Trash Panda (Pony OC) by Fonypan

Jan 4th, 2019
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  1. >Anon is walking home from his shift at blockbuster just after sunset, as he walks past a dingy alley, a noise catches his attention.
  2. >He stops and peers into the darkness, a noise like strained breathing and whimpering reaches out to him.
  3. >He looks around, suspicious this could be a trap.
  4. >He slowly walks into the alley, the noises coming from a large dumpster.
  5. >He creeps up to it and lifts the lid, there's a squeak of the hinges, but also a squeak from inside, the breathing noises muffled.
  6. >He looks inside, a mare is laying in the rubbish, gasping and breathing fast, her eyes stare at nothing as her body shakes.
  7. >Anon almost drops the lid and steps back, but he's frozen looking at the state of the pony, she looks young, barely at adult age, her body is covered in bruises and cuts, her eyes look up at him with pure horror.
  8. >Her right arm is a mess of bloody meat, her blood covering the garbage around her.
  9. >Her hoof looks like it was crushed and destroyed from hoof to elbow.
  10. >Anon holds down his lunch as he hops in and lifts the battered mare up, careful to support her bad arm.
  11. >He rips a strip of his t shirt off and uses it to quickly tie around her upper arm, hoping it will keep the mare from losing any more blood.
  12. >Anon hops out of the dumpster with the mare held snug against his chest with one arm and pulls out his phone.
  13. >With a few quick swipes, he sets off to the nearest vet, walking as quickly as he can, being careful not to jostle her.
  15. >Anon arrives at the vet, the mare floating in and out of sleep the whole way there.
  16. >He talks to a receptionist, and she has him fill out some paperwork and set the pony down on a table with wheels, the receptionist puts a muzzle on the mare and wheels her into the back.
  17. >A nervous anon sits in a waiting chair, he looks at his hands and quietly fidgets.
  18. >One of the vets come out from the back room, older man, in full scrubs slightly stained with fresh blood.
  19. >He speaks without removing his mask. “We’ve managed to stop the bleeding… we weren’t able to save her arm, but I’m sure in time she’ll be healthy enough to get back to work.”
  20. >Anon wanted to yell, but just took a calming breath. “Okay… thanks doc… Anything I need to know?”
  21. >The vet talks to the secretary and she waves anon over. “Here, sign here, here, and… here.”
  22. >Anon does as told.
  23. >She sets a bottle of pills on the counter. “Alright, she’s going to need one of these a day for the next few months, should help keep swelling and infections down to a minimum.”
  24. >”Uh, thanks.” He doesn’t really know what he’s going to do with the pony, he’s never owned a pony before, only seen them in passing doing various chores since they were found in the wild or whatever the media said, he doesn’t really pay much attention to anything outside of work.
  25. >A few hours later, long after night has settled, the mare is wheeled out on a cart inside a kennel. The pony is fast asleep, her right arm missing just above the elbow, wrapped up in gauze.
  26. >Anon pays at the counter and then picks up the kennel. Being careful not to jostle her too much he heads home with his new room mate.
  27. >He stands at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change, he looks down at the pony’s face as she’s sleeping. ”I hope you have a name...”
  29. >Anon finally reaches his home, and steps inside, a small flat within a large apartment building.
  30. >He sets the kennel down in the center of the room, and opens the door, but doesn’t go to wake her up.
  31. >He walks to the kitchen and looks in the fridge. ”What do ponies eat?”
  32. >He glances at the cold meat lover’s pizza and a half empty pack of bologna.
  33. >”Definitely not that.” He decides as he closes the door and looks around his kitchen.
  34. >He spots the loaf of bread. “Well, it's at least something.”
  35. >He opens the bag, pulls out a few slices, then spins the loaf and tucks the tip.
  36. >Then he pops the slices into the toaster and pushes it down.
  37. >While he waits for the toast to bread, he looks around, realizing he has nothing of the vegetarian variety.
  38. >He sighs then grabs a pair of scissors and goes outside, in a little garden just outside the building is some green manicured grass.
  39. >”I really hope this isn’t racist.” He mumbles to himself as he collects a large handful of grass and heads back up to his flat.
  40. >He puts the pile of grass into one bowl, and the toast with a little butter on a plate.
  41. >He sets both the plate and bowl just outside the kennel, then goes over to the tv stand, pops a tape into the vcr and hits play.
  43. >As the previews play he heads to his bedroom and takes off his toren and blood covered shirt, a little upset that he’ll have to buy a new one for work.
  44. >He tosses the shirt into a bin and takes off the rest of his work uniform and gets into some more relaxed sweatpants and led zeppelin t shirt.
  45. >He walks back out to the living room and flops onto his couch, setting his feet up on the coffee table, just as the previews end.
  46. >He takes a peak over and notices one slice of toast is missing, and the mare has curled herself up into the back of the kennel.
  47. >He wants to say something to comfort her, but due to being afraid to scare her further he just gives her a sad knowing look and settles in to watch the movie.
  48. >The mare looks at him, her whole body shaking with fear for being so near to a human, thinking of the harm that he could cause her.
  49. >She tries to rationalize that he helped her, but her primal instincts are on over clock and she just wants to get as far away from humans as possible.
  50. >She starts to calm down as pretty music starts up and a happy bouncy song starts.
  51. >She peers through one of the air holes in her kennel at the tv, and sees a tall thin man singing to two children as strange contraptions make pancakes and eggs around them.
  52. >She focuses on the song and tries to relax her mind, her breathing slowing down, she lays down as she’s feeling dizzy from the loss of blood catching up to her.
  53. >She moves so just the tip of her nose is outside the kennel, tilting her head just enough so she can watch the silly man sing on the tv.
  55. >She nodded off a little bit, but was awoken by a loud bang.
  56. >She looks around startled, then hears two loud bangs, and she sighs in relief, it was the tv...
  57. >She blinks, watching the tv, then startles again ducking into her kennel when she hears a loud roar.
  58. >After a moment she hears the loud roar again, then slowly peaks out to see Anon is snoring.
  59. >She giggles at herself. “Silly filly...”
  60. >She slowly creeps out of her kennel, looking around the room, its a fair sized room, not massive by any means, but very roomy.
  61. >She noms another toast then goes to take a step and yelps as she tumbles out of the kennel, knocking over and spilling the bowl of grass in her wake.
  62. >She sits up, wiping grass off, then looks at her right arm, and at the bandages covering the stump.
  63. >She gulps. “So this is real...” She sniffs, then looks at the mess she made.
  64. >She gets up and balancing on her hind legs she uses her left arm to scoop the grass back into the bowl.
  65. >She brings a small hoof full to her muzzle and sniffs it, then takes a small nibble.
  66. >She rolls her eyes. “Kinda racist…” She nibbles the grass and proceeds to clean up her mess.
  68. >After cleaning up the grass, almost falling over a few times as she forgets about her missing arm, having a bit more toast and grass, she looks around the room, the walls are mostly bare, but the tv the wall is against has two large shelves either side, and on these shelves are lots of book things.
  69. >Steping closer she reads some of the book spines. “Star wars… Robocop… Rush hour… Strange titles...”
  70. >She sits on her haunches and reaches her arm up and edges the tip of her hoof into a little gap at the top of the books and slides one out.
  71. >”Mrs Doubtfire?” She quirks an eyebrow and ties to open the book, but realizes its actually a box, and at the bottom there was a bit of black plastic sticking out.
  72. >She carefully grabbed the plastic with her teeth and gently shook the box, soon the box slid off and landed softly on the floor, and she sets the plastic thing on the floor.
  73. >”Weird…” She pokes at the black plastic box a bit and realizes one side has a door and inside is a black ribbon.
  74. >”Weirder...”
  75. >She looks at the tv, just under the screen sitting on its own little shelf is a black box with 12:00 flashing in a neon blue.
  76. >She looks around the room, and on a wall, it shows its about 4:35
  77. >She shakes her head, and notices the little door on the large black box is the same size as the black box she’s holding.
  78. >She lines the tape she’s holding with the slot and tries to slide it in, but it doesn’t go in.
  79. >She quirks an eyebrow and leans down, setting the tape down, she pokes at the little door on the box and can barely see inside.
  80. >”Oh” She leans back and looks at the tv.
  81. >She looks at the tape she pulled out of the cardboard sleeve. “Electric books?”
  82. >”These humans use electricity for everything...”
  83. >”Yeah, so?”
  85. >Her face goes white and she freezes solid, her body starts to shake with fear.
  86. >”Woah, calm down, girl, I’m not gonna hurt you…”
  87. >A warm hand gently rests on her back, she suddenly lets out a loud whinny and her hind legs snap out from under her in an instinctive kick, but due to her right arm missing, she topples over onto her side with a thud.
  88. >In a flash, she’s up and dashes into her kennel slamming into it with such force the whole box slides and almost tips over.
  89. >”Shit, sorry, I...” Anon tries to apologize, but just doesn’t know what to say.
  90. >He looks at the vibrating kennel, then at the movie sitting on the floor.
  91. >”Mrs Doubtfire is a classic, you know?” He says as he presses a button on the vcr, the tape inside being ejected, he puts that tape back into its box and sets it on the shelf, then picks up the tape on the floor and puts it into the player.
  92. >He looks over at her kennel, noticing most of the food is gone.
  93. >He sits on the couch again. “Hey uh… if you’re still hungry… I don’t really know what you ponies eat… so… if you want something to eat, you’ll have to tell me what you want.”
