Great [Monster] Journey 10

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  1. It took considerable willpower for Galen to wrench the anchors that were his feet off the inn floor and back outside, almost slamming the door behind himself. He looked at Sybyll, already panting from fear, and grabbed her by her shoulders.
  3. “They’re here!” His voice came out a squeak.
  5. Sybyll didn’t react but for a blink. “Who?”
  7. “The lamia! The ones that were chasing me and Seira!” He seized her hand and ran around to the side of the inn, a dark alley just wide enough for the two of them. After checking to make sure they weren’t followed, Galen grabbed Sybyll’s shoulders again. “This is bad, bad, bad! If they see either me or Seira, we’re in big trouble. Last time…”
  9. “Last time what?”
  11. “It wasn’t pretty. We’ll have to get out of here as soon as we find Seira.” He began tapping his foot. “Where is she, anyways? It’s about sunset, she should be back by now? Man, if she stumbles into those lamia, I don’t know what’ll happen. I was so close, too! So close to finding out where to go next, what to do. I thought we’d lost those lamia and were going to have a chance to actually relax.” He bit his nails, looking back and forth, hoping the lamia didn’t pop up and trying to figure out where best to hide.
  13. Sybyll seized him by his collar, yanked him up to her face and said, calmly, “Stop panicking.”
  15. So caught off guard Galen was that it took him a few seconds to acknowledge her statement. This was the first time he’d seen Sybyll get worked up. Over anything. “Uh, uh, yes. If you say so.”
  17. “No. Not if I say so. Do it because there is nothing to panic about.”
  19. “But back in the inn--“
  21. “--Are three lamia that do not know either you or Seira are here and do not recognize me. In fact, this gives you quite an advantage: the element of surprise. That alone can keep you hidden if used correctly. Should you end up in a fight with them, that may also be enough to win.” She set Galen back down. “It is your choice on how to use it, but worrying about it excessively will do you no good.”
  23. “Heh,” blushing, Galen looked away like he’d just been scolded by his mother. What was he thinking? Adventurers don’t freak out at seeing an enemy, they puff out their chest with pride and charge in! Challenges were supposed to be exciting and teach valuable lessons, not scare him away. How could he call himself any sort of hero if he ran away from this? Now was a time for rational thinking more than ever, yet he’d gone and about wet his pants over the mere sight of an enemy. Putting a hand to his chest, he took several deep breaths, feeling the humid summer air enter his mouth and spread through his lungs.
  25. Priorities. What was his top priority right now? Sybyll said they could use the element of surprise, so he had to make sure they kept it. That meant keeping Seira from stumbling into the lamia.
  27. “Okay, Sybyll, you go to the front, stay by that door. If you see Seira, tell her to come around back. I think I saw a back door near our room, so I’ll stand by the back door and watch for her. If you see the lamia leave, let me know.”
  29. The corners of her mouth curled up the tiniest amount, so subtle Galen almost missed it. “Very well.”
  31. He hurried back to the rear of the inn, finding a back door just as he expected. The area surprisingly stank less than the street, a dim, quiet area with impressions of cart wheels all over the dirt. The innkeeper probably brought things around back here for storage and to keep business traffic out of the way of customers. Leaning up against the wall, his foot started tapping on its own. Despite the mental pep-talk, he still jittered at the lack of noise and activity, waiting for someone to burst out the back door even if there was no good reason for them to do so. He crossed his arms, keeping his ears open for any movement from insides, but all he heard were distant conversations.
  33. If the lamia discovered them, they’d be in trouble for sure. Seira had told him they couldn’t afford to fight the lamia, and even if her wing was nearly healed, it would still be a two-versus-three situation. Sybyll could do no more than offer words of encouragement. What he wouldn’t give to have her sword arm at his disposal. A thousand-odd years of experience would be invaluable. It’s possible they could use the city layout to their advantage. The alleyways would keep the lamia from surrounding them, though it would remove Seira’s flight advantage. If they ended up fighting in the city, though, the guards would be after them, and he doubted they’d care who started it after the entryman gave him that warning.
