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Bolide Interview

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  1. Zeiciq: Bolide comes walking up to the meeting point, staff in hand. "Not late for the meeting, am I?" He takes off his helmet and rests it over the large rock attached to his staff, and pulls the cloth down from his face.
  3. GeneralFreedom: "Umhm. She's fairly strong. At least somewhat capable." She pauses and turns to Bolide. She assesses him a moment before gesturing to a seat. "You're not late, no."
  4. Tutor comes back and presents Laura her drink before standing behind Becky once more.
  6. Oboeshoes101: Laura thanks tutor and takes a sip before turning to the newcomer. "Hey there."
  8. Zeiciq: He looking over at Tutor before turning his attention back to Bom-Pom. "I'm fine with standing." He answers. "I was referred to you by others that said they could get in contact."
  10. GeneralFreedom: "If you wish," Becky tsks. "I'm Becky Neven and this is a friend... and potential teammate," she gestures to Laura. "Perhaps you could tell me a bit about yourself to start things off. Do you have much experience?"
  12. Oboeshoes101: Laura sits quietly and sips her drink.
  14. Zeiciq: "I've started my journey nearly four years ago. I've been around much of the world in that time. As my journey dictates, I've been acting as a keeper of peace where possible."
  16. GeneralFreedom: "A world traveler, you say?" Becky smiles. "Impressive. I've had the opportunity to go almost anywhere I want. You really broaden your horizons when you see different places and cultures." She glances back at Tutor and gestures for him to move and he steps to the side to better shield her with his umbrella. "And a keeper of the peace... That means you've been doing hero work already?"
  18. Zeiciq: "Quite so. I don't consider my actions heroic, as it's part of my duty. However, I let people call it as they wish."
  20. GeneralFreedom: "You sound pretty agreeable so far. I like that," Becky nods. "Experience helps. It's not necessary since daddy wants this team to be a kind of learning experience."
  21. "What kinds of skills do you have? Any powers?"
  23. Zeiciq: "I started my training since I was five. In that time, I've been given routine, and intensive training till the time to go on my journey. Among my people, I hold the position of Comet. As such I'm capable of generating fire using my spirit."
  25. GeneralFreedom: "Impressive," Becky grins. "Fire powers and... staff fighting, I'm going to guess." She tilts her head towards the magic comet stick. "It doesn't sound like you've done much work with a team before though. Do you think you're up to such an experience?"
  27. Zeiciq: "We shall see. We journey on our own, but there are things that can't be handled simply on your own."
  29. GeneralFreedom: "Hm... I guess so," Becky tsks. "That is the point of a team after all." She nudges Tutor and the robot hands Bolide a glossy card with a caped figure on the front. On the back is contact information for Gen Prime. "We're still building. When it's time we'll give you a call."
  31. Zeiciq: "I don't have need for your amenities, so I can't keep in contact beyond the communicator I've been given. I can be found near parks meditating and begging for a day's meal, however."
  33. GeneralFreedom: "Uuuh, alright then," Becky frowns. The thought of living such a way is probably pretty foreign to her! "Think it over, alright?"
  35. Zeiciq: Bolide gives a short bow. "There are many peacekeepers in this world. I wish to learn from them to achieve my own enlightenment."
  37. GeneralFreedom: "Well... with us to help you, I'm sure you'll find it!" She laughs.
  39. Zeiciq: "Hopefully so, but I'm in no rush. If it takes a year or twenty, I simply need to wait."
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