Dadonequus Discord Part 255

Sep 28th, 2016
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  1. >You looked upon the horror that was laid out in front of you.
  2. >An entire factory of some sort, more modern looking and chromed up than anything you've ever seen. Pipes, gears, and some early looking factory control boards.
  3. >The alarm didn't seem to be blaring in here either.
  4. >Diamond Dogs, garbed in silver armor and faceless helmets watched over the workers of the Factory. The workers themselves looked worn and tired. They were doing everything from managing and cleaning the machines, running the controls, and going into a cave crafted further ahead to go and mine. Some were even doing maintenance.
  5. >And the workers themselves?
  6. "Foals?...Holy crap...Are we in the mechanized Temple of Doom? How did this happen?!"
  7. >Applejack had trouble looking ahead, lowering her head in shame and taking the time to compose herself before speaking. "This ain't ah temple. It's ah nightmare. All of these foals are orphans, taken to work in this here factory. The public don't have ah clue that this kind ah place exists.Now, all ya gotta do is just keep a low profile and these low down boneheads won't bark at ya"
  8. >"I wouldn't say a nightmare...but" Chrysalis took notice that some of the foals seemed quite skilled in what they were doing. As Applejack led them across the floor. She also couldn't help notice a gigantic blue energy kept within a sphere of glass, tubed attached to the glass as if it's feeding it energy. It was high up on what seemed to be the third floor. A gigantic metal door stood directly below the blue energy. Closed. You three walk by it. "I noticed these foals seem rather skilled for being so young. Is there a reason for that? And what's with that?" She points to the blue energy orb.
  9. >You noticed Chrysalis was rather calm and collected for what was going on right now. You found the whole thing deplorable.
  10. ".....We're here to stop this you know, it doesn't matter how they got skilled at....whatever they are doing"
  12. >Chrysalis notes that you were actually affected by what you were seeing. and promptly ignores it. "I think it'd help if we knew. It's not everyday you see a successful enslavement working so smoothly."
  13. >Applejack looks at Chrysalis, she was feeling too terrible to really think upon Chrysalis's words. If she was more calm. She'd find Chrysalis's words very cold, both in words and the way she said it. Instead, she just accepts her words as actually being some sort of strategy.
  14. >"The orphans that were taken in we're put through classes on runnin' this dirthole. The smarter foals we're forced to handle these machines and do-dads. The ones who couldn't get through are forced to work in that there crystal mine. That's all ah know. Have no idea what that overgrown lightbulb is for."
  15. >Then...
  16. "What's the point of this factory then?"
  17. >"Couldn't tell ya, that's why ahm taking you to somepony who can. The kings never actually told me what this place this place is for. And everytime ah ask that dodgy foalmother, she never gives me any answers. She always says "It's better you don't know.Knowing too much is dangerous". Puh, nopony seems to have any idea that if it wasn't for havin' ah family. I would have knocked the stuffin' out of those two so called kings already" Applejack takes you to a set of double doors. there was a sign beside it that had shift and job information for every foal. And that this schedule will be heavily enforced. There was a Diamond Dog by the door, guarding it. He was pretty big and buff, he was missing one of his ears, and had a scar over his right eye. He looked to Applejack and stepped in front of the door and then huffed at her.
  18. >Applejack just narrowed her eyes at him. giving him a mean and ornery look. "Bones, get outta the way. Can't ya see I have prisoners who need briefin'?"
  19. >Bones looked down at her, and then eyed Chrysalis closely. Then pointed to her. "She's too old, might try to cause rebellion"
  21. >Applejack kept her front "Who's leg you tryin' to pull? ya know as well as well ah do that we should have at least one older pony who can reach up to the higher machines. Don't ya think we should have at least one older pony?"
  22. >The Diamond Dog thinks about it for a second. Then brings his face threateningly close to hers "...No...Also, I heard alarm. Is anything going on outside?"
  23. >Shit...this guy, while not seeming too smart, was intelligent enough to notice something was off.
  24. >"Just a couple of intruders. Look Bones, she's already here.And if ah can handle her, you can handle her. What was it ya said to me? That anything I can do, ya can do one hundred times better?" Applejack gives him a cocky smirk
  25. >Bones growls and points to himself "BONES CAN DO ONE THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!"
  26. >Applejack just continues smiling at him "Prove it then, partner"
  27. >"I WILL!" Bones steps aside "Get them briefed with Gertrude, Gertrude will handle their edumacations."
