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  1.     Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it's for a good cause. Here's what we’ll need to do:
  2.     • Place our agents and helpers everywhere
  3.     • Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
  4.     • Start fights between different races, classes and religions
  5.     • Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way
  6.     • Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
  7.     • Appeal to successful people’s egos
  8.     • Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
  9.     • Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism
  10.     • Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
  11.     • Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary
  12.     • Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
  13.     • Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
  14.     • Rewrite history to our benefit
  15.     • Create entertaining distractions
  16.     • Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
  17.     • Encourage people to spy on one another
  18.     • Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
  19.     • Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
  20.     • Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc-
  21.     • Introduce a progressive tax on wealth
  22.     • Replace sound investment with speculation
  23.     • Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
  24.     • Give bad advice to governments and everyone else
  25.     Eventually the Goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world and the remaining Goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.
  27. ~:~
  29.     An individual jew has no goal or long term plan. This is what makes them so effective. It’s like the stock market. The average retirement investor is a buy and holder–they will be in for years. The average Jew is in minute by minute. In fact, with high frequency trading, they’re only holding positions for picoseconds now. This mentality is borne out of their cultural and genetic history as merchants. Buy a bolt of cloth and sell the pieces as quickly as you can.
  30.     The Jews are good at lightning fast decisions. Right now they’re out there trying to dilute the white race out of existence. But that’s not what they are actually trying to do. On a case by case basis, they keep taking actions that they think are bad for whites. The way they are currently thinking is what is bad for whites is good for them. They do not have an endgame for what happens after whites are diluted out of existence. When it comes to criminal blacks rampaging around, Jews are not always going to agree on the issue. Some are going to oppose it on the basis of not wanting to get enriched themselves. Some are going to feel safe living in the most segregated neighborhoods and take the other track of encouraging or enabling rampaging blacks.
  31.     When it comes to race war, they don’t care about starting or stopping one. They haven’t thought that far ahead yet. If one breaks out, they will immediately redeploy to whatever extent they can to take advantage of the situation. Jews and blacks share something in common–they both live in the moment. Unlike blacks, however, Jews excel at realtime decision making. If you were to ask a rich Jew what they think the market is going to do next year, they won’t have an answer for you. What they have is their trading app up on their desktop, constantly ready to buy or sell.
  32.     This is why Jews have been kicked out of every country in history. They keep making excellent short term decisions with absolutely no long term strategy. Eventually their lack of coherent reasoning and planning collapses in on them. To use the stock market analogy again: You ask the Jew what he thinks the market will do in a year, he doesn’t know or care he has his trading app up on his screen. Eventually the machinations of his people collapse the entire economy and he’s no longer welcome in the country. He played the market in real time, he sold all his stock before it collapsed, and as he counts his money there’s a lynch mob at the door and he’s shocked–SHOCKED–that all of his short term excellent decisions have led him to a long term catastrophe. The little voice inside you that says, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this; this could bite me in the ass next year,” never speaks inside his mind.
  34. ~:~
  36.     Blacks are turning on the Chosen candidate with zero recognition of how much this counts as infighting among either side. That’s the funniest thing about Jews. They think they’re all powerful and infallible as YHWH’s “chosen people.” Good goys think their masters are perfect and untouchable, drinking the kool-aid in one big gulp. But the truth of the matter is, they’re not perfect and all-controlling–far from it–and their incorrect belief in such an advantage over the goyim is what fucks them over every single time. The reality is that they’re just extremely powerful and somewhat connected within specific fields and political enclaves, with the same logical and mortal constraints by which any non-Jew is bound, and which falsely appears to be omnipresence and omnipotence to both them at the top and those beneath them in power. The Jews are powerful men and women, well-guarded and incredibly wealthy. However, they are still just men and women, albeit a very poor genetic group with laughably terrible genes from inbreeding, which impairs their best to be barely equal to the poorest of genetic white specimens. As such, they become more arrogant the more they succeed, which makes them ever poorer judges of circumstance and time. So they begin to make mistakes, just like good goys, dindus, and all the rest. What we’re seeing here is one of many baby steps toward the suicide of the Jewish people as a power-holding global institution. They have crafted many careful plans to undermine all competing subgroups of humanity, but they have both failed to see how these plans may go wrong and have failed to coordinate properly on a global or even national level, resulting in many conflicts between their own efforts.
