Spanking my niece

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  1. Spanking my niece
  3. Niece?
  5. Come here.
  7. We have to talk.
  9. It's, you know... I haven't been there for you, lately. And you have been doing... naughty things.
  10. Oh, come on, you know exactly what I mean.
  11. Don't make me say it. You know, those audios. About.. your feet. And... you touching a boy's... a boy.
  12. What? You know that this is completely inappropriate for a girl.
  13. ├čNo, you listen.
  14. You know we have different view on your mother but I think we would agree that she would take corrective measures. This is my job, now.
  16. You know that it's necessary, sweetie. Come here and bend over.
  17. That's right.
  19. Now, I think you will agree that 30 are appropriate for what you have been doing.
  20. Shut up for a while, will you?
  22. One!
  23. Yes, they have to be this hard. This is not one of your fairytale audios. It's a punishment for you to remember for a long time.
  24. Two! Three, Four, Five!
  26. Stop squirming, you little slut! It will be over, soon.
  27. Six, Seven, Eighth, Nine.
  28. Uhm, what?
  29. TEN!
  30. I know your mother spanked you, too, she told me. Let's not talk about it.
  32. Eleven.
  33. Will you stop struggling, now! Niece! You are wiggling like... I dunno.
  34. And what are you moaning?
  36. That is, you know... yes, I have an erection. It's because you are writhing like this on my lap.
  37. I am NOT enjoying spanking my niece. This is... oh my god, stop it!
  38. Twelve! Mmmhhh...
  39. You like this, too. I can see it. And feel it.
  40. Goddammit, you are my niece. This is not right. I know, it's growing right there.
  42. Huh? You mean, take off your panties so you can feel the spanks better? Actually that's a good idea, I guess.
  43. And pull those fishnets down. Are they mom's? I told you not to...
  45. Wow, your behind is quite red, already.
  46. Feels good? Really? What a naughty girl you are.
  47. Me? Yeah, I know, it's... you are so cute and...
  49. Niece! You can't sit down on it! Hmmm, right, it's not fucking. I guess...
  50. Slowly. God, your ass is so tight.
  51. Fuck, it feels so good. And it's so wrong. my niece sitting on my cock. Now it's all the way in.
  52. Don't move or I will cum inside your your cute little asshole.
  53. You'd like that? But...
  55. What do you mean, how do I know? I'm your uncle. I'm supposed to take care of you.
  56. I'm not spying. I see things. And I hear things. And I...
  57. What? Yes, sometimes, I... Your panties? Uhm... ok, but they smell so good. I...
  59. That one evening when I jerked off on your feet? God, can you stop wiggling... oh god... don't.
  60. Anyway, those audios... I like your voice, and, yes I like your moans... Like right now.
  61. You do?? You masturbate to me? Your uncle?! But that's... Oh, I don't care anymore.
  63. I wasn't sidetracking. And stop this, you will make me cum. I know, you can't get pregnant but still... In my niece's ass. Oh my god!
  64. Yes... yes, oh my god, you are making me cum, I'm cumming, I'm cumming in your tight ass...!!
  66. Phew, wow.
  67. That was...
  68. Mmmhhh... yeah, let's cuddle. You are so cute.
  70. I know, it's oozing out onto my lap.
  71. You, too? Oh, of course. I will touch your pussy. Is this incest? I don't care, either.
  72. God, you are wet!
  73. You like it in your ass, you little slut. (wink)
  75. Can I touch your nipples, too?
  76. They are so hard. And small, no offense, don't misunderstand me. I love them. Without a bra... Yeah, you turn me on pretty much all day long.
  77. I'll make you cum, too. You know I love those moans and whimpers and..
  78. Oh, don't move so much. I'm still sensitive.
  79. I know, I'm still hard inside of you. Usually, I'm not.
  81. You are like pressing my cock, almost milking it.
  82. And... oh, slowly.
  83. Yeah, I think I can feel that you are gonna cum, soon. Let me finger you. It's just my fingers.
  85. Huh? Your mom told you?? What?
  86. Yeah, you can ride a tiny little bit.
  87. Yes, oooh, it's heels. You know it, already. That night.
  88. I should have cleaned the others better. Oh, fuck, slowly, for God's sake!
  90. You're gonna make me cum, again.
  91. No no, I won't stop fucking you with my fingers.
  93. She told you that, too?! Fuck, I mean...
  94. My cock? I guess I can't hide it... You will feel every little twitch.
  95. She's right, I would kneel, I want to see my little niece in slutty stilettos, I want to lick them, I want to suck the heel like a cock.
  97. Fuck, you know that I wanna cum all over your shoes and feet and your cute little toes... Oh god, I'm cumming, soon.
  98. You are so tight and wet...
  100. Yes, I would suck your toes... I would suck your strap-on.
  101. Yes, yes, my niece, cum for me... Cum!
  102. I'm cumming... cumming again inside your ass.
  103. My niece! You are cumming all over me.
  104. Fuck, fuck, fuck...
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