Mischief in the Hospital

Oct 19th, 2014
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  1. #This is a smut short involving a kraken and /ss/. That is all.#
  3. "Nurse Xiana is going to be helping me out, okay? Everyone say hi!"
  5. "Hi, nurse Xiana."
  7. The greeting lacked no enthusiasm, though Derek had no part of it. He was too busy watching the wall.
  9. Xiana smiled nonetheless.
  11. "Ooh, what are you?" asked one brave girl. Derek knew already. He'd known as soon as she entered the room. He'd been hoping for something more exciting, but it turned out she was just another nurse, though her uniform fit different than the other nurses'. Like it was a size too small. At least she had a nick rack.
  13. "Gilly, it's rude to point," said the nurse who'd introduced Xiana. She waited for Gilly to lower her finger, smiled, then laid a hand on Xiana's shoulder. "Xiana is a kraken. Her species usually makes their home in the sea, but Xiana wanted to see you kids so bad she came all the way out here!"
  15. Xiana stood there, beaming at the introduction. Derek fidgeted at seeing that smile, like it was burrowing into his skin somehow. He sat down and raised his knees, resting his head against them and burrowing his nose between his legs. Maybe it wouldn't bug him if he didn't look.
  17. "And what are--" Gilly started to point again, but lowered her arm the moment the nurse shot her a look. "What are those?"
  19. "Those are her tentacles, Gilly." The nurse nodded to Xiana, who happily extended one toward the curious girl. She reached out, timid at first, but eventually giving the tentacle a light pat. "Oooh. It's so smooth."
  21. At that point Derek zoned out from the conversation and scooted himself closer to the drawing he'd been staring at. It seemed to be the best way to pass the time since his mom had tossed him in here. He glanced at the clock. Five hours he'd been stuck here.
  23. His mom hadn't told him why they were at the hospital, or how long he'd be here, or even why he had to sit around with a bunch of kids. This was ridiculous! He was plenty old to be on his own! But despite all his protests, his mom had dragged him along, told him to be quiet and behave himself, then left him.
  25. The nurse who'd greeted him was nice, but other than a smile and an introduction, she hadn't been able to help him out. They didn't have any Nintendo 3DSes, or iPads, or anything to keep Derek busy. Some kids were playing with legos and k'nex, but those were for KIDS. Derek was older than that.
  27. So he staked out a corner of the room and a chair, sat there, and waited. He'd been looking at the drawings on the walls, searching for something interesting to play with or something fun to do, but never found anything. He could feel the other kids staring at him every now and then, but he was too old to let something like that make him nervous.
  29. Sometimes, though, when he was feeling especially bored, he'd watch the other kids play for a while.
  31. "Ara, ara, what a cute boy. What's your name?"
  33. Derek turn to the voice: the new nurse. He raised his head, but only just enough to meet eyes with the kraken. "Derek."
  35. That smile again. "Well, Derek, what are you up to?"
  37. The other nurse had asked him the same question a while ago, but he still didn't have a better answer. "Dunno."
  39. "'Dunno'?" Xiana's tentacles shifted beneath her, lowering her eyes to be much closer to Derek's. The movement was surprisingly interesting to watch; he'd never seen tentacles move quite like that before. "Why don't you play with some of the other kids?"
  41. "I don't really play games like that." His eyes drifted up to her chest. Those tits were even more impressive up close, and her face held no blemish.
  43. "Oh?" Xiana cocked her head a bit. "You don't play games?"
  45. "Well, I do play some games, just not like they do."
  47. "Are you sure? They're all very nice kids, I'm sure you would have fun. I think you would get along."
  49. Derek's lips fumbled back and forth. "They're too young. I'm a teenager."
  51. Xiana looked at his height, opening her eyes a bit more. "Wow, a teenager!" She spoke with enthusiasm, but Derek could've sworn he saw something else in her look. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mistake you for a little kid."
  53. Derek nodded, but for some reason blushed, too. It's not like the other kids had done anything wrong, they were just too young for a guy like him.
