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  1. "Whadaya mean what's this to do withj youuuu... Your my cuuuutteeee hubbbbbyyy~" She rolled over, hugging at him~
  2. PersonYesterday at 02:00
  3. “Oh god! Can you please shower?”
  4. anailaterYesterday at 02:01
  5. "Yeeeeeesssssssss~ Shower meee babeeeeee~"
  6. PersonYesterday at 02:09
  7. “I’d... rather not.” You felt more gas bubble in your belly
  8. anailaterYesterday at 02:14
  9. "Pleaaaaseeee... It's haaaardddd and I'm dru-" PPPPFFFFTTTTT "Hehehe....."
  10. PersonYesterday at 02:15
  11. “Ew... babe, you know I’m not into that...” but... you were. You were feeling a little more dominant now that you thought of it
  12. anailaterYesterday at 02:16
  13. "Hehehe~ Dooon't careeee~ Now come ooooon! Carry me to the baath, or maybe I'll stay like this to annoyyy yuuuu~~~"
  14. PersonYesterday at 02:18
  15. “Babe, I’m... not in the mood.” I blushed while you felt the gas come back... it was constant, the vibrations it made though... as well as the scent was making you hornier
  16. anailaterYesterday at 02:22
  17. "Doooon't care~ Yu want me to be clean, so do it! Or maaaybe I'll be more cluuumsssiiieee~"
  18. PersonYesterday at 02:31
  19. “I’d rather you just go to sleep.”
  20. anailaterYesterday at 02:32
  21. "No! Shower me! Or I'll be naughty!"
  22. PersonYesterday at 02:33
  23. “Please... just sleep.”
  24. Naughty it was~
  25. anailaterYesterday at 02:34
  26. She frowned, building up a gob of spit in her mouth, opening her mouth so he could see it!
  27. PersonYesterday at 02:35
  28. “Ew ew ew!” I said and held my eyes
  29. anailaterYesterday at 02:36
  30. With a "Heh!" She spit it up into the air, setting it on a perfect arc... To land on her own face~ "Shoooweeerrrrr!!!!"
  31. PersonYesterday at 02:41
  32. “That’s disgusting!” You fell down... and that’s when you shrank a little more... and your skin was getting hints of green...
  33. anailaterYesterday at 02:44
  34. "Heheeee.... I'll do it aaaagaaaaiiin~ I'll be a fuuuul goblin foreeveeerrrrrr~~~~"
  35. PersonYesterday at 02:45
  36. Shower huh? What about a shower in cum!
  37. “Okay babe... I’ll give you a bath, come on.”
  38. anailaterYesterday at 02:46
  39. "Mmmmmffffff~~~" She reached up, clawing at the air.
  40. In reality she wanted to get at his aching rod, but it just looked like she needed help...
  41. PersonYesterday at 02:47
  42. He lifted her up. “Come on...” he was taking her to the bathroom...
  43. anailaterYesterday at 02:50
  44. "Mmmmmhhh~ Nauuughty boooy~~~~"
  45. PersonYesterday at 02:50
  46. While I held you... you had an urge to be... gross... heheh... like a foul goblin...
  47. anailaterYesterday at 02:55
  48. Mmmmfff.....
  49. In your big strong arms~~ I found my new sharp nails pushing at the edge of my pussy, giggling~
  50. PersonYesterday at 02:55
  51. “Babe... how about you don’t go to work tomorrow.”
  52. anailaterYesterday at 02:55
  53. "Hehhhh~ Kaaaay~ Just stay and fuuck all daaay~~"
  54. PersonYesterday at 02:56
  55. “I don’t think I wanna have sex when you’re like this.” I put you in the water...
  56. anailaterYesterday at 02:57
  57. "Like you have a choiiiicceee..."
  58. As much as I wanted to argue, I was tired and drunk and sad and horny...
  59. The hot water was relaxing...
  60. PersonYesterday at 03:00
  61. But the smell wasn’t going away... no matter how hard I scrubbed... it seemed stuck to you...
  62. anailaterYesterday at 03:00
  63. "Hehe~ Your so leeeewwwdddd, touching me all over~"
  64. I leaned over, kissing you on the cheek~
  65. PersonYesterday at 03:04
  66. I shudder as some of your thick goblin saliva got on my cheek... the water was mud now. I had to keep refilling it...
  67. (I have a weird request
  68. anailaterYesterday at 03:07
  69. (Oh? Also I should warn you it's 3am for me no, so I probably can't go muuuuch longer)
  70. PersonYesterday at 03:09
  71. (I figured as much, at least tomorrow is Saturday? You off?
  72. (My request is, when she burps and farts, if you could describe it? Sorry >_<
  73. anailaterYesterday at 03:11
  74. (It's okay~ Could you show me what you mean?)
