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  1. Characters:
  2. ++ Adeptus Mechanicus ++
  4. -Heracor Nahive: Our protagonist, a young ( by AdMech standards ) techpriest whose rebellious and creative nature led towards a forced soul neutering thanks to a logic inducer chip on his brain. The chip by unknown means became defective and now he has regained the ability to use imagination and think by itself. He has sworn vengeance on the two Magos who did this to him. He's slowly becoming more adept on social interaction and combat experience.
  6. -Magos Axsiselios: The high level genetor who opened Heracor's skull and implanted the chip. He is barely bionic compared with other members but compensates this with a near perfect body. He is equipped with a lot of robotic tentacles called mechadendrites whose end are dotted with all kinds of medical instrumental that could be used as a weapon like anesthetic needles or even a small burner used to cauterize wounds.
  8. -Magos Hellenica: She's the Magos Artisan who created the chip. She was once a woman but now her entire body has turned into a completely metal covered hulking walker. Her augmented body can work under almost any environment and temperature and is radiation resistant too. It is unknown what kind of weapons does she have besides her own massive weight and strength.
  10. -Aretodee-2: A twitchy and androgynous looking techpriest. He's specialized in mental augmentation, bionics, and human health in general. His mind went awry after he tried to apply brain surgery on himself. Suffers from rage episodes in were he can wound others and himself. He's calm and focused when working. O'Jackis took care of him most of the time.
  12. -O'Jackis Estxx (DEAD): A beautiful female techpriest. She's specialized on cooling systems, both of weapon and buildings. Has been destined to the lava world to create and maintain water and air filtration systems that will expel hot hair from the buildings while gathering humidity, turning the Imperial Base onto a more habitable place.
  14. -Haxmas Terniobium (DEAD): A fat and bearded techpriest. Talked in a very logical manner. His work was creating a web all the cogitators and machines of the Imperial Base they are going to. Executed for heretical thoughts.
  16. -Urmo Emtulium/Elyadien Nevara: A shy priestess that doesn't let anybody to see her body. Oddly she talks in a pretty outgoing manner. She will gather the lava world's natural geothermal energy and siphon it towards any machinery that needs it. She's more mysterious than we thought. It has been recently discovered she is an Eldar.
  18. -Todd: Todd is Todd. That's all you have to know.
  20. -1-8 Morte AL//RB: Heracor’s newly adopted servoskull. It was originally the skull of a teenage girl but not much else is known. It has been fitted with a potent taser that can stun peoples and machines alike.
  22. -Faust: Elite Skitarius from the Imperial Cruiser "Speculum Animae". He is thin, tall and focused on melee combat, having replaced his entire right arm with metallic tentacles and his left hand with a mechanical claw. Faust can be somewhat violent and savage when it combat. He's actually dating Eugen and expecting a child with her.
  24. -Eugen: Elite Skitarius from the Imperial Cruiser "Speculum Animae". She has an skeletal frame that is hard to look at even for techpriests but lately she has gotten stronger and has acquired a more humane appareance. Her arms have been swapped with light weapons and her legs with a flamer, on her back she has an exotic balloon and rotor system that lets her float and move freely through the air. When out of combat she hides all her body under a big robe, her lack of limbs and flying system makes her like a hunched, twitchy, and small small person who limps. She's pregnant with Faust's seed.
  26. -Aldric Liquefactio: Techpriest specialized on building bionics and maintaining them. Ironically he barely has none as most of his body is organic. Wears a welder mask that covers his face most of the times and has transformed each finger of his right hand into a different form of welder Aldric has a innocent, cheerful and somewhat immature personality.
  28. -Parabellum: A chubby and apparently bullied techpriest that specializes in Command and Strategy. He is a firm believer that every order, no matter how irrational it is, has to be followed. This mentality has made him end being recruited into a mission he doesn't wants to be in. Get's nervous and yells easily.