  35. His foot tapping grew louder. Where was she? Galen didn’t take Seira as one to be late, especially with their obligation to the innkeeper. Just as he pushed off the wall and began pacing, the sound of footsteps emerged from the alley. He turned to face them, finding Seira and Sybyll.
  37. “Seira!”
  39. He rushed over, looking down the alleyway behind them before moving his attention back to her. “Those lamia are in the inn!”
  41. Her frown darkened her face. “I heard.”
  43. “As long as they’re there, we won’t be able to guard the place like we said we would. Our agreement with the innkeeper is in jeopardy!”
  45. “I realized that as well. However,” she said, turning to Sybyll, “those lamia won’t recognize you and the innkeeper knows you’re with us. If you went in there to stand guard instead of us, we would still be fulfilling our obligation.”
  47. “I would be of little use if a fight actually broke out,” said Sybyll.
  49. “Then don’t let one start.”
  51. Sybyll sighed, turning back to Galen. “She is correct. I could fulfill the obligation without letting the lamia know of your presence. I believe I could keep things under control as well.”
  53. “Shouldn’t we, uh, tell the innkeeper? He’ll probably be wondering about us. He was expecting a manticore and a human, not a lizardman.”
  55. Seira scoffed. “The way lizardmen are spoken of, I think he’ll be happier with this. I knew they were scarce, but people around here act like they’re extinct.”
  57. Galen saw Sybyll glance in Seira’s direction, but she didn’t comment. He was about to when Sybyll spoke up.
  59. “I will inform him that you two will not be here and stand guard until the lamia depart. Once they are gone, I will fetch the two of you.”
  61. Galen and Seira nodded.
  63. “We’ll stay back here. It would be just as bad if we ran into them out in the streets,” said Galen.
  65. “Good. Until later,” said Sybyll, and disappeared into the inn.
  67. Galen collapsed up against the wall, a loud sigh sloughing out of his mouth as he crumpled into a mess on the ground. “I think I’m going to have a heart attack.”
  69. Seira flicked a tuft of his hair out of his face and sat down next to him, nestling close enough for him to feel the warm fur on her arm. “I thought you liked adventure. That’s all this is, you know. Another adventure.”
  71. “This isn’t an adventure, it’s pure terror. Do you know how fast my heart was beating when I first saw them?”
  73. She smirked. “No, but I can guess.”
  75. “Way too fast!” He leaned his head back on the wall, looking up at the sky peeking down at them between the rooftops of the buildings above. “Last time we ran into the lamia you certainly weren’t this relaxed. Why aren’t you concerned?”
  77. “Oh, I’m concerned.” She leaned forward on her paw, giving Galen a face that completely contradicted her last statement. “But I trust Sybyll to carry out her task without trouble. There is no chance worth worrying over that the lamia will find us tonight, and we know they are here. Puts us at quite an advantage, don’t you think?”
  79. Closing his eyes, he drew a breath, the lingering scent of honey filling his nostrils. “Sybyll said the same thing earlier.”
  81. Seira and Sybyll both hadn’t panicked. They understood the situation and remained level-headed the entire time. Galen was the only one to lose his cool and would’ve made a show of it had Sybyll not calmed him down. He was supposed to be the leader, but he certainly wasn’t acting one right now. They had experience over him, yes, but that didn’t excuse such a blunder on his part. What if the situation had been more dire? What if Sybyll had not had the chance to calm him?
  83. Galen drew his teeth back and forth, clenching his jaw as hard as he could. One of these times, he’d make a mistake and there wouldn’t be someone to cover for him. Stewing over his mistakes wouldn’t do him any more good. What he needed to do was remain vigilant, prevent himself from making the same mistake twice. Right now what he needed was information.
  85. “Do you know why they’re here?” he asked Seira.
  87. Silence. He shook his head. He should’ve expected that.
  89. “What did you do while you were gone?”
  91. She slouched, resting her arms on her knees and looking upward. “I heard something I knew, but did not want to hear. That is all.”
  93. This time, when his curiosity clawed at his tongue, it singed his mouth like fire, desperate to escape, but once again he choked it down. His decision was made in that regard. No prying.