  28. >Gertrude?! The other Chrysalis was here?!
  29. >"'Course...." Applejack looks to you with an angry look "Get along little ponies. Move move move!"
  30. >With that, You and Chrysalis step through the doors. Applejack following and closing the door tight behind her. "..That was a close one"
  32. >You took a look around the room. It was some sort of playroom. On the side was a wall of slots for the foals to put their work things. But everything else was like some sort of daycare. The wallpaper was bright and cheerful. There was toys, a fridge, tables, dolls, plushies. The room was devoid of foals. Though there was another set of double doors leading to another room.
  33. "...What's with this room? I didn't think Flim and Flam would pay to keep a room nice for slaves."
  34. >Applejack shook her head "That's because those penny pinching ponies didn't. They didn't care what the conditions for the little ones were like just as long as they worked. All this stuff was actually donated by Miss Rarity herself."
  35. "Rarity? Wuh? You mean the white pony with the stylish bluish purple mane and a high horse type of attitude? Ok, that needs some explanation. If she knows about this too then why hasn't she said anything? I mean, it doesn't even make sense because when we ran into her at the throne room. She just looked at us like we were trash. Plus she was making some deal with the kings and even seemed to like them"
  36. >"Yep, that's Rarity." Applejack nodded "She doesn't take kindly to anypony she might see as competition, she may have thought you both were some kind of new company openin' up on her turf. As for all this, well. Rarity actually has got this softer side of her. Ya see. there was this time about a month or two ago where she wanted a bodyguard for this super secret show she was going to have and asked the kings for assistance. That's where I come in. Being the captain, Rarity wanted me to be her bodyguard. And let me tell ya, she whipped up a storm of tears and wails til the kings agreed to lend me to her."
  37. >Yep, sounded like Rarity.
  38. "And then you just told her this was happening? Or is there more to this?"
  40. >"Course" Applejack nodded "Well, everything was going as normal, Me keepin the darn paparazzi and spies out of her mane and all that, when I decided to knock on Rarity's door to see if she was alright. She hadn't really said anything all fancy smancy or made a big deal out of the tiniest thing in about twenty minutes. Got me worried. She didn't answer, so ah let myself in. And that's when ah saw it. There was Miss Rarity, a pony her competitor's paint as cold and ruthless. Putting together a quilt with cute little moons and suns on em. It didn't look like anything for any show and trust me, when she noticed ah was watching her, she went as silent as a mouse. Turns out Miss Rarity works on side projects to donate to poor families and orphanages. Ah never would have believed it if ah hadn't seen it. There hadn't been known charity in Equestria since the kings became..well..kings. Turns out she makes secret donations so she can keep her reputation while helping those ponies who could really need some help. Ah had to ask her why of course. She told me she didn't know, can ya believe that? all she could tell me was she ran into a foal who was cold and alone, she lost her family in the big bussel of the crowd. Rarity told me that she took her in, took care of her, and personally found her parents to return her. Rarity told me it made her feel as warm as fresh apple pie, well..she didn't say that last part but that's the way I'd imagine she felt. Ever since then,she been doing secret charities. She told me, she made me swear not to tell anypony else. And of course, me being the honest pony ah was raised to be. Made that promise. After everything settled down, we talked. She had never seen ah pony like me, she said. She told me most of the ponies she sees are all kinds of deceitful and dishonest. Well, just the same, ah was surprised she was so generous after everything that's happened with Equestria. You don't see that kinda thing nowadays...."
  42. >Chrysalis cut her short "Excuse me" She said with a snappy tone "Does this story have a point? We're running short on time"
  43. >"O-oh, sorry. Got caught up on good memories. Anyway. When her show was over. Ah was thinking of all the little ones here and how it'd be great if there was somethin' somepony could do to just, ya know, at least give them somethin' to play with instead of just sittin' there talking about their work. Gertrude does her best but she's either with the kings or reading the foals bedtime stories. Ah asked Rarity if there was any way to get some personal donations sent to mah house so I can do some charity work of mah own. At first, she was pretty insistent of me not going through the hassle, feeling she could get them sent to where they needed to go herself. But, without revealing nothin, after tellin her how important it was it just get sent straight to me because of how the kings might react. She reconsidered and agreed to just send them to me. Then ah brought it all here \, the Kings didn't seem to care, they thought it was something ah was doin' all mah own. So it made it easier. And there you are"
  44. >...that damn sweet. Even more, it meant that all the Mane 6 weren't jerks after all. Not even Rarity. They just never met each other. And so all their lives were changed. But not their characters....well mostly not their characters.
