Rainbow Tears (Rarity)

Jul 17th, 2013
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  1. Rainbow Dash pushes Rarity away from the guy hunch over on the floor. She thought Rainbow might've had a boy she was sweet on but getting Rainbow to admit it would be like pulling teeth. Alas she allows her to push her towards class.It's about halfway thru the class when you stumble into your class. Luckily Ms. Cherilee or anyone else for that matter see's you sneak in. Well one person does. "Fashionably late I see Anon2" Rarity whispers to you as you take your seat next to her. Propping your head up in your hand you look over at her. You shurg and inform he that a gentleman should never keep a lady waiting for too long as you pass a small black box over to her. She opens it and what she see's nearly makes her hair fall out of that perfect shape. Its those emerald earrings from overseas. The ones she been losing her mind trying to get a hold of. She mentioned something about them completing an outfit to you once. Its takes nearly everything she has not to jump up form her desk and squeal like a child on their birthday. You suppress a chuckle seeing her literally shake in her chair. Placing a hand over hers from across the aisle helps her relax as she looks at you with the most grateful look she can give."Save the romance for after class please" Cheerilee says standing in front of you both. You jerk your hand away and sheepishly apologize. With a swift nod Cherilee returns to her lecture. When your sure she's not looking you glance back to Rarity. She meets your gaze with a wink and blows a kiss. Which you pretend to catch and put in your pocket.
  3. The bell rings and Rainbow Dash bolts from the class. No doubt going to see her boytoy Rarity Chuckles to herself. She looks over and see's you leaving the class and nearly runs after you. Out the corner of your eye you see her scrabbling to get her things together. You love to make Rarity chase you so you walk a little slower, allowing her time to catch up."Anon2" she calls to you. You didnt even make it halfway down the hall. She nearly makes you fall over with the force of her slamming into you. All you can understand in her rambling are words of gratitude. You pat her head and tell her its quite alright. That getting the jewelry was a simple task for someone in your line of work. Your family owns the Jewelry shop she frequents. At first you thought she was just there for the gemstones. But eventually she stopped about the stones so much and simply came to the shop to talk to you. Still tho she promises she'll pay you back for your latest gift but add it to the long list of thing you've done for each other. Sooner than you'd like she lets you go and and takes both your hands in hers. "Anon2 I'd be most grateful if you joined the Fashion Club. With your knowledge of jewelry crafting and my skills with a needle and thread we can light the school and even the world ablaze with our creations." She pleads. You sigh. This old thing again. You remind her that fashion is not your forte but still she persists. "Please Anon2. it would mean the world to me" She says placing her hands flat on your shoulders and brings her head very close to yours. This woman. She knows just how to get to you. But you won't be toppled so easily. You tell her you'll visit her home after school. That if her designs impress you enough you'll lend your services to the Fashion Club. She smiles and give you the hardest kiss she's ever given you. The hoots and holler of the passing students fade away in a sea of blurry whit noise.You wrap your arms around her waist an pull her in closer. Her arms go around your neck and you two deepen your kiss. Then you hear it. The only voice that could shatter this perfect moment. Brad. Even his innocent congratulations make your body freeze up and break the kiss . You know what he really meant by what he said. But you do your best to ignore it as Rarity looks very concerned at the very evil scowl on your face. After a quick mood check you smile at her sweetly and explain that you both really should get to class. She sigh's. She know your right. Unfortunately your nexts classes aren't together. As you to part your hands linger on each others for a few moments before finally separating completely. The look on her face face is heartbreaking as she turns away. You quickly walk up behind her and wrap your arms around her and place a tender kiss on her neck and assure her you'll be by the house later. She practically melts into your embrace before she serperates and walk to her next class. With an added pep in her step. You turn around and nearly walk into .......him. "Bro, you hitting that? Kudos man kudos. That frigid cunt wouldnt give me the time of day." Brad says wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You remove his had and remind him not to call her that in your presence. That the reason she doesnt want him is because he only wants one thing that she isnt too stupid to give up on the first date like his whore Sunset Shimmer. That earns you a punch to the face. But it doesnt even make you flinch. "You watch your fucking mouth you preppy shit" Brad exclaims. Oh if only there were people in the halls to hear the all might Brad talk like this. You saw nothing as you walk past him and into the music room. As you sit down you see him walk in with his mask on for everyone. "Pompiss shit" you think to yourself. You remind yourself that as soon as your day is over you'll be with her
  5. Eventually the day ends. You find yourself standing by the flagpole. You bid some of the friends you have farewell as everyone files out of the school. About an hour or so later Rarity and her friends and walk out of the school. They all say goodbye to eachother and Rarity walks over to you. "So darling, shall we?" She chirps wrapping an arm around yours and motioning you to towards the road.
  6. The walk back to her home was entertaining. She delighted you with notions of making her own fashion lines and combing them with your family's business into an empire. Its quaint to say the least. But you have to admire her passion. Soon enough your in front of her front door. " You'll have to excuse the mess". She says before opening the door. You know what she means by that. It's a scene you've seen several times. The house is empty. Not as is no furniture, it's emotionally empty. There never seems to be any love in this place. You see Rarity walk over to a small bulletin board and snatch a note off of it. She quickly reads it and drops it into a nearby waste basket and disappears into her upstairs. Stopping only to tell you to help yourself to the fridge and come up when your ready. You pluck the note out of the basket and it reads. " Hello darling Your mommy and daddy have gone away on a trip to trottingham and will be back in a few days. Make sure your sister eats. Signed Mom and Dad. Same as the last few notes. You bypass the kitchen and enter her room to see her frantically goes
  7. through her different designs. She's trying to forget again. You walk over and grab both her wrist. She struggles."Unhand me I must find the my latest design I must!" It's a coping mechanism you know. So you pull her into your arms and wrap them around her back. Her struggle increases and soon she's thrashing, screaming how its not fair. That they're always on trips they're never home. Then comes the spiral. She breaks down in your embrace.
  9. She's crying now, You can't imagine how much this hurts. You sit her down in your lap so she calm down. You rock her back and forth. Her quiets down and falls asleep in your arms. You lay her down on her bed and pull the covers over her. You quickly go to the bathroom and fetch a wet rag. When you return you see she's sleeping with a scowl on her face. You dab the rag around her face too get the make up off. When the makeup is removed you plant a soft kiss on her lips. The scowl disappears and is replaced with a soft smile. You excuse yourself and walk into the kitchen. You make a quick dinner for her little sister who must be out with her friends at the moment. It's still somewhat early so you pay it no mind. You write a note on her bulletin board and exit the house.
  11. Rarity Awakens hours later. The moon is high in the sky and she panics about how she had to feed her sister. She runs downstairs to find her sister happily munching away on the dinner you prepped for her. She points at a note left oon the bulletin board an Rarity walks over to it and it read. " Hey Rarity sorry i had to leave but you know my parents are if im late for work. I took care of Sweetie Belle's dinner and wiped the mascara from your face. Take it easy ok? Ill see you at school tmr.....With Love ......Anon2."
  13. The End ..........for now.
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