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Nov 19th, 2019
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  1. Your Question: [b]Black Bold[/b]
  2. My Answer: [color=#0000ff]Blue[/color]
  3. Example: [color=#00ff00][color=#00bb00][color=#00bb00]Green[/color][/color][/color]
  4. People: [color=#8800ff]Purple[/color]
  5. Question explanation: [i]Italic Text[/i]
  7. [b]RP Name:[/b] [color=#0000ff]Tinky[/color]
  8. [b]Time Zone:[/b] [color=#0000ff]Coordinated Universal Time[/color]
  9. [b]Link to Steam Profile:[/b]
  10. [b]SteamID:[/b] [color=#0000ff]STEAM_0:0:107027937[/color]
  11. [b]Current Gametracker Profiles:[/b]
  12. [b]Server 1 -[/b] [url= ]Usual name S1[/url][url=]
  13. Halloween name s1[/url]
  14. [b]Server 2 -[/b]
  15. [b]Server 3 -[/b] [url= ]Usual name s3[/url][url=]
  16. Halloween name s3[/url]
  18. [b]Estimated Server Time:[/b] [color=#0000ff]581.433333 hours Only under my main account name[/color]
  20. [b]Languages I Speak:[/b] [color=#0000ff]English And Bulgarian[/color]
  23. [b]Explain "Random Death Match" and give an example scenario:[/b]
  24. [color=#0000ff]Random Death Match (RDM) is when a player kills another person without a valid RP (roleplay) reason, crossfire is NOT an excuse.[/color]
  26. [color=#00bb00]E.g. 1[/color]
  28. [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]is checking his banked items when[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 2[/color] [color=#00bb00]suddenly pulls out a Mossberg590 and kills[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]for no reason.[/color]
  30. [color=#00bb00]E.g. 2[/color]
  32. [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]is trying to shoot a Policeman who is arresting his friend -[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 2[/color] [color=#00bb00]and[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 3[/color] [color=#00bb00]gets hit and killed in the crossfire.[/color]
  34. [b]Explain "New Life Rule" and give an example scenario:[/b]
  35. [color=#0000ff]New Life Rule (NLR) is when you die in a district - you cannot go back to that district or interact with it until your NLR timer is over. Police can break NLR in the Police District and when there is an active NUKE/Bank raid. Every other job apart from police can break NLR when there is an airdrop.
  36. [/color]
  38. [color=#00bb00]E.g. 1[/color]
  40. [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]raids[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 2's[/color] [color=#00bb00]base that is in the Rich District on Server 1.[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 2[/color] [color=#00bb00]successfully kills[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color]. [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color][color=#00bb00] goes back to his base that is also in Rich District.[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]broke New Life Rule (NLR).[/color]
  42. [color=#00bb00]E.g. 2[/color]
  44. [color=#8800ff]Jack Bushross[/color][color=#00bb00] has an active NUKE in Crackhouse District in Server 1 and[/color][color=#8800ff] Player 1[/color][color=#00bb00] is raiding the bank. The Police squad has 4 police men.[/color] [color=#8800ff]Policeman 1 [/color][color=#00bb00]and[/color] [color=#8800ff]Policeman 2[/color] [color=#00bb00]go and try to stop the nuke, while[/color] [color=#8800ff]Policeman 3[/color] [color=#00bb00]and [/color][color=#8800ff]4 [/color][color=#00bb00]attempt to raid the bank. Both squads fail but they can return because there is an active nuke/bank raid. The police squad did NOT break NLR
  45. [/color]
  46. [color=#00bb00]E.g. 3[/color]
  48. [color=#00bb00]There is an active air drop at the fountain[/color]. [color=#8800ff]Player 1 (Gangster job)[/color][color=#00bb00] is attempting to raid it but gets killed by [/color][color=#8800ff]Player 2 ( also Gangster job)[/color]. [color=#8800ff]Player 1[/color] [color=#00bb00]can return to the air drop because the NLR rule doesn't apply to the gangster job (and any other job apart from police) when there is an active airdrop.[/color]
  50. [b]Explain how you would handle the following situation:[/b]
  51. [i]You are handling a report in which player A accuses player B of killing them for no reason in a report via the F1 system.[/i]
  53. [color=#0000ff]I would teleport to[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player A[/color] [color=#0000ff]and ask him if it is okay for me to teleport him to a roof so we can have a peaceful admin sit. I would ask him for his story. Then i would go to [/color][color=#8800ff]Player B [/color] [color=#0000ff]and ask them if it is also okay for me to teleport them to that roof. After i teleport him, i will ask him for his story. If [color=#8800ff]Player B[/color] admits that he killed[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player A[/color] [color=#0000ff]for no reason and seems sorry, i would give him a verbal warning. If the stories mismatch, I would ask both sides for proof. If in the proof i see that[/color] [color=#8800ff]Player B[/color] [color=#0000ff]has lied I would warn them for RDM (Random Death Match) using the warning system. If I see that the kill was for a valid RP reason, I would suggest both sides that they just to stay away from each other.
  54. [/color]
  55. [b]Explain how you would handle the following situation:[/b]
  56. [i]You witness a user mass RDMing in spawn, killing many people constantly to the point where users are complaining.[/i]
  58. [color=#0000ff]I would instantly freeze the user. I will teleport them to a roof and ask why they did it. If they are mean to me, I will call an admin to ban them because moderators don't have that ability. If they explain themselves calmly i would warn them for Mass RDM and after i unfreeze them, I will spectate them to see if they do it again. If they do it again I will call an admin to ban them.[/color]
  60. [b]Why I should be chosen (we recommend a minimum of around 150 words):[/b]
  62. [spoiler][color=#0000ff]First of all I want to say that I am aware that I at the moment of writing this have 1 recent warning. I checked and saw it would expire by the time of the meeting. I think I should be chosen for moderator because I try to help everyone I can. I try to be nice even to people who aren't nice to me but it's hard to give something that you don't get. I always attempt to help new players in one way or another. I've been a moderator a few times before so I know how to do my job. I have improved my attitude since I wanted the community to like me because it's better for everyone to like you than the opposite. I believe that i have the skills to deal with most to every situation that a moderator can face. When i was moderator i think i did a pretty good job at keeping the server street safe of rule breakers. I want to keep the community without toxicity and rule breaking and I want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time on the server. I am a very friendly person everywhere but if I don't get treated like I want to treat everyone, it is hard to do so back.
  63. Thank you for reading -Tinky
  64. [/color]
  65. [/spoiler]
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