  45. "That's amazing Applejack..."
  46. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes, she was being very impatient "Yes, very inspirational. But that tells us nothing about what's going on. We need the full story on what's going on here at the castle. Not a story about how you...." Chrysalis stops. She could sense something that offset her entire thought process. Her alternate self was definitely near...And she was feeding. "...never mind, my apologies...but if we can please move on. It's important. You should realize this"
  48. >you gave Chrysalis a mean look. Holy shit, couldn't she show some compassion that a bunch of sweet and adorable horsies are being put into this mess and that Applejack is just trying to make their shitty lives better? Sheesh. You knew she was cruel but you thought she'd have grown some sort of a heart by now. It just sets in stone however. The difference between her care for you and her care for everything else. As you thought about it, it did kind of look like that Chrysalis actually deeply cared for you for once in this adventure. Helping you get across traps, making you breakfast, a fun conversation or two, and putting up with all the friendly banter of the others....or maybe she just was doing that to ensure her escape from this hell hole...who knows.
  49. >Chrysalis ignored you, but she knew what you were feeling. But in her mind. She felt if things got too offtrack. Then they'd end up getting caught or not managing to do something in time.
  50. >"Yer right, sorry...alright..follow me" Applejack stepped over to the next set of double doors. and led you both inside.
  51. >In this next room was rows and rows of beds set up in a circular formation. Not all was filled, there was a door leading to a bathroom. And small lights lit the room from the ceiling. In the center of it all was "Gertrude". Sitting down on a chair. Reading a story to the tired foals whose shifts had ended for the night. "...Of course, Little Darling knew she couldn't let those poor rabbits just be stuck on the other side of that terrible raging river. Thankfully, she knew just what to do. She took a rope from her saddle bag and..."
  52. >"Heya Gertrude. Ya got some time to spare? Ah got to talk to you" Applejack called to her
  54. >"Gertrude" stops. God, it really was Chrysalis. Her horn was missing. Wings gone. An odd collar on her neck. And yet, she looked so calm, cool, and gentle. Like a mother. She looked to Applejack, then gasped in surprise. "Captain Applejack..." She then frowned " workers?...I thought we had all we needed."
  55. >The foals in bed leaned upwards to look to you and Nymous. They began to whisper to eachother. some excited to make new friends. Others saddened that it just meant something new must be be going on. Some noticed Nymous, some colts found her very nice looking, others wondered why an older pony was taken in.
  56. >Two got up however. A filly pegasi with a blue mane and bright purple coat. And a white colt with a silver mane with red stripes going across. The filly's cutie mark was a candlestick, the other..what looked like a sports ball of some sort.
  57. >"Heya Captain Applejack! How are you! Did you bring us treats!" The filly said with excitement.
  58. >The colt however, looked upon Nymous and blushed "....hi....I'm Pop're looking"
  59. >Chrysalis just gave him a pat as Applejack gave the filly a hug "Sorry little missy, not this time. But ah promise next time will be somethin' that's gonna be better than all the candy and all the toys in Equestria"
  60. >"Y-you promise?" The Filly was nearly breathless from that. You notice her eyes. They were tired, bags under them. Her coat was grungy instead of clean and shining. poor thing.
  61. >"Have ah ever lied?" Applejack gives her a smug grim. "Now why don't the both of you head off back to bed, ah'll give ya back yer mommy Gertrude when ahm done. ok?"
  62. >They both reply with a nod and a "ok" and hop off into bed.
  63. >Gertrude looks to Applejack. Awaiting the answer.
  65. >Applejack looks to her, and opens the doors behind her. "We all should talk in private..c'mon"
  66. >The four of you head out, until Gertrude is stopped by the cry of the colt named Pop Fly "Wait! Momma Gertrude, are you going too?"
  67. >Gertrude stops and looks to Pop Fly with a gentle smile "Only for a moment, I'll be back to finish the story when I'm done talking to Captain Applejack. Don't get overexcited Pop fly, you know you need your rest. If you get too excited you won't be able to sleep"
  68. >"O-ok...b-but be back soon...ok?" Pop Fly asks, he yawned, he was adorable and clearly tired. But he wanted to hear the rest of that story. And he wanted his Momma Gertrude to be the one to do it.
