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  1. Received a block part when we're not expecting any module=consensus height=2133466 round=0 index=0 peer=ae7dd2d9be02682e76788d833a2348d3411398c6
  2. .......
  3. Need to set a buffer and log message here for sanity. module=consensus height=2133466 round=0 startTime=2019-09-17T21:47:34.566467257Z now=2019-09-1$
  4. enterNewRound(2133466/0). Current: 2133466/0/RoundStepNewHeight module=consensus height=2133466 round=0
  5. enterPropose(2133466/0). Current: 2133466/0/RoundStepNewRound module=consensus height=2133466 round=0
  6. enterPropose: Not our turn to propose        module=consensus height=2133466 round=0 proposer=881E474948E62A227728D157171ECE3D3B4D063F privValidator$
  7. enterPrecommit(2133466/0). Current: 2133466/0/RoundStepPropose module=consensus height=2133466 round=0
  8. enterPrecommit: No +2/3 prevotes during enterPrecommit. Precommitting nil. module=consensus height=2133466 round=0
  9. Signed and pushed vote                       module=consensus height=2133466 round=0 vote="Vote{12:5B0D609F11C9 2133466/00/2(Precommit) 000000000000$
  10. enterCommit(2133466/0). Current: 2133466/0/RoundStepPrecommit module=consensus height=2133466 commitRound=0
  11. Commit is for a block we don't know about. Set ProposalBlock=nil module=consensus height=2133466 commitRound=0 proposal= commit=84F8902597C70A93B03F$
  12. Attempt to finalize failed. We don't have the commit block. module=consensus height=2133466 proposal-block= commit-block=84F8902597C70A93B03FA9F8937$
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