Wet Dream 2

Sep 6th, 2020
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  1. >Trixie loves attention. REALLY loves attention.
  2. >But she stubbornly refuses to get it the easy way by stripping or showing her body.
  3. >Trixie’s mind is scared to do it.
  4. >Trixie’s body is sacred.
  5. >Trixie’s everything is kept as sexy as possible every single day just for herself.
  6. >Under her clothes is a treasure the lesser people aren’t worthy of seeing or… feeling.
  7. >The details remain a mystery to everyone.
  8. >A magician never reveals her secrets.
  9. ~
  10. >Trixie Lulamoon performs stage magic with her assistants Fuchsia Blush and Lavender Lace.
  11. >Those two help her feed her ego because they need money.
  12. >Trixie chooses dangerous stunts over stripping.
  13. >She brags about being a virgin, embracing her superiority complex.
  14. >Defeated the Dazzlings last talent show because they have no more real magic.
  15. >Trixie’s still jealous of Sonata having bigger tits than her, still won’t show her own.
  16. >Parks her trailer beside theirs just to taunt them.
  17. >This does not sit well with Aphrodite.
  18. >Fuchsia and Lavender go to the dazzle trailer to apologize only to later keep enabling Trixie.
  19. >Aphrodite has other plans, and traps them in with the Dazzlings and smites them before they return to Trixie.
  20. ~
  21. >Trixie’s next performance is in the abandoned part of town at a seedy all-male biker bar full of shady and creepy men.
  22. >First non-school performance, so she can’t let herself get nervous.
  23. >Her assistants convince her to take pills and stuff to get her through the show.
  24. >Trixie enters the stage while on the performance drugs, her assistants are smitten by Aphrodite.
  25. >Starts her act, no one is impressed.
  26. >Someone yells that the dazzlings were better because they wore hotter outfits.
  27. >Halfway through, Trixie is drugged up and out of ideas.
  28. >Stumbling around, she still sees herself as above stripping on stage.
  29. >But her assistants don’t.
  30. >They already started taking their clothes off.
  31. >The crowd starts cheering for them and pressures Trixie to strip too.
  32. >Trixie refuses, and the audience boos her while praising her stripping assistants.
  33. >They slip out of their skirts and show off their panties.
  34. >The crowd loves them, and wants to love Trixie too.
  35. >Trixie slurs to her assistants to put their clothes back on and help her do more magic tricks and dangerous stunts.
  36. >Fuchsia and Lavender have another stunt in mind for Trixie.
  37. >Trixie didn’t know this, but her regular clothes were secretly swapped with a replica designed to be torn apart.
  38. >Her assistants grab her and face her to the crowd.
  39. >Fuchsia grabs the top front of Trixie’s purple dress peeking out from under her jacket and yanks it up.
  40. >Under Trixie’s jacket, the upper part of the dress rips away from the skirt half like it’s designed to.
  41. >It also rips away at the back and shoulders with enough force.
  42. >Surprised, Trixie grabs the torn top and hopelessly tries to shove it back in as Lavender helps Fuchsia pull it all the way out from Trixie’s jacket.
  43. >Trixie’s skirt now has nothing to keep it from falling down in front of the audience.
  44. >Trixie’s hands abandon the torn away top to hold her skirt up and keep her panties covered on stage.
  45. >The audience cheers for Trixie while her assistants stop her from escaping the stage.
  46. >Holding her skirt in place, Trixie’s arms push her tits together under the jacket that now shows some of her cleavage.
  47. >With Trixie’s hands occupied, Fuchsia tugs the jacket’s zipper down, showing Trixie’s forbidden purple bra and complete cleavage to the biker bar.
  48. >The act is now Trixie desperately fighting to keep her clothes on in public with the odds against her.
  49. >Trixie twists around between her stripping assistants who gradually expose her body.
  50. >Her half unzipped jacket falling off her shoulders, unable to hide her bouncing cleavage.
  51. >Skirt pulled up to reveal her thighs and panty line to the audience.
  52. >They watch Trixie’s arrogant integrity get stripped away from her.
  53. >The skirt is effortlessly torn open and away to unveil Trixie’s cute purple panties the audience wanted to see.
  54. >Trixie tries to cover her panties with her jacket, not wanting the audience to see her curved hips or her squeezable asscheeks.
  55. >But it can’t be pulled down enough until Trixie’s jiggling tits under her purple bra are completely uncovered before the crowd.
  56. >Trixie stumbles around on stage between her two horny assistants, her stage act is her body’s assisted exposure.
  57. >She fails to zip her jacket back up as her assistants rip the back of it open anyway.
  58. >It can’t function as a jacket anymore.
  59. >Fuchsia and Lavender wrestle the torn open jacket away from Trixie, trapping her hands in the tangled inside out sleeves and spreading her arms.
  60. >The audience goes wild cheering for Trixie, who stands there restrained by her assistants in nothing but her purple bra and panties.