  95. They sat in the alley as the sun dipped beneath the horizon, light slowly fading in their hiding place. Flickering light from the street snuck in the alleyways, torches being lit along the storefronts and residences. Galen watched the activity out in the street through his little window of the alley. Fewer and fewer people and monsters wandered the streets and the frequency of guards passing by increased. Most of the noise of the night came from inside. Galen heard reckless conversations, boasts, roars of laughter and even the tantalizing whisper of music. He buried his face in his arms, imagining Sybyll standing near the counter, hand on her sword, watching the crowd with that passive stare of hers, occasionally meeting an angry glare or curious glance from the crowd.
  97. He couldn’t make out if there were fights or not. For the duration of his wait, there were hoots and hollers coming from inside but no sign of Sybyll. He reached out for the back door, about to peek inside to satiate his curiosity, but thought better of it. When he shifted in his spot, he brushed up against Seira’s fur, making him jerk his head toward her. He’d forgotten she was right there. Reaching out, he ran his hand along the fur on her arm, letting it tingle his fingers. Seira and Galen both wordlessly watched his hand as it moved. It came to rest on the back of her paw where he dug his fingers into the comforting fur.
  99. “You can say it now,” he said, still staring at his hand.
  101. Seira moved her gaze to his face. “But are you sure you want to hear it?”
  103. “Want to? No. I want to think I’ve never been wrong. I know I make mistakes, but what happened at the bridge is one thing I don’t want to believe I’m wrong about. But what good will ignorance do me? I think I need to hear it.”
  105. He looked up, meeting her gaze. Her face held something familiar, something he’d seen only twice before but remembered in vivid detail. Her eyebrows slanted inward as subtly as her mouth curled upward, her cheeks dimpled a touch, and her eyes cut through him with a serenity that, deep down, scared him. Their piecing red glowed even in the weak light.
  107. “I’ve given it some thought and I’m sure you have as well. The truth of the matter is…”
  109. Galen cringed. Here it comes.
  111. “…I don’t want to see you stop.”
  113. He choked on the following silence, staring at Seira, unable to move a muscle. “See me stop?”
  115. “You’re wrong, Galen. In so many ways. Reckless, weak, and blissfully ignorant, you charge into situations that would make experienced people and monsters laugh at you. Even when you come out of the situation in one piece, you do it in such a callous manner it’s hard to take you seriously. You sacrifice far too much for your silly principles when all it would take is a simple compromise with reality to come out on top. I will continue to fight your foolishness at every turn and try to get the thought into that thick skull of yours that things are not as straight-forward as you would wish.” She seized his shirt, wrenching his face toward hers. “But don’t you DARE stop trying. Keep fighting for the stupid things. Prove me wrong.” Her paw clenched tighter. “Your idealism doesn’t belong in this world, but I wish it did. So don’t let go of it. Not yet.”
  117. All he could do was stare and blink. Keep fighting for the stupid things? Don’t let go of it? Earlier she’d been telling him to grow up, to discard those principles. Why did she change her mind? All this distress over who was right and whether or not Galen would have to throw away all he’d learned in youth, and it turns out Seira was the one to concede?
  119. “I don’t understand. You were saying the exact opposite the other day. What’s gotten into you?”
  121. She released him and placed a paw above her stomach, looking down at it and smiling. “Manticores don’t really have much of one, but I think it was whatever was left of my conscience.”
  123. “But don’t you think--"
  125. A cough came from the back door, grabbing their attention. Sybyll stared down at them, her face blank.
  127. “The lamia have departed. You may come inside.”
  129. Seira and Galen exchanged glances then hopped up, each brushing the dirt off themselves. Galen watched Seira, mouth quivering with more to say, but couldn’t keep himself to speak. He opened the back door for Seira who nodded to him as she walked inside. Sybyll took the rear and they marched up to the counter.
  131. The place hadn’t emptied yet, but it was far from busy. Galen couldn’t tell for sure how long Seira and him had been out behind the inn, but it couldn’t have been less than a couple hours. The remaining patrons mumbled their speech for the most part, drowning in whatever drinks the innkeeper had been providing, though one group in the corner still yapped loud enough for Galen to make out what they were saying. The air was thick with a mix of alcohol and body odor. Jealousy stung at Galen, but this wasn’t the time for drinking, not with those lamia about. Every table was smeared with something. Galen guessed spilt alcohol.
