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  1. Welcome to CBM class graveyard
  3. Disclaimer: I am not at all technical, these are just raw ideas with about 70% of mindset being shitposting and fun, this however doesnt mean i wont take feedback or scrutiny because honestly if this gets refined to hell with 0 chances of being added, the fun and inspiration it can bring is worth it.
  5. Maybe one day it's shitpost rating will lower with enough feedback, will start painfully messy to put all potential ideas on the table.
  10. ==Auto
  11. Health: 90ish
  12. Size: Downscaled Duo
  13. Speed: Clunker of a car trying really hard but waddling
  15. -Has a list of 'weapons' for his 'build menu'
  17. -left click with any 'weapon' throws a wrench with bad ready time and micro-stun, hitting an enemy increases the ammo bar abit
  19. -can be charged for a damaging knockback whack with good ready time, stunning enemies till they hit the ground
  20. -pitprotect as always with this kinda thing
  22. -right click builds selected and takes ammo that regens slowly but picking up screws increase it substantially
  23. -buildables, can be destroyed with damage
  25. guard dog: greyish dull rush sitting down that fires a decently fast medium damage bullet at a steady slow rate at enemies, has a second or two start up after placed
  27. mobile workshop: builds a dull eddie that opens up to a bench and oil, increasing all ammo regen to allies in a small area, potentially giving slow hp regen until it runs out of juice itself and needs to be rebuilt or refilled if overused, possibly showing from oil cans depleteing
  29. tango ball: puts a tango replica into Auto's hands as a weapon, turning m1 into a limited ammo no stun bouncing ripper with higher potential output if you can throw the fast bouncing cat right, think of a very limited adjusted angle screw crusher
  31. -secondary ammo bar always empty and has the seethru grey bars as you build things, just being a 3 or 4 max building indicator so you know when they are destroyed or potentially see the hp of building being looked at
  33. -throwing a wrench at a building heals it very slowly, charged whack heals greatly but cost's scraps off of ammo bar
  35. -item will deconstruct building you are infront of for it's hp% worths of ammo, use with tango ball selected to deconstruct that for it's weapon ammo%
  38. kill lines:
  39. [x has unscrewed y into scraps]
  40. [x's guard dog protected him from y]
  41. [x's tango ball ripped through y]
  45. ==Ra Thor
  46. Health: 140-165
  47. Size: Manlet King but bigger then Megaman
  48. Speed: no
  50. -Main weapon m1 charges finger lasers that cannot fire unless fully charged, lasting frames, consistant lowish ripper instead of being burst damage optional
  51. -Main weapon m2 uses the same charge mechanic, instead rocketing a ball of energy that ends up lemon shaped
  52. -Can be overcharged, after firing the overcharge is quickly drained for only a moment at max, granting nigh invincibility as Ra Thor reflects everything at this moment no longer then 0.19~ seconds
  54. -Secondary weapon is considered defense mode, holding M1 will increase what was the charge bar's overcharge more slowly in a different color for a timer as Ra Thor glows
  55. -Extreme armor to all damage during and roots himself
  56. -M2 is a knockback whack, the attack animation skips to damage frames if hit while taking damage while M1 is active
  58. -Sprite's hand changes based on which one is equipped (lol i wish)
  60. Idea: Unstoppable slow poke machine without weakness other then his crippling ability to have to charge or chose response, forcing him to play around an enemy and pace himself accordingly. Interesting take on a 'hate cool down' developer mindset that actually puts it in a fun to use light and justify strong periodic attacks.
  62. Potential: Make main weapon abit more expanded and give an item that lets him put up shield if charged without firing, probably removing or splicing utility with secondary weapon. Maybe just make item the root button.