  95. >She’s shaking hard, her whole body high on adrenaline, she slowly calms down, again, she has to rationalize to herself.
  96. >She lets out a few deep breaths as she focuses on breathing to calm down.
  97. >Soon her edge wears off and she almost faints. She lays down, resting her cheek on her arm.
  98. >She tries not to look directly at anon as his presents still scares her.
  99. >She’s trying to will herself past her instincts, but she feels like prey in the clutches of a predator.
  100. >She tries to make her mouth move without chattering her teeth.
  101. >”Uhm… s-some oats would be nice... d-doesn’t have to be anything fancy.”
  102. >Anon looks at the kennel, he smiles to himself.
  103. >”Sure, ahh, shoot, can you wait til tomorrow? Its really late and I need to get up for work in the morning?”
  104. >A mumbled okay emanates from the kennel.
  105. >He gets up from the couch, walks into the kitchen, grabs a cup from the washboard, fills it with some cranberry juice from the fridge, then heads back over to the living room.
  106. >”I almost forgot, doc gave me some medicine to help your, uh, arm heal.”
  107. >He sets the cup of juice next to the bowl of grass, he sets the rest of the toast on the plate into the bowl of grass.
  108. >He goes into his room and comes back with the pill bottle, after fighting with the child proof lid, he sets one pill on the plate.
  109. >He walks back towards his bedroom and peaks out around the corner at the kennel, he sighs in relief when an arm reaches out and picks up the cup and disappears into the kennel.
  110. >”Good night.”
  111. >He winces slightly when the kennel jumps slightly and mumbled curses can be heard.
  112. >He closes the door to his room and goes to bed, leaving the tv and lights on for her.
  114. >She dabs at the spilt juice staining her chest floof, wiping most of it off, she sips at the cup of juice, sighing as the bittersweet washes over her tongue.
  115. >She looks at the pill on the plate, reluctantly she leans down and licks the pill up and then takes a gulp of juice to wash it down.
  116. >She creeps out of the kennel, looking at anon’s door, seeing it closed, she calms down a little, arguing in her own head about how silly she is to be scared of him.
  117. >She sits outside her kennel, nomming the last of her toast and grass, watching a man on the tv get dressed up like an old lady.
  118. >She giggles at the silly voices he does on into the phone.
  119. >She pauses, looking down at herself, then at the tv, then at anon’s door.
  120. >”Why am I so scared?” She shakes her head of the confused thoughts.
  121. >She climbs up onto the couch, bringing the bowl of grass with her.
  122. >She noms some grass as she watches the man dressed like an old lady dance around a house.
  123. >”Heh, that dude does look like a lady...”
  124. >She’s confused about what’s happening on the tv, but some parts are making her laugh, and that’s enough for her.
  126. >She eventually falls asleep as the man dressed like a lady screaming as his tits are on fire.
  127. >Sunshine washing over her face from the window behind the couch makes her scrunch her snoot.
  128. >She covers her face with the fluffy blanket she’s wrapped in.
  129. >She pauses, feels around at the thicc blanket covering her.
  130. >She slowly cracks an eye open, and immediately regrets it as the sun burns directly into her eyes.
  131. >Groaning she rolls over and sits up, still wrapped in the blanket she looks down at it.
  132. >She notices words are on the blanket and she stretches it out to read.
  133. >”Black… back in black?” She shakes her head and blinks, she feels a familiar tingle below her belly.
  134. >”Uh-oh.”
  135. >She reluctantly leaves the comfort of the fluffy blanket and wanders around the flat, between anon’s bedroom and the kitchen, she finds the bathroom.
  136. >She quickly trots in and hops up onto the toilet, sighing as she releases the pressure on her bladder.
  138. >The front door opens and anon steps in, he pauses, he and the mare can see each other, they awkwardly stare at each other.
  139. >She forgot to close the door in her hurry to pee.
  140. >”Ah, shit, sorry.” He apologizes covers his eyes with a hand and blindly feels his way to the kitchen.
  141. >His other hand holding a large grocery bag.
  142. >He bangs his shins.
  143. >Once he’s past the bathroom door he goes to his kitchen table and sets the bag down and starts sorting out the items into cupboards and the fridge.
  144. >”You said oats, will oatmeal work?” He calls out.
  145. >She flushes and steps out of the bathroom. “Uh yeah, that’s fine.”
  146. >She shakes as she tries not to look directly at anon and makes her way back to the couch and curls up in the blanket again.
  147. >She looks at the wall clock, noting its almost five in the afternoon, she must have slept all day.
  149. >”You can watch tv if you want, red button to turn it on, little triangle to make it work.”
  150. >She tilts her head, she again leaves the blanket, walking over to the wall of electric books, she skims over the scary looking titles and pictures and tries to find something fun.
  151. >”School of rock?” She pulls the book out, slides the sleeve off, and tries to put it into the box on the shelf.
  152. >”It won’t go in.” She calls out to anon.
  153. >“Press the triangle with a line next to it.”
  154. >She does and a book slides out of the box, she grabs the book with her teeth and pulls it all the way out.
  155. >Setting it down, she notes the label, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, and picks up the sleeve to it and puts it back together, then fits the book into a space on the shelf, then she slots school of rock into the box.
  156. >She wanders back to the couch and sits in her blanket nest and watches the previews.
  157. >”So these things come with suggestions for more books?”
  158. >Anon pops his head around the corner, nodding “Their called previews, they’re to get you interested in other movies.” He returns to the kitchen full of cooking sounds.
  159. >She nods in understanding, she bites her lip to try to calm her shaking down, she’s upset with herself for being so easily startled by anon.
  160. >“I have almost all of them, if you see anything that interests you.”
  162. >He steps around the corner, holding a bowl with steam wafting off of it.
  163. >He walks slowly, as not to scare her.
  164. >She closes her eyes and presses her face into the blanket, trying to maintain control over her body.
  165. >He scoots the kennel over and places the bowl on it like a table.
  166. >”So, do you... have a name?” He pulls a spoon out of his pocket and sticks it into the bowl, a heavenly smell reaching out to the mare, the steam line forming a hand that tickles her chin.
  167. >She mumbles a reply into the blanket.
  168. >Anon picks up her empty bowl and plate from last night and walks back to the kitchen, “I’m sorry, what was that?” he sits at the table, being mindful of her skittishness, eating his own dinner, of freshly microwaved leftover pizza.
  169. >”Honey Berry...”
  170. >”Nice to meet you Honey, I’m Anon, and it looks like we’re roommates, for now at least.”
  171. >She blinks. “Roommates?” She scoffs, but then stifles an indignant reply.
  172. >Anon resists the urge to go over to her. ”Well, yeah, kinda, why?”
  173. >”It’s not important… and… thanks… I would be dead if you didn’t... find me.”
  174. >She watches the movie idly while thinking.
  175. >Anon wants to ask what happened to her, but thinks better of it and decides she’ll probably talk when she’s ready.
  177. >Honey tentatively sits up and grabs the spoon with her hoof and brings a small bite of oatmeal to her mouth and noms.
  178. >She pauses, its sweet, but also tangy, she chews, and feels the distinct pop of a few berries and her tongue explodes with sweet tangy juice.
  179. >She blinks and looks down into the bowl.
  180. >Mixed into the hot goop is a fair amount of blueberries.
  181. >She gasps. “B-blueberries?”
  182. >”Yeah, I figured you’d like em.”
  183. >”I… I love blueberries.” She sniffs and takes another bite, savoring the sweet and tangy berries as they mix with the oats as she chews.
  184. >She sets the spoon in the bowl so she can use her arm to wipe the tears from her eyes.
  185. >”I haven’t tasted a blueberry in years...”
  186. >She eats a little too fast, practically inhaling the rest of the oatmeal.
  187. >When her bowl is empty she leans back on the couch and lets out a long burp.
  188. >”Thank you anon… I haven’t had food like that… ever...”
  189. >“No problem.‘
  190. >She focuses on the tv again, the fat guy is teaching a bunch of kids how to play music, soon she finds herself bobbing her head to the music and trying to learn the words.
  191. >She can’t help it, ponies are naturally drawn to a good beat.
  192. >Been only a year when a song broke out at the plant.
  193. >She pauses.
  194. >The plant.
  195. >She looks at her right arm, wiggles the stump around, tears burn at the edge of her vision.
  197. >The movie is at its climax, the little indigo mare is standing on her hind legs on the coffee table in the middle of the room, swinging her arm around, copying the windmill, as she plays her air guitar.
  198. >Her head bangs, and her golden mane and tail flail all over, anon is peaking around the corner, hand over his mouth as he tries not to laugh or dawww and the cute sight.
  200. >She’s moving and grooving, the music totally in control of her, mind, body, and soul.
  201. >She feels good, her blood is pumping, her heartache barely a whisper in the back of her mind.
  202. >She grabs her spoon and starts shouting the song lyrics into it like the fat guy on the mic in the movie.
  203. >Anon almost falls over, this little mare has some lungs.
  204. >He watches in awe as Berry swings her mane around and rocks her hips to the beat of the song on the tv.
  205. >And here he assumed ponies would prefer show tunes to classic rock.
  206. >The song ends and the movie continues.
  207. >Berry giggles as she hops off of the table and flops onto the couch, panting and smiling.
  209. >She spots anon spying on her, she freezes up, her dread returns, but she swallows the urge to sprint to the kennel.
  210. >Anon sticks out his arm and has his hand curled into a fist with his thumb sticking up.
