ZoA 1.07.2 readme

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  1. -------------------------------
  2. -- Zone of Alienation 1.07.2 --
  3. --      (base version)       --
  4. -------------------------------
  5. --     Released 4/19/14      --
  6. --    FatalFunnel & TKGP     --
  7. -------------------------------
  11. ## Installation ##
  13. 1. Make sure your game is version 1.0006 and that there are no remnants of other mods!
  14. 2. Copy the contents of the "core" directory into your game install
  15. 3. Copy optional files over the core install as desired
  16. 4. Check the ModDB page for possible patches and install if present
  19. ## Information ##
  21. •Magazines - to load/unload a magazine, equip it to your belt, close the inventory, then press the key for your binoculars (generally '5'). Press 'r' to begin loading rounds, or right click to completely empty the magazine. When unloading switch to a different weapon when you hear the sound of bullets striking the ground, unless you want to begin reloading immediately.
  22. •Backpack - use the rucksack item to create a stash at your feet. When the last item is removed, it will automatically be picked up again.
  23. •Quickdrop - you should always have an item named Quickdrop Trigger in your inventory. Simply use it and, if you have a backpack, it will be placed on the ground and filled with all items that you do not have equipped.
  24. •Multiscope - some weapons can now mount multiple scope types. To equip any scope, place the weapon in your primary slot and use the scope item.
  25. •NV Kit - certain weapons can be upgraded to allow night vision scopes. Using a night vision upgrade kit will attempt to upgrade the weapon in your primary slot. Note that you still have to find a NV scope to use on it.
  26. •Incremental Saves - to make an incremental save, pause the game and press 's'. The first time you do this it will ask you to make a name for your current game. Afterwards, pressing the 's' key will create a new save with the syntax "zoa [name you chose] [# of saves]". You can have as many concurrent games as you like.
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