MadPack 2 Beta 4 Changelog

Oct 27th, 2014
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  1. The changelog so far for Beta 4 of MadPack 2:
  3. Beta 4 Changelog:
  5. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete
  6. - New Shadow Mob: Epion - Giant Death Bats!
  7. - Improvement: Epions no longer continuously explode to death in sunlight, instead they now drop to the ground and explode once on impact then die.
  8. - New items Added: Blood Leach Charge and Scepter - A life draining projectile!
  9. - New Spawn Type Added: Lunar - Used to spawn Epions during the full moon at night!
  10. - Event Change: Shadow Mobs no longer spawns Phantoms, instead it spawns Epions in their place with the Grue. Phantoms will be added to a new event soon.
  11. - Major Bug Fix: Mobs spawned by none-event spawners should now despawn, mobs that have already been spawned with this bug will still not despawn however as their persistence is saved, they can been removed using peaceful difficulty, or killed off if possible though.
  12. - Bug Fix: Some spawners weren't ignoring the dimension when they should have been.
  13. Updated SpecialAI-1.7.10-1.1.0
  14. - New village options to make villagers a bit less laissez-faire. Greedy little jerks...
  15. - You can gain reputation by killing monsters near the village and building houses.
  16. - You can lose reputation by breaking blocks in the village and destroying houses.
  17. - Mobs will now try to avoid explosions.
  18. - Allows calling for help on a killing blow, so 1-shotting isn't 100% safe anymore.
  19. - Increased damage dealt by the barrage AI.
  20. - Mobs using charge, barrage, and leap AIs should now be a bit better at facing in the right direction.
  21. - Other bug fixes
  22. Updated Apocalypse-1.7.10-0.0.5
  23. - New evil things added
  24. - Difficulty rises more quickly if you hide outside of overworld (Nether, Spectre, Twillight, Dreamworld etc)
  25. - New bucket you can use for protection against the rain
  26. - Wearing anything on your head will now at least halve the rain damage
  27. - Many bug fixes
  30. XXXXXX (Something secret, which will first be revealed when update is out)
  32. Changed and removed some recipe
  33. Fixed EMC Exploit thanks ScrappyD2o
  34. Removed EMC of a few items
  35. ShadowGames can now start from day 10 instead of day 15
  36. Removed 1 head
  37. New Quest book logo - Thanks
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