  211. >”That was awesome, I love the music in that movie too.”
  212. >She blinks, then giggles a little while blushing.
  213. >”Uh, thanks… I just… felt the music...”
  214. >He nods and goes back into the kitchen. “You thirsty? You worked up quite a sweat.”
  215. >He comes into the room with a tall glass of juice.
  216. >She wills her body to listen to her, as hard as it is to stop shaking, at least she isn’t diving head first into her kennel.
  217. >She reaches her shaky hoof out and grabs the cup, she brings it to her chest, anon slowly steps backwards, making slow movements, he remembers something like this in a nature documentary about how not to startle small animals.
  218. >Honey’s is on the verge of laughing at anon’s goofy walk, but she really is thirsty and silently gulps the juice down.
  220. >”So, uh, how you’re arm feeling?”
  221. >She takes a deep breath, then looks at her stump.
  222. >”It… it doesn’t hurt as much at it did last night.”
  223. >Anon takes a slow step towards her. “It’s about time you had a bath… and doc said I have to change your wrappings and watch for infection… so, come with me, I’ll get the water running and take a look at your... injury.”
  224. >He walks into the bathroom, Honey can hear the sound of the water running.
  225. >She sighs, she sets the cup on top of the kennel and follows anon, her body is shaking, but she wills herself on.
  226. >She steps into the bathroom, anon is sitting on the floor next to the tub, hand in the water to feel the temperature.
  227. >”Alright… I gotta take the bandages before you can get in… try not to move too much.”
  228. >She sits and nods, holding her wrapped stump out to him.
  230. >Anon carefully undoes the clasp on the gauze and starts to unwind it around her arm.
  231. >Soon the red stained bandage comes loose and he starts to pull it off, it sticks in places where her blood had congealed to her fur and skin.
  232. >”Sorry about this.” He uses quick jerky pulls to peel the bandage off, careful not to pull too much on the tip of her stump.
  233. >Her eyes are closed and her head is turned to her left, her teeth threatening to bite through her bottom lip.
  234. >The bandage comes away, anon wads it up and puts it in the trash, he gently grabs her right arm and moves it up to get a better look in the light.
  235. >The tip has an X from where the skin was cut, folded, and stitched together, the area has been shaved of fur for the operation.
  236. >”Okay… its not swollen… or purple… well, anymore purple than you normally are.”
  237. >”...” She whispers something under her breath.
  238. >”I’m sorry, what was that?” Anon asks curiously as he applies dry toilet paper to gently wipe up and dry the sweat and blood left around the healing wound.
  239. >She mumbles a little louder.
  240. >Anon smiles. “Burburbur?”
  241. >She snorts hot air out her nose. “I’m not purple, I’m blueberry.”
  242. >Anon smirks. “Nah, you’re purple.”
  243. >She grumbles to herself.
  245. >”Alright, your arm should be safe now, just try not to get it too wet.”
  246. >”I know I’ll-EEP”
  247. >She flails her arm and legs as she’s suddenly picked up and set in the water.
  248. >She splashes a bit as she orientates herself.
  249. >She starts to panic run but stops as she takes big deep breaths.
  250. >”Anon! Don’t do that!” She refrained from adding ‘I’m a pony and we’re very jumpy!’
  251. >He frowns. “Sorry Berry, I was just trying to lighten the mood...”
  252. >“She huffs, ”I… Its okay… just… don’t do that.”
  253. >She sits and grabs the soap with her hoof and starts working the bar up and down her chest and sides, working up a thick lather.
  254. >Anon watches, not sure what to do, he gets up and starts for the door.
  255. >”Hey, aren’t you going to wash my back?”
  256. >Anon stops and looks back at her, she instinctively starts to curl up on herself. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...”
  258. >”Its okay, calm down, I’m not mad… not going to hurt you.” Anon sits outside the tub, and grabs a rag and starts to use the suds on her chest to wash her back and neck, she coos, leaning into the scrubbing, her ears perk when his other hand moves up and scritches the top of her head.
  259. >He giggles. “That feel good? You want more scratches?”
  260. >With her eyes glazed over, her hoof stops rubbing the soap in and just idly moves the suds on her belly around.
  261. >He stops the scritches and returns to scrubbing her back and mane with the soapy rag.
  262. >She shakes her head and blinks. “Wh-what was that?”
  263. >”Hmm?” Anon washes her tail in the soapy water.
  264. >She blushes and looks back at him. “N-nothing… I can wash my tail myself.”
  265. >She pulls her tail under her and up against her belly and washes her tail, using her teeth and tongue to pull out some knots.
  266. >Anon rolls his eyes and continues with her mane and back, careful not to scritch too much.
  268. >While anon helps her clean, he can’t help but notice the picture on her thigh, it was interesting, the fur was dyed with the image of a jar with honey and blueberries in it.
  269. >He pokes her cutie mark, she stiffles a yelp. “D-don’t touch that.”
  270. >”Oh? Why not? What is it?”
  271. >”Its my cutie mark, its to show other ponies what my special talent is.”
  272. >”Your special talent is… a jar of honey and berries?”
  273. >She shakes her head. “No, my family ran a blueberry farm… and I was really good at making the best blueberry and honey jam you ever tasted...”
  274. >She trails off, looking at her tail and petting it.
  275. >”That was before...”
  276. >”Before wha-?” His brain registered what he had asked a second too late.
  277. >Honey breaks down crying, Anon tries to hug her, but she just slugs him in the chest.
  278. >Anon staggers back and just watches the poor mare cry.
  280. >”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… ”
  281. >She sniffs and shakes her head.
  282. >”You don’t get it.”
  283. >”Stolen out of your home, ripped out of your mother’s hooves by big stupid apes.”
  284. >She sighs. “I was sold like property… worked in a factory, watching other ponies work to death… watching ponies… suffer.”
  285. >She lays on her back in the water, her mane and tail floating around her.
  286. >”I don’t wanna talk about it.” *She rolls in the warm water, washing the suds off of herself, then she fiddles with the plug until she figures out how to drain the tub, she sits there, watching the water drain.*
  287. >Anon sighs, he stands up, sets a fluffy towel on the closed toilet seat. “Sorry, I’ll let you dry yourself off. Just come to me in a bit and I’ll get your arm wrapped again.”
  288. >She nods and waves him off. She silently watches the soap bubbles swirl in the water.
  290. >Anon walks over to the tv, takes the tape out of the vcr and puts it away on the shelf, he stands there, browsing over his modest collection.
  291. >SQUEAK THUNK “ow”
  292. >Anon looks in the direction of the bathroom.
  293. >”You okay in there?”
  294. >”I’m fine.”
  296. >”Are you sure?”
  297. >”I SAID I’M FINE!”
  300. >A wet pony tangled up in a wet towel come tumbling out of the bathroom.
  302. >Anon stares, Honey is grumbling curse words to herself.
  303. >Berry is struggling to pull herself out of the towel, her stump waggling helplessly at the air.
  304. >Anon walks over and kneels beside her and helps her out of the towel.
  305. >She lays there on her back and pants, huffing indignantly at the ceiling.
  306. >Anon uses the damp towel and quickly scrubs the rest of Honey’s coat dry.
  307. >”I’m not a filly you know, I can do it myself.”
  308. >”I know… I just wanted to help.”
  309. >She huffs a long drawn out breath. ”Thanks...”
  310. >She gets up and trots over to the couch, sitting on it and watching as anon cleans up the water mess then toss the wet towel into the bathroom.
  311. >Anon walks back over to the shelves, browsing his collection.
  312. >”So what are you in the mood for?”
  313. >Honey blinks. “Well, what about another movie with lots of music?”
  314. >”I have the perfect movie.” Anon pulls a tape off of the shelf and looks back at her with a smirk, he drops the smirk as he sees Berry trying to control her fear.
  315. >“You sure you’re okay?”
  316. >Honey nods, biting her lip.
  318. >He pulls the tape out of the sleeve and pops it into the vcr, after some crackle, previews start playing.
  319. >Eventually the movie starts, and it shows lots of smoke and buildings. Then an exterior of a prison.
  320. >A man is being led out of prison, there is a lot of walking, then he is given some things, then he walks to the side of the road after passing through the security and signing out.
  321. >A man stands next to a big car on the side of the road and steps out of it. Both men are in black suits and ties with hats.
  322. >The gates slowly open, showing the man in the jail being let out, silhouetted in white.
  323. >Honey’s eyes are glued to the tv.
  324. >Music starts playing and the men meet in the middle of the road, the music jumps up, and the men walk over and get into the car and drive away.
  325. >The men in the movie argue about the car, Honey’s eyes go wide as the car makes a loud squeal, then launches over a gap in a rising bridge.
  326. >Honey looks over at Anon. “What was that?”
  327. >Anon just smiles and nods at the tv. “Just watch, it get better.”
  329. >Slightly scared by the old lady in the movie, she scoots a little closer to Anon.
  330. >”Was that really a penguin?”
  331. >He nods. “Yep.”
  332. >”I don’t think I like penguins...”
  333. >The men go to a church, and music starts.
  334. >Honey tries to sit still, but she soon starts head bobbing and toe tapping to the music.
  335. >Anon watches her with a smile as she shakes it to the rhythm of the movie.
  336. >The music scene passes and she sits still again, watching the movie calmly.
  337. >”Wait, are they running? Are they bad guys?”
  338. >”No no, just did bad things.”
  339. >”They’re breaking everything!”