  55. "Well, since they're too young, do you want to play a game with me?"
  57. Her? Derek looked downward. Well, all the nurses had been really nice, but Xiana was a full-blown adult and adults had never really been very good at games. He didn't even know what kind of game she wanted to play. Of course, wearing that tight uniform and boasting the assets she did, playing with her might not be so bad.
  59. "What game?"
  61. "Do you want to get away from this boring room?"
  63. "...Yes."
  65. "Well, we can play a game in a different room. It's more exciting and kids can't play it."
  67. Derek perked up at that. "Kids can't play it?"
  69. "Oh yes, only teenagers and older people can. Do you want to?"
  71. He looked back at the other kids one more time before nodding at Xiana. Had he been paying more attention, he may have noticed the mischievous glint in her eyes.
  73. "Alright. Let me talk to the other nurse for a moment and I'll be right back. Go wait near the door for me, okay?"
  75. Derek nodded, then rushed over to the door. Xiana had a short chat with the other nurse. They both looked over to Derek, making him sweat a moment under their gaze, but before long, Xiana was gliding over to him.
  77. "Alright, Derek, let's go!"
  79. Xiana reached for his hand, but Derek wasn't interested in being treated like a child any more. Holding hands with his mom was bad enough. "I follow you."
  81. Xiana gave a slight shrug, perhaps disappointed, but didn't complain. They maneuvered their way down some busy hallways, Xiana giving a grin and a nod to the doctors and other nurses as they passed. Derek never stopped looking around, trying to figure out where they were, where they were going, and most importantly, what game they were going to play.
  83. Before he realized it, the two were away from the bustle, alone in a quiet hallway. It was there Xiana guided him into a room.
  85. Nothing particular about the room jumped out at Derek. It wasn't too large or too small. There were counters around the edges of the room and a large, cozy-looking table in the middle, with lights shining directly on it. Xiana's hand left his and gave him a light push on the back toward the table.
  87. "Go on, take a seat."
  89. Derek hopped up without hesitation, letting his legs hang over the side of the table. Now that he looked at it, the surface was oddly cushioned for a table.
  91. "Now the game were going to play involves making you feel good by playing with a part of your body. You might have even played it before."
  93. A game with his body? She wasn't talking about... "Uhh, I think?"
  95. Xiana's smile widened at that. "Then let's get you ready."
  97. "Get ready?"
  99. "You're going to need to let me take off your clothes."
  101. Derek began fiddling with his hands and lowered his head, but still made eye contact with Xiana. She wasn't joking around! His mom had always told him to be careful around monstergirls like this, but would it really be so bad? "A-are you sure?"
  103. "I promise you Derek, you're going to really enjoy the game, but we can't start unless you're naked."
  105. Eyes darting back and forth, Derek began to unconsciously swing his legs. He wanted to show he was grown up, and Xiana was being so nice to him, but could he really trust her?
  107. When he looked up at the warmth of Xiana's smile, he had his answer.
  109. "Ok," he mumbled, swallowing. Some part of him still nagged at him, saying Xiana wasn't really serious, she was trying to embarrass him or get him in trouble.
  111. Xiana lit up at hearing his response. "You'll be so happy you did this." She glided up to him and lifted his arms, then took off his shirt. The cool air of the room against his bare skin sent goosebumps up his back. He huddled his arms to his chest, watching as Xiana handed the shirt off to a tentacle to lay it on a counter. His shoes and socks came off quickly, and when her hands finally went to his pants, she licked her lips. Derek almost stopped her, but she looked so happy to do it he couldn't bring himself to. When she peeled off the last of his clothing, she covered her mouth and ate up his body with hungry eyes.
  113. "Ara, ara, how cute."
  115. Arousal flared up within him, but in such a unique way. Watching at porn was one thing, but her looking at his naked body did something else. He couldn't put it to words, but certain other parts of his body were perfectly blunt with their expressions.
  117. "So, what comes next?"
  119. "Oh, yes, definitely. But I need to prepare too. Dealing with something like this requires special care."
