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  1. 1- Are there EDU/Student licenses?
  3. Yes!
  5. Many of us at the Team keep dear memories of our years at University/School. We also regard the
  6. educational world as a fundamental element in the fabric of our community. //The students of today
  7. are the professionals of tomorrow//, and we wish to bring them the best visualization technology,
  8. at a very affordable price.
  10. 2- Who is eligible for an EDU license?
  12. Students enrolled in high school, college or University are eligible for one single-user license.
  13. A proof of current academic status is required.
  15. Schools, colleges, Universities and other government-accredited educational institutions can order
  16. educational license(s) for classrooms.
  18. 2- How can I buy an EDU license?
  20. In order to access the special EDU pricing, it is necessary to provide some basic information
  21. to verify that you are, indeed, a student or an educational institution.
  23. This is the reason why EDU licenses can't be purchased directly from our shop. Instead, you need to
  24. fill up this request form:
  26. http://..................................
  28. Shortly afterwards, one of our staff members will contact you back with a direct purchase link.
  30. 3- What is the price of an EDU license if I am a student?
  31. A yearly EDU license costs 39.99 EUR.
  33. Note that there is no perpetual option for EDU licenses, as your student status may change
  34. from one academic year to the next.
  36. 4- What is the price of EDU licenses if I am an educational institution?
  37. If you are a school and need multiple licenses to install on a classroom, please contact us.
  38. We have volume discounts available to better suit your particular needs.
  40. 5- Can I use my EDU license for commercial work?
  41. Absolutely. EDU licensees are treated exactly the same as regular licensees. So you can use our license
  42. for your training, as well as for commercial purposes; just like a regular customer.
  44. Upgrades work the same as well. All upgrades will be  available to you during the 1-year subscription term.
  46. In Maverick, the only difference between an EDU license and a regular license, is in the price.
  48. 5- Can I sell the license?
  50. No.
  52. EDU licenses can not be transferred as they are issued based on your student status.
  54. 6- Can I keep using my license after I graduate?
  56. Yes.
  58. You can keep using your license within the 1-year subscription term. However, the license cannot
  59. be renewed as EDU if you no longer are a student. If you intend to continue using Maverick, you
  60. may simply cancel your EDU license by the end of the 1-year term, and then buy a regular plan.
  62. 7- Can I use my license on more than one computer?
  64. Yes.
  66. You can unlock your license from the //My Account/Profile// area on our website. Then start
  67. the software in another computer. You can't use the software in two computers simultaneously, though.
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