  340. >As honey is getting into the movie, Anon can’t help but look at the rat nest of hair on Honey’s head and butt.
  342. >He gets up and goes into the bathroom, Honey is focused on the movie, not paying Anon much attention.
  343. >He comes back and sits on the couch.
  344. >There’s a bunch of explosions on the tv, Honey almost jumps out of her seat.
  345. >Anon chuckles at her. “Come closer for a sec, and lemme see your tail.”
  346. >She scoots away from him and hugs her tail to her chest. ”Okay, but why?”
  347. >He holds up a hairbrush. “Your hair is a mess, thought I could fix it for you.”
  348. >She looks at him and the brush skeptically. “Alright...”
  349. >She lets her tail go and flicks it so the long knotted mess of hair lays on his lap.
  350. >He holds her tail with one hand and runs the brush through her tail, the brush catches in spots as he pulls out knots.
  351. >”Sorry..”
  352. >She shrugs at him and focuses on the tv.
  354. >He slowly works the brush from her dock all the way through her honey blond tail hairs, pulling and using his fingers to pull apart really bad knots.
  355. >Honey gasps as the building the men were in comes crashing down.
  356. >Anon eventually works out the worst of her tail, now just running the brush through it to straighten it out.
  357. >Honey subconsciously scoots closer to anon as she watches the tv.
  358. >”Hows it feel?” Anon poofs her snoot with her own clean and combed tail.
  359. >Her eyes light up and she hugs her tail. “It’s so fluffy! Thank you anon! I don’t even remember the last time I had a good brushie.”
  360. >She blushes and covers her mouth.
  361. >”A brushie?” Anon pokes her side, trying to egg her on.
  363. >She presses her face into the couch to hide her embarrassment.
  364. >Anon leans over her and gently drags the brush through her mane.
  365. >”Well, sit up so I can brushie your hair.”
  366. >She sits up, staring at the tv, trying not to like the brushie, but she likes the brushie.
  367. >He turns her so her chest is on his thigh and her head facing the tv, he runs the brush through her mane, it’s just as bad as her tail was.
  368. >”Sheesh, when was the last time you had your hair brushed?”
  369. >She gets a sinking feeling, but swallows it. “I… I don’t know… ten years?”
  370. >Anon pauses.
  371. >”Oh sh- uh, you don’t have to talk about it.”
  372. >She shrugs, straining not to look back so anon doesn’t see her tears.
  373. >She shakes her head.”Its fine… I can tell you’re not like them...”
  374. >”Like them?”
  375. >”The slave drivers.”
  377. >There’s a long awkward pause, anon resumes brushing her mane, again, using his hands to pull out the really bad knots, and using the brush to straighten her hair after.
  378. >Honey lays her head on anon’s knee as she watches the movie, there’s a long scene with them at a market, and a band is playing a mellow rhythmic song.
  379. >She can’t help but tap her hooves and shake her butt to the beat.
  380. >After a few minutes another song starts, an angry black woman singing at her husband as a big musical number starts playing.
  381. >She’s transfixed on the movie, her hips rocking to the tune, her tail flicking side to side with the beat.
  382. >Anon is trying to brush her hair while she’s bobbing and jerking her head to the song.
  383. >”You really like music, don’t you?”
  384. >She nods. ”It helps me not think about it.”
  386. >Anon tries not to stare at her right arm while he’s brushing her mane.
  387. >He’s got most of the knots out, now he’s just straightening it out.
  388. >She looks back at him, with her hair straightened out, her bangs cover half her face.
  389. >”I don’t suppose you could give me a manecut?”
  390. >”Uhm… I could try.” Anon gets up, leaving Honey to wiggle to another song in the movie.
  391. >He comes back to the living room, scissors in hand. “Found these.” Snip snip, he opens and closes the scissors.
  392. >Honey’s eyes go huge at the sight, her eyes focusing on the light glinting off of the sharp metal.
  393. >She suddenly gets up and bolts into her kennel, slamming the door shut behind her, the kennel skids a good ten foot across the floor.
  394. >She screams from inside her box. ”I’M SORRY MASTER! PLEASE! I DIDN’T MEAN TOO!”
  395. >Anon drops the scissors and rushes over to sit on the floor next to the box.
  396. >He tries to talk to her to calm her down, to console her, but she’s a sobbing mess.
  398. >His words fall on deaf ears as the little mare is stuck in her past, and weaping her heart out as she’s prepared for a beating that will never come.
  399. >She shakes and cries, her whole body on high alert, her mind racing, images of her past at the forefront of her mind.
  400. >Of the slave drivers, of working in a factory, watching other ponies getting beaten within an inch of their life over tiny mistakes.
  401. >She blinks.
  402. >The owners hate mistakes.
  403. >Mistakes cost them money.
  404. >She’s overwhelmed with dread as she remembers what happened yesterday, before she was tossed in the trash, left to die.
  405. >Anon sits and listens as the mare starts talking, sobbing and hiccuping as she speaks.
  407. >”I… I was working at my station, in the factory, the factory made parts for cars. I stood at a big stampy machine that pressed flat metal sheets into shapes. One of the other ponies, older, covered in scars, hated me, I didn’t understand why. I was always a good girl and didn’t get in trouble, I didn’t get as many beatings. Yesterday, the older pony was making threats at me, things got physical, one of the other ponies nearby tried to break it up. Daisy Chain, she was one of my only friends here. The mean pony shoved her into the machine, I tried to reach in and pull her out, but… The machine came down…”
  408. >She turns slowly to look at her right arm. ”I didn’t save Daisy...”
  410. >”There was a lot of shouting, but I didn’t hear any words… all I knew was… my arm hurt… really hurt.”
  411. >She’s still gasping and trying to choke down her sobs.
  412. >”Next thing I knew, I was tossed in the trash, and I knew that was it, I started getting sleepy, I knew what was happening… but I couldn’t move or do anything, just lay there, bleeding in that dumpster.”
  413. >She leans up and looks through one of the air holes at Anon.
  414. >”But… then you showed up and saved me.”
  415. >She breaks down again and curls up and cries for a while before falling silent, Anon peeks in on her, and see she’s sleeping.
  416. >Anon goes over to the tv and shuts it off.
  417. >He walks over to the couch, grabs the blanket off of it, and sets it in the kennel partly covering Berry.
  418. >Anon wants to say something, but can’t think of anything, he leaves the light on for her and goes to his room for the night.
  420. >She gets up, and goes to the kitchen, she stands up on her hind legs and uses her teeth to grab a cup from the washboard and sets it on the floor.
  421. >She idly thinks about how it would be nice if human furniture wasn’t so tall.
  422. >She walks over to the fridge and opens it, she’s surprised to see a good selection of fruits and veggies, but only a small package of lunch meat.
  423. >Considering how much meat humans eat, she half expected it to be stocked to the brim with animal limbs and organs.
  424. >She shakes her head and looks for something to drink.
  425. >There’s a few different bottles of fruit juice, along with something amber colored in clear glass bottles.
  426. >She ignores those and grabs the already open jug of cranberry and turns around to her cup.
  427. >She sets the bottle on the floor, then using her hind hooves she holds it in place, then bends down and uses her teeth to grip the cap and give it a twist.
  428. >Once the lid is off, she carefully tilts it over her cup, using her arm to keep it from falling over.
  429. >She tries not to think about how much easier this would be with two arms, but thoughts are devious things.
  431. >After filling her cup with juice, she puts the bottle back in the fridge, and carefully noms the rim of the cup to carry it out to the living room.
  432. >She sets the cup next to her bowl.
  433. >She takes in a deep breath, smelling the blueberries mixed in the oatmeal.
  434. >She goes up to the wall of electric books and looks at the spines.
  435. >She tilts her head at one, she pulls it out of the shelf and turns to give the front a proper look.
  436. >The cover is brightly colored and looks inviting.
  437. >”This looks like a fun one.”
  438. >She turns the tv on, and puts the movie in.
  439. >As the previews roll she trots over with a little spring in her step and sits at the table.
  440. >She noms the pill and takes a sip of juice to wash it down.
  442. >The movie starts, showing a bunch of kids leaving school.
  443. >They all go to a candy store and a song starts.
  444. >Honey noms her oatmeal, humming in delight at the soft crunch of blueberries as the juice fills her taste buds.
  445. >She rocks side to side as she tries to hum the song on the tv.
  446. >”The candyman can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.”
  447. >She quickly latches to the lyrics and sings along as best she can.
  448. >Honey quietly watches the movie after the song ended, but continues nomming her oats.
  449. >She’s engrossed in the movie.
  450. >She tries to sing along with the songs.
  451. >Eventually we get to a scene where an entire room is a world made of candy.
  452. >Honey’s mouth waters at the sight of all the candy and the river of chocolate.
  454. >She gasps when the fat kid gets sucked up the pipe.
  455. >Her breathing hitches and she can feel a panic coming on, but she breathes deep, takes a drink of juice, and managed to calm herself down.
  456. >She’s then enraptured by a song sung by short orange people.
  457. >And again, she tries to sing along with the movie.
  458. >Near the end of the movie it’s only a few kids left.
  459. >She’s sung along with each song and gasped each time a kid was taken away.
  460. >Honey only drooled slightly at the blueberry scene.
  461. >After that movie ended, she got up and carried her dishes to the kitchen.
  462. >She turns the water on hot, then trots back to the living room to put the movie away and look at the selection to pick another one.
  463. >She walks back to the kitchen and starts to wash the dishes she used, along with some others that were in the sink.