  30. -Wilhelmina: A pudgy and nerdy techpriest that talks hurriedly, without spacing and has to breath in between phrases so as to not asphyxiate. She is specialized in Military Construction and Design and apparently has a work addiction. She was secretly pregnant and became infected with a nurglite infection that also carried with it a daemonic possession, the daemon Kankrinius was sometimes able to take control of her body and spawn nurglites from her womb. She managed to remain loyal thanks to her faith and sacrificed herself to save everybody else.
  32. -Opiuchus: An inhumanly tall and thin person whose body has been affected by a lifetime in zero gravity. He is an Stella Navis techpriest student and specializes in spaceship construction and repair. He's really agile in 0G but needs to use a suit with servo motors that gives him the necessary strength and balance he lacks to function when under a gravity force.
  34. -Cetus: Another student from Stella Navis, similar in appearance and personality to Opiuchus. He also needs to use a special suit when affected by gravity. He is somewhat stronger than Opiuchus but more clumsy and lacks more balance.
  36. -419N||990: A young techpriest no more than ten years old. She is used as a living server and has spent her entire life in a Sercofrack (Server Coffin Rack) working and directing the workflow of the ship's network. As she hasn't barely been out of the coffin she doesn't knows how to walk on her own and relies on a wheelchair and being pulled. She became infected with a warped daemonic wasp egg when she connected with the virus ridden netway and her body became a hive where thousands of insects breed and feed, when her body couldn't take it anymore she violently exploded releasing a black cloud of chitinous bugs.
  38. -Titania: A fit and rough yet feminine looking techpriest specialized in Metallurgis, the study and smelting of metals and ores. Her school has a proud and demanding culture, the techpriests who have made an especially good smelting can use the leftover metal pieces to craft small spikes to decorate themselves with; if the inverse happens, and one techpriest ravages a metal production its head is pushed into the forge and its hair completely burn, the longest hair one has the more time it has spent without offending the Omnissiah. In her particular case she has a long mane that reaches her waist and has several small spikes decorating her hood.
  40. -Alaria: The seven year old orphan daughter of two Skitarii that died in the purge of the Frigate, she's a small and petite techpriestess with barely any augmentation. It's pretty obsessed with becoming strong and avenging and making her parents proud, Heracor has taken her under his wing as his legal guardian.
  42. -Braxgar Jo: One of your Generals. He is a good leader that gets along with the rest of the army and tries to be nice yet disciplined with everybody regardless of their rank. He thinks that every machine was important no matter how small or weak it is and thus every Skitarii must be treated equally, from the lowliest one to the highest ranked General. He fights with an Melta Pistol and a Transonic Blade.
  44. -Fregorek T’or: A trapmaster; he has an abhorrent hate for the xenos machinery and has all kinds of weaponry focused on disabling or destroying it. He is filled with many Servoskull ended dendrites that can send EMP and other wave explosions that fry and deactivate machines and vehicles, during emergencies those servoskulls can be detached and used to bombard and sabotage, without the skulls from the end of the dendrites long blades appear becoming thus deadly weapons. Besides of the use of his dendrites he battles with a sniper rifle with modified penetrator rounds that were blessed over twenty times to make them impact the joints and other sensible and exposed points of the enemy machinery.
  46. -Svartan Snotten: A woman so modified that she pretty much lost any trace of femininity and humanity on her form. She dons a Gigas Mechanica Frame and equipped herself with the newly acquired laser transferring arms. With some other modifications she has been able to make her fists spit fire like a heavy flamer and become red hot without suffering damage. Svartan prefers to be on the first line and as a vanguard encounter the enemy directly, ripping it to pieces and turning xenos machines into little more than molten slag.
  48. -Erbayri Alp: Another member of the XX chromosome. She prefers to be a jack of all trades warrior, somewhat like you. She loves to modify her body and the only untouched part of herself is her face. She doesn't has changing her face forbidden but she wanted to keep that original because it was the only way most people had to recognize her due to her frequent changes. Right now she installed the same bionics that you have just to understand more how you work.
