Oct 17th, 2018
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  1. 13:01] <t0tti> so i met this girl in 2008, she was a pisshead
  2. [13:01] <t0tti> i moved in with her, tried to help her
  3. [13:01] <t0tti> she had lost 2 kids already, she was 26
  4. [13:02] <t0tti> we moved into a rented hoyse in 2009, i bought loads of furniture, costing like 2k++
  5. [13:02] <t0tti> she kicked me out in 2012 with 1 days notice
  6. [13:02] <t0tti> because i had depression and she couldnt handle it
  7. [13:02] <t0tti> so we met back up in 2016
  8. [13:03] <t0tti> we had a kid in 2009 btw
  9. [13:03] <t0tti> so the three of us picked a beautiful home
  10. [13:03] <~JizZy> so 2016 when u inherited all that money
  11. [13:03] <t0tti> 2 living rooms, huge kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 3 stories
  12. [13:03] <t0tti> JizZy, just a month before
  13. [13:04] <t0tti> i spend 30k+ renpvating the house with super insulation, solar panels, heatpumps, the whole lot
  14. [13:04] <t0tti> so it was ment to bea nice warm family home
  15. [13:05] <t0tti> she agreed to be the main parent, the mother, and i went out to earn the $$$
  16. [13:05] <t0tti> i stepped in when she couldnt control my daughter
  17. [13:05] <t0tti> fast forward to august 2018
  18. [13:05] <t0tti> she get paranoid dilusions
  19. [13:05] <t0tti> that im gonna throw her out
  20. [13:06] <t0tti> i found out she was secretly looking for other places and talking to other men
  21. [13:06] <t0tti> because i "wasnt doing enough"
  22. [13:06] <t0tti> yet she was the one watching netflix all day doiung jack shit
  23. [13:06] <t0tti> at my expensive obv
  24. [13:06] <~JizZy> yup
  25. [13:06] <t0tti> so when i found this out
  26. [13:07] <t0tti> we just agreed to seperate
  27. [13:07] <t0tti> she said she was gonna leave her furniture
  28. [13:07] <t0tti> she had found somewhere
  29. [13:07] <t0tti> and was going to be goign in a taxi on aug 24th at 2pm
  30. [13:07] <t0tti> a friday
  31. [13:07] <t0tti> with my daughter i might add
  32. [13:08] <t0tti> when my daughter had a secure home here, she was going to the homeless and womens aid etc etc
  33. [13:08] <t0tti> on the night before
  34. [13:08] <t0tti> she changed her mind
  35. [13:08] <t0tti> said she was taking furniture, stuff i bought
  36. [13:09] <t0tti> earlier in the day she said she was onyl taking her ornaments and personal belongings WHICH I HAVE ON TAPE
  37. [13:09] <t0tti> that night
  38. [13:09] <t0tti> she siad she was getting her step dad down soon to dismantle and take furniture
  39. [13:09] <t0tti> furniture i might add that she stole from her previous BF
  40. [13:10] <~JizZy> lol
  41. 13:10] <t0tti> i said no way, the relationships off, you're going tomorrow at 2pm, thats it, i'll send your belongings in a van to your new house
  42. [13:10] <t0tti> she lept out of bed
  43. [13:10] <t0tti> pushed me to the ground
  44. [13:10] <t0tti> ran down the stair
  45. [13:11] <t0tti> took the keys out of the front door
  46. [13:11] <t0tti> ran to the back door
  47. [13:11] <t0tti> did the same
  48. [13:11] <t0tti> i caught up with her and said give me the keys to ym house
  49. [13:11] <t0tti> she said she wasnt going anywher without her furniture
  50. [13:11] <t0tti> bare in mind earlier at lunchtime she was onyl taking her ornaments and personal belongings WHICH I HAVE ON TAPE
  51. [13:12] <t0tti> all i tried to do was unhook her fists and take my keys back
  52. [13:12] <t0tti> i got one set back
  53. 13:12] <@dr_click> sup t0tti
  54. [13:12] <t0tti> the other she punched me in the face
  55. [13:12] <t0tti> dr_click, you're getting the full story
  56. [13:12] <@dr_click> !