  465. >She’s feeling antsy, being cooped up in this place alone.
  466. >After cleaning and drying the dishes, she sets them on the washboard and looks around the flat.
  467. >She notices the place is kinda dirty, and there’s questionable stains on the couch and floor.
  468. >She looks through cupboards and cabinets until she finds a closet, and is partly surprised to find a broom, but also a strange contraption, it has a long handle, the base is square, and had wheels on the back.
  469. >Above the base is a clear plastic cylinder full of dirt.
  470. >She pulls the device out of the closet, she’s just barely taller than it when standing on her hind legs.
  471. >She spots a button and presses it, there’s a click, but nothing happens.
  472. >She looks at the back of it and sees a long cord wound up on it.
  473. >”Right, needs electricity.”
  474. >She unwinds the cord and looks around the room, after crawling behind the couch, she finds an outlet and plugs the vacuum in, and suddenly a deathly scream fills the room.
  475. >She lets out a terrified shriek, her brain filling her mind with images of monsters from the everfree.
  477. >After a while, the scream is more of a drone, she peaks up over the back of the couch and sees the vacuum is the source of the wirring.
  478. >She laughs at herself for being scared of it.
  479. >She slowly crawls out from behind the couch and trots over to the vacuum, she stands up on her hind legs and grabs the handle with her hoof, she tries to push and pull the vacuum, but its not moving right.
  480. >She looks down at the base of it and sees a large button in place where she can step on it.
  481. >She steps on it and now the base hinges from the handle
  482. >Now she tries to push and pull it, and sure enough she starts to move it around, scrubbing the floor and sucking up lots of crumbs and dirt, after a few passes, the floor already looks much better.
  483. >She tries it on the kitchen floor, but the tile just makes a squeaky noise.
  484. >She turns the vacuum off and winds the cord back up and sticks in in the closet.
  485. >She looks for a mop, but it doesn’t look like Anon has one.
  487. >She goes to the bathroom and comes out with a towel she ran under the water to get it wet.
  488. >She puts the wet towel on the floor and starts to push it around, scrubbing at the tiles.
  489. >Soon the formerly brown tiles show that they were once white.
  490. >She scoots around the kitchen, cleaning all the tiles.
  491. >She takes the dirty towel into the bathroom and sees a pile of dirty clothes, she adds the towel to it.
  492. >She pauses to use the toilet, then goes back to the living room, she looks at the couch, she shakes her head.
  493. >Grabbing another towel she wets it and beings scrubbing the couch.
  494. >As she does so she finds loose change and food crumbs.
  495. >After scrubbing the couch she then ritually cleans the rest of the apartment.
  496. >She stops at Anon’s door, it’s wide open, she sniffs the air and has to take a step back.
  498. >The floor is visible, but clothes are piled high in a corner.
  499. >The walls are covered in movie and rock poster.
  500. >The bed is covered in plain sheets and blankets, only one plain pillow with no case.
  501. >She takes a tentative step into the room, the floorboards creak.
  502. >She takes a few more steps and looks at the mess.
  503. >”I should probably leave his room alone… but somepony has to do something about this.”
  504. >She sees a closet door with more posters over it, she walks over and pushes some boxes aside, and cracks the door open.
  505. >She peers inside, its dark, and she- the door starts to push open from something inside.
  506. >Suddenly she’s knocked over by the door flying open and an avalanche buries the poor mare.
  508. >She groans, slowly sitting up, she gasps at the sight.
  509. >She’s been buried in vhs tapes.
  510. >Hundreds of them.
  511. >”Holy celestia.”
  512. >She climbs out of the pile, she looks at anon’s door, then at the closet.
  513. >She starts shaking.
  514. >”I’m in so much trouble.”
  515. >She crawls over the pile of tapes and starts to stack them back into the closet.
  516. >A couple hours pass before she gets the last tape on top of the pile and she slams the closet closed.
  517. >Just as she’s pushing the boxes back into place against the door and just as she turns to leave the room, the front door opens.
  519. >”Honey, I’m home!”
  520. >Anon laughs.
  521. >Honey suddenly darts out of his room and slams into her kennel.
  522. >Anon stops.
  523. >He slowly blinks.
  524. >He looks at the kennel, then at his room.
  525. >”You didn’t look under the bed, did you?”
  526. >She squeaks a reply.
  527. >”Okay, well, come out from there, I have some presents for you.”
  528. >Suspicious, she pokes an eye out of the kennel.
  529. >Anon is in his blockbuster uniform, holding a shopping bag.
  530. >He sets it on the couch and goes to his room.
  531. >As he’s changing to something casual, he talks to her. “Is there a reason you’re acting guilty?”
  532. >He walks back into the living room and flops on the couch and starts going through the bag.
  533. >Berry sticks her nose out and looks up at him, a face of a child about to face punishment looks up at Anon.
  534. >Anon is almost stricken with guilt from her expression.
  536. >”Alright… whatever you broke, I’m sure I can replace it...” He tries to reassure her.
  537. >She tilts her head.
  538. >”Right, well...”
  539. >He pats the cushion on the couch next to him.
  540. >”Come up here so I can show you what I got.”
  541. >She shakes her head, staying inside the kennel.
  542. >Anon’s heart almost stops from looking at her dour face.
  543. >He looks in the bag and pulls out a leaf green collar and leash.
  544. >”Uhm… I would have asked what color you like, but, well, this one matches your eyes.”
  545. >Honey’s ears perk up a little, but still keeps her head down.
  546. >He digs in the bag some more and pulls out some bundled up cloth.
  547. >”I didn’t know your size, so I guessed.”
  549. >He tosses the bundle to Honey, her curiosity drives to open the bundle, its a couple of green sweaters and a blue t shirt with stars on it.
  550. >”This one is kinda pretty.” She looks at the stars, they sparkle slightly as there’s glitter on the shirt.
  551. >”I thought you might like it.”
  552. >She peeks out of the kennel, but still weary to come out.
  553. >He then pulls out a set of pink plastic safety scissors.
  554. >”You’re not scared of these, right?” Snip snip.
  555. >She looks at them, blinks.
  556. >”I… no?”
  557. >”Great!”
  558. >Anon wads up the empty shopping bag.
  559. >He grabs the collar and uses the pink scissors to cut the tags and packaging off of it.
  560. >He unrolls the collar and holds it out to Honey.
  561. >”Now, you don’t have to wear this at home, but it is legally required should we go somewhere together.”
  563. >Honey blinks, her hoof rubs at her neck.
  564. >”I understand, master.” She closes her eyes and Anon sees a tear roll down her cheek.
  565. >”Nuh uh, none of that.” He slides off the couch and sits in front of the kennel.
  566. >Honey blinks, looking up at him, startled at him suddenly being so close.
  567. >”Look, I know things are pretty fucky, but this whole pony world invasion and slave thing is just way over my head.”
  568. >He sighs, looking down at her confused and scared expression.
  569. >”This whole situation… I’m just a guy, I can’t change how the world treats ponies, but I can at least treat you better than them.”
  570. >He looks up at the ceiling, trying to find better words, when suddenly he’s bowled over.
  571. >At first he thought Honey was going to clobber him, but instead found her hugging him and crying into his chest.
  572. >He lays there on the floor, hand moving up to idly pet her mane.
  573. >”Thank you...” She takes a deep shuddering breath as she starts to bawl while attempting to crush the air out of him with only one arm.
  574. >He sits up, hugging her back, her smaller form curls up in his lap, he rests his head on top of her head, listening to her cry quietly.
  576. >After about an hour she’s fallen asleep against his chest.
  577. >Anon is left in an awkward position where he wants to get up, but can’t move without risking waking her up.
  578. >He turns slightly so he can lean his back against the couch and he reaches over for the pink plastic safety scissors.
  579. >He runs his hand through her mane gently, seeing how far over her face her bangs go, then using the scissors, he carefully cuts herbangs to hang just about her eyebrows.
  580. >Her long hair was at all different lengths before cutting, making him worry about what else could have happened to her.
  581. >He carefully tilts her head to pull the back of her mane into a long curtain, then he carefully clips the split and tattered end of her mane into a more even clean line.
  582. >He lets her mane go and gives her a little ruffle, her mane now naturally falls into a straight edge that her bangs curl under slightly while the back is long and flows like water into a slight curl at the end.
  583. >Impressed with his work he puts the scissors on the couch, stuffs her hair trimmings into the plastic shopping bag, and grabs the collar.
  584. >He carefully fits it around her neck and makes sure its rather loose and comfortable, there's a little metal tag shaped like a leaf that has his address on it, which he scoffed at, but chose not to say anything about it to the store clerk doing her job.
  585. >He adjusts the collar so the leaf pendant is centered on her chest.
  586. >He then grabs the blanket he gave her inside the kennel, and pulls it out to wrap them both in.
  587. >Anon scoots up onto the couch, shoving the junk off, and gets cozy with the sleeping pone.
  588. >He soon falls asleep, the two snore quietly together.
  590. >Honey feels really good this morning, she’s warm and fuzzy, her right arm isn’t aching, and she feels really refreshed.
  591. >She lets out a long yawn, closing her mouth and smacking her lips.
  592. >Her eyes slowly blink open, the world outside her eyelids slowly comes into focus.
  593. >She’s suddenly startled by a small earthquake, her bed rumbles and shakes with a loud ruckus.
  594. >She suddenly sits up and looks around.
  595. >She’s on the couch, she starts to calm down, but suddenly yelps when hot air washes up from under her tail.
