  351. >"Well, I'm going to go home and go back to sleep."
  352. "WAIT!"
  353. >She turns and looks at you
  354. "So long as you're here, come meet my awesome friend, Twilight Sparkle."
  356. >It took forever but you finally set Fluttershy up in a decent conversation with Twilight and Spike
  357. >Yellowquiet seems really interested in the baby dragon so that's proceeding just like it did in the show
  358. >Woo, good sign
  359. >Okay, time to take a deep breath and reassess the situation
  360. >Rainbow Dash? Re-enacted the Rainblow Dry scene from the show. Check.
  361. >Applejack? Bucked me up but at least she got introduced. Check.
  362. >Pinkie Pie? Check.
  363. >Fluttershy? Check.
  364. >Rarity? Didn't get a visual, but check.
  365. >All right, you can do this
  366. >Suddenly you start to feel sleepy
  367. >God damn it not now
  368. >You never were much for pulling all-nighters
  369. >You stumble up the stairs and look for the door to Pink's room
  370. >Must be the pink one
  371. >That was easy
  372. >You crumple on the bed
  373. >Suddenly there's a shriek
  374. >Applejack groggily rolls over from under the covers and sits up
  375. >"You dryin' sum funnnnny bidzness 'gain, Anon?"
  376. "Oh good, you're drunk."
  377. >"Fuck yeah I'm drunk! Always party hard before Shummer Shun Celebrashun. Might happy party got moved 'ere from da liberry. Ain't 'llowed to bring boose in there."
  378. "Of course you can't."
  379. >"Now dun be dryin' to feel me up 'gain, Anon, like some dern perv. I'll buck ya from here to Fillydelphya..."
  380. >She drops back onto the pillow and passes out
  381. >Facepalm
  383. >You actually are about to grab a handful of that firm apple ass when suddenly someone busts into the room
  384. >You cram your hands down below the covers
  385. >It's Twilight
  386. >She looks at you with disapproval
  387. >"Is this part of the mission too?"
  388. >Fuck you, Twilight
  389. "What is it?"
  390. >"It's time to go. The ceremony is going to start soon."
  391. "Already? But..."
  392. >You look at Applejack
  393. >You need her to awaken the Elements of Harmony and save Equestria
  394. >And she's fucking wasted
  395. "Help me carry her."
  396. >"What? Just leave her here!"
  397. "Let's carry her!"
  398. >"Are you crazy, Anon? Wait, I already know the answer to that."
  399. >You think it over for a moment
  400. >In Episode 2, the ponies all come back to the library before they go chase down Nightmare Moon
  401. >You could make a stop back here at Sugarcube Corner and get her
  402. >Keep it together Anon
  403. >You try to go over the episode in your head again and again, trying to remember if this would create any plotholes or ruin anything
  404. >No, it should be fine
  405. >You and Twilight exit Pinkie Pie's room and close the door on the snoring AJ
  406. >You and Twilight head down the stairs
  407. >You pass Spike, sleeping on a couch
  408. >All of the partygoers are clearing out and heading to the festival
  409. >You follow along with them
  410. >But all along you can't help but to still think that everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong
  411. >What is this Murphy's Law version of FiM that you've created
  412. >Why did this happen
  413. "Twilight, why did you summon me?"
  414. >"Huh? To... to help me defeat Nightmare Moon! I told you!"
  415. "No, I mean... why didn't you do the Summer Sun Celebration preparations on your own? Why make Spike do it?"
  416. >"So I could check out the library and do some research. We've been over this!"
  417. "Right, but... never mind."
  418. >You look down at the ground as you walk
  419. >Why
  420. >Why does that make sense
  422. >Mayor Mare on the podium
  423. >"... And now, it is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria..."
  424. >You yawn, bored 'cause you know what's going to happen next
  425. >Also you just pulled an all-nighter for the first time in your life
  426. >As if catching a flight to another dimension wasn't exhausting enough
  427. >Imagine if there had also been a time change
  428. >Dimension lag? Kinda like jet lag
  429. >That would've sucked
  430. >Oh, you, glance back up at the stage
  431. >Must've zoned out for a minute there
  432. "She's gone!"
  433. >Swirling starry smoke
  434. >NMM appears
  435. >You pretend to act shocked
  436. >She does her spiel
  437. >"...Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?"
  438. >Twilight nudges you
  439. >You look down at her
  440. >She looks terrified and gazes at you with pleading eyes
  441. >Uh, what do I say?
  442. >Oh yeah
  443. "SHE DID!"