  121. Derek watched one of her tentacles slip across the room and into a drawer. After poking around for a second, it found a pair of gloves and laid them in Xiana's hands. Xiana gave Derek a sultry look as she snapped the tight gloves on. For some reason, watching her do that made him ache down below harder than before. They were just gloves--why was he getting so excited over them?
  123. "Can you turn around and put your legs up on the table?"
  125. Derek did as she said, but also shot a nervous glance backward. After snapping both gloves on, Xiana's upper body moved in so close Derek could feel her breasts pushing up against his back. Her arms slipped underneath his, those slick, gloved hands roaming over his chest.
  127. "Ara, ara, look at you down there."
  129. Derek swallowed and looked downward. She was no doubt looking right along with him.
  131. "Have you ever touched it when it's like this?" asked Xiana, her hands sneaking downward as she spoke.
  133. "M-maybe..." Did she care about something like that? Was it part of her game?
  135. "Well, as a nurse, it's my responsibility to show you how to do it properly."
  137. Two fingers slowly ran up his shaft.
  139. Derek gasped.
  141. "Ahh!" Just two fingers and he was already burning up!
  143. "It feels like that because you're very sensitive down there, Derek. Here, too." Her other gloved hand glided underneath his member to cup his balls, then began to roll them around gently in her palm. For some reason, Derek couldn't stop blinking while Xiana's hands moved. How were her hands so much better?
  145. "W-w-why is it s-so sensitive?"
  147. Xiana drew her fingers back down his shaft, sending another shiver through his body. "Because that's how that part of the body works. It's important for your penis to grow like that." Her hands paused, robbing Derek of the wonderful sensations. "I'm going to touch you more now. Is that okay, Derek?"
  149. "P-please!" The fact she was treating him like a kid again didn't matter. She couldn't stop!
  151. "Ara, ara, even remembering your manners. Your mom raised such a good kid."
  153. "N-not a kid anymore!"
  155. "Oh, yes. A grownup then," her honeyed voice draped over his ears, a sweet smile following that humored statement.
  157. The hand that had once only laid two fingers on his penis did a wonderful thing. Her palm and all five fingers wrapped around his shaft and eased up and down. She didn't have much room to work with, but Derek's cock just kept getting harder! His eyes went wide. Was it going to stop soon? Oh, fuck, if she somehow grew it more and then put BOTH hands on it? Derek grew lightheaded at the thought.
  159. "How does that feel?"
  161. Derek had completely forgotten Xiana was even there. Her skilled hands had become a monster of their own.
  163. "Yes!"
  165. "Ara, little Derek, 'yes' isn't an answer," she said, grinning.
  167. "I-I meant, good! Really good!"
  169. "You're so sweet." Xiana kissed the top of his head. "Does it feel like you're going to let something out?"
  171. Let something out? Derek swallowed, trying to concentrate under the assault of her hands. Talking to him like he didn't know what cumming was... but now that she mentioned it, his arousal was starting to get away from him. If she kept this up, he'd blow for sure.
  173. "M-maybe?"
  175. "Okay." Xiana's hand pumped him more and Derek let out a moan. Could anything be as great as this? He lost himself in her soft grip, her smooth fingers, and that liquid motion. Her breath grew heavier against his ear with each pump.
  177. But before Derek knew it, Xiana had stopped and the pleasure's intoxication wore off far too quickly.
  179. "Why did you stop?"
  181. Xiana gave him a knowing smile and pat him on the head. "There's still much more to learn about. Let's not get carried away."
  183. "But I liked how your hands felt," he pouted.
  185. "Ara, ara, you're going to make a nurse like me blush." She laid a hand against her cheek, her smile getting away from her. "But I said there was more to learn. Do you want to learn it?"
  187. "Yes!"
  189. "How would you like to learn--" Several of Xiana's tentacles raised up and she gestured to them. "--about these?"
  191. Tentacles? She just walked around with those and used them to pick things up, right? Was there something special about them? "Do they... do they feel as good as your hands?"
  193. "Better."