  133. The innkeeper greeted them with a question, his rough voice scratchy. Probably from yelling all night. “Eh, where you two been?”
  135. “Waiting,” said Seira. “Didn’t Sybyll explain our situation?”
  137. “The lizardman? All she said was you wouldn’t be here. You’re lucky I had a good night and I’m in the mood to deal with sudden changes of plan like that, else you’d have been kicked out the second I laid eyes on you again.” He grinned. “Things may have worked out better this way, though. Lizardmen can attract all sorts of attention, and for me any attention is just fine. I’d ask why you two had to disappear all a sudden, but something tells me it’s trouble I don’t want a part of.” He pointed to the tables. “You still gotta clean all this up. Everything you’ll need is back there,” he said, thumbing to a door behind the counter. “When I’ve got only one or two guys left in here, I’ll kick ‘em out and you can start.”
  139. Galen spent the next hour leaning up against the wall near Seira and Sybyll, doing his best to look intimidating with his two swords, but deep down he had the feeling Seira and Sybyll did a much better job without even trying. After that, just as promised, the innkeeper kicked out the stragglers and set Seira and Galen to work. Seira set about her task without much precision, but she didn’t slack, either. Galen tried to put his spirit into it, but after five tables and a mess of chairs, his arms were starting to ache. The throbbing reminded him briefly of his escapade under the bridge and the burning of his exhausted limbs.
  141. The task took time and effort, but fortunately didn’t involve running away from orcs or fighting lamia, so Seira and Galen finished without incident. Galen thrust out his chest on the way back to their room, smiling to himself over a job well done.
  143. He collapsed onto his bed, letting out a long, exaggerated sigh. The other bed creaked and groaned as Seira sat down on it. Sybyll stood in the doorway, watching the two relax.
  145. “It’s been a long day,” Galen muttered into his pillow.
  147. “It has been,” said Seira. “Did you get anywhere with your search?”
  149. “Sorta.” He rolled over onto his back. “We’re seeing an information trader tomorrow.”
  151. Seira arched her eyebrows. “Wow. Not exactly the method I’d expect from you, but it’ll certainly get the job done. What are you offering?”
  153. He pointed to Sybyll. “Apparently they’re interested in Sybyll. I don’t exactly know what for, though. I guess with all I’ve been hearing about lizardmen being super-rare, the information trader probably wants to know why.”
  155. “Would you even be able to answer that?” Seira asked Sybyll.
  157. “I can make a guess, but I would not be able to give a definite answer. I have been gone the last four hundred years and have not lived with my kind for a thousand.”
  159. “Then you’ll have to hope that’s not what they want to see her for,” Seira told Galen.
  161. He put his hands behind his head, smiling at the ceiling. “I’m sure we’ll be fine.”
  164. **
  167. Galen stood tall, his face severe, holding his sword out in front of him. He held his gaze forward, listening to his surroundings, taking in the whistle of wind, the thumping of his heart, and the rasp each breath made as it left his mouth. A cool breeze tingled his skin, though he fought back the shivers. Out in his backyard, there were no trees to block the spring wind.
  169. In an explosion of strength, he drew the sword back and slashed downward, pulling back just before the sword struck ground.
  171. “Shoulders, Galen, shoulders! You can’t get power behind your swing if you don’t keep your shoulders straight!”
  173. “But Faltho never told us anything about keeping our shoulders straight,” said Galen, letting his sword’s tip touch the ground.
  175. “Because he doesn’t know how to use a sword as well as he thinks he does.” Galen’s father walked over, taking Galen’s hands and the hilt of his sword and bringing them back up. “Now show me your posture again.”
  177. Steeling his face, Galen brought the sword up at an angle and straightened his shoulders, staring into the distance as his father scrutinized his stance. Galen’s father made small adjustments, tweaking his ankles, his elbows, and the angle of his sword, but ultimately stepped back and nodded with approval.
  179. “Alright, that’s good for a starting posture, now try to swing again without losing it.”