  444. >You point at Twilight
  445. >She freaks
  446. "Twilight knows who you are! Tell 'em, Twi!"
  447. >She grows a pair and decides to raise her voice
  448. >"You're the Mare in the Moon – Nightmare Moon!"
  449. >"Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here."
  450. >"Well it doesn't matter! Because Anon and I are going to stop you!"
  453. >You head back to Sugarcube Corner and run up the stairs two at a time
  454. >Bust into Pinkie's room
  455. >AJ's still there, sound asleep
  456. >Whew
  457. >You go over to her and try to shake her awake
  458. "Applejack. Applejack... get up..."
  459. >Still asleep
  460. >You clench your fists
  461. >OK, we do this the hard way
  462. >You try to lift her
  463. >These ponies are pretty heavy
  464. >You are able to crouch down and get your arm around her, then lead her down the stairs while she's doing some kind of weird sleepwalking thing
  465. >You've put plenty of drunk friends to bed before
  466. >Never had to get them out of bed
  467. >Head downstairs to find a Rainbow Dash harassing Twilight in main area
  468. >"And just what are the Elements of Harmony? And how did you know about Nightmare Moon, huh? Are you a spy?"
  469. "She's not a spy."
  470. >You speak up in place of Applejack
  471. >You drop Applejack on the couch next to Spike
  472. >Twilight explains
  473. >"I read all about the prediction of Nightmare Moon. Some mysterious objects called the Elements of Harmony are the only things that can stop her, but I don't know what they are, where to find them; I don't even know what they do!"
  474. >Pinkie perks up
  475. >"Did you check under 'E' in the library?"
  476. >Twilight gasps
  477. >Twilight facepalms
  478. >You facepalm
  479. >You look around the room
  480. >Everyone's here, except
  481. >No Rarity
  482. >There IS a white pony there though
  483. >Vinyl Scratch
  484. >"Yo, Twi, what do we do now?" she asks
  485. >You suddenly have a heart attack
  486. >you remember earlier:
  487. "Okay, Twilight, you need to make friends with that white one over there."
  488. >You point at Rarity, hanging out with Vinyl Scratch over by the hors d'oeuvres
  489. >hanging out with Vinyl Scratch
  490. >Vinyl Scratch is white
  492. >Damn it Rarity is one of your favorite ponies
  493. >She can't not be in the Elements of Harmony
  494. >And you don't even know if Vinyl Scratch is generous
  495. >All you know about her is fanon stuff that probably isn't even legit in this world
  496. >"Anon?"
  497. >All of the ponies are looking at you
  498. >"Twilight says you know about the Elements of Harmony."
  499. >You try to remember what spoilerific information you are allowed to disclose at this point
  500. "There are six of them. Five of them are Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, and Loyalty. The sixth... is secret. But when you get the first five, a spark will make the sixth one appear. And the first five are in the old castle of the Royal Sisters. In... the Everfree Forest."
  501. >The ponies just stare at you
  502. >"How do you know all of this?" Rainbow interrogates you
  503. >Fuck you Rainbow
  504. "Look, just come with us. All of you. Even you."
  505. >You point at Vinyl
  506. >She just looks at you funny
  507. >You look at Applejack
  508. >Well, I'M not gonna be the Element of Honesty
  509. "She's coming too."
  510. >"Are you crazy?" RD yells.
  511. "Just find me a cart."
  513. >Following behind Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash
  514. >You're pulling a horse cart through Ponyville
  515. >Ironic that you're the only one who isn't a horse
  516. >Also, there's a horse in the cart
  517. >Whatismylife.jpg
  518. >You come to Carousel Boutique
  519. >Rarity is hiding inside just like the Mayor instructed everyone
  520. >Just need to get her to come out
  521. >Start banging on the door
  522. "Rarity! Rarity! Get out here!"
  523. >"Go away Nightmare Moon!"
  524. "It's Anon, from the party!"
  525. >"...Anon? No, stay away!"
  526. >You look at Vinyl
  527. "OK, just like we planned."
  528. >She rolls up her wub cannon
  529. >Guess some things are like the fanon after all
  530. >That's pretty gay
  531. >Sick wubs fill fill the streets
  532. >You'll blast her out with sound if you have to
  533. >Finally Rarity emerges
  534. >"Turn that dreadful noise off!"
  535. >Vinyl looks hurt
  536. >"Noise? You crazy, you little mare?"
  537. >Vinyl shuts the music
  538. >"Well, Anon, I think this one needs to be taken by force!"
