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  1. Pedro Ramírez is 31 years of age from Mexico City.
  2. He's had a rough upbringing that's caused him problems throughout his entire life, such as his father Antonio wanted him to dropout of out School to help him with his criminal drug slinging and slowly bring him in into the Cartel.
  3. His father was the right hand man to the head of the Cartel his loyality surpasses even blood, That's why he wanted his son to be Cartel so bad. Pedro had been abused by his father since he was very young and Pedro felt like he was looked down upon by his father.
  4. Pedro finally agreed and dropped out of highschool, His mother María wasn't too happy about his choice to leave highschool and join the Cartel she wanted a better life for him.
  5. She's a sweet frail old lady, that can't really help her son and she tries to talk to Antonio she's the rational voice of him.
  6. Pedro wanted to join the Cartel to gain respect from his friends and mostly his father. He's never really felt like his father ever saw him as his own son and he finally see's a opportunity to gain his father's respect.
  7. At first everything went pretty smoothly he was taught the basics and excelled at it. Some of the tasks were like smuggling drugs and people over the border to the United States some may call him a Coyote.
  8. Valentina Rodrìguez is a girl that Pedro was smuggling across the border for 2000$ he slowly fell in love with her due to her stunning looks over her plump rump and discovered her personality that reminded him of his loving mother that was so supportive of him.
  9. After they've been going at it for a while under that time they got closer together and by the time they got to the border she wanted stay in Mexico but Pedro wouldn't let that slide.
  10. He finally returns to his hometown without his mamacita Valentina and starts thinking of what could have been so he decides to tell his homie Sánchez about it and he responded with ''I go wherever you go homie I don't even like it here mane, Its too fucking hot''
  11. The Cartel busted into the room and overheard the conversation and asked they are planning to go? Pedro's dumbass blurted it out and they quickly responded with, ''you think you can fucking leave mang? This is a lifestyle you either die as a Cartel or you live as a Cartel''
  12. It escalated quickly into a shootout bullet's were flying everywhere where Pedro's ass dodged a bullet coming straight at his face like fucking Neo from the Matrix, MANG.
  13. They took two Cartel members out and one was heavily injured they get into a green armoured military truck and sped off towards the north border.
  14. Sánchez and Pedro smuggled themselves into the US pretty easily due to their expertise in smuggling where Pedro started his search for his mamacita Valentina!
  15. At this time they were illegal immigrants which was the first problem they had to solve, Since they did have experience in the smuggling they knew some people that could help them but could they keep their names a secret?
  16. They decided to take the risk and got their membership it wasn't easy and it took quite some time and they have to always watch their back since they know what the Cartel is capable of.
  17. Pedro was heartbroken how was he supposed to find his mamacita in such a big country? he knew she definitely had changed her name which made it even harder it still remains one of his biggest challenges yet.
  18. After a couple of months of working as a street thug with Sánchez they decided to start up their own gang called the Vagos.
  19. Sánchez and Pedro saw how the head of the Cartel was treated like a god and the amount of respect and love he got from his members was loco, They want that power and respect.
  20. And this is where the story of the Vagos begins and Pedro's search for his lost love.
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