  65. ==Megaman Shadow
  66. -Quint skin for edgelords
  70. ==Compassman
  71. Health: 100-110
  72. Size: Crashman's taller brother
  73. Speed: Lower teir dodge n' weave
  75. -M1 spins his tophalf, giving contact damage all around him
  76. -M1 while torso is out spins ring, dealing minimal/low area near contact damage like a barrier would
  78. -M2 throws his tophalf, it bouncing around not unlike searchman's bouncing thing but with more weight/hitbox and going through players
  79. -M2 while torso is out starts calling his torso back directly even through walls, can be stopped being held and it continues bouncing in your direction if it misses you
  81. Idea: Swordman's M2 but more active, allowing for boomeranging or blind bounces letting him get VERY tricky with his indirect-direct weapon.
  83. Potential: Slow draining fast regenerating ammo for torso throwing so you dont get it stuck in a hall way forever to stall.
  87. ==Bulletman
  88. Health: 145-155
  89. Size: WIDE LOAD
  90. Speed: Thumping along
  92. -M1 fires minimissiles from his hands upwards in a lowish range fastish firing carpet bomb in 2 lines infront of him, each explosion their own source of low damage.
  93. -Does a surprising ammount if all 10 hit.
  95. -M1 of secondary fires off a splitting bullet with the split shots having very weak homing capability.
  97. -M2 with either flies around like a floating burnerman but only slightly faster then Bulletman's generally slow speed, bellybumping anyone to the side he passes through for notworthit damage.
  99. Idea: You can skirt around and annoy the dickens out of people, sometimes that's all you need.
  103. ==Stoveman
  104. Health: 100-110
  105. Size: Trimmed Magmaman
  106. Speed: Average
  108. -M1 fires a flame wall that isnt a ripper, bouncing through enemies but leaving a copy of itself behind priodically that acts like unhittable bigger M2 flames that can damage seperately from the wall.
  109. -Flame wall returns back in it's path until it's consumed it's skinnier placed flame walls, can hit enemies again at turning point.
  111. -M2 charges and throws fire up, ignoring ceilings, and coats ground area in many small fires that are consumed on hit, radius/amount of fire depending on charge.
  112. -Puts out previous area of randomly placed fire if a new one is spawned.
  114. Idea: Simple ground holding with unique main ability for indirect combat or tricky angle abuse.
  116. Kill lines:
  117. [x flame mixed y's parts]
  118. [x has given y a nice Flame Shower]
  122. ==Komusoman
  123. Health: 85-95
  124. Size: Shaggy from Scoobie-Doo levels of skinny tall
  125. Speed: Lower teir speedy
  127. -Item throws out a clone with no damage boxes or blocking capability up to 2 that dash out abit or stick to walls
  128. -Clones do not fire until they are immobile
  129. -Hitting it a third time will clear the 2 clones, a secondary bar is available to show how many you have out, looking like ballade's jump counter.
  131. -M1 shoots a spread shot of 3 somewhat fatty bullets, clones shoot their own version with him with inaccuracy to the left and right heavilly, up and down staying mostly stable
  133. -M2 equips his horn with minimal lag on taking it out, summoning not that fast fire pillars around him at a fair set distance about 1.5-2  Komusoman's away that moves in circles.
  134. -Every clone out takes away 1 fire pillar, starting at 4 and having a minimum of 2.
  135. -Clones still fire if M1 is held, with slower firing rate.
  137. Idea: Firing squad and a leader, able to chase around with fire pillars while setting up precognative ambushes, the fire is outwards from him so you can avoid damage with footsies if you think he's leading you into his trap. That or just have fun going pewpew in waves.
  139. Potential: Fire pillars may be rippers or full damage, depending on their speed, whatever widdles down decently without anally destroying. The clones can have weaker versions for power balancing between himself and them.
  143. ==Clockman and Clockman
  144. Health: 100-110
  145. Size: Fat Gravityman
  146. Speed: Calmly cruising
  148. -M1 is a simple buster, though it shoots 1 forwards from your right if clockmen are together
  150. -M2 throws out Clockman about 3-4 Clockman long, mirroring side to side movement/aim but following when moving back and fourth, you take 40% of damage recieved from him, not stacking if you were hit with the same attack
  151. -Fires with you, if shots connect eachother it strikes lightning on that spot, charging a bar abit aswell as being a light damage ripper.