  195. "B-better?" Derek's eyes grew wide. He hadn't thought about how they would feel, but now that she mentioned it, he wanted to know. Badly. "I don't know if I could... but, well, if it's important to learn..."
  197. "Such a brave young man." Xiana once again stepped behind him, and that arousal she controlled so well lit up like nothing before. Better... could something really feel better than that? Each second waiting for her touch lasted forever, leaving Derek's nude little body to quiver in anticipation.
  199. Yet, the first place he felt her was not on his crotch. Tentacles wrapped themselves around his wrists, his legs, his arms, his chest. He instinctively squirmed in their grip, shocked by the sudden assault of sensations.
  201. "Calm down, Derek. I'm just keeping you safe. This is going to feel a little weird, and I didn't want you shaking about and accidentally hurting yourself. You wouldn't want that, would you?"
  203. He tried to calm himself down, but his body kept twitching. "No."
  205. "Of course you wouldn't. Now try to relax." One of Xiana's arms snaked over Derek's shoulder while the other slipped under his opposite arm. He felt her gloves against his chest, pulling him back against her body. Her warmth calmed him, the sound of her body faint in his ears.
  207. A tentacle crept up his thigh. His eyes snapped to it. Derek's breath quickened and he tried wiggling out of Xiana's tentacles' grip again, but she held fast. His heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to explode. This was really happening!
  209. "Shh... calm down. It's only going to feel good. Shhh," Xiana whispered in his ear. Derek finally found the strength to reign in his breathing.
  211. That's when the tentacle struck.
  213. Neither violent nor gentle, the tentacle smothered Derek's entire package in coils. Derek whimpered. Suction, like a dozen different kisses, clamped onto him and sucked. Everywhere the suction didn't seize was wrapped up in squishy tentacle skin.
  215. "Gwah!" Derek completely failed at coherency. His head spun a thousand different ways, his thoughts dominated by the touch of Xiana's expert tentacles. "C-cold!"
  217. "I know." Her fingers gently ran up and down Derek's chest. "But do you know how to warm them up?"
  219. "H-how?"
  221. "Friction."
  223. And the tentacle moved. Nothing fancy, but a simple shifting as Xiana fed more tentacle length into his crotch. Derek's lost control of his limbs, though in Xiana's grip, they didn't move much. Each point of suction on his member popped as it detached, sending a wave of that wonderful feeling through Derek's body.
  225. "Gyaa!"
  227. "Shh, not too loud, Derek. Tell me if you think you're about to let something out, okay?"
  229. "K-kay!"
  231. The tentacle pushed, pulled, and pulsed relentlessly. Derek felt his body falling apart, his limbs going numb and his vision blurring. Like rumbling thunder in the distance, he felt that desire to release growing closer and closer. When Xiana sped the tentacle up, he knew it was coming.
  233. "It's gonna come out--!"
  235. But this time, Xiana didn't stop. Her tentacles tightened, and the one on his crotch moved even faster. Her blissful, all-encompassing grip and soft, eager tentacle pushed over the edge.
  237. His body spasmed and he threw his crotch into the tentacle, letting out a cry instantly muffled by Xiana's hand over his mouth. A lighting bolt of pleasure exploded down his penis and outward, along with something else. He cried out again into her hand when the tentacle refused to stop moving, squeezing into his shaft from base to tip and extracting all it could.
  239. Derek lost track of time, but it couldn't've been long until he heard Xiana's voice again.
  241. "Are you okay, Derek?"
  243. He blinked a few times and the room came back into focus. Xiana was looking at his face with a touch of concern.
  245. "Derek?"
  247. "H-hi." He couldn't come up with anything else to say, but just that put Xiana's smile back on her face.
  249. "Did it feel that good?" she asked, knowing the answer.
  251. "Yes. Really good."
  253. She brushed his hair away from his face and kissed him on the forehead. When she saw Derek's breathing even out again, she asked a question that sent chills up Derek's spine.
  255. "Do you want something even better?"