  75. PersonYesterday at 03:15
  76. While I’m the tub you splashed around a little, smiling brightly showing off your goblin smile... when you once again felt more gas in your stomach, goddamn... it was never ending wasn’t it? You however had an idea. “Swwwwweeeetie. I got a secret for ya.” I knees a little. “Yes?” You let loose a loud belch UUURP before you hurts our laughing, the scent of old French fries and foul BO had left your lips, while you cackled your pointed tongue waggling in the air...
  77. anailaterYesterday at 03:17
  78. (Got it!)
  79. "Hehehehehe~ This is so greaaat! I should stay like this anyway~" I ignored the pained and confused look on your face, splashing more water around, wriggling my now slightly green body around in the water~
  80. PersonYesterday at 03:20
  81. I empty the tub. “Oooookay, its time for sleep.”
  82. time for sex!
  83. anailaterYesterday at 03:22
  84. "Yeaaaaaahhhh! Come on, carry me to bed Baby~"
  85. I honestly wasn't that drunk anymore, but... It was kind of... fun.
  86. Not caring, doing whatever I wanted like this...
  88. PersonYesterday at 19:33
  89. “You seem less drunk, maybe you cans walk to bed?”
  90. anailaterYesterday at 19:34
  91. She pouted at him, lip sticking out with her big wide eyes.
  92. "Pleaaseee...."
  93. PersonYesterday at 19:34
  94. “Ugh... fiiiiine.” And So She was lofted up, it was an odd sensation, being short enough to be lifted
  95. anailaterYesterday at 19:35
  96. "... I... I'm still me you know... I... I still love you." She snuggled up to his chest~
  97. PersonYesterday at 19:52
  98. “You’ll really be you when the time is up, right?”
  99. anailaterYesterday at 19:55
  100. "Y-Yeah... I'm... I'm sorry for being bad..." She reached up, kissing her fiance on the cheek.
  101. PersonYesterday at 19:59
  102. Her attempt at being cute and romantic didn’t work well as a trail of spit left her mouth with the kiss. “Let’s just go to sleep...” he put her down in the bed
  103. anailaterYesterday at 20:00
  104. "Mmmhh..." Was she really... Disgusting to him like this...
  105. "H-honey... What if... things go wrong..."
  106. PersonYesterday at 20:06
  107. “It won’t go wrong.” He smiled at her
  108. anailaterYesterday at 20:07
  109. She nodded but... She wasn't sure...
  110. "C-can we still... You know... Tonight..."
  111. PersonYesterday at 20:07
  112. “What do you need?”
  113. anailaterYesterday at 20:08
  114. "... My... My body's all hot and stuff... S-so c-can we... H-have sex..."
  115. PersonYesterday at 20:09
  116. “I... don’t know if that’s a good thing.” He blushed
  117. anailaterYesterday at 20:10
  118. "P-Please... I need itt...." She was already starting to pull at his clothes, her mind starting to get blurry from the heat again...
  119. PersonYesterday at 20:13
  120. While she pulled, she slipped over and fell off the bed... her body felt even more heat more so... in her feet, they began to grow and inflate, growing larger... more goblin like
  121. anailaterYesterday at 20:14
  122. "G-Gah!" She cried out as she fell to the ground.
  123. "S-SEE! I-if I can just win... I don't like living like this... I hate being clumsy..."
  124. PersonYesterday at 20:18
  125. Her balance was... way off now. And she felt more... dominant. She couldn’t see it, but the roots of her hair were turning from blonde... to red.
  126. anailaterYesterday at 20:20
  127. She sighed, very carefully pulling herself back into bed.
  128. "Please babe. I need it. Just tonight."
  129. PersonYesterday at 20:20
  130. “I am just... not attracted to you in this form.” He blushed.
  131. anailaterYesterday at 20:21
  132. "..." She knew it was true but... Hearing that from the person she loved most... Made her sad... But more than that, it made her angry.
  133. "No."
  134. PersonYesterday at 20:30
  135. “W-what?”
  136. anailaterYesterday at 20:30
  137. "No. You still find me attractive. Now fuck me."
  138. PersonYesterday at 20:33
  139. “I am sorry babe... I don’t...”
  140. As she got angrier, the neverending gas  her bubbled more
  141. anailaterYesterday at 20:36
  142. She jumped up, grabbing him by his collar. "FUCK M-" her sudden rage pushed at her stomach, until... BRAAAAPPP With the taste of cola and onions, it vibrated through her mouth, almost visibly pushing into his face.
  143. PersonYesterday at 20:40
  144. I gagged and pushed away... ooh... the fighting... the disgust... it turned you on... your little goblin tongue licked your lips...
