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Sep 17th, 2019
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  1. keyword audience insights:
  2. shows you what you can target in fb audience insights:
  3. invite post likers:
  4. bulk interest finder:
  5. build llas / custom audiences out of pages, groups, people, etc.
  6. build llas out of apps:
  7. deeper keyword insights:
  8. To create free video ads on mobile use InShot - Decent quality and amazing for its price tag of $0.
  10. Hyper targeted insights
  11. Click laser target you'll get a list of more interests that can be narrowed down or related to your winning interest
  12. Nerdly Solutions Facebook Audience Interests Finder
  13. Nerdly Solutions Facebook Audience Interests Finder
  14. Uncover thousands of Facebook interests with the click of a button. Target untapped interests that are normally hidden by Facebook themselves!
  16. Buy facebook audiences tailored for your product like if you wanna sell a dog collar they might have a package for dog collar audiences that will be warm and ready to buy
  17. Have not personally used it but would give it a shot
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