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Jan 25th, 2011
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  1. 1:Gold Digger I:1:blockdestroy:goldore:100:Awarded for the mining of 100 gold ore.:item goldbar 5
  2. 1:Gold Digger II :1:blockdestroy:goldore:500:Awarded for the mining of 500 gold ore.:item goldpants 2
  3. 1:Gold Digger III:1:blockdestroy:goldore:1000:Awarded for the destruction of 1000 gold ore (WTF are you using it for?).:item goldbar 32
  4. 1:Chatty Kathy I:1:stats:chat:250:Awarded for talking, probably way too much :):item bread 5
  5. 1:Chatty Kathy II:1:stats:chat:7500:Awarded for talking even more. You really like the sound of your own voice. :item fishingrod 1
  6. 1:Chatty Kathy III:1:stats:chat:15000:You never.. stop.. talking.. :item cookedmeat 5
  7. 1:The Long Walk I:1:stats:move:25000:You walked over 25000 feet, congratulations. :item soup 5
  8. 1:The Long Walk II:1:stats:move:75000:You walked even more (75000 this time). Might be time to upgrade to mine-carts..:item compass 1
  9. 1:The Long Walk III:1:stats:move:150000:Dude, how far are you going to walk? Just ask an admin to TP you next time.:item watch 1
  10. 1:The Long Walk IV:1:stats:move:500000:I give up, you're boots are made for walking, that's just what they'll do.:item netherstone 12
  11. 1:The Long Walk V:1:stats:move:1000000:You win minecraft, you've moved more than anyone ever before. Is that what you want to hear???:item lightstone 6
  12. 1:Stalker I:1:stats:login:50:You've logged in 50 times, how nice. :item wheat 30
  13. 1:Stalker II:1:stats:login:250:You've graced the server with your presence 250 times now, hooray!:item bucket 1
  14. 1:Stalker III:1:stats:login:500:Ok, we get it.. you're sticking around. Congrats on your 500th session.:item pumpkin 15
  15. 1:Stalker IV:1:stats:login:1500:You've moved beyond 'regular' status, you might as well rent a room at Foolscap's place.:item netherstone 12
  16. 1:Stalker V:1:stats:login:5000:At this point you're probably the only one still playing the game. Congrats, I think?!?.:item lightstone 24
  17. 1:Shadow Boxer I:1:stats:armswing:10000:What are you trying to accomplish flailing around like that?:item ironsword 1
  18. 1:Shadow Boxer II:1:stats:armswing:50000:Seriously, we already gave you a weapon and you're still swinging that arm.:item goldsword 1
  19. 1:Shadow Boxer III:1:stats:armswing:100000:Ok enough is enough, just take this and stop waving your arms around.:item diamondsword 1
  20. 1:Shadow Boxer IV:1:stats:armswing:500000:You move that hand more than a single guy on a Friday night.:item diamondpickaxe 1
  21. 1:Shadow Boxer V:1:stats:armswing:1200000:If you knew how much you pressed that mouse button you'd ragequit. Grats:item goldbar 18
  22. 1:Nom Nom Nom I:1:itempickup:pork:100:It's not as good as bacon, but you seem to like it. Over 100 porkchops gathered.:item cookedpork 10
  23. 1:Nom Nom Nom II:1:itempickup:pork:500:This pork stuff is really growing on you. Over 500 gathered.:item mossycobble 24
  24. 1:Nom Nom NOm III:1:itempickup:pork:1000:Ok fatty, time to switch to the other, other white meat.:item fish 32
  25. 1:Glassmaker I:1:blockcreate:glass:100:You've placed 100 glass. That's really.. umm.. exciting..:item ironore 12
  26. 1:Glassmaker II:1:blockcreate:glass:500:You really have a thing for glass, 500 placed now.:item brick 64
  27. 1:Glassmaker III:1:blockcreate:glass:1200:Time to find a new material to work with, 1200 glass placed.:item lightstone 10
  28. 1:Glassmaker IV:1:blockcreate:glass:3000:3000 glass used? Really? For what? I can't even imagine.:item goldbar 24
  29. 1:Glassmaker V:1:blockcreate:glass:7500:You've stolen over 7500 sand on this server for your glass empire. For shame!:item goldbar 32
  30. 1:Splat I:1:damagetaken:fall:100:You and gravity don't get along, 100 falling damage taken.:item ironpants 1
  31. 1:Splat II:1:damagetaken:fall:500:You really need to watch your step, 500 falling damage taken.:item ironchestplate 1
  32. 1:Splat III:1:damagetaken:fall:2000:Ridiculous, are you doing it on purpose? 2000 falling damage taken.:item netherstone 64
  33. 1:Splat IV:1:damagetaken:fall:5000:Gravity is your nemesis. 5000 falling damage.:item lightstone 12
  34. 1:Splat V:1:damagetaken:fall:10000:Never step off a block again, 10k falling damage. Yikes!:item goldbar 32
  35. 1:The Great Pumpkin I:1:itempickup:pumpkin:50:Charlie Brown would be proud, 50 pumpkins gathered.:item lightstone 5
