Install a VS for Version 1511

Mar 14th, 2016
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  1. Aight so the source for the site is down, here is basically how to patch for Version 1511, won't work on 1607.
  2. []
  4. 1. DL the latest version of UxStyle from here:
  5. 2. Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero and rename "aerolite.msstyles" to "aerolite.msstyles.bak" and then create a folder called aerolite.msstyles.
  6. 3. Make backups of all your Visual Styles and move them somewhere.
  7. 4. COPY the Visual Styles folder (containing .msstyles, wallpaper, shell folder) to the aerolite.msstyles folder.
  8. That folder should look like this -
  9. 5. Copy the .theme file to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, not in the aero folder as it won't show up.
  10. That folder should look like this -
  11. 6. Install UxStyle using the .exe.
  12. 7. Go to Personalization (Settings>Personalization>Themes>Themes Settings)
  13. Should look like this -
  14. 8. Check the .theme file to make sure it's set to the correct path, edit it in your text editor and change all locations if you need to.
  15. 9. Apply the Visual Style, if it doesn't work you may need to restart for UxStyle to take effect, but you usually shouldn't have to.
  17. Thanks go to Grim for finding this method.
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