  596. >She looks back and with another yelp she flails, hooves tangled up in the blanket and she crashes face first into the floor.
  597. >She huffs, blowing her hair out of her eyes.
  598. >She blinks, her hair is shorter.
  599. >She stores that tidbit in the back of her brain as she works her hooves out of the blankets and stands up proper.
  600. >Her face lights up bright red.
  601. >The hot air was because she sat her butt right on Anon’s sleeping face.
  602. >Anon is still dead asleep.
  603. >She quirks an eyebrow and looks at the time on the clock.
  604. >That’s strange, he’s usually gone by the time she wakes up.
  606. >Her eyes go wide, she hops back on the couch, sitting on Anon’s belly, and starts shaking him.
  607. >”Hey, wake up! You’re gonna be late for work!”
  608. >Anon lets out a loud snore. ”I wanna ride the pony.” He rolls over in his sleep, knocking Honey off.
  609. >She gets up off of the floor, huffing.
  610. >”Alright mister, you’re gonna get up, if its the last thing I do.”
  611. >She trots over to the kitchen and grabs a cup, she fills it with water and hobbles back to the couch.
  612. >She splashes Anon’s face with the water.
  613. >He suddenly sits up gasping.
  614. >His sudden movement startles Honey, and she drops the cup and darts into her kennel.
  615. >She grumbles at herself and forces herself to step back out of the kennel.
  616. >After some confused mumbling Anon looks down at Honey. ”Uh… why I am I wet?”
  617. >”You slept in! You’re gonna be late to work!”
  618. >Anon laughs.
  619. >”What’s so funny?” Berry asks worriedly.
  620. >Anon reaches to mussy her mane, but she steps back and picks up the cup.
  621. >”Its saturday.” He says simply, taking the cup from her and walking to the kitchen.
  622. >Honey’s butt thumps the floor as she sits with a slowly understanding expression.
  624. >She turns around and looks up at Anon. “You mean you don’t work saturdays?”
  625. >He laughs. “Sundays too.”
  626. >”But… I thought humans never took days off, back at the factory we never-”
  627. >Honey is cut off when Anon puts his hand over her mouth.
  628. >”You’re not in the factory anymore.”
  629. >Honey’s eyes start to tear up.
  630. >”Stop that. No water works.”
  631. >Honey glomp hugs him anyway, knocking him to his butt.
  632. >Anon sighs and accepts the hug.
  633. >”So why were you looking all super guilty yesterday?”
  634. >Honey almost chokes when she feels her heart nearly stop.
  635. >”I-I uhm… your room… closet...”
  636. >Anon blinks. ”Oh, well, you didn’t break anything?”
  637. >She shakes her head.
  639. >”Okay, well, quit acting like you’re expecting a spanking.”
  640. >She quietly nods. “I’m trying to… but the only humans I met before you… would hit ponies for making mistakes… or doing things they don’t like.”
  641. >Her voice is on the wavering on the verge of tears.
  642. >She brings her hoof to her chest and takes a deep breath.
  643. >Her hoof clacks against the leaf pendant on her collar.
  644. >She looks down at it.
  645. >Her eyes go wide and she stumbles back from Anon.
  646. >”B-but you said-”
  647. >”I said you don’t have to wear it here, and you don’t… sorry, I just wanted to see how it looks on you...”
  648. >She blinks. “Oh...”
  649. >She looks down at it. “How does it look?”
  650. >Anon smiles. ”It looks great on you.”
  651. >She smiles and wiggles her chest, making the pendant wiggle.
  652. >She blinks. “Wait… Am I your... pet?”
  653. >Anon makes a faic.
  654. >”Uh… Legally?”
  655. >”Ugh… You humans are all the same… think just because you’re taller you own everything...”
  657. >”That’s not-! Oh forget it.”
  658. >Honey yelps when Anon grabs her and pulls the collar off with a click of the latch.
  659. >He tosses the collar so it lays on the coffee table.
  660. >She relaxes and looks up at him.
  661. >”So what do you normally do on a saturday?”
  662. >Anon shrugs. ”Well… usually I just watch movies and relax.”
  663. >”Oh, well, okay… what do you wanna watch?”
  664. >He shrugs again. “Dunno, go find something and put it in.”
  665. >Honey gets up and walks over to the shelves, she stands on her hind legs to look at some of the higher shelves, she carefully side steps as she browses the rows of movies.
  666. >”What’s this one?” She turns around with a movie in hoof, showing Anon a picture of a funny looking green man.
  667. >Anon blinks. “That’s a good one too, you’ll like it, though, all the sequels were kinda trash in comparison...”
  668. >Honey puts the tape into the vcr and trots over to sit on the couch with Anon as the previews play.
  669. >”Sequals?”
  670. >”Yeah, continuations of the story that nobody asked for.”
  671. >She blinks and tries to make sense of what he said, but is soon enraptured with a story tale book opening and a soft narration of the book.
  672. >Then the narrator scoffs and rips a page out of the book.
  673. >Honey can’t help but bob her head to the song that started playing.
  674. >”So, is he some kind of green human? I’ve only ever seen pink and brown humans.”
  675. >Anon laughs and shakes his head. “Just watch.”
  677. >She’s enraptured by the movie, but starts to get uneasy by all the characters in chains and cages.
  678. >She shrugs off the bad feelings and continues to watch the movie.
  679. >She quite likes some of the faster songs in it.
  680. >Towards the end of the movie, she’s moved by the story.
  681. >At the end of the movie she can’t help but hop off the couch and dance to the music.
  682. >Anon smiles. “Yeah, shake it girl!”
  683. >Honey laughs and grabs his hand and pulls him off the couch to dance with her.
  684. >Anon is reluctant to dance at first, but honey grabs one of his hands and dances side to side, Anon rolls his eyes and dances with her.
  685. >They both shake and groove, Anon’s dancing is by far worse than Honey’s.
  686. >After the movie ends, they both flop onto the couch, panting for breath.
  687. >Honey leans her head on Anon’s shoulder. ”That… that was fun.”
  688. >Anon smiles, his hand automatically petting her, running up and down her side and belly.
  689. >Honey hums and arches her back for optimal belly rubs.
  690. >She tries to ignore Anon’s laugh as her hind leg kicks from the pets.
  692. >She starts to really relax for the first time since her incident.
  693. >She lets out a long calming sigh, her eyes drooping shut as she rests against his warmth and pets.
  694. >Anon suddenly gets up, leaving a confused Berry laying on the couch.
  695. >”Say, I gotta go do some shopping, you hold down the fort.”
  696. >”Mmmm… do you have to?” She stretches and sits up.
  697. >”Sorry kiddo, I’ll be back before you know it.”
  698. >”Yeah yeah...” She waves him off.
  699. >Anon gets changed and heads out the door.
  700. >Honey watches the door close.
  701. >She shakes her head and flops down on the couch, almost instantly falling asleep.
  702. >Her eyes snap open as she hears weird noises.
  703. >She looks over at Anon, he has a mess of plastic wrap, styrofoam, and cardboard strewn about the living room floor.
  704. >She blinks.
  705. >”Wait a second, I thought you just left...”
  706. >Anon’s face morphs into that of an old familiar stallion’s. ”YOU THOUGHT WRONG!”
  707. >Suddenly the old stallion from the factory leaps at her and she sits up screaming and kicking.
  708. >She looks around, spotting Anon, he has a mess of plastic wrap, styrofoam, and cardboard strewn about the living room floor.
  709. >Her blanket is wrapped around her lower belly and legs from her kicking.
  710. >Anon looks at Honey with wide eyes. “Uhh… You okay?
  711. >She suddenly darts across the floor and tackles Anon.
  712. >Anon covered his face, but then looks at the weeping mare as her hot tears soak his shirt.
  713. >”Oh shit. What happened while I was gone?”
  714. >She just sniffs and cries for a while.
  716. >After almost an hour her crying calms down enough for her to take deep breaths.
  717. >Anon looks down at her, his hand running through her mane over and over.
  718. >She looks up at him. “I-I’m sorry… It was...”
  719. >Anon puts a finger on her lips, she stops talking and looks into his eyes, she sees clearly that he understands.
  720. >She relaxes and sits in his lap, she slowly turns and looks at the mess.
  721. >”What’s this?”
  722. >Anon reaches over and picks up a large chunk of blue plastic, it looks like the front of a car.
  723. >”I got you another present.”
  724. >She blinks. “Anon, I don’t think ponies are allowed to drive.”
  725. >Anon just laughs and kisses her forehead.
  726. >Her ears go flat and her eyes go huge and watery.
  728. >”A… a car… for realzies?”
  729. >Anon graps a few more chunks of plastic, slotting them together, soon he has a blue plastic car sitting in his living room.
  730. >”Well, only kinda.” He picks up a matrass and it fits into the center.
  731. >”What do you...” She blinks, taking a few steps towards it.
  732. >”Its a bed?”
  733. >Anon scratches the back of his head. ”Yeah, it was the only one they had your size...”
  734. >She looks at the racecar bed, she looks at Anon.
  735. >”Th-thank you.” She hops up on the bed and sits on it, she looks around the room. ”Where did you want to put it?”
  736. >Anon thinks, looking at the limited space of his room, then at the less limited space of the living room.
  737. >”Well, for now we’ll just squeeze your bed into the corner next to the couch.”
  738. >Anon walks over and pushes the couch a few feet away from the corner, then, with Honey on the bed, he pushes it to fit snugly between the couch and the wall.