  539. >Rarity puts up her hooves
  540. >"Bring it on!"
  541. >You step between them
  542. "No, people, let's be smart and bring it off."
  544. "Rarity, look, there isn't much time to explain. We need your help to fight Nightmare Moon."
  545. >Rarity looks aghast and is about to blow you off
  546. >Then she notices how all of the other ponies are backing you up
  547. >Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Vinyl Scratch
  548. How they all seem to trust you for some crazy reason
  549. >Because in this shitty version of Friendship is Magic part 2, you're all they've got
  550. "Rarity, be a little GENEROUS and come help us."
  551. >Shit that was a little too obvious
  552. >Rarity mulls it over, then decides to help you
  553. >"OK, let me go put on some accessories."
  554. >You grab her and pull her with you
  555. "No time, come on!"
  556. >You guys all start walking toward the Everfree Forest
  557. >Rarity's watching you pull the horse cart with hungover AJ in it
  558. >After a while Rarity starts complaining that her hooves hurt from all the walking
  559. >She asks to ride in the cart
  560. >She just climbs in the cart and pushes AJ aside to make room for herself
  561. >The cart is so heavy now that you can barely keep up with the unladen ponies
  562. >Nobody offers to help pull
  564. >You try to go over the episode in your head
  565. >Which part was first?
  566. >Pretty sure it was Applejack and the cliff first
  567. >The path is already turning and traveling alongside a big ravine
  568. >Shit
  569. >You stop the wooden horse cart and try to wake AJ up again
  570. >She groggily rises, finally
  571. >"Aw, shucks, what'd I miss?"
  572. >Rarity turns up her nose and complains that she reeks of cider
  573. >You're the one who got in the cart, you know
  574. "A lot. But look, get out of the cart."
  575. >As you help AJ up over the side wall of the cart, you feel the earth at your feet give way
  576. >You lose your footing and start falling
  577. >The cart starts to slide down toward the cliff
  578. >You grab both handles of the cart and lean back
  579. >But you keep sliding down the rocky slope
  580. >Finally your foot brakes against a big rock footstop
  581. >The cart is hanging over the cliff with Rarity and AJ dangling from it
  582. >You look around
  583. >Rainbow has Vinyl
  584. >Fluttershy has Twilight
  585. >Pinkie Pie jumped to a safe place
  586. >Your muscles cry out in pain as you struggle to balance the cart and the weight of the two ponies
  587. >Your muscles give way and your grip loosens
  588. >The handles slide out of your hand
  590. >As the cart escapes your grasp, you feel everything else sliding out of your grasp too
  591. >All your dreams of coming to Equestria and hanging with the mane 6
  592. >You couldn't even keep two of them alive
  593. >Suddenly a rainbow across your field of vision
  594. >Rainbow Dash blazes through the sky and plummets into a dive down below the cliff
  595. >RD you magnificent bastard
  596. >She flies back up carrying Rarity and Applejack
  597. >You're crying now
  598. >You hug all three of them
  599. "I'm sorry... I couldn't!"
  600. >"It's OK, Anon," Rarity says as Rainbow sets her down
  601. >"Nopony coulda held the two of us AND the cart," Applejack adds
  602. >"Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself, Anon!" Rainbow slaps you on the back
  603. >The ponies all laugh about what a relief it was and start heading down the safe path toward the bottom
  604. >You're just standing there, frozen
  605. >Applejack missed her chance to prove she's the Element of Honesty
  606. >Now you've done it
  608. >You're still beating yourself up as you come to the manticore
  609. >At least the cart was destroyed so hangover and freeloader have to walk now
  610. >But still, how are you going to rectify this?
  611. >Anyway the manticore roars
  612. >Everyone freaks out and starts attacking it
  613. >You just lean against a tree and yawn
  614. >Might as well let Fluttershy do her thang
  615. >Plus you're fucking tired
  616. >As if your circadian clock wasn't already messed up by staying all night
  617. >Now it's perma-night
  618. >You're zoning out
  619. >Suddenly a swift kick from Rarity sends the manticore in your direction
  620. >Fuck
  621. >He spots you and starts running toward you
  622. >Isthisreallife.jpg
  623. >Out of nowhere, a yellow blur
  624. >"This might hurt just a bit!"
  625. >She does a fucking flying side kick into the side of the manticore's head
  626. >He stumbles, then whimpers and runs off into the forest
  628. >You're paralyzed with fear
  629. >"Wow, Fluttershy! You saved Anon!" everyone cheers
  630. >"Yeah," she says meekly, smiling at you. "He'll be OK. I didn't kick him that hard. Just enough to get him to go away."
