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Nov 16th, 2021
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  1. CEPH SSD Storage cluster: 3x refurbished Dell PowerEdge R730XD Dual E5-2690V3. 128 GB RAM each node, SSD Backplane 2 x 256 GB SSD. 4x Intel P4500 2TB NVMe 2.5" (each node).
  2. CEPH SATA cluster: 4x refurbished HP Proliant DL380G9. 3xDual E5-2660V3/1xDual E5-26620V4. 128 GB RAM each node. 36 SATA disks 12-14 TB (WD en Toshiba mixed). 2x256 GB SSD each node.
  3. 2x ASROCK Rack server. 128 GB RAM each node, 2 x 256 GB Transcend NVMe SSD each node. AMD Ryxen 3900X CPUs. (Brand new nodes).
  4. 2x HPE PROLIANT DL385 G10. 256 GB RAM per node. 1x AMD Epyc 7451. (These are new as well)
  5. 2x Dell S6010-ON 40Gbe RA Switches QSFP+ (refurb)
  6. 2x Dell PowerConnect N2024 RJ45 switches. (refurb)
  7. LOTS of QSFP+ cables :)
  8. Melanox QSFP+ cards in every server.
  9. COLO full rack dual gigabit unmetered 650 excl vat/mo.
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