Top Ten Mediocre Mons

Dec 18th, 2017
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  1. Top Ten Mediocre Mons:
  3. Mediocre is a fun OM, characterized by its limitation on which mons you can use. With the current bans in place, the meta is much more balanced, and all play styles are viable. Previously, Venomoth was by far the best. With it gone, as well as Silvally, Type: Null, and Clefable, here's a fun top ten without too much explanation, if you are interested in creating a team. This is just my opinion, but take it with the ethos of me reaching top ten in the ladder, and even recall playing it back in gen 5.
  5. #10: Mawile
  6. The tenth spot was contested by me, as I felt there were a lot of mons like Vileplume, Smeargal, Rotom, and even Oricorio that could fit. Ultimately, Mawhile can casually fit many roles on a mediocre mons team. It can intimidate and be defensive, taking advantage of a great typing, or be offensive with life orb on a sheer force set. Both can casually set up stealth rocks and have priority with sucker punch. I'm not too certain with this tenth place spot; a testament to how there are many viable options to fit on your team.
  8. #9: Malamar
  9. When team building, every team should have a check to Malamar. Malamar can sweep with Z-Happy Hour, buffing its defenses to a decent level to combat priority, and out speeds everything that isn't scarfed below a 73 base speed. Alternatively, scarf sets can sweep immediately without set up. The problem is that even mediocre mons has enough checks and counters to it. Still, it can hold its own with enough team support, and even knock offs before the sweeps can help get rid of the influx of eviolites. Contary is also great as a counter to sticky webs, a relatively common hazard.
  11. #8: Vivillon
  12. Replacing Venomoth is arguably the now best quiver dancer, Vivillon. Viv stands out amongst the other quiver dancers with a comparatively better bulk, great speed and special attack, and most importantly the best move pool. The hurricane stab complements compound eyes, and with sleep powder setting up is relatively easy. It makes a decent Z move user with Flyium Z, but focus sash can work well if you keep SR off the field. The flying stab is great against a good amount of bulky grass types meant to deal with some of the stronger water types, and can be complemented with bug buzz or giga drain.
  14. #7: Slurpuff
  15. Easily on of the most threatening sweepers comes at #7 with Slurpuff. The most obvious set is belly drum, and with opposition that has less than 100 base defense / hp, its hard to find checks to this thing. They still exist, namely Vileplume and Quagsire, but other sets are totally viable. Like malamar, its sweeping potential is neutered by other players always trying to build for it. Besides play rough and drain punch, that last move should be energy ball, allowing you to easily del with unaware Quag.
  17. #6: Klefki
  19. Klefki is the premier prankster user of the OM, and can provide different roles than in normal play thanks to the overall lower stats from the competition. This allows for calm mind sweeps, and having its low speed being complemented by a prankster t wave. If that isn't your style, dual screens and general defensive sets still work great here. A lack of ground types makes spreading paralysis relatively easy, and paralysing the opponent's sweeper or scarfer adds a great level of speed control.
  22. #5: Swanna
  23. Tying for the highest base speed is Swanna. With a great speed, Swanna can come in and revenge kill many threats, all without a choice scarf. Scald and Hurricane provide powerful and useful stabs, with defog and roost being a great with its high speed. It isnt perfect, but one of the most satisfying things about picking Swanna is that it will always have a purpose in every game you play with it.
  25. #4: Basculin
  26. While not as versatile as Swanna, nothing is as immediately powerful and threatening than Basculin. Being the other mon sharing the 98 speed tier, it can easily come in on every other unboosted mon in the meta. All the while, it gets access to such a strong adaptability liquidation and priority aqua jet. Couple that with coverage like Zen Headbutt and even Toxic for the few things that can wall this monster, and you have a the most powerful tool on in the meta.
  28. #3: Xatu
  29. The star magic bounce user, Xatu's ability alone puts so many utility mons in check. Smeargle is not that great of a lead because of this things existence alone. Yet even without magic bounce, Xatue would be great because of its base 95 speed and special attack, and such an adaptable move pool. Defensive sets tend to be common, as they can provide the magic bounce safety along with roost, twave, and defog to help. Xatu also makes a great scarfer, and has both the stabs and coverage to help. It is a staple of the tier, and breaks the viability of many leads.
  31. #2: Togedemaru
  33. Great speed, great attack, and a great all around movepool, Togedemaru has it all. It works as what can be on of the fastest scarfers if necessary, with annoying but successful Zing Zap / Iron Head stabs if you need flinches, U Turn for pivoting, and even Bounce to hit grass types and shedninja if need be. It can also work just as well as a physical wall, with spiky shield and wish for recovery, and fake out and nuzzle among other annoying yet useful attacks. Even choice band or electrium Z sets can be great to fake as a scarf. Its a pest and can be hard to deal with, but it is a great mon for tier.
  35. #1: Quagsire
  36. No mon in the entire meta does a better job with checking and countering physical threats; namely the full phys def unaware set. Like many of the great mediocre mons, quag can be versatile and try curse sets and even water absorb, but nothing is as legendary to the tier as the unaware wall. With Clef gone, quag is really the only unaware wall thats viable. It also is one of the best ground types, and even uninvested earthquakes scare the many steel types of the tier. It can be weak to hazards, and is scared away by any type of grass type attacks, but beyond that it can be really hard to break this thing. Z moves and specs users can be the best to switch into this, but even they have to be wary of Toxic. No mon dominates the tier better than quagsire, hands down.
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