  36. 1:The Great Pumpkin II:1:itempickup:pumpkin:125:You do realize Halloween is over right? 150 pumpkins gathered.:item obsidian 5
  37. 1:The Great Pumpkin III:1:itempickup:pumpkin:250:Yay for more useless orange objects! 250 pumpkins gathered.:item netherstone 32
  38. 1:Hoe Hoe Hoe I:1:blockdestroy:crops:100:Mmmmmm organic wheat! 100 crops harvested.:item goldhoe 1
  39. 1:Hoe Hoe Hoe II:1:blockdestroy:crops:500:500 crops harvested, how's your farmer's tan?:item ironhoe 3
  40. 1:Hoe Hoe Hoe III:1:blockdestroy:crops:1200:You've spent more time doing virtual crops than a Farmville player.:item diamond 5
  41. 1:Hoe Hoe Hoe IV:1:blockdestroy:crops:5000:5k crops harvested. You missed your calling in life.:item goldbar 32
  42. 1:Hoe Hoe Hoe V:1:blockdestroy:crops:12000:12k crops destroyed.. err. harvested.:item lightstone 18
  43. 1:Bodybag I:1:damagetaken:total:1000:1000 damage taken, time to invest in armor.:item ironpants 1
  44. 1:Bodybag II:1:damagetaken:total:5000:You're doing it wrong, try fighting back next time. 5000 damage taken.:item arrows 64
  45. 1:Bodybag III:1:damagetaken:total:10000:Time to quit this and take up something easier. 10000 damage taken.:item chainmailchestplate 1
  46. 1:Lumberjack-off I:1:blockdestroy:log:150:You chop down trees, skip and jump, wear high heels and a bra. Congrats, 150 logs chopped down.:item torches 64
  47. 1:Lumberjack-off II:1:blockdestroy:log:500:Raping the environment is fun! 500 logs chopped.:item fence 64
  48. 1:Lumberjack-off III:1:blockdestroy:log:1000:Al Gore weeps for your soul. 1000 logs chopped:item diamondaxe 3
  49. 1:Goddamn Creepers! I:1:damagetaken:creeperexplosion:500:They do hiss first you know. 500 creeper damage taken.:item chainmailhelmet 1
  50. 1:Goddamn Creepers! II:1:damagetaken:creeperexplosion:1000:Stick to indoor activities, like crocheting. 1000 creeper damage taken.:item diamondchestplate 1
  51. 1:Goddamn Creepers! III:1:damagetaken:creeperexplosion:3000:You're a magnet for gunpowder and destruction. 3000 creeper damage taken.:item goldrecord 1
  52. 1:Major Miner I:1:blockdestroy:stone:5000:You're starting to look like Gollum. Maybe take up farming. 5000 stone destroyed.:item diamondpickaxe 1
  53. 1:Major Miner II:1:blockdestroy:stone:15000:You're a machine. A pasty, dirty, mining machine. 15000 stone destroyed.:item greenrecord 1
  54. 1:Major Miner III:1:blockdestroy:stone:50000:You win Minecraft. Game over. 50000 stone destroyed.:item diamond 32
  55. 1:Minor Miner I:1:blockdestroy:cobble:500:Cobble is so ugly, you've done a public service removing 500 of it.:item ironpickaxe 1
  56. 1:Minor Miner II:1:blockdestroy:cobble:1500:Yay for removing more ugly cobble. 1500 of 'em.:item wheat 64
  57. 1:Minor Miner III:1:blockdestroy:cobble:5000:5000 cobble removed, a grateful nation thanks you.:item lightstone 5
  58. 1:Iron Man I:1:blockdestroy:ironore:500:500 iron mined, almost enough for a sweet suit. Assuming you can find a nuclear core that is.:item ironbar 64
  59. 1:Iron Man II:1:blockdestroy:ironore:1000:Ozzy is thinking of doing a second theme song just about you. 1000 iron mined.:item diamondpickaxe 1
  60. 1:Iron Man III:1:blockdestroy:ironore:2500:Dude, you better be making some sweet minecart tracks with that 2500 iron you mined.:item netherstone 64
  61. 1:Enter Sandman I:1:blockdestroy:sand:1000:You building a castle or something? 1000 sand dug.:item ironspade 1
  62. 1:Enter Sandman II:1:blockdestroy:sand:5000:Yay, even more sand. 5000 this time.:item diamondspade 2
  63. 1:Enter sandman III:1:blockdestroy:sand:10000:I can't even fathom WTF you're doing with 10000 sand..:item diamond 12
  64. 1:Jeweler I:1:blockdestroy:diamondore:75:Nice job, 75 diamond mined!:item diamond 3
  65. 1:Jeweler II:1:blockdestroy:diamondore:250:Wow, 250 diamond mined!.:item diamond 7
  66. 1:Jeweler III:1:blockdestroy:diamondore:700:Now I think you're just cheating, 700 diamond mined?.:item diamond 12
  67. 1:Vengeance I:1:blockdestroy:mobspawner:10:Taking out all your aggression out by destroying 10 mob spawners. How therapeutic :).:item diamondsword 1
  68. 1:Vengeance II:1:blockdestroy:mobspawner:30:Are there any left on the server? 30 spawners destroyed!:item goldbar 32
  69. 1:Vengeance III:1:blockdestryo:mobspawner:100:You've managed to hog them all to yourself. Congrats you selfish bastard! 100 spawners taken out.:item lightstone 32
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