  181. Galen nodded then took a deep breath, imagining an enemy directly in front of him, then struck. His swing came down on the diagonal, meant to land right at the base of the neck. He made sure to lock his shoulders this time, but on the downswing he lost his balance. His rear foot came up from its anchor point and Galen had to step forward to keep from falling over. He grimaced to himself. He still couldn’t control the momentum of the sword and keeping his shoulders locked only made it harder.
  183. “Better, but still needs work. Let’s keep practicing.”
  185. “Alright.”
  187. He swing again and again, each time different from the last. Sometimes he’d forget his shoulders but control the swing, other times he’d remember his shoulders but slacken his posture. Each failure frustrated him further, his frown growing deeper and deeper. His father didn’t say much, watching and giving an occasional tip. After what felt like the thousandth failure, Galen’s arms gave out and the sword fell to the ground.
  189. “I wish I could just beat swordfighting like a monster and never have to worry about it again,” Galen grumbled.
  191. Crouching down, Galen’s father held his son’s shoulders. “Victory is not final! It never is. Defeat will come at you every day. Even if you master this, there will be something else to learn, whether it be about swordfighting or life in general. Defeat will seek you out, and it will wear on you. It will not be easy to push it back time after time after time. But you will do it! The only thing you must discover for yourself is why.”
  193. “Because you told me to.” Galen shot his father a smile.
  195. He smiled back, patting Galen on the head. “That is a good reason, but one day you will need something more.” Standing up, he headed back for their house.
  197. Galen stumbled back, holding his crotch. Something felt funny about it. He tried to push away the sensation, but it only grew stronger. He looked up for his father, but he was long gone, leaving Galen alone in the yard. A wave of cold crashed over his body, making him stiffen, followed immediately by a rush of warmth centered on his crotch. He fell to his knees, pushing his hands further into his crotch, trying to calm the powerful sensations, but nothing seemed to work. What was going on?
  199. The scene began to fade, slowly losing detail. The grass blurred into a shade of green. His house turned into a smudge of brown. The sky bled into the ground. He tried again to get to his feet, but was struck with another wave of intense sensations, forcing him to lose his balance.
  201. His head struck ground and everything went black… but he didn’t lose consciousness. Quite the opposite, in fact. He felt cool around his waist, like someone had poured water on him. His ears picked up a repetitive squelching sound, smooth and subtle, but definitely there. When his brain finally tossed of the haze of drowsiness, he opened his eyes.
  203. He almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His eyes widened as far as they would go and his mouth dropped open. Atop his body, riding his waist, was a constantly flowing red slime. She’d formed herself into a shapely woman, slightly shorter than Galen, with a perfectly smooth surface except for near where her hands rested on her legs. There her body lost some of its form, drooping off down her thick thighs to flow down to the floor. Her breasts were in flux. On each thrust forward, they would expand to an impressive size, putting even Seira to shame, but when she pulled back, they’d shrink to the point they were almost unnoticeable. Instead of the typical form of hair, on this slime’s head was something more like long appendages, each thicker than Galen’s wrist and long enough to reach all the way to her thighs. Galen looked at her face: a small, cute, and round face that couldn’t have looked severe even with the darkest of grimaces.
  205. It was about that time the slime opened her eyes, realizing Galen had woken. She gasped, covering her mouth with a hand, but didn’t stop riding Galen as if her hips had a mind of their own. He opened his mouth to speak, but an additional arm grew out of the slime’s shoulder and launched itself towards Galen’s mouth, stopping him before he got a word out.
  207. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to wake up during this. I just needed to feed and I was going to go away again. Please, I’m sorry. I’ll be gone as soon as I take what I need.” Her face softened as she spoke, a subtle pain in her eyes.
  209. Galen turned to the other bed in the room, surprised all this commotion hadn’t woken Seira, but it turned out she wasn’t there at all. The slime had picked the perfect time to strike. With a grunt, he tried wrenching the slime off of him, but she was stuck fast. Through her slime body flowed smoothly over his skin, any attempt to push her off made her stick like glue. He took a swipe at her, but other arms burst out of her body, clinging to his arms and pinning them to the bed. Her tentacle-like hair coiled around his legs and pinned them as well.
  211. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to end up like this. Please just come,” she pleaded.
