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  1. !Youft: can you unmute me?
  2. ~Great Sage: yes
  3. !Youft: may u unmute me?
  4. ~Great Sage: yes
  5. !Youft: will I get unmated?
  6. ~Great Sage: i'm pretty sure you'll never successfully mate anyway
  7. !Youft: huh?
  8. !Youft: what kind of mate?
  9. ~Great Sage: check
  10. !Youft: huh? can you please allow me to talk
  11. ~Great Sage: yes
  12. !Youft: will I get un,uted?
  13. !Youft: unmuted*
  14. ~Great Sage: yes
  15. !Youft: when will i get unmuted
  16. ~Great Sage: eventually
  17. !Youft: may i get unmuted right now?
  18. ~Great Sage: yes
  19. !Youft: will i get unmuted right now
  20. ~Great Sage: you didn't
  21. !Youft: can I please get unmuted right now?
  22. ~Great Sage: my response time is not instantaneous
  23. !Youft: can i get umnuted withtin this minute?
  24. ~Great Sage: yes
  26. !Youft: caps
  27. ~Great Sage: maybe
  28. !Youft: you can only answer in yes or no
  29. ~Great Sage: no
  30. !Youft: no u cannot answer yes or no or no you wont answer yes or no
  31. ~Great Sage: yes
  32. !Youft: did you answer yes to the first "no u cannot answer in yes or no"
  33. ~Great Sage: no
  34. !Youft: then you answered yes to the second statemtn
  35. ~Great Sage: no
  36. !Youft: and since you answered in the for of yes which was asked of you to do then therefore you agree with answering with yes and no's
  37. ~Great Sage: no
  38. !Youft: that answer approves witht he statement stated above
  39. ~Great Sage: possibly
  40. !Youft: referring back the one of the previous statemens the minute has passed and you have yet to unmute me
  41. !Youft: so therefore i will ask some1 els
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