  57. [13:13] <@dr_click> unplugged
  58. [13:13] <t0tti> so then with one set still in her hand
  59. [13:13] <t0tti> she went down on the floor
  60. [13:13] <t0tti> and grasped it underneith her
  61. [13:13] <t0tti> so i gently with no force, put my hands aroudn her to get the keys
  62. [13:13] <t0tti> opened her wrist and got them
  63. 13:14] <t0tti> at which point she nearly chewed my arm off
  64. [13:14] <t0tti> biting me hard so i would stop trying to get the keys back to the HOUSE I OWN
  65. [13:14] <t0tti> when she stood up it was at the back door
  66. [13:15] <t0tti> i put the key in the back door, in self defense, pushed her out, and locked it
  67. [13:15] <t0tti> she was topless, but fuck that, i just get mawled by that cow
  68. [13:15] <@dr_click> lol
  69. [13:15] <t0tti> pics to follow
  70. [13:15] <t0tti> dr_click, read up
  71. [13:15] <t0tti> for the full blow-by-blow
  72. [13:16] <t0tti> she tried to kick the door down before fleeing to a neigbors house
  73. 13:16] <t0tti> i called my mum to come and get the kid out of the situation immediatly
  74. [13:16] <t0tti> the neighbour appeared,
  75. [13:16] <t0tti> to check on the kid
  76. 13:17] <t0tti> at which point i was having a major panic attack
  77. 13:17] <t0tti> the other neighbour gave her a jacket, she came back for her tobacco and a meds
  78. [13:18] <t0tti> so thats the truth
  79. [13:18] <t0tti> now shes told the cops that
  80. [13:18] <+neck56> She is jelly
  81. [13:18] <t0tti> i dragged her by the hair through the house
  82. [13:18] <t0tti> beat her up
  83. 13:18] <t0tti> and threw her out
  84. [13:18] <@dr_click> is it possible u ddi
  85. [13:18] <@dr_click> drag her by the hair
  86. [13:18] <@dr_click> lol
  87. [13:18] <+neck56> No
  88. [13:18] <+neck56> Never
  89. [13:18] <t0tti> no its bullshit
  90. [13:19] <t0tti> ill show you the pics of my arm
  91. [13:19] <t0tti> one sec till i get them uploaded
  92. [13:19] <t0tti> anyway this is going to trial in 2 weeks
  93. [13:19] <t0tti> and we will win
  94. [13:19] <t0tti> we have a solid defence and there are holes in her story
  95. 13:19] <t0tti> likke she says i refused to give her her meds
  96. [13:20] <t0tti> but i gave her a grocery bag full of them out of the safe
  97. [13:20] <t0tti> literally a BAG FULL
  98. [13:20] <t0tti> literally a BAG FULL
  99. [13:20] <t0tti> she said i refused 3 times
  100. [13:20] <t0tti> but my mum was garding the house door and witnessed me handing them over
  101. 13:21] <t0tti> she obviously didnt tell the police that she punched me in the face with the keys balled up in he hand
  102. [13:21] <t0tti> and chrewed up my arm
  103. [13:21] <t0tti> im not a fighter, never hit a woman or a man in my life
  104. 13:21] <t0tti> she said i was a controlling and abusive partner, she always had to ask for meds
  105. [13:22] <t0tti> now the reason for that was because she was on weekly despense becaause shes tried to top herself FOUR times
  106. 13:22] <t0tti> and the doctor, me, and her, in the same room, agreed on monthly despense as long as they were kept in the safe and dispensed by me
  107. [13:22] <t0tti> there holes everywhere in her story
  108. 13:23] <t0tti> and her legs wide open
  109. [13:23] <t0tti> top kek
  110. 13:23] <t0tti> so its going to trial, shes not told the police any of the truth, and we will win
  111. [13:23] <@dr_click> !
  112. [13:23] <t0tti> now im not uploading pics of my face
  113. 13:23] <t0tti> they're not on the pc and i cant be fucked
  114. [13:24] <t0tti> it was a mess ayway
  115. [13:24] <t0tti> i nearly lost my eye
  116. [13:24] <t0tti> ill show you my arm though
  117. 13:27] <t0tti> shes on everything she can get her hands on
  118. 13:27] <t0tti> seoqual, anti depresssants, codeine, pregabalin, etc.. etc..
  119. 13:27] <t0tti> it was a carryer bag full
  120. [13:27] <t0tti> of meds
  121. [13:27] <t0tti> out of the safe
  122. [13:27] <@dr_click> well
  123. [13:28] <t0tti> i was hoping she was gonna top herself actually
  124. [13:28] <@dr_click> from what uve told previosly
  125. [13:28] <@dr_click> she always struck me as a low-quality person
  126. [13:28] <@dr_click> i just didnt wanna mention it
  127. [13:28] <@dr_click> but now that shes gone i guess i can air my feelings
  128. 13:29] <t0tti> fuck it i'll show you my face and elbow
  129. [13:30] <@dr_click> !
  130. [13:30] <t0tti> dr_click, she is
  131. [13:30] <t0tti> shes trash
  132. [13:30] <t0tti> never worked a day in her life
  133. 13:36] <t0tti>
  134. [13:36] <t0tti> so i got assaulted, all i did was push her out the back door and lock it
  135. [13:36] <t0tti> and im having to defend this crap
  136. 13:37] <t0tti> she came back for the child too to take the kid to the homeless, when there was a perfectly good home here or at my mums till she sorted herself out
  137. [13:37] <t0tti> she apparently had already sorted a house, because was due to leave the next day at 2pm
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