  213. Galen’s eyes bulged as a plethora of new sensations assaulted his cock. Multiple vaginas in addition to the one Galen was already buried in formed and clamped onto his shaft, pumping him all in different rhythms. Two whirlpools of slime churned around his member, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. In addition to that, the slime reached into her stomach with one hand and began stroking him lengthwise. She devoted everything she knew to extracting his orgasm as quickly as possible. Galen could hardly see what was going on, her body was churning so violently. When Galen cried out in pleasure into the muffling slime hand over his mouth, slime shot down his throat and made him choke back in surprise.
  215. The pleasure was staggering. Restrained as he was, all Galen could do was writhe and moan, though each utterance only prompted the slime to molest his mouth further. Like a sloppy kiss, her hand played with his tongue and massaged his cheeks. The pussies on his member seized up all at once, making Galen bite down from the jolt of rapture and thrust his hips up into the slime. She cooed in delight, now that his body had begun to respond, and rode him harder. The arms holding his arms and upper body squeezed him and the slime’s smile grew from delight to pure ecstasy. Whether the slime was forcing him to move or his body was moving on its own, Galen wasn’t sure, but his hips had matched her thrusts perfectly.
  217. His defenses shattered, Galen erupted into the slime, gasping as she won her first orgasm. White-hot pleasure lit up his shaft, driving him to a desperate thrust deep into her. She looked inside her body, watching his helpless manhood spurt again and again, taking note of how much he released, never stopping her barrage of pleasure. The white cloud of cum slowly dissolved at her whim. When he finally stopped, she shook her head, looking once more to his face.
  219. “Sorry, that wasn’t enough. You’ll need to come again.”
  221. Her tone didn’t match her ferocity at all. She spoke like a humble maid, as if apologizing for missing a chore, but her body moved as if frenzied, hammering Galen with wave after wave of motions with the express intent of making him come.
  223. Her thighs clamped onto him tighter, her body began flowing faster and her actions quickened, though she never lost composure. Galen’s resistance was nothing more than a minor obstacle to her, one she would shatter with her skilled and adaptive body. Something new attached to his cock and began sucking, like a mouth with strong lips that never needed to pause for breath. The slime’s eyes pleaded with Galen to give in, her mouth fluctuating between an even line and a delirious smile. The new appendage sucked relentlessly to the point Galen felt it might draw his entire body into it. The slime frowned, having expected him to give in already, and began pumping her hand faster.
  225. He squirmed, squinting his eyes shut, trying to hold on against the torrent of pleasures the slime assaulted him with: the many pair of nether lips pumping his member, the delicate but firm grasp of her palm and fingers, the cool, conflicting currents of her body caressing his length, and finally that incredible suction. When he focused on the suction, images and feelings of Seira’s tail came to mind.
  227. Gritting his teeth, Galen gave one last, mighty thrust into the slime, coming once again into her greedy body. Pleasure shocked his entire body all at once, making him tense every single muscle in bliss. The slime made sure to draw out as much as possible, synchronizing her stimulations to pull away from him. After enough bursts for Galen to lose count in his ravaged state, he slumped back onto the bed, praying the slime was done. She withdrew her hand from her stomach, patting it with a gentle smile on her face.
  229. “Thank you. Please accept my apology for allowing things to happen this way. I would not have done so had I had any other choice. You have my gratitude.” She sighed, her body again thrusting into Galen. Her slime somehow forced him hard again, even through he was sure there was nothing left to give. “I’ll have to keep doing this until you pass out. I can’t risk you alerting anyone else.” Reaching down, she pushed Galen’s hair away from his eyes. “Don’t worry, you won’t be harmed. In fact, I will make sure it feels wonderful.”
  231. The way she spoke and the efficiency of her movements made Galen smile. He wasn’t sure he even cared any more. This time, she didn’t use any special tricks, just rocking back and forth on his member, allowing the tight passage she created to squeeze him lovingly on each thrust. He already felt his eyes drooping and would have drifted off within minutes had a very sudden interruption not broken both their concentrations.
  233. The door burst open, revealing Seira, her eyes fixed on the slime.
  235. She did not look happy.
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