  631. >Suddenly you feel a stinging on your chest
  632. >You look down
  633. >Blood
  634. >And three diagonal red lines across your shirt and body
  635. >Did the manticore slash you with his claws just as he was getting kicked?
  636. >"Oh, no! Anon! You're hurt!"
  637. >Fluttershy grabs her medicine basket and tells you to sit down
  638. >She starts applying medicine to your cuts
  639. >You manage to chuckle
  640. "Wow, look how KIND Fluttershy is, everyone."
  642. >"...She said Pinkie! You've got to stand up tall! Learn to face your fears! You'll see, that they can't hurt you, just laugh to make them disappear!"
  643. >"DROP THE BASS!"
  644. >Vinyl pulls some huge ass speakers out of hammerspace and slams her hoof down on a big red button
  645. >Suddenly Pinkie breaks out into a dubstep version of the Laughter Song
  646. >All of the other ponies are just standing around shocked and confused and terrified by the scary trees combined with the disorienting wubwubs
  647. >Vinyl dancing while Pinkie Pie runs around laughing at trees
  648. >It's like a fever dream
  649. >You start cracking up at the ridiculousness of the situation
  650. >This part of the episode always amused you but with the added dubstep and the confused look on everyone's faces you just can't hold it in
  651. >You fall on the ground laughing hysterically
  652. >Scary trees disappearing right and left
  654. >Your chest hurts from laughing so hard
  655. >Also there's the fact that you were mauled by a lion monster but yeah whatever
  656. >You try to sober up as you fall in line behind the ponies
  657. >Kindness, check.
  658. >Laughter, check.
  659. >Honesty, fucked.
  660. >If you had just been prepared for the cliff scene it might've worked out fine like the other two
  661. >Don't worry, there's still time to get her to tell the truth
  662. >But how?
  663. >She still looks hung over as fuck
  664. >"BOO HOO!"
  665. >Steven Magnet
  666. >Rarity doin' her thing
  667. >Yup, no way we can mess this scene up
  668. >Yup, no way
  669. >"...Well, Anon here is clean shaven and I happen to think it's very stylish! Very IN! Maybe it's time for a change, darling!"
  670. >YUP, NO WAY
  672. >Magnet dries his tears and looks at you
  673. >"R-Really? Do you think that I should chop my moustache off, Anon?"
  674. >Fuck you, Rarity
  675. >"Hell yeah pardner!"
  676. >Wat.jpg
  677. >Applejack jumps in front of the group
  678. >"Ain't nothin' in this world handsomer than a good clean-shaven man! That's the honest truth!"
  679. >YES
  680. >DEAR GOD YES
  681. >"Ain't that right, everypony?"
  682. >Everyone nods in agreement
  683. >Except Vinyl
  684. >She just shrugs and mumbles something about how beards are hot
  685. >Rainbow slaps her shit
  686. >Magnet seems inspired by this little speech and decides that he wants to cut off his moustache
  687. >Rarity plucks one of his scales and hands it to Rainbow
  688. >She flies up and does the deed
  689. "Wow, how GENEROUS of you... to uh, give him free fashion advice, Rarity! And way to be really HONEST, Applejack! Heh heh heh!"
  690. >You look at Twilight
  691. >Fuck she's onto you
  692. >Magnet makes a bridge across the river and you all cross
  693. >You're behind Applebutt
  694. >Wait
  695. >Back there
  696. >Did she mean to say that she thinks you're handsome?
  698. >"Oh no! The bridge is out! What do we do now?"
  699. >"Duh," says Rainbow Dash
  700. >She takes to the sky
  701. >"Oh yeah"
  702. >She disappears into the mist
  703. >You watch the bridge get lifted up
  704. >Then, in a matter of moments, she's back
  705. >Whoa whoa whoa
  706. >That was way too fast
  707. "Um... did you tie the bridge up? That was quick."
  708. >"Well I AM Rainbow DASH. Fastest flier in all of Equestria."
  709. >This is all too suspicious
  710. >You hold up your hand
  711. "Look, just wait here, everyone. I'm just going to check it out. Make sure it's safe. Dash, spot me."
  712. >The others wait patiently while you step onto the rickety bridge
  713. >It wobbles under your step
  714. >Don't look down don't look down don't look down
  715. >Dash hovers over you keeping a close eye on you
  716. >Within a few steps you look back and thick mist obscures the others
  717. >You can barely see a few feet in front of you but you keep driving ahead
  718. >"Anon? Rainbow Dash? Is everything OK?" Twilight calls from the distance
  719. "We're fine!"
