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  1. 1.  5 Stars - This place is amazing it is on the palm so we had easy access to dozens of clubs, bars, restaurants. The host answered every question, quickly and in a timely manner. All the villas are nicely kept with an amazing security staff to give directions, the view from the villa was unreal an I will definitely recommend to anyone else looking for a great place to vacation and still save money for luxury.
  3. 2.  5 Stars - It was an amazing stay in Kennedy Towers’ beautiful house in the perfect location of Palm Jumeirah. The house is perfect with all the amenities and it’s a huge space. My two year old son really enjoyed staying in there. Mr. Francis was very helpful and responded to all the texts very fast and gave information about the locality. If we go to Dubai again, we’d definitely want to stay in the same house. We loved it!
  5. 3.  5 Stars – The property we stayed in is one of the best places to stay in Dubai. Everything is amazing, the villa space, the view and all the facilities provided by Kennedy Towers. Enjoyed a lot. Thank you Kennedy Towers.
  7. 4.  5 Stars - Wonderful place with lots of space, good accessibility to the rest of Dubai, and a nice few with direct access to water and beach. AirBNBs like this are what makes AirBNB great! Host was pleasant and very good with communication. This is a wonderful place to stay with family and friends! Highly recommended!
  9. 5.  5 Stars - Wow!!! Amazing villa extremely well maintained. Perfect peaceful location on the palm. We loved our 7 night stay at the villa. Thank-you Diane for being such a great host at Kennedy Towers.
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