  50. -Feles “Genocidecles” Andaxignis: He’s a man that prefers to use servitors and warriors and supervise the battle as if it were a theater. While it is true that he will be present on the war he uses a large array of vox comm transmitters to send orders to all his soldiers. He dons a special helmet that it is able to connect with any of the Skitarii he is above of to supervise their movements and surroundings. He’s the weakest of all and uses a chainsword and laser pistol to defend himself.
  52. ++ Imperial Guard ++
  53. -Oihan Alzador: The Commissar of the Micerians 728th regiment. She's a hard worker and will put her soldiers under a lot of pressure, even if she won't admit it she cares about them. She knows that a coward soldier is a risk for herself and her men and a executing bullet can save potential lives but she’s not considered trigger happy. Dons two bionic arms that aren't as refined as the AdMech ones but are built to endure in the battlefield, she uses a powerfist and a bolt pistol.
  55. -Atowesor Sicantus (DEAD): A short and muscular Commissar with self esteem and anger issues.  Always wants to prove himself winning wars at any cost and mean. Hates Heracor.
  57. -Nicholo (DEAD): A gasmasked Commissar who speaks with a raspy voice. He seems nice and quiet, works with Oihan. Died after the train he was traveling in crashed against an ascended champion of Khorne. He had some past experiences with chaos as he was able to recognize a Bloodthirster.
  59. -Fire in the Skin: A tribal medic that has his own way of viewing the world that surrounds him. Pretty joyful and nice towards Heracor but he can focus and get serious when it comes to restore someone back to health.
  61. -Khaalid Mirze (DEAD): One of the three soldiers that befriended the protagonist. He still has a young and a immature personality and likes to mock Heracor calling him Sparks. Even if he looks immature and impulsive he is good with numbers and markets. He's equipped with a Lasrifle, a Combat Knife and Flak armour.
  63. -Arwa Harrorum: A young and skinny girl. Not much is known about her but she seems to be the nicest towards Heracor and thankful of the bionics that his forgeworld creates for their hive. It was discovered that she used to live on the underhives and that she likes being on the guard because it is an improvement in comparison. She's equipped with a Lasrifle, a Combat Knife and Flak armour.
  65. -Munir Razwa (DEAD): Apparently the most mature and the leader of the trio. He's a dark skinned and fit man who feels proud of his planet and the work they are about to do. Doesn't talk much and its the one whose past remains unknown so far. He's equipped with a Lasrifle, a Combat Knife and Flak armour.
  67. -Sandaar Mitri: Imperial Pilot. It's a old man with a peculiar way of speaking. Apparently he saved various lives in his past after ramming his Omega drill out of the spaceship they were on moments before it crashed.
  69. ++ Adeptus Astartes ++
  70. -Juliannus Domusalba: Space Marine from the Heralds of Vengeance chapter. It was imprisoned in the secret "Purgatory" island for a unknown reason. His drop pod suffered a logistics failure and instead of descending onto the island it landed on the lava sea late night, when the red sea turned duller and it was slightly colder. Using the bodies of the fallen marines who died on the crash he managed to create safe spots to jump on and reach the safety of the mainland's coast. After sending a distress signal it was found by an scout and taken back to the HQ. As the prison was a secret due to its sensible nature the scout was executed with honors and since they were unable to send him back to the island secretly they just locked him into a cell for over twenty years. Expending so many time doing nothing has made him develop a guilt towards the Imperium and its chapter for his inactivity. He firmly believes that there is a great debt that he needs to pay, and thus follows and joins the Inquisitor to punish the enemies of Mankind along her and slowly pay his moral obligation.
  72. ++ Eldar ++
  73. -Elyadien Nevara/Urmo Emtulium: A seer of the Ulthwé Craftworld. Had a vision of the daemon Hekatonkhiros escaping from its seal and using a human prisoner as a host to spread his brutality across the stars once more. She sneaked inside an Imperial Cruiser destination to the Prison/Lava world where the daemon was prisoner in an almost suicidal mission whose purpose was to make sure that the ship reached the planet safely. She believes that the Guardsmen are essential to keep the daemon at bay. On the ship she posed as a Techpriest called Urmo Entulium.