  720. >Just then you reach the other side of the bridge
  721. >Three stunningly beautiful women
  722. >HUMAN women
  723. >Dash makes a face
  725. >A blonde, brunette, and redhead
  726. >What is this a grade school joke
  727. >They're wearing sexy lingerie
  728. >"Anon! What are you doing with these ponies?"
  729. >One of them comes up to you and caresses your cheek with her hand
  730. >"Don't forget, Anon. You're a human."
  731. >Another one adjusts her bra strap and looks at you with lust in her eyes
  732. >"And we humans can love you in a way that no pony can."
  733. >You clench your fists
  734. >They are really really hot
  735. >"Leave these ponies and come with us. We have to make use of this eternal night..."
  736. >They beckon you
  737. >You're sweating
  738. >Rainbow Dash is looking at you now, wondering what you're gonna do
  739. "I... I, uh..."
  740. >You stammer
  741. >This is fake
  742. >You know it's all an illusion created by Nightmare Moon
  743. >You've seen the episode
  744. >So why do you feel paralyzed with indecision?
  745. "Hey, bitch!"
  746. >Rainbow Dash swats away one of the women
  747. >"Hands off, all right? Let him make his own decisions!"
  748. >You feel the warmth flowing back into your limbs
  749. >Thanks, Dashie
  750. "HEY! TWILIGHT! It's safe over here. Come on over!"
  751. >You hear hoofsteps coming across the bridge
  752. >"DAMN IT!" The women hiss, receding back into blue wisps of smoke and flying away
  753. >You look at Dash
  754. >She looks back at you
  755. >"What? I'm not going to leave my friend hangin' when he's under some crazy mind trick illusion thing..."
  756. >So loyal
  757. >Wait, you knew?
  758. >Guess it's different when it's not being played on her
  759. >The others rejoin you and you continue on your way
  760. >You make sure to tell the others about how Rainbow Dash had your back because she was so loyal
  761. >You smile privately to yourself
  762. >You wavered a bit, but you probably wouldn't have gone with those chicks anyway
  763. >Because
  765. >no hooves
  767. >Even though they were fake, seeing humans again for the first time in a while awakened some deep emotions in you
  768. >You grit your teeth and avoid eye contact with everyone in the group and just trudge on
  769. >By the time you reach the castle of the two sisters, you have this churning, wretching feeling in your gut
  770. >Keep it together Anon
  771. >Keep it together
  772. >You don't keep it together
  773. >The burden of having the fate of Equestria
  774. >No, the fate of Twilight and her friends
  775. >On your shoulders
  776. >Finally takes its toll on you and you drop to your knees
  777. >"Anon?!" Pinkie Pie cries. "Are you OK?!"
  778. "No... not really..."
  779. >"What's wrong?" Twilight asks.
  780. >Ain't that the question
  781. >It's like
  782. >All you've been doing is guiding these ponies along
  783. >Trying to stick to the script of the original show
  784. >But all you keep doing is messing up and changing the story
  785. >Things seem to be working out OK in the short run
  786. >But you're a scientist at heart and you believe in the Butterfly effect
  787. >And you can't help but feel you've already set in motion the little mistakes that will send Equestria down a radically different path
  788. >A path that you can't foresee because it wasn't in the show
  789. >And so
  790. >What use are you?
  791. "I'll tell you what's wrong. I'm... I'm really scared."
  792. >The ponies gasp
  793. >Here, the wise benevolent creature who knows everything, who's been guiding their hooves
  794. >Has been hiding fear and doubt in his heart all along
  795. "I'm scared that the path I've set for you isn't the right one. I'm scared that I'm going to mess everything up. I'm scared that I can't make my dream become a reality."
  796. >They all just look at you, listening intently
  797. >You sit back against a rock and spread your legs out on the ground and try to relax
  798. "Listen. I've done all I can do now. I'll wait here. All of you, go on ahead."
  800. >"Ughhh enough with the melodrama, homie!"
  801. >Vinyl lifts you back up onto your feet with telekinesis
  802. >"We're not leaving you behind, Anon. You're our friend," Twilight Sparkle announced.
  803. >"Yeh've got a good heart, Anon," Applejack adds.
  804. >"Come on, it's way too late to be giving up now!" Rainbow Dash chimes in.
  805. >"I believe in you Anon!" Pinkie Pie exclaims.