  69. >"I shall" Gertrude gives a soft nod. and follows the rest of you back to the playroom.
  70. >"Captain Applejack, can you tell me what happened? Why are these two here? I really thought the kings had stopped needing workers." Gertrude said with worry in her voice.
  71. >"Well Gertrude, that's the thing. These ain't workers. They are actually gonna put a stop to them no good kings once an' for all. These two set off the code zero alarm, the whole castle is lookin' for em" Applejack said with confidence and hope in her voice.
  72. >"Code Zero? Oh my, oh my my my.Captain Applejack" Gertrude said with desperation and fright in her voice "You need to get back to the castle! If this is what I think it is, then the kings will get suspicious if they can't find you!"
  73. >Holy shit. Gertrude was nothing like Chrysalis. It's amazing what a little mindbreak can do. Surprisingly enough however. Chrysalis kept silent. She kept her cool. She looked as concerned as everyone else in the room.
  74. >"But Gertrude, Ah just brought em here now and we all gotta come up with a plan. Ah think you need me. We all gotta work together" This, Applejack was sure of.
  76. >"Captain Applejack, I appreciate you wanting to help. But I already know what to do in this situation. Please, you must believe me. What you must do is go back and report to the Kings that you haven't found these two yet. Please..." Gertrude pleaded with Applejack "If you don't go back now, eventually they'll realize you aren't actually looking for them"
  77. >Applejack stopped for a moment, she realized Gertrude may be right. "Didn't think of it like that, ok. Ah'll go report back and try to keep em out of the factory. Good luck Gertrude"
  78. >"And a good luck to you Captain Applejack." Gertrude said with hope in her voice.
  79. >Applejack bid the three of you farewell, and went back to the castle to report to Flim and Flam.
  80. >Gertrude took a breath. And in an instant. a familiar expression came upon her face. The expression of being aloof. "Well well well. So it appears to be true. Dimensional travel is possible. So should I refer to you as my twin sister? or would you rather me go by your disguised name of Nymous?"
  81. >..wut?
  82. >Chrysalis looked up upon Gertrude's face, but with an expression that looked down upon her "Don't go acting as if we're equals. You are a failed changeling who lost the hive, lost Equestria, and lost her place as Queen. Just because we bear the same name does not mean we are the same."
  83. >...Wut?!
  84. >"How dare you! You can't possibly think you wouldn't be in the same situation had it been you instead of me. We are the same, exactly the same. The only difference was a circumstance that changed everything else!" Gertrude was immediately insulted by her alter self's immediate taunt.
  85. >..WUT?!
  86. >"In your dreams sister, I would never EVER lose to some pathetic army consisting of pest control plebians" Chrysalis scoofed/
  89. >"Oh really?" Gertrude points to you "Then what's with the colt? He's clearly a pony that you are associating with for some reason that must not be under your control. Hmph, What happened to the captain? Why are you even here? The only guess I can think of is that infernal contraption has overcharged at this point. Those fools...."
  90. >you decide to interject at this point
  91. "Excuse me. But the hell is going on? How do you know that we came from another Equestria? How are you not surprised that there's another you standing right in front of you! I mean, FUCK, do you both really think NOW is a good time to argue who has a bigger dick right now?"
  92. >you look to Chrysalis
  93. "You were the one who said we are in a hurry! what gives?!"
  94. >both of the bug queens look at you as if you were a crazy nuisance.
  95. >Gertrude then points to you while looking at Chrysalis "What's his problem? And why does he use such stupid made up words?"
  96. >Chrysalis let's out a small sigh "He's just a moron who fails to notice the obvious around him. As for why I associate with him...Well, look at him. He's like the court jester we never had."
  97. >Did she just refer to you as her court jester?
  98. "Oh c'mon, what happened to being friends? You know what? screw it..."
  99. >You look to Gertrude and point to Chrysalis
  100. "We're friends. Me and her? We're buddies! We talk, we laugh sometimes together, hell we watched a documentary together that we both thoroughly enjoyed. I don't understand this conversation at all but you're both pretty much in the same boat. You lost to Flim and Flam. And she lost to Discord! There, you're both equals now. Can we focus on the plan?"
  101. >Gertrude and Chrysalis both laugh at you.