  257. "Even better?" Derek considered it a moment, but his body was telling him it was done. In fact, his lack of clothing had just become very apparent. "Um, I dunno."
  259. "Do you not feel like doing anything like that anymore?"
  261. Of course he did! If it was up to him, she'd never stop! He kept his response restrained, though, not wanting to appear like a little kid asking for more candy. "Yeah. I mean, I want to, but I don't know if I can." Derek scratched his head, unable to come up with a better answer.
  263. "Don't worry, I understand. And I think I can help you."
  265. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small needle, as small as a pin. Attached to it was a small container with a semi-clear liquid. Xiana gave the container a small twist, and some of it dripped onto the pin. Derek tried to stay brave when she approached, but he couldn't take his eyes off that pin.
  267. "This will make you want to do more, but I'll have to give you a little poke, okay?"
  269. Derek bit his lower lip. "Okay."
  271. The pin was in and out before he knew it. Seconds later that feeling came back, stronger than before, and he watched as his cock started growing again.
  273. "Ohh." The feeling wasn't quite like he remembered. It wasn't telling him 'I want to,' but rather, 'I need to'. He looked up to Xiana.
  275. "I'm ready. Please."
  277. "So eager, ara ara." She made a show of taking off her gloves and handing them to a tentacle. "Did you know I have a body part that's made just for your penis?"
  279. "Yeah." Her belittling talk didn't bug him so much anymore.
  281. Her tentacles began raising her up, taller than Derek, looming over him like a building. One tentacle gently pushed Derek further on the table while she advanced.
  283. "Of course you do, you're a smart boy. But did you know that when you put your penis in, it feels better than anything else?"
  285. Derek swallowed loud enough to for him to hear it echo. Xiana's tentacle pushed him down and her body hovered just over his crotch, the mass of tentacles beneath her shifting as they drew closer. Derek knew something amazing waited within.
  287. Once again, tentacles wound themselves around Derek, but this time he didn't start. The less he could move, the tighter those tentacles gripped him, the more potent his arousal became. His cock ached so hard it hurt.
  289. "Hurry."
  291. "Don't worry, I wasn't planning on waiting. But you have to try to hold yourself back, okay? We wouldn't want the fun ending as soon as it started."
  293. "Okay." His voice quivered at the thought.
  295. She descended.
  297. Derek cried out louder than before and Xiana let him, curling her hair back behind her ear as she witnessed the effect her pussy had on the boy. A million different shocks rammed into his body and yanked him into a overflowing river of bliss. Heavenly walls clamped down on his cock, squeezing and pulsating with vigor. Moan bled into shout bled into moan again. Derek lost all sense of his surroundings. His hands grabbed at the tentacles holding him and squeezed with all their might. His hips threw his member as deep as they could into that rapturous prison. Suction cups dug into his skin. Hands glided across his body.
  299. "Ara, ara!"
  301. Xiana moved her hips as well, shifting the pressure on his cock to unveil other worlds of pleasure. Those hot, slick walls undulated every which way, never allowing Derek even a moment to catch his breath. Xiana had told him to hold back, but under this pleasure, such at thing was impossible. All Derek could do was ride the roller coaster. His toes curled and his hands went numb as a familiar feeling tingled in his balls.
  303. "Xiana, it's coming out again!"
  305. "Then make sure you give me everything."
  307. With a pathetic moan, Derek once again lost himself to Xiana's beguiling body. He drove himself as deep as possible, every muscle in his body tensing as pleasure washed over him again. Xiana's comforting, seductive smile bore down on him as she continued to ride his overwhelmed little frame. No matter how many times he spurted, Xiana asked for more, draining him one thrust at a time until he hadn't the strength to so much as twitch. Only after he went limp did Xiana withdraw herself, licking her lips as she adored the panting teen on the table.
  309. "So how did you like the game?" she asked, wiping the sweat off his face.
  311. "I want--I want to play more."
  313. "Well, my little dear, next time you're at the hospital, you just ask for nurse Xiana, and we can play as much as you want."
  315. Derek couldn't wait.
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