  806. >"You brought us together for a reason, didn't you?" Rarity asks. "I'm so very thankful to have made some new friends."
  807. >"And we're going to face our fears together," Fluttershy assures you. "Whether we know what's ahead of us or not."
  808. >Guys
  809. >YOU GUYS
  810. >Your heart Is on fire
  811. >You feel something wet on your face
  812. >Is it raining?
  813. >No, wait
  814. >It's Liquid Pride
  816. >"The Elements of Harmony! We found them! Careful, careful."
  817. >Everyone works together to remove the big round stones from their pedestals
  818. >Jesus this thing is like a fucking Atlas ball
  819. >You set it down and roll it on the floor up to Twilight
  820. >The five stones are gathered around
  821. "OK, everyone, let's leave Twilight here to concentrate."
  822. >You start ushering all of the other ponies out, leaving Twilight behind.
  823. >"Wait! Anon! What do I do? Tell me!"
  824. "The spark, Twi. Gotta make that spark! You can do it. I believe in you."
  825. >You say with a sly smile over your shoulder
  826. >You leave the room and wait outside with everyone else
  827. >Rarity looks worried
  828. >"Is she gonna be OK in there?"
  829. "Oh, she'll be just fine."
  830. >You silently mouth a countdown to yourself
  831. >Three, two, one
  832. >"Ah!" Twilight screams
  833. >"Twilight!" Everyone else screams
  834. >You all bust into the room as she's disappearing
  835. >"Where'd she go?"
  836. "There."
  837. >You point through a window at a nearby castle tower
  838. >"Come on!" Applejack yells
  839. >You follow along, bored again
  840. >Vinyl Scratch follows after you
  841. >"I've got the perfect soundtrack if there's gonna be an epic fight, Anon!"
  842. >I wouldn't count on it, Vinyl
  843. >You run up the stairs, hollering and calling for Twilight along with everyone else
  844. >You all bust into the room and you see that priceless look on her face
  845. >The spark
  847. >"You think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony just like that? Well you're wrong! Because the spirits of the Elements of Harmony are right... HERE!"
  848. >Tell 'er, Twilight
  849. >You strike a pose with everyone
  850. >Nightmare Moon is shaking in her hooves
  851. >"Fluttershy... who stood up to the manticore and cared for Anon, represents the spirit of... KINDNESS!"
  852. >Fluttershy flies up and the shards of her element encircle her
  853. >"Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by making Anon laugh like a lunatic, represents the spirit of... LAUGHTER!"
  854. >Hey
  855. >"Rainbow Dash, who wouldn't abandon Anon even when he lost sight of his rationality, represents the spirit of... LOYALTY!"
  856. >God damn it Twilight shut up
  857. >"Rarity, who paid forward the generosity bestowed upon her by Anon, represents the spirit of... GENEROSITY!"
  858. >You shrug
  859. >Kind of a stretch but all right whatever works for you in your head Twilight
  860. >"And the one who had the courage to admit his own fear... Anon, who represents the spirit of... HONESTY!"
  861. >wat.jpg
  863. >The shards from the Element of Honesty start circling around you
  864. >Shitshitshitshit NO
  865. >You try to swat them away but they start to spiral in closer to you
  866. >You even cut your hands on one of the sharp chunks of rock
  867. >FUCK
  868. >"The spirits of my friends got us through every challenge you threw at us!"
  869. >"You still don't have the sixth Element! The spark didn't work!"
  870. >"But it did! A different kind of spark. I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all... are my friends!"
  871. >The Element of Magic appears above you
  872. >"You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of... magic!"
  873. >There's a bright flash of light as the Element of Magic starts glowing
  874. >Everyone's rock shards are turning into necklaces
  875. >You try to dodge it but it clasps onto your neck, nearly choking you
  876. >Fuck, I REALLY didn't want to be one of the Elements of Harmony
  877. >You search the room for Applejack, but she's just standing next to Vinyl, watching the spectacle in awe
  878. >Applejack...
  879. >Fuck it, it's too late now
  880. >Just gotta roll with it, like I've been doing all along
  881. >Ima_firin_malaysia.jpg
  882. >You all group up and a huge rainbow energy beam arcs up through the air and comes crashing down on Nightmare Moon
  884. >You wake up groggily again
  885. >Part of you kind of hopes you're back on Earth
  886. >Nope, still in Equestria
  887. >"Ugh, my head..." Rainbow moans
  888. "Is everypony OK?"