  739. >”How’s that?”
  741. >Honey bounces on the bed then lands on the couch. “It's perfect.”
  742. >She’s suddenly covered in fluff.
  743. >She flails a bit then sits up. She looks at the blanket Anon threw at her, it’s the same one she first slept in, a black blanket with big white letters across it and back in black written smaller below the giant letters.
  744. >She hugs the blanket, despite the strange words beyond her meaning, it’s really fluffy and cozy.
  745. >Anon sits on the couch beside her.
  746. >”Look, I don’t like seeing you in the cage… makes me feel sick… but I can see you feel safe inside… so I’m going to leave it out here next to your bed so you have a safe place all to yourself… Okay?”
  747. >Anon is tackle glomped.
  748. >Happy tears stain his shirt as she nuzzles his chest. “Thank you, Anon… This really means a lot to me...”
  749. >He smiles and pets her mane and back. “You’re welcome.”
  750. >After a few minutes of cuddles, Berry had fallen asleep again.
  751. >Anon smiles at how cute she is, picking her up as he stands up, he lays her on her new bed, tucking her in with the blanket and stuffing a pillow under her head.
  752. >He looks at the clock, it’s late, so he decides to go to bed himself.
  754. >A week has passed since Honey Berry was found dying in a dumpster.
  755. >Anon had gone through all the bureaucracy to make sure Honey was legally his.
  756. >After explaining how he found her and showing her stump, the office workers were quick to agree to the adoption, and to file a report to the police about where she was found and all that.
  757. >No word yet if they found anything, but they’ve only begun the search.
  758. >Its nearing the end of summer, the days are still hot, but the nights are cooling off rapidly.
  759. >Honey has declared herself as Anon’s maid, since he’s a slob, and she can’t stand living in a messy apartment.
  760. >Anon joked about getting her a maid outfit, but after he could breathe again and he was sure he could still have children one day, he agreed not to bring up the idea again.
  761. >But cleaning their home is the least she could do for him since she owes her very life to him.
  762. >She’s been getting into his music collection, she doesn’t like the heavy thumpy electric music, or the harsh lyrics of rap.
  763. >She’s oddly enough settled somewhere between show tunes from movies, to classic rock and old school heavy metal.
  764. >Every day she has a hearty breakfast, and a filling dinner.
  765. >Anon isn’t the best cook, but his food is tasty and filling.
  766. >She’s been having less nightmares since she’s been sleeping in her own bed.
  767. >But once in a while she’ll wake up in the dark of night screaming.
  768. >And every time, Anon comes out to hug her.
  770. >She wakes up with a yawn and a smile, as her brain boots up the room slowly comes into focus and her nose makes out the warm sweet smell of her morning oatmeal.
  771. >She looks over and finds her bowl of oatmeal and tall glass of juice sitting on her kennel next to her bed.
  772. >Anon must already be off to work.
  773. >She gets up, goes to the bathroom to do her morning business.
  774. >As she gets up to flush a sensation rocks her senses.
  775. >She feels an itchy need roll through her system.
  776. >With a shaky hoof she flushes the toilet.
  777. >On stiff legs she slowly walks over and puts a random movie on.
  778. >She makes it back to her bed.
  779. >She slowly turns around, slowly leans back to sit on her bed.
  780. >She suppresses a groan as she feels the throbbing pressure under her tail.
  781. >”Oh no…” She sighs, she grabs her spoon and nibbles her breakfast while watching the movie.
  782. >She almost jumps at the gunshots in an action scene.
  783. >But she can’t stop squirming her hind legs.
  784. >For now she chooses to ignore it, but as well as any mare knows, this isn’t something that can just be ignored.
  786. >By the time she’s finished her breakfast and done the dishes, she’s left a small stain on her bed.
  787. >She hopes Anon won’t notice the smell.
  788. >She tried opening a window, but the window’s latch can’t be opened with hooves.
  789. >For the rest of the day she’s sat in her bed, lower half curled up in her blankets.
  790. >She’s only gotten up to use the bathroom and to change the movie.
  791. >Her bottom gradually growing warmer and more sensitive throughout the day.
  792. >She knows better than to relieve herself, that always makes it worse.
  793. >But it’s just so tempting.
  794. >She’s been through three or four movies.
  795. >Not really paying attention to them, so much as focusing on not thinking about her hot nether regions.
  796. >She tries to ignore the steam that wafts out from under the blanket when she adjusts her position.
  797. >Her nostrils flare as she instinctively takes a deep inhale of her own powerful pheromones.
  798. >She honestly feels bad for any stallions that might be living in the same neighborhood, let alone apartment complex.
  800. >She blushes when she feels her marehood try to flex.
  801. >She tries not to brush her tail over her pouty lips, afraid to stimulate them or smear her honey around more than she has been.
  802. >She suppresses a moan as she feels her clitoris flex and try to wink, but held back by the addition her last owners insisted on.
  803. >She thinks about the addition, wondering how Anon never noticed it, or if he had but didn’t say anything to be polite.
  804. >She thinks about what Anon could do for her.
  805. >She’s accidentally seen him getting out of the shower once or twice.
  806. >It’s a little small for her taste, but at this point she could get off to a light switch.
  807. >She gasps and pulls her hoof away from her groin.
  808. >She doesn’t even know how the sneaky thing got down there.
  809. >She looks at her hoof.
  810. >Watches a bead of moisture dribble down to the tip of her nail.
  811. >She reaches her tongue out and tastes the drop.
  812. >With a gasp, her eyes roll back as she tastes the familiar tangy sweetness that is her own honey.
  814. >Her eyelids droop heavy, she huffs a hot breath.
  815. >She lays back on her bed, letting her hoof rub around her lower belly, her hoof bumps and flicks against her nipples.
  816. >She gasps as she plays with her left teat, feeling the nipple firm up and grow more sensitive.
  817. >She rolls it in small circles with her hoof before trailing over to her other teat and treating the right nipple to the same pleasures.
  818. >She moans, head rolling back as she starts to slip her hoof under the blanket.
  819. >She can feel the heat radiating off of her needy pedals.
  820. >The door opens and Anon steps in.
  822. >Honey scrambles to pull her hoof up and cover herself with her blanket.
  823. >”Hey Honey...” Anon blinks, looking at her. “You feeling okay? Your face is really red.”
  824. >He sets his stuff down by the door and walks over, he places his hand on her forehead.
  825. >Honey is shaking with need, while also feeling her heart convulse from embarrassment.
  826. >”Sheesh Honey, you’re burning up!” Anon quickly walks into the kitchen.
  827. >I think I remember something about this the last time I had a fever.
  828. >He comes back with a wet rag and drapes it over her forehead.
  829. >He sits on the couch right next to the bed, Honey’s eyes go wide as she feels her deceptive hoof trying to slip under her blanket.
  830. >She shakes as she struggles to pull her hoof up and clamp it to her chest.
  831. >There’s a squish noise.
  832. >Her clit just winked, and she heard it.
  833. >Her eyes lock onto Anon, her heart beating a mile a minute.
  835. >”Are… are you hiding something?”
  836. >She shakes her head vigorously.
  837. >Anon blinks. “Are you sure? Cause you look like you’re hiding something.”
  838. >Her heart stops as Anon reaches for her blanket.
  839. >”N-no, please, don’t.”
  840. >Anon shakes his head. “Something is clearly wrong, and I want to know what it is.”
  841. >She sits up and scoots to sit against the wall.
  842. >”I… Okay… just… no jokes… no puns… no being grossed out.”
  843. >Anon nods. “I promise, only serious Anon from this point on.”
  844. >She clenches her eyes and thighs shut as she slowly scoots the blanket off of her body.
  845. >Anon blinks, hand covering his nose as he’s hit with a very thick strong musk. “You coulda just said you wet the bed, I’m not mad, its happens to the best of us.”
  846. >She shakes her head. “N-not… not that kind of wet...” She refuses to look at Anon as she lets her legs open.
  847. >Anon pauses, looking at her, then his eyes slowly trail down her body.
  848. >There, nestled between her thighs, just below the two modest but noticeable beasts, her puffy dripping marehood.
  849. >Anon blinks.
  850. >”What’s that?” He asks, finger extended to point between the mare’s legs.
  851. >Honey almost chokes. “It… you mean you’ve never seen a mare’s- a woman’s...”
  853. >Anon shakes his head. “No, not that, I know what those are, I’m not that stupid.”
  854. >He points at her groin again, more directly at the silver spiral ring that weaves its way through both lips from the pout of her clitoral hood to just shy of the wrinkle that separates her marehood from her ponut with a small padlock that dangles from the clit end of it.
  855. >The spiral ring is holding the Honey’s marehood firmly shut.
  856. >She sighs. “You uh… the other humans… they put those on us… on all the mares… to keep us from breeding… like we’re mindless animals...”
  857. >Anon recoils at the very concept.
  858. >She closes her legs and sits up.
  859. >Anon looks at her, into her eyes.
  860. >”So that smell...” She nods. “Uhm… you really do go into heat?” She nods again.
  861. >”Huh… and here I thought it was just a rumor spread by those crazy feminists on the news.”
  863. >”So uh… should I give you some privacy…?”
  864. >Anon gets up and awkwardly heads to his bedroom.
  865. >”N-no Anon… I… need help with… something...”
  866. >Her face is bright red as she struggles to ask.
  867. >Anon starts to blush as well. “Help with… what exactly?”
  868. >”I… I need your help… to not… touch myself...”