  152. -M2 calls him back to your side.
  153. -When bar is full, M2 means the two twats pose and timestops everything inbetween them, rolling down lightning strikes directly between as bar is used
  155. -Item switches if other Clockman is running with you or mirroring you when out.
  157. Idea: Allows you to chip out the enemy while confusing them and low damage kill confirm for convienance.
  161. ==Airconman
  162. Health: 135-150
  163. Size: Average if they ate a whole buffet every day
  164. Speed: [the clanking sound of an air conditioner failing]
  166. -M1 sucks inwards, giving contact damage from flapping fans, raising a bar that when full lets you shoot a shotgun of slow bouncing icecubes.
  167. -Blows out his back during sucking.
  169. -M2 blows, pushing people back, when the bar is filled this way he jumps up and floats around causing periodic spawns of 2 air clouds that converge on where crosshairs were on spawn.
  170. -Air clouds dissapear on damage which only happens when both of a pair touches the same hitbox.
  171. -Moves faster in the air somewhat noticably, dragging people downwards and a little outwards if he hovers near or over them.
  172. -Cancellable with another M1 or M2, which will start sucking/blowing immediately and drop him to the ground, this will instantly drain the draining ammo counter back to 0.
  173. -Sucks into his back when he blows.
  175. -Both when bar is full attacks only happen when you let go of the click.
  177. Idea: Another suck/blow class but he technically can do both while if you turn your back, perfect for choosing enemies position for your attack. Also blocking exits with the clouds would be hilarious.
  179. Potential: Could make the air clouds be user spawned rather then a lasting air attack, having cancel be M2.
  183. --Zodiac bots on hold until i can get some actual gameplay or even list of abilities, literally a pre-existing mm8bdm mod showcase footage showed up instantly over rockman strategy itself, seriously--
  187. ==Sonicman
  188. Health: 100-120
  189. Size: Bubbleman on growth pills
  190. Speed: Calm smooth backstroke of a master
  192. -M1 fires a very small extremely fast almost hitscan projectile with decent damage
  194. -M2 fires 3 mines with a aoe range ping circle that despawns only after a decent while or explode on their own if too many are placed at once, max 6.
  196. -Item starts his backpack that shoots water downwards, giving lightly slippery freeflight in the air for a few good seconds before a fair recharge time.
  198. Idea: Sniper that relies on consistant shots rather then bursts of them with relocating tools.
  202. ==Voltman
  203. Health: 125-140
  204. Size: Wide
  205. Speed: Jolly jaunt
  207. -Holding M1 puts up a force field, quickly gaining ammo while it's up until it forcibly dispells with throwing his 4 projectiles + 2 electric balls, anything tapped by this force field will have the 2 electricity balls from the break home in on heavilly.
  208. -Does have contact damage
  209. -Will home in very softly if they were not hit by the field.
  210. -All damage while it is up is rerouted
  212. -Hitting M2 causes Voltman to clap his gloves together, pre-charging his ammo bar by 1/4th every time.
  213. -Using while full will shoot 2 small kinda homing electric balls as weak as if you broke shield at 1/4th power.
  215. Idea: Able to shoot homing and protect himself, simple but opens some play to weave between styles.
  219. ==Dynaman
  220. Health: 120-135
  221. Size: Anorexic Concreteman
  222. Speed: Sliding around cleanly
  224. -M1 drops a dynamite at your feet, can be charged for a small toss, fire rate not that good with good explosion radius.
  226. -M2 makes you toss yourself forwards, charge abit for a dash that isnt too much faster then usual speed.
  227. -Dash acting more like a speedbuff that gives you almost perfect control, allowing for jumping, turning and everything besides doing 180's.
  228. -Can dash through enemies
  230. Idea: You jump and bounce around tossing explosives with aim on the go.
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