  889. >Why yes, Anon, I feel better than ever!" comes a sultry voice
  890. >Maniacal laughter
  891. >You look up
  892. >Nightmare Moon still there
  893. >Everyone jumps to there feet and gets ready for battle
  894. >You clear your throat
  895. "Um, Twilight, sidebar?"
  896. >She looks at you with exasperation
  897. >You urge her to come over to you
  898. >She rolls her eyes and walks over
  899. >"WHAT? Can't you see the Elements didn't work?"
  900. "Yeah, about that... I'm not actually the spirit of Honesty..."
  901. >"What? B-but--"
  902. "I've been lying to you all along."
  903. >"Really?!"
  904. >she looks horrified
  905. "Well, I explained the truth at the beginning, but I don't think you quite understood me... and since then I've been dishonest with you. I'm not actually from the future. And I think I know what to do, but I don't. I've been dishonest with all of you!"
  906. >You shout at the top of your lungs so everyone in the room can hear you now
  907. >"TRAITOR!" Dash cries as she dodges an energy blast from NMM's horn
  908. >You ignore her
  909. >It doesn't matter any more
  910. "The real Element of Honesty is over... THERE!"
  911. >You point in Applejack's direction
  912. >She's gone
  913. >What
  914. >"HEY, ANON!"
  915. >Pinkie startles you again
  916. >"It's not a sidebar if we can all hear you, silly head!"
  917. "Oh... right. Sorry."
  918. >"So I was wondering if you could wrap up this sidebar, actually," she continues
  919. >"We kinda need you two now."
  920. >She gestures over to Nightmare Moon
  921. >Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity are valiantly fighting Nightmare Moon
  922. >Applejack is bucking rocks at her
  923. >Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are flying around her head dodging laser blasts
  924. >Rarity is calling her names
  925. >You go, girls
  926. >Vinyl looks at you pleadingly
  927. >You roll your eyes
  928. "FINE."
  929. >She whips out her wub cannon and hits the button
  931. >You break into a run toward the fight, running alongside Twilight
  932. >You pry that fucking necklace off your neck and toss it to her
  933. "Get that on AJ! I'm counting on you!"
  934. >She nods and starts to veer off, but her path is blocked by the sudden appearance of those three human bitches from earlier
  935. >Not them again
  936. >They start to close in on her
  937. >You look around for anything to help
  938. >You see a rusty sword mounted on the wall
  939. >With some effort you manage to wrestle it free
  940. "AAAAAGGGH!"
  941. >You grunt as you charge forward with the sword, leaping in front of Twilight to protect her
  942. >The brunette pounces on you, razor-sharp claws sprouting from her fingers and her eyes going crazy
  943. >Does NMM think humans are cats or something?
  944. >You dodge the attack and slice open her chest with the sword
  945. >She disappears in a puff of starry smoke
  946. >You pose dramatically and beckon the other two to come to you
  947. >Pretty sure you've watched enough Chinese cartoons to know how to do this
  948. >The redhead and blonde lunge at you but you quickly dispatch them with a flash of your blade
  949. >They both disappear in a cloud of smoke
  950. >In retrospect, if they were smoke you probably could've just foregone the sword and just charged through them
  951. >Eh, whatever, you looked cool doing it
  953. >You and Twilight start running again
  954. >You do a double hop when a stray laser blast nearly vaporizes your foot
  955. >You catch up to the fight, and try to distract Nightmare Moon with an insult
  956. >You can't really think of anything clever, though, so you just call her a bitch
  957. >Guess all that time practicing disses in the mirror was wasted
  958. >She looks over at you, allowing Twilight to toss the necklace at AJ
  959. >"Applejack! Catch!"
  960. >She doesn't have to
  961. >When it gets near her, the crystal transforms into the shape of an apple
  962. >Shame you couldn't tell what it was before
  963. >The necklace magically clasps around her neck
  964. "All right, ponies! Take two!"
  965. >The mane six all run to your side and form a circle around you
  966. >Twilight activates the Element of Magic, and all of the ponies start to glow
  967. >You glance over your shoulder and wink at Rainbow
  968. >Still think I'm a traitor?
  969. >She huffs, but then rolls her eyes and flashes you a trusting smile
  970. >You stare down Nightmare Moon as she starts to buck in fear
  971. >At the last second, Vinyl comes running up and joins you in the center of the circle
  972. >Both of you pump an arm high into the air as a sign of triumph
  973. >The two of you are engulfed in a blinding white light and a dazzling swirl of intense color...