  61. >She’s drugged up, exhausted and glistening with sweat, standing in front of a cheering crowd in her hot underwear no one’s supposed to see her in.
  62. >A rush of cold air on Trixie’s exposed skin makes her shiver, makes her nipples get erect under her bra cups.
  63. >That rush of cold public air slowly but surely transforms her.
  64. >Trixie wants to cover herself up less and less, her heart’s no longer in it because the audience loves her sexy body she was forced to reveal.
  65. >Trixie doesn’t know what her feelings are doing, but she lets go of the inside out sleeves and lets her assistants embrace her.
  66. >The audience wants Trixie to give up her bra, but Trixie’s too nervous and embarrassed to do it but also too nervous and confused to say no.
  67. >Fuchsia sees Trixie’s erect nipples under the bra cups begging to be exposed.
  68. >She bites a bra cup with her teeth to tug it away from Trixie’s tits as lewdly as possible for Trixie’s fans.
  69. >Lavender tugs down at Trixie’s panties while nibbling her ear.
  70. >Trixie barely tries to stop either of them.
  71. >Trixie shyly tries to hold her bra cups over her breasts after someone unfastens the back of her bra.
  72. >She stares at the audience with pleading eyes, and they cheer back in encouragement.
  73. >Trixie shudders with a hesitant nod, not anywhere near as enthusiastic as her other shows, and lets Fuchsia’s gentle teeth continue the stage act.
  74. >With rapid shaky breaths, Trixie feels the bra straps get pulled away from her shoulders, and feels the cold air directly breeze past her erect nipples.
  75. >Fuchsia stands before her with the limp purple bra dangling from her mouth, turning to the audience and pulling her own bra up off of her chest.
  76. >The Great And Topless Trixie nervously boasts her exposed nipples to the aroused audience.
  77. >She lets her assistants’ encouragement guide her hands away from her chest and towards her said assistants’ bodies.
  78. >Lavender Lace lets her loosened bra fall away from her shoulders and chest.
  79. >Trixie Lulamoon pulls Fuchsia Bush’s panties to her knees then her shins as Lavender does the same to Trixie’s panties wearing a loose, falling bra.
  80. >Trixie’s pussy is completely bare and smooth, a former secret that the entire audience lays their eyes upon with Trixie’s increasing acceptance of it.
  81. >With Aphrodite’s help, all three of the Illusions gave in to the audience’s pressure to strip naked on stage.
  82. >Somewhere the Dazzlings have never gone yet.
  83. >And the Illusions take it even further when the smite magic that now spread to Trixie convinces them to kiss and masturbate on stage while naked.
  84. >Trixie massages and masturbates Lavender’s pussy and Fuchsia does it to Trixie’s pussy, warming each other up on the cold stage with new heat.
  85. >The audience loves it, cheering as Fuchsia suckles on Trixie’s right nipple in front of them with her fingers fondling Trixie’s moist vulva and clit in plain view of the audience.
  86. >The biker bar has a new favorite group, all at the cost of integrity and self respect.
  87. ~
  88. >Trixie and her two assistants Fuchsia and Lavender have become adult stage performers.
  89. >Trixie has grown used to being naked in front of tons of people.
  90. >And now she’s starting to really love it, and so are Fuchsia and Lavender.
  91. >Their act together is now almost entirely stripping nude on stage from tear-away clothing and fucking in front of the audience.
  92. >From this, Trixie’s popularity among the underground world has skyrocketed, and her group is making more money than the Dazzlings.
  93. >But Trixie respects the Dazzlings now, because she no longer has a lack of validation to take out on them.
  94. >Trixie is now extremely comfortable with wearing revealing clothes in school, loving how much attention it gets her.
  95. >She lets the boys stare down her open top whenever she leans forward in front of them, turning every moment into a little show of her own.
  96. >Boasting her body in any way she can, pretending it’s by accident sometimes.
  97. >Trixie wears loose bras and low cut shirts, low riding jeans that slip beneath her panty line whenever she bends over.
  98. >Always does it on purpose in public, knowing there’s at least someone watching her never ending performance.
  99. >On stage, Trixie is a renowned adult performer.
  100. >She purposefully wears the smallest, most poorly fitting bunny suits with fishnet stockings.
  101. >It’s impossible for her nipples to not slip out the top, but that’s the point of Trixie’s stage act.
  102. >Her assistants wear similar attire, ready and expecting for their tits and crotches to slip out from the scantily covering outfits.
  103. >The three of them have kissed and had sex on stage for an audience so many times that they have become fully desensitized to ogling and catcalling over time.
  104. >Aphrodite is proud.
  105. >Trixie herself actually loves it as much as she loves herself, and Fuchsia and Lavender start to like it as well.
  106. >It’s totally normal for them now. It’s just what they do. It’s how they make their living doing what they love: each other.
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