  75. ++ Daemons ++
  76. -Red Hook/The Butcher (DEAD): Real name unknown. Once a ruthless slaver that had no care nor compassion for the slaves that worked on the lowest levels of the ship. He used a multiple whip whose ends were fitted with hooks. During his reign he killed thousands and covered with slave blood entire corridors. About 50/100 years ago he was apparently killed by the mutilated slaves he used to torture. It is unknown what fate he suffered.
  78. For some chaotic reason he came back with warp powers on his side, he started killing a few slaves and turned into a unbelievable urban legend, something like the boogeyman. As time went on it started becoming more and more stronger the more he killed. Now it has become an enemy that must be purged or the entire ship will be destroyed by his hands.
  80. He is a tall and fat yet strong man with long chains protruding from his forearms. Those chains are always on fire and the ends are tipped with incandescent big hooks that can somehow dig into the hardest metals. Everywhere he goes, he kills everything and sometimes even eats the bodies and mutilated members of people he has killed.
  82. Seems that he is chaos unaligned since he has done actions that please all of them: Killing and mutilating ( Khorne ), Torturing ( Slaanesh ), Living in filth ( Nurgle ) and Using magic ( Tzeentch ).
  84. -Noctum (DEAD): The leader of MegaPrison 03. It is a giant man of at least 2,5 meters ( 8ft 3in ) and 200kg (440 lbs) of pure muscle. His body lacks skin and wears a leather coat made with different people, maybe even has parts of his own dermis on it. He uses a Jury Rigged heavy Bolter, has the ability to increase its own body strength at the expense of blood.
  86. After dying all its followers committed suicide and all the blood that was spilled until them conglomerated and fused into a blood sphere. The sanguine ball exploded in a shower of boiling blood and from its interior a daemon prince appeared.
  88. -Hekatonkhiros: A greater Daemon who got aeons ago sealed by Eldar deep below the crust of the Lava planet who has been Imperially designated as Plinia Vesus. The old race thought that nobody would ever have interest on the planet. To their surprise Humans built massive prisons on its surface. It's a giant bloodthirster with dozens of arms that have many different blades, axes and weapons on them. Those weapons are both daemonic and xenos in origin.
  90. -Kankrinious: Gardener of Nurgle. It's presence was able to create trees that gushed a thick and sugary sap and hives formed by body remnants. The hives had insects with locust, cockroach, wasp and bee characterists. It was sent back to the warp when the body it was possessing was blown with radioactive steam that ripped the skin out of its bones and left little more than a skeleton.
  92. +++ Inquisition +++
  94. -Rodan(DEAD): Puritan Inquisitor sent to Plinia Vesus to investigate. Thinks of himself as a living paragon and the epitome of humanity. Only the Emperor is more pure than him.
  96. Hates techpriests for changing their human bodies, hates psykers for being connected to the warp, hates any kind of abhuman for deviating from the sacred human genus, and so on...
  98. -Karelia Hermann: Radical Inquisitor with psychic powers. Widow of Rodan and mother of his daughter. While more accepting than his husband she is still an intimidating person. She seems to use fear as a weapon for her own causes.
  100. -Mellizune: Offspring of Rodan and Karelia. Not truly an Inquisitor but she's on her way of becoming one. Has psyker powers and can meddle with minds. Her mother removed all the traumatic memories from her mind and made her believe that Liwet is her sister.
  102. ++ Others ++
  103. -Lanky/Liwet: An escapee from MegaPrison 03. She managed to see the scouting mission of Oihan. Her entire body is sunburned and part of it is covered in scar tissue. She’s tall and somewhat fit. It is later discovered to be a clone whose genetic makeup and biochemistry isn't totally human, after Heracor removed what turned her into an inhuman she technically became part of the Human race. Inquisitress Karelia ended erasing her mind and adopting her for unknown reasons.
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