  975. >You're standing on the outskirts of Ponyville at the top of a windy hill
  976. >You're looking down at the town square, where there's a big party and processional for Twilight Sparkle and her friends
  977. >They all wanted you to be there for the big celebration
  978. >You did just help save the world after all
  979. >But you weren't feeling it, and left near the beginning
  980. >Sigh
  981. >Though the circumstances were different, the results were the same
  982. >The Elements of Harmony were discovered by Twilight and her friends and Equestria was saved from eternal night
  983. >It's what you had wanted all along
  984. >It's what drove you to do all the crazy things on your adventure
  985. >So why aren't you down there partying with your friends?
  986. >Why do you feel emptiness inside?
  987. >Oh.
  988. >Right.
  989. >It's because you didn't really do anything.
  990. >Had Twilight not summoned you, she would've just proceeded with the Summer Sun Celebration plans
  991. >She would have made new friends and discovered the Elements of Harmony on her own
  992. >Without you
  993. >Everything you did was unnecessary
  994. >It only served to make things harder for everyone
  995. >It was probably best to put a lot of distance between yourself and Ponyville now
  996. >All of your memories of the show were worthless now
  997. >Wouldn't want any of that useless knowledge to hurt the Mane 6 any more than it's already had
  998. >Maybe you could make a new life for yourself in Seaddle
  999. >Never got to make it up to Seattle in the human world, so this is the next best thing
  1000. >You set off down the dusty road
  1001. >Hoofsteps behind you
  1002. >"Anon! Wait!"
  1003. >"Anon, where ya goin', pardner?"
  1004. >"Anon, darling, where in heaven's name are you going?"
  1005. >"Yo, Anon, you're missing an AWESOME party."
  1006. >"Um... Anon... don't go... I mean, unless you really want to..."
  1007. >"Anon... please, hear us out."
  1009. >"So you're saying this... 'human' helped you?"
  1010. >Princess Celestia eyes you up and down carefully
  1011. >You bow deeply and try not to offend her
  1012. >"Princess Celestia... he helped all of us," Twilight explains
  1013. >Twilight turns and approaches you
  1014. >"Princess Celestia... you've asked me to stay in Ponyville and report on my findings on the magic of friendship. Well, can I give you my very first report, right now?"
  1015. >Celestia nods
  1016. >Twilight lifts up your chin and looks into your eyes
  1017. >"Anon's taught me so much in the past couple of days..."
  1018. >Your face feels hot and you look away, but she keeps looking straight at you
  1019. >"Princess Celestia. There may only be magical artifacts for the six main Elements of Harmony: Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. But there are many many more elements of friendship! Heck, there might even be dozens more! Or HUNDREDS! Bravery... Humility... Sacrifice... Determination... Guidance... Encouragement... And Forgiveness."
  1020. >She embraces you in a big hug
  1021. >"You demonstrated these things because you had an ideal in your mind that you were willing to fight for. You put your faith in us to make it real. And you gave us a reason to believe in you. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect, or if we don't know where our future leads. You showed us lots of Elements, Anon! All because you trusted us, some ponies you didn't even know."
  1022. >You're trembling now
  1023. >Damn it Anon, hold it together
  1024. >"That's why we made this for you, Anon."
  1025. >Rarity steps forward with a silver chain necklace
  1026. >And in the center, there is a green jewel carved in the shape of two chain links linked together
  1027. >You can tell she threw it together at the last second
  1028. >You adore it
  1029. >"Anon... we want you to be the honorary Element of Trust."
  1031. >All of the mane six gather around you in a big group hug
  1032. "I... I don't know what to say...!"
  1033. >"You can say that you'll stay here in Ponyville with us!" Pinkie Pie chirps
  1034. "I think I'd actually like to visit my world once in a while, now that I think about it."
  1035. >"I think that can be arranged," Celestia assures you.
  1036. "Great... OK then. I'll stay!"
  1037. >"Woo hoo! Anon's staying!" Rainbow and Applejack holler in unison
  1038. >Pinkie Pie starts making all manner of crazy noises
  1039. >Fluttershy hugs your arm tightly
  1040. >Rarity places the necklace around your neck
  1041. >Damn it, guys
  1042. >Twilight rests her hoof on your chest
  1043. >"You've taught us a lot about friendship, Anon. I can't wait to learn more, together with you!"
  1044. >Tears well up in your eyes
  1045. >Twilight, you idiot
  1046. >Everything I know about friendship
  1047. >I learned from you guys
  1048. >Long before we ever met
  1050. THE END
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