  37.     The collision of Sanders and the nog horde is a prime example of this kind of arrogant mistake, brought about by poor planning, lackluster coordination, and undeserved perception that nothing can go wrong. The Jews really should have known that sending one of their own to communicate with curb apes on their level would work about as well as attempting to make contact with hornets by caressing their nest longingly, and they would have if not for their arrogance and poor prediction skills. In a world where the Jews really are unstoppable and never failed, this would have worked perfectly, assuming this would even occur since the planet would probably be a Zionist world order with no subtlety by now. However, as they are actually hideously flawed in mind, body, and soul, things went wrong in the 0.05 seconds it took a pair of sheboons to get pissy about non-blacks existing in the same dimensional plane. As a result, this is concrete proof that they are only as untouchable and powerful as the average good goy–excepting their holohoax card and their friends at the top of most things.
  38.     The Jews will inevitably fall. Whether it’s the glorious white uprising of which we speak in tales of valor and mirth, their own arrogance allowing their pet subhumans and machines to destroy them, their own infighting destabilizing their power, or when God finally reveals that He has nothing but contempt for these wayward children when the End of Days finally comes. There’s no successful outcome waiting for them in any scenario. Even if they “win” and establish their own one world government, all they’re doing is removing their pawns in favor of plastering the world with their big-nosed faces, ensuring that any goy uprising will know exactly who to hate, who to fight, and who to genocide. One big enemy dancing in the spotlight is far easier to fight than millions of tiny ones hanging in the darkest shadows.
  40. ~:~
  42.     Jung spoke about differing psychologies between jews and aryans. Miguel Serrano mentioned this in one of his books and I tracked it down. No one ever talks about this, they just do the “Jung was antisemitic” thing. The State of Psychotherapy Today (vol. 10 of Jung’s collected works):
  43.     Freud and Adler have beheld very clearly the shadow that accompanies us all. The Jews have this peculiarity in common with women; being physically weaker, they have to aim at the chinks in the armor of their adversary, and thanks to this technique which has been forced on them through the centuries, the Jews themselves are best protected where others are most vulnerable.
  44.     Because, again, of their civilization, more than twice as ancient as ours, they are vastly more conscious than we of human weaknesses–of the shadow-side of things–and hence in this respect much less vulnerable than we are. Thanks to their experience of an old culture, they are able–while fully conscious of their frailties–to live on friendly and even tolerant terms with them, whereas we are still too young not to have “illusions” about ourselves. Moreover, we have been entrusted by fate with the task of creating a civilization–and indeed we have need of it–and for this “illusions” in the form of one-sided ideals, convictions, plans, etc. are indispensable. As a member of a race with a three-thousand-year-old civilization, the Jew, like the cultured Chinese, has a wider area of psychological consciousness than we. Consequently, it is in general less dangerous for the Jew to put a negative value on his unconscious. The “Aryan” unconscious, on the other hand, contains explosive forces and seeds of a future yet to be born, and these may not be devalued as nursery romanticism without psychic danger. The still youthful Germanic peoples are fully capable of creating new cultural forms that still lie dormant in the darkness of the unconscious of every individual–seeds bursting with energy and capable of mighty expansion. The Jew, who is something of a nomad, has never yet created a cultural form of his own and as far as we can see never will, since all his instincts and talents require a more or less civilized nation to act as host for their development.
  45.     [354] The Jewish race as a whole-at least this is my experience-possesses an unconscious which can be compared with the “Aryan” only with reserve. Creative individuals apart, the average Jew is far too conscious and differentiated to go about pregnant with the tensions of unborn futures. The “Aryan” unconscious has a higher potential than the Jewish; that is both the advantage and the disadvantage of a youthfulness not yet fully weaned from barbarism. In my opinion it has been a grave error in medical psychology up till now to apply Jewish categories–which are not even binding on all Jews–indiscriminately to Germanic and Slavic Christendom. Because of this, the most precious secret of the Germanic peoples–their creative and intuitive depth of soul–has been explained as a morass of banal infantilism, while my own warning voice has for decades been suspected of antisemitism. This suspicion emanated from Freud. He did not understand the Germanic psyche any more than did his Germanic followers. Has the formidable phenomenon of National Socialism, on which the whole world gazes with astonished eyes, taught them better? Where was that unparalleled tension and energy while as yet no National Socialism existed? Deep in the Germanic psyche, in a pit that is anything but a garbage bin of unrealizable infantile wishes and unresolved family resentments. A movement that grips a whole nation must have matured in every individual, as well. That is why I say that the Germanic unconscious contains tensions and potentialities which medical psychology must consider in its evaluation of the unconscious. Its business is not with neuroses, but with human beings–that, in fact, is the grand privilege of medical psychology: to treat the whole man and not an artificially segregated function. And that is why its scope must be widened to reveal to the physician’s gaze not just the pathological aberrations of a disturbed psychic development. but the creative powers of the psyche labouring at the future; not just a dreary fragment but the meaningful whole.
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