  102. >Oh...come on..
  103. "W-what's so funny?!"
  105. >"He's cute, doesn't he realize we can just read each other to figure things out? Does he really think a small spat is going to hinder a couple of glorious rulers such as ourselves?" Gertrude asks Chrysalis
  106. >"He doesn't." She chuckles for a bit before letting out a lamenting sigh "Of course, now that we know we both have had our temporary setbacks to manage. We can move on to more important matters. Namely, since we are the rescuers and we don't have a lot of time. I'd like you to tell us exactly how this happened and what the importance of that glowing chamber is for. I'm guessing it has something to do with that "Infernal contraption". Do you mean to tell me it has something to do with interdimensional travel? How did those two manage to build something to harness that kind of power?"
  107. >But you weren't done yet.
  108. "Don't you two team up on me like that. You were just arguing with eachother like..seconds ago."
  109. >"Yes Anon, and unfortunately we both came to the realization that we both had the same things to hide. Although..." Chrysalis looks to Gertrude with some disgust "You care about all of them? Let me say this, Anon being my friend is still advantageous to me ruling Equestria. You have no reason to care about those little insects."
  110. >Wait...
  111. >You look to Gertrude...what a fucking surprise. What?!
  112. "You actually care about the orphans?"
  113. >Gertrude puts a hoof to her face and sighs in low embarrassment "Yes...need you say that out loud? I lost my hive, my own children. I suppose I see these young moldable little minds as something to fill that void. When you have this accursed collar, which prevents you from even doing such normal functions such as transformation and egg laying. Well...hrmph. Well, what about you? Why is this single colt important to you? You still have the hive..Do you expect me to believe he can help you rule Equestria?"
  115. >Chrysalis nods "Let's not get emotional my dear alternate self. Let me give you the short version, we are a little low on time. But he is the adopted son of Discord. That horn he wears around his neck is capable of magic far beyond that of even an Alicorn. And he just so happens to be entertaining sometimes. He can be surprisingly underhoofed and cruel. But then there's the times where he becomes a moralistic idiot and I lose interest"
  116. >....really?
  117. "Chrysalis, why do you do that? You know I'll never let that happen. So why bring it up? Ugh..."
  118. >you rub the side of your head with your hooves
  119. "I've told you I'll never let that happen. Telling another version of you isn't going to fix that"
  120. >Gertrude raises an eyebrow "He really is not too smart. Is he? He says he won't let it happen. Yet he decides to associate with you""
  121. >"It's because he has this silly notion that he can reform me. It's really adorable that he thinks that when he's so easily manipulated." Chrysalis asnwers.
  122. >You groan
  123. "Name one time where you managed to completely manipulate me! Name one!"
  124. >Chrysalis grins "I'm sure somewhere in your mind, you have some memory of procreating....with your pillow..all night. That was me Anon!" She cackles "THAT WAS ME!"
  126. > that did...wait..NO!
  127. "SO I REALLY DID..?! NO!"
  128. >Chrysalis snickers "You really was disgusting at first. But it's funny to think about now"
  129. >Gertrude smirked "Ahh, I see why you like him now. He's really is easy to tease, isn't he?"
  130. >"Oh he is" Chrysalis leans down to drag you close and begins to rub her cheek against yours "He's my adorable little Anon who owes me his life and a few presents aside. At this point, I don't know what I'd do without him"
  131. >Gertrude cackles "Is he?! He is! He's both flustered and yet enjoying the cuddling! I can taste it! And..." Gertrude stops when she realizes something "Why is he enjoying it in that way? Isn't he a colt?"
  132. >You were struggling to push Chrysalis away, but she wouldn't stop. "Oh, if only I had the time to explain everything. I'd really like to hear your reaction. But we really must be getting on to business...isn't that right Anon" Chrysalis gives you a kiss on the cheek. Making you blush hard.
  133. >You struggle further, and finally push away from her grasp, making you tumble backwards onto your back.
  134. >You were frustrated, and making a scrunchy face. You squirmed backwards away from them and turned to your side.
  135. "Whatever...just finish up. We have to move on to the next step you know. We're wasting time"
  136. >"What a little sourpuss" Chrysalis says in a cute mocking way before turning to her other self "Well then, now that we've had our fun. Please go on and explain everything. We need to know as much as possible. Spare no horrific detail. Ponies tend to react more sympathetically if death or cruelty is involved"
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