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  1. on command "/ban dynn7" or "/kick dynn7" or "/deop dynn7" or "/ban-ip dynn7" or "/mute fujidanaaoyama":
  2.         deop the player
  3.         execute console command /pex user %player% remove *
  4.         broadcast "&4%player%&cが鯖主になんかしようとしたけど、&4%player%&cの力じゃとうていできなかったよw"
  5. command /console <text>:
  6.     permission: *
  7.     permission message: &c&l実行する権限がありません!
  8.     trigger:
  9.         broadcast "&7[&cServer&7] &f%arg-1%"
  10. command /tabchange [<text>] [<text>]:
  11.     aliases: /tc
  12.     permission: skript.admin
  13.     trigger:
  14.         play sound "" at player
  15.         if arg 1 is not set:
  16.             message "&8使い方"
  17.             message "&a&0/tabchange &5(text) &5(text) &7※/tc"
  18.         loop all players:
  19.             set tab header to "%colored arg-1%" and footer to "%colored arg-2%" for loop-player
  20.             stop
  21. command /saymaker [<player>] [<text>]:
  22.     trigger:
  23.         make arg 1 say "%arg 2%"
  24. on command:
  25.     if name of sender is not "dynn7":
  26.         if command contains "ban" or "stop" or "tnt" or "op" or "deop" or "kill":
  27.             cancel event
  28.             send "&cBlocked"
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