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  1. RosieOfGor RosieOfGor has joined the chat
  2. ZaharaTruth: Welcome please post status
  3. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: ahh ok i get it
  4. CendatFuriaDracul: Oh i had flashback of girl feeding me spider. It was crunchy.
  5. Sadisticat: Heh.
  6. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: then let say sub
  7. RosieOfGor: unowend in bdsm
  8. CendatFuriaDracul: She was to cute to say no.
  9. ZaharaTruth: please take a non floaty pillow
  10. CendatFuriaDraculCendatFuriaDracul Whisper: Sadistic, what you think about that shirtless one?
  11. SadisticatSadisticat WhisperAdd Friend: The one plopped before me?
  12. CendatFuriaDracul: Yes. He looks like he can bench cow.
  13. Sadisticat: He's already lost points for sitting there without asking me if I minded. I'm also not too fond of the shorts.
  14. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: sorry Miss
  15. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: what ll u like me to wear Miss
  16. Sadisticat  Pinches the bridge of her nose, one eye squinted at the half dressed boy.
  17. ZaharaTruth: he lost points with me for not asking to change in the first place
  18. CendatFuriaDracul: Rosie, you look very cute in that dress.
  19. RosieOfGor: thank you Miss
  20. Sadisticat: For starters, please try to structure your sentances properly. And secondly, you're not mine, so I'm not even going to begin to try and better your look.
  21. CendatFuriaDracul: You are welcome, dear.
  22. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: ty Miss
  23. CendatFuriaDracul: Dark, no one is hating on you here, but you do make mistakes and you not sure who you be.
  24. ZaharaTruth: We are only trying to help you
  25. CendatFuriaDracul: Of course we do.
  26. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66: sorry Miss wasnt may intention
  27. CendatFuriaDracul: Also about tattoos...
  28. CendatFuriaDracul: Most of Owners like there's not spoiled by such things.
  29. Sadisticat: Not unless it's their own brand, of course.
  30. CendatFuriaDracul: Exactly.
  31. Guest_BlackDarkBoy66 has left the chat
  32. Sadisticat  Pops a mint chew into her mouth.
  33. ZaharaTruth: lol
  34. CendatFuriaDracul: *Rubbs forehead.* Its that time of day.
  35. CendatFuriaDracul: Trousers ant tattoos.
  36. CendatFuriaDracul: I like Rosie here. Good girl.
  37. ZaharaTruth: I think that one is confused honestly
  38. CendatFuriaDraculCendatFuriaDracul Whisper: he watnts piece of pussy, thats what he wants. Wrong place to find.
  39. ZaharaTruth: true
  40. CendatFuriaDracul: Also, you don't have to take your clothing off to be noticed. Haha. Gods that made me laugh. Sadistic was not impressed.
  41. ZaharaTruth: I never am when they do that
  42. Sadisticat  Coughs into her hand and looks the other way with a snicker.
  43. CendatFuriaDracul: Rosie, can ask you something?
  44. ZaharaTruth: Plus enteredwithout permission
  45. RosieOfGor: yes
  46. CendatFuriaDraculCendatFuriaDracul Whisper: Didn't you said you unowned? Your card tells me other story.
  47. RosieOfGor: I am owned in gor
  48. CendatFuriaDracul: So you ARE owned non the less.
  49. Sadisticat: Tut tut..
  50. RosieOfGorRosieOfGor : IN Gor
  51. CendatFuriaDracul: Is in Gor rules not apply?
  52. Sadisticat: You have been collared either way.
  53. CendatFuriaDracul: Dont cap me.
  54. ZaharaTruth: It sdoes not matter what lifestyle choice you are owned in Owned is owned
  55. Sadisticat  Grunts.
  56. ZaharaTruth: at this moment you are being considered a collar collector and we do not play that
  57. CendatFuriaDracul: Where is your ownership token. Like collar? Show it to me.
  58. ZaharaTruth: brb
  59. RosieOfGor: I am not a collar collector
  60. ZaharaTruth: could have foolled me
  61. CendatFuriaDracul: I am asking you to show me what your Owner gave you.
  62. ZaharaTruth: You are OWNED
  63. CendatFuriaDracul: Very pretty one.
  64. RosieOfGor: thank you
  65. CendatFuriaDracul: Now i want you to go to your Master and tell him, what you did.
  66. Sadisticat: You have an owner, and you're in a Market..
  67. Sadisticat: That's just.. especially if you're out looking for another collar..
  68. CendatFuriaDracul: Cause, Gods help me i do it myself. You sicrace to your owner.
  69. CendatFuriaDracul: Get the fuck out.
  70. RosieOfGor: im what?
  71. CendatFuriaDracul: You herd me.
  72. CendatFuriaDracul: If you say one more word, you be very sorry. Go and stirr trouble to other market.
  73. CendatFuriaDracul: I know what Gor is.
  74. RosieOfGor has left the chat
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