  869. >He blinks. ”To… to not?” She nods.
  870. >”Do I want to know why?”
  871. >She shrugs. “It’s just… for us mares… estrus drives us totally bonkers… and… rubbing one out only makes it worse.”
  872. >”Oh...” Realization hits. “Oh. So… what do I do?‘
  873. >She shrugs, looking ready to snap. “I don’t really know… just keep me occupied with stuff? It’s only for a week… I’m sure I’ll make it.”
  874. >A very worried Anon sits back on the couch, he glances at the tv.
  875. >”It’s okay, I’ll help you.”
  876. >She crawls over and hugs him, he hugs her back, he tries to ignore how sweaty her fur is.
  877. >”Thank you, Anon.”
  878. >”No problem Honey.”
  880. >He idly pets her back, she slowly sinks into the hug, arching her back into his pets.
  881. >His pets slowly roll over into scritches along her spine.
  882. >She blushes when she realizes she can’t stop her tail from lifting on its own.
  883. >Anon tries to ignore the thick sweet musk rolling off of the mare’s body.
  884. >He turns to watch the tv, letting the mare drape herself over his chest and belly.
  885. >Anon blushes as he feels a warm damp spot slowly spread on his belly through his shirt.
  886. >Anon says nothing about it, just slowly pets and scratches her back.
  887. >Honey blushes when she involuntarily humps against his belly.
  888. >She lets out a quiet mewl of delight from her mouth as she feels the rough fabric of Anon’s shirt scratch along her puffy aroused slit.
  889. >Honey whimpers when Anon picks her up and sets her down in his lap, her back against his chest.
  890. >He then lets his hands move up and down her chest, scratching her chest floof.
  891. >”Do… you know any tricks that are supposed to… help with your condition?”
  892. >She nods, her eyes glued to her belly as those hands move up and down her chest, hoping they would go longer.
  893. >”Uhm… cold water is supposed to help… but I don’t really like that one.”
  895. >”Well, what’s another way to make it go away?”
  896. >She gasps a little when one of his petting hands dips a little too low and his finger lightly flicks a nipple.
  897. >”W-well… getting knocked up is really the only known surefire way to...” She breathes a shuddering breath. “ make estrus go away… and I’m not exactly ready for that...”
  898. >”So a week, huh?” She nods, breathing little pants.
  899. >Anon looks down across the mare’s body, looking at the strange piercing.
  900. >”You, uh… wouldn’t happen to have the key to that lock… would you?”
  901. >She shakes her head. “No… I don’t… but it’s okay… I can pee just fine with it on...”
  902. >”Still… it can’t be comfortable...” He hears a squish as he sees the top of her slit try to flex, a small pink pearl squeezes out between the metal coils.
  903. >She shrugs. “I… it is… a little...”
  904. >She startles when Anon suddenly stands up, then lays Honey on her back on her bed.
  905. >”Wah!” Pomf. “W-what are we gonna do on the bed, Anon?”
  906. >”Just stay there, I gotta try something.” He heads to the kitchen and searches through a couple drawers.
  907. >Anon comes back with a few items in his hands, Honey tries to see what they could be, but can’t make anything out before he’s kneeling beside the bed.
  908. >”Okay, I’m gonna have to ask you to spread em for me.”
  910. >She lets out a cute eep when she feels his hands grab her legs and open them.
  911. >”W-what are you doing?!”
  912. >”Gonna try to take this thing off.”
  913. >She watches with hushed gasps as Anon grabs the lock and moves it around so he can look at the keyhole.
  914. >The manipulation of the lock pulls gently on her piercing which in turn pulls all of her labia around, causing stimulation across all of her sensitive flesh.
  915. >Anon has a couple of sewing needles and a screwdriver.
  916. >He shoved the needle into the lock and presses the screwdriver against the opening to apply pressure.
  917. >Honey moans as she feels her whole marehood being pulled and pushed on.
  918. >”I saw this in a movie once.” Anon mumbles as he tried to pick the lock.
  919. >”A movie?” She watches with a pit of fear, she really doesn’t like the look of the needle so close to her goods. She can still remember feeling of when that spring was put in.
  920. >Anon tries to not notice how her clit has began to wink more frequently as he fiddles with the lock.
  921. >As Anon works, his breathing is filled with the rich musk wafting off of the fertile and ready to breed pussy before him.
  922. >Honey gasps and suppresses a moan as she feels herself getting close.
  923. >”A-Anon… I’m… close...”
  924. >Anon looks over the convulsing belly up at the mare’s straining face.
  925. >”Close to what?” He asks just as the lock clicks open.
  927. >He pulls his tools away, and is just about to pull the lock off of the end of the ring when he’s suddenly sprayed in the face with a thick warm sticky fluid.
  928. >Honey is gasping and moaning as her hips rock, trying to hump air as her marehood convulses and squeezes her nectar out, inadvertently showering Anon with her musk.
  929. >Anon stumbles back, wiping his face and sputtering as some of her juice got in her mouth.
  930. >He looks up to see the mare panting and gasping, her body totally relaxed.
  931. >”D-did you just?”
  932. >She blinks slowly and nods.
  933. >”Alright… well, I got the lock off...”
  934. >Honey sits up, or tries to before another spasm makes her arm give out and she flops back down.
  935. >After about ten minutes she shakily sits up and looks at Anon.
  936. >”Could… could you start a bath? I’m all sweaty and gross.” She slowly stretches her hind legs, trying to regain control in them.
  937. >Anon nods, he gets up, puts the tools back in the kitchen drawer then goes to the bathroom to start the water.
  938. >As he’s feeling the water with his hand, he startles when he feels something rub against his side.
  939. >He looks and sees Honey giving him bedroom eyes as she nuzzles his thigh like a house cat.
  940. >”You should take a bath with me… so I can wash that gunk I covered you in.”
  941. >”N-no, it’s okay, I can take a shower after you.”
  942. >She sits next to him and runs her hoof from his thigh around to the bulge in his pants.
  943. >”Oh, but Anon… I want to return the favor… it’s the least I could do for my handsome rescuer.”
  944. >Anon watches as her hips slowly sway side to side, her tail flicking over her back like a scorpion tail.
  946. >”I-I don’t know about this...” He tries to push her hoof away.
  947. >She dips her head in and uses her teeth to pull his zipper down.
  948. >”Come on… I want to make you feel good...”
  949. >Anon stops resisting as she uses her tongue to undo his button, then bite his pants and start pulling them down.
  950. >”I-I-I guess I could join you for a little wash...”
  951. >”Good boy...” She steps into the tub and stands there, eyeing his bulge as Anon starts to take his shirt off.
  952. >He undresses and kicks his clothes into a pile by the door.
  953. >Only thing left on are his star wars boxers.
  954. >Honey giggles at the sight.
  955. >”Those too.”
  956. >With an embarrassed sigh, Anon lets the boxers drop to the floor, he expected a daww or giggles, he didn’t expect a muzzle to nose at his semi hard length.
  957. >”W-what are you-”
  958. >”Shhh… lemme play a bit… my first time with a human.”
  959. >She giggles as she nuzzles the strange covered tip, she pulls one of his balls into her mouth and rolls them around her tongue, enjoying the salty sweaty taste.
  960. >At least she finds something familiar about his anatomy.
  961. >Anon clumsily steps into the tub.
  962. >Honey hooks her leg around his thigh and feels is butt.
  963. >Anon looks down at her with glowing red cheeks.
  964. >It’s not his first blowjob, but it is his first blowjob from a horse.
  966. >She pulls off of one ball and suckles on the other, her muzzle pressed right into the base of his cock as she takes deep huffing breaths through her nose.
  967. >It may not smell like stallion, but it was undeniably male.
  968. >She pulls off of his balls and trails licks and nips along the underside of his cock before she reaches the tip.
  969. >She gives the tip a little lick, then nips the foreskin with her teeth and pulls on the saggy skin.
  970. >She lets go and watches it spring back against his tip.
  971. >Honey looks up at him, with his cock draped across her face.
  972. >”Human dicks are weird… though I’m surprised to see it’s a lot bigger now that when I saw it soft...”
  973. >She brings her hoof up to his cock and pulls back on the skin, revealing his pink little helmet.
  974. >”There you are...” She licks the drop of pre that was forming at the tip and rolls it around on her tongue.
  975. >”Mmm… not bad...” She flutters her eyelashes at him as she kisses his tip and applies suction right at the little hole, forcing more pre out.
  976. >Anon almost faints at the feeling, but leans his back against the wall so he’s less likely to fall.
  978. >Honey giggles as she feels the cock throb at full hardness.
  979. >”Mmm… I’m so glad human cocks work just like stallions’.”
  980. >She licks and kisses his tip a few more times, then begins to push the tip into her mouth and suckle on it like a teat.
  981. >Anon groans, putting his hands on her head, she moans on his cock as his fingers scratch her mane.
  982. >Her ears flick as she feels her pussy warming up again, her clit still winking against the piercing.
  983. >Anon tries to mumble a warning to the mare sucking him.
  984. >Honey giggles, she knows he’s close, she has her hoof rolling his balls around, and she can feel the saggy little orbs get tighter and tighter to the base of his shaft.
  985. >Just as she feels his cock start to pump, she grabs his ass with her hoof and jams the entirety down her throat.
  986. >She moans and gulps around his length as she feels each thick squirt of babybatter ejected from his cock.
  987. >Anon’s knees go week, but Honey is there to hold him up as she drinks his milk.
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