  145. anailaterYesterday at 20:42
  146. Just because you were pushing away wasn't going to stop me! I pushed forward, locking your mouth in a kiss, my long tongue ticking inside of you, as I pulled you back into the bed~
  147. PersonYesterday at 20:51
  148. Well, not before you tripped a little, which led to your hair becoming a more fiery red... your nose too, growing larger, more stout...
  149. anailaterYesterday at 20:51
  150. I didn't care! I just wanted him to fuck me, to prove he still cared about me...
  151. PersonYesterday at 20:55
  152. Besides... his cock would be huuuge on your goblin body...
  153. anailaterYesterday at 20:56
  154. She drooled a bit, pulling off his clothes as she held him in a kiss~
  155. PersonYesterday at 20:59
  156. Pulling? How about tearing with her goblin claws... he was forced to hold the kiss, as he gave up even tying to pull away
  157. anailaterYesterday at 21:01
  158. She assumed that he'd stopped fighting because he was admitting he liked it, as she clawed away his pants, freeing his dick as she pulled away from the kiss.
  159. "It's time~"
  160. PersonYesterday at 21:01
  161. “A-Angeline... p-please... don’t...”
  162. anailaterYesterday at 21:04
  163. She wasn't listening, as she pushed herself down onto his dick~ It wasn't errect yet, but a few bounces inside her warm folds would do the trick~
  164. "H-Hehe~ S-see! You still love me!"
  165. PersonYesterday at 21:06
  166. He didn’t dare speak... watching in terror as this... woman, can she even be called that! She was far more goblin anyway...
  167. anailaterYesterday at 21:09
  168. If she knew he was thinking like that... She would have been inconsoleable... But for now she was just genuinely trying to please him, kissing him as she rode him...
  169. PersonYesterday at 21:32
  170. And then she was met with an idea... why not... try anal
  171. anailaterYesterday at 21:34
  172. "Hehe~ I know what you want~" She pulled off of the dick, wet with her juices, and leaned down, licking it and lubing it up~
  173. PersonYesterday at 21:34
  174. His eyes went cross, the pointed tongue did feel nice... the excessive saliva working well as lube
  175. anailaterYesterday at 21:35
  176. "Seee~~ I knew you wanted this~"
  177. She turned around, angling herself over his now erect cock, and lowered down, pushing it into her tight ass~
  178. PersonYesterday at 21:50
  179. She nearly exploded with pleasure while the man tried to d the opposite
  180. anailaterYesterday at 21:52
  181. "G-GAAHHH~" It was insane! She felt like she was being fucked all the way through! "Y-YESS YESYESYESYESYESY~~~~" She was bouncing up and down, in insanity~
  182. PersonYesterday at 22:02
  183. “M-maybe not so... h-hard...”
  184. anailaterYesterday at 22:03
  185. "Yesyes! Harder! Love you~" She was only hearing what she wanted to hear, pushing down faster and harder, desperate for release, for him to prove she was still beautiful, that he still loved her~
  186. PersonYesterday at 22:04
  187. As the time passed, he laid against the bed... she was gonna do what she wanted... regardless, he couldn’t fight her
  188. anailaterYesterday at 22:04
  189. She was going to keep going, keep going until he cummed inside her~ Proof he loved her~
  190. PersonYesterday at 22:07
  191. After a couple moments his body went against him and did just that
  192. anailaterYesterday at 22:09
  193. "YEEEESSSSS~~~" As soon as she felt it, she screamed in ecstasy, before moving off his cock, getting down and licking it clean again~
  194. Then she moved up, hugging her fiance tightly and kissing him~
  195. PersonYesterday at 22:10
  196. Oh dear... did she forget a condom? Is clumsy! She shrank a little more, her flesh even darker green. He looked down at her...
  197. anailaterYesterday at 22:11
  198. (I mean... Would that be clumsy? It was anal. It's not like thats a huge issue.)
  199. She simply smiled, resting on her wonderful husband to me, kissing him lightly~ "I love you so much~"
  200. PersonYesterday at 22:13
  201. (Just trying to think of more things to count lol
  202. He didn’t talk... he wanted to get away while she slept
  203. anailaterYesterday at 22:15
  204. She was kissing him, whispering to him, her now big pudgy feet were... Experimentally poking and playing with his dick...
  205. PersonYesterday at 22:16
  206. “Maybe you shouldn’t go to work tomorrow... s-so we can keep making love.”
  207. anailaterYesterday at 22:17
  208. "Yesyes...." She was still rubbing against him softly but... she was slowing down, her breathing slowing... As she fell asleep on top of his chest, drooling happily~
  209. PersonYesterday at 22:18
  210. He couldn’t  move, she was too light of a sleeper... the next morning she woke up